Snakes Are Taking Over Charlotte!

Thursday, May 4th

Ramona's never going to leave her house again when she hears this news...we also talk about the signs your man really gets you and Ramona getting weird comments about her onion-eating skills.

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Today to what that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening to. Drive the podcast we like it's where people. The world be better place. Politico herself. Then the stories this week running on the local television. And summer putting it as their top story tonight. Tell venomous snake bites and Charlotte have quadrupled this year. Now I'd Drupal like Drupal so hey. Perfect some pretty good reason to make it leaked this is a good example of learning statistics because quadruple lead up over the baseline it is. So it's nineteen last year 71 this year. So still 71 out of government million people live in a bid to still a major job in the majors not recognized to be recognized may be barren of its top story. I had just go out toward. The Donny. And help. You can put it in your news but legal model Molly trying to scare everyone the dance if that's. I think we are on a say so anyway. The bites from all the reasons poisonous snakes reject copper heads. Cotton mouse. Rattlesnakes post the eastern diamond and the pygmy and timber. He could deceit and coral snakes. The majority calls copper by touching copper and it yeah on trails and stop have been running. I am not enough I would recognize. Me. Snakes to hit us they led to recognize dad no black snake now what the record album. They're looking out rattling tail and I know it's a rattlesnake gets it better get better looking out. That crawling all over bell mine an indoor human ear is to go but fans of lead in the count of wildlife living any sort in hammered out on the 37 snake species in the area at the overly warm winners why they're out to get jets. Did you even indoor people. Climbed through the plumbing come to knock on your dollar budget months ahead I. OK here's what you should do it's. Let's treat you out though don't they don't know when it was one year in the hallway. You know we're not telling it how as particularly I want my backyard you may have killing it because I was cleaning lady killed item detail. I know we'll try to do with it stops on my mind boggling my foot. For. It you don't have. After that it could you pick it that's what I've learned to be paused before a ticket to get moving your foot. I I counted. A big snake and are too and our. Back areas this weekend and it's called kids over and said it picked data. Every. And find out that's poisonous. At receiver hands swells when you get bitten. Say maybe get bit sit down stay calm wash with soapy water as you might imagine I ditched tight clothing or jewelry off its near the bite site. And put it better part level at each and called poison singer now he should not. Rain the venom. Used to be in the old days it's they suck it out. But and a big debt that's bad you know if snakes on a plane could that I at. Visit which you why it reference for everything to sneak in apps that don't suck it out don't that I sit which is. Surprising I wouldn't know now one at tech gadget tissue damage may be. Turning to it no way don't do that got your venom flow through your body. Don't want to stay here. Hand. Swell up but are still liver people. And that do not attempt to catch or kill us. Not so sure amends they've. I do remember when it was. Sneak. Near my house and you were some exterminators. Working at the house next door. They come over her and they get my mom all turned up about this. Ordinary blacks. And charge 89 dollars or sneak remove one's snake Wednesday. One I'm trying to make a technique racket yes it. And mom was so afraid the snake was in a by Henri. Paul the third thing is yet. And even her you learning now lightning aren't dog a dog please it was a dollar no doubts it is those key shot out 89 dollars for them to remove a snake that was completely. Park 89 dollar list. And then they send me. A message your decision like day. In the picture of the snake in. The neighborhood kids likes gaining you look at that like well now it's a big week you know we got rid of this your mind now you know you could give us a shout out. On the radio that you do not want me to shout you out I'm ripping off my where is this about removing AJ wreaking. Maybe it's 58 power players snake harmless snake around my house with a two abdicated to Fareed that came out of their working day to drive all the way over their. They were called my house in working. Getting back out of my neighbor's house Odyssey called a piano and nobody doubted my covered at no not now he was there watching soap operas they knocked on the door the days giants bank to once you get it over the house. Oh I thought this whole time it was in your house no it was until my torch. Quite. We are working next to rip off they go over mama's watching the soap opera is already turned up a teller gigantic thank outside. L that is nine dollars to take away it is and it was harmless that is ridiculous. Ridiculous. How about this woman. She moved into what she thought was a dream home spent a whopping thirteen thousand dollars trying to get respect. In that and then the house and now. Yeah okay. Net Q news on the was brought about 45 minutes after she close on her home. Is quote I've brought my purse or a box here to my bedroom and found a snake when quickly turned in the 345 today six months later 95 snakes. OK I give up that house that didn't act that can't happen probably after snake number twenty. I realize that this house belongs to them and let them happen. After fifty snakes. I have blood out. A mind away. You saw the house. He's trying to get him get it back they're like hey we just we are you never heard about this we are running now right you're reading thousand until it's right. That is a lot of snakes. So your mom what is it that you have been thirteen thousand dollars and 58. Through and they were in the house. Dykes in the house is completely different hits re different. More to come in the box. And ready to sweep up all this green. Thousand dollars cash clean up you have the shy 1000 dollars poor times. National keywords it takes to win every week they had 9 AM 11 AM 1 PM to 3 PM. I messaging data rates apply. A Grammy Jewelers. Sprucing up your wallets on 1079 the link. Okay what makes podcast. Join Ramon on her FaceBook page juries to grammar Twitter to do it anyway but it. More importantly I haven't heard a lot of what's obeyed the and stated that now we're not in the two and a half. It is it sounds. Like that jail where you need to get more Twitter followers that would a year and charisma that a well it was a re creation of a guy a guy in adults who had as to admit that tub and then. New years later they they recreated yeah same photo. Now the kids are grown up and he's in the tub naked with his dad isn't there are older they get there. And I showed as a mom she said that states. He said and then I teach everything yeah well we worry create a photo into lake. Now what the. Funny little picture of funny little things you meant our. Sacks and eight as a man who dot dot dot. Sex is a man who is patient in traffic. We're not sexy man no that doesn't mean he doesn't cut others off again on the. Role of a road I don't know those things now does literally yelling at this is stupid but it's also very annoying to be with the guys who. Think his mock salute to drive aggressively. Yeah I mean I very impatient in traffic light where he's got to go is more important to Wear a everybody I don't cut people I met in the. I was very mad though last night. I am I a couple of times I gave the almost finger. Well almost seems like it was it was below the window of the vacant seats and put it and pulled finger all the way up they could look at. Those days and gave like half and yeah. And that's because. There's construction on 77. Is coming in Adobe's ccb users and it at and there was a long line and everybody got over the other two lanes traffic and and then the other lanes cut off. You know Zurich's well like Audrey. Miles back on speeding up get in. When it was obvious she should be over is everybody else's you don't talk I learned that that's not the right way to merge this is. This when there's construction. Doug about a merger is going to lined Elaine not merging on and yet to the interest right is big Gerald Lincoln and it's obviously everybody's gotten over yeah who were down at two lanes now but they go she. Drive and fast all the way to the Darien and try to squeeze it and yeah and then back to back happened I was not happen at one person I did go as far as to give. In the old duck this look it is then have. Although what DLL and you're welcome lands and now your hands BJ but what and out again and then. Myron ended had to get your mind to. A but anyway that is at Yankee magnate. Broad range and I know because I was governor Purdue and apparently out of doing the same thing but. I NC assign you would you be easy given what the hell and nobody else alike started and you cannot sign like a yeah. They start is what they. Can't let yeah. That's on right and they say this this this is stupid sex is guys aware of how much gas he has in the tank. Well that even mean us NAVTEQ it's run out of gas here. I want a guy who's not progressed to near like me not sexy is a man whose Irish team Italy captivated by his children. You asked sees them as unique humans as unique sills the river level. What that. On the sexy is a man who discreetly over tips a waitress. She noted he notices his overworked or not knowing where no wedding ring but three kids things thank him and actors. A day to about it I notice in all that now. Sexy as the guy who tips well Peary discreet in what he as discreetly. Overt way over to give to the point where. The server comes back to the table. And thanked him profusely. That's a test theories exceed. And that's the guy's not going debt and it's not a etc. he's laughing going at it you're gonna invent Olerud tailored to that certificate and that's it that's gore yeah. Exceed on the list again on these lists cracks us up sexy is a man who understands the concept of cleanliness. Hours daily brushes his teeth puts on clean clothes. If that is sexy bad as your baseline. Are brush teeth. Amanda sexy who brushes their team. We wow there's really special rocks I abreast myself regarding. Guys who I. That was targeted daddy of the day very gradually it is like you know I decided to take a bad today I realize Allen did little right. You don't have to wait another. Couple of don't have to wait until all right the solemn thing that's ridiculous you can aborted bright. Like you in a pre emptive strike against. Right at least do something even if it's just splashing yourself. On sex and the total full on our back. Eight sexy is a man who gets tears in his eyes as he watches minds below overload sharing a horrible my day. He's does that happen size or tear film he says I'm here now lots okay. Yeah he's a guy doesn't exist. And crying over your bad day she's crying why. Is it possible and damn bad. Dance like a long day I need a. Finally I got tears Knoblauch got a glom on your dad be really really. You can't just as sex can negatively can't find anything they elected TI's gotten it really. I would turn my Alter my head around next time politicos had here and that's that kind of thing to bring me next that more podcaster. You're listening to all yeah we met in Ramona. Or in my podcast friends Arab podcast friends we really really really really really really really appreciate you listening and we love you share we your pals to that be great. All right Tom well first of all. Matters of video op. Of where where is that you're eating things on our web to say to when remote Z at least it smelly foods and yet some web site. Does have an idling dot com. Probably our FaceBook pages to. You are complaining that I was eating. Raw onions in the studio gets on a sand wage and Mardy complaining everybody totaled out his camera and started filming meat eating sits damaged. And I took a couple of the onions off. An aide dammit. In what I believed was aviary taunting manner taunting taunting a taunting meet like I'm I'm given I'm onions and look. Not only am I eating them on to say that and glee do individually week. Eat the slivers of onion. And when I saw our video act. So I. Not quite right at that. Cigarettes are all of that honestly it severed an onion and then. Right after dot posted it I gag me very he. I'll say. Dirty dismissed as well what it Saturday dirty direct message from some guy like yeah cash. I want you eat glass onion now. I'm. Fine that so how David and I and I and I said oh. Now it begins because I had for a long time I received a lot of very disgusting. Direct messages from. All over the world. I have a FaceBook page called living dissatisfied life it is safe faith based paid but not so bad that I did type that is wind. People in Japan and all over the Middle East we're satisfied they estimate something else that I would get a transit disgusting messages happen. And hats. BC yeah the end yeah they lost their jambalaya. You. These reality ones at theaters until it's done that you know Nolan at CNET. I doubt that I wanted to prove. So and in fact they would sometimes they would direct messages other times it would just be posted on the satisfy my page. And that would get messages say please we take this down because them when the administrator. So that tapered off but I it's the season for me not a lot of what I saw the video of the onion eating and then it. Got the first direct message I knew here we go on Oprah. He heater that we. And now I'm getting and then. Doc. Tweeted it. I so various people saw. Said tweak an athlete had a gift of me just eating out easy to give me let me just putting an onion like in about eight. And next thing you know at ten you. And at what people pregnant until I DREAM Act click here is it's like this state of our country back. You're really. Are written all filter of the men now following you on Twitter more of meat I'm eating yeah. I crap. I read final. Eater remember him. Fault sit there and and also I ever every follower counts and every follower counts. Young didn't take it for the team they need not their knowingly and put things like nasty and eating in the same post and and he he's he's turned. I have that there was nasty and there are I'll get a around feet stink he wants you eighteen minutes ago I mean it. The radio station the team I'd get more. Does that remind Ramon had the remote only Afflalo. Turning now because you know he and stinking onions and again the followers always looks good and a lot of power is how we want to grow our audience that. Oh what it takes it and over it and looking out more remote at best and just try to urge you really and I urge you I'll all had. I'll do whatever day of may below nobody stinking onion you have more subtlety to the difficulty getting guys asking for any there's sticky and it. I thought I. Yes it's just. Constant. The invited me something I'll do it hundred to fix that okay are out of but in. Ireland of tiger has been a medic got to what does that Natalie dot com that it's all fairly remote. He really. Who you really gets you. Barack yeah and I think he's not here to you by the way as com. Interesting that you would bring this up because this Monday I was talking to a woman cool. I know in my heart has my best interests. At heart. And she veer C. Luckily. Kindly said to me. You know. May. Find GU I I'm sure. Just completely and approachable. Somebody said that you yes she said I'm sure they find you completely owner and approachable you know because of your job in your life. So what that's telling me is. You don't believe that eighty Mandel ever approached me until I quit my job and changed my life. So. I a it's she's giving the radio more credit than it deserves its. I don't think people are not gonna protest well I'd say a lot style. Some people don't approach him in his don't wanna bother. But a guy is as back and. I know what was it meant to be mean. Darn sure felt a little mean in the moment. Saying they are pushing desert job does not mean that's a compliment. Think that your job is. One where you are very busy loading fingers celebrity. And an anti Hitler as a date you know you're all over the plains. You know just you look easy. You look busy that's weird went to Cuba is what does that even mile physical why god fruit. He lines pretty much everyone I know is busy no I. Just settle this time is that just. Not these I don't think any guy would say I'm not gonna approached her she looks busy quite an event that is silly. I can see her point about maybe somebody might being intimidated because your job a little worried about. Being talked about on the radio well you know just talk about my man here is specifically I would talk about it via debt and how we how does some people think that. They don't wanna bother you that they assume you've got all these admirers and everything. Agassi that. That's an implication that I just was a plot gonna fight a guy who get. Now that's great well thank you know that's dying otherwise we wouldn't be Mary no woman would ever protests because of our job now. As it's it's silly silly silly solid I would assume you approached your women. Now need to. I don't know some. And that that cards she approached me because she wanted to be out of a bar shoes we're gonna open. I don't have time to go home where it did not all the window at opening guy was a volatile and yes I tell us. Yeah I was I was in my yeast but down that block quit doing your own marketing group didn't have hair and she dealt I didn't think it felt like. You elaborate on the windows some fifth grader and let your. Susan I am your parents are all done. Act all right that gets you all right isn't her thing and things they get about it he knows when to support UN to win leave you alone there are times in need of a loan times space. Yes Sheila Amy. Believes it you know when to support her and went to leave her alone allow. I leave her alone locked. So they're for a minute that some believe your alone time it's. No bogeys if you jacket but that there. All the time like Ali below again Levy alone again Levy lonergan while I mean. Yes I mean I think I know. But mostly it's lever on its pages are as. You know nighttime actors you know there's there's a time and eternity. Assign to be left this could cut into an error when she turns DVR when you when you turn it off. I think well it's believed many probably but I now Baghdad. She doesn't need anything or she wouldn't it turned on the TV. I was asked to sign a society wants to be left alone can't and his own zone now watch TV yes. Marshall closet or something like that nugget does of a prompt and then we'll talk about her she went to blog about did an. It's so yes I know when to leave her alone birdie at eight mostly easy to figure out sometimes you know you like hey what's wrong why it's too bad Newt. It would be that you the year that time of the muttered you get her about it but I do getter idea getter married mark I guess it's reality radio what your schedule. Are there with. All right I can't. But I must Libya and he says that he didn't. I just breaks thanks for being here always regenerate hair care rates comment. Person to comment on. Something going on on FaceBook. Gates Ramon is a mom. Wanted to climb in the bathtub with Ramona that you do well sort of not exactly egg explained that picture I don't even know about it. Well I mean it's the trend on social media. Where people take an old family photo and they re created so you have. You know brother and sister. Wearing weird seventies clothes on a swing ride right seat them as adults trying to recreate the same ride criminal howitzers on our other son in Horry getting. It was a picture the word yeah ice I was blaming it on the Brett Cecil time. And I don't see a British thing if I got another read it. The air for Oregon Idaho guy. Decided to recreate a picture from this skewed view. And any original dictionary bed was in. As rattled it is naked toddler son was on his lap for a hook. Government data gets pretty chain re created the photo. It pretty much broke the Internet. Probably one of the reasons why you thought it was from. England is because it was on web sites all over the UK maybe that's why this picture lit everywhere because it was just. That disturbing news older kids grown men sitting naked on his dad's lap in a tub just smile anyway. As we know the age of the one time kid. Adult sitting on his dad in a bathtub. Does. Name is Tyler Walker. Because this is Jesus you'll be tough. As you'll. Let out on him. The bodies a little different not that the guy's body there day resting body he did give ages but he did. Actually it we've both grown up a bit. That's not enough anymore and I wanna make sure there's age of countries it where it is so creepy and really on her face on the link FaceBook page Madeleine Mona my FaceBook page. Well last night when I got home. I decided to show the picture to my mom. Really just to mess with her because I knew when she saw this picture she was gonna say good lord Jesus is in today's. Well I showed it to her and she said. Ohm I'm that is disgusting. And well managed SEC now it is just it's funny and just I black I would say funny. And discussed among was completely and thoroughly to stir down so this morning while she was naked lunch. I decided to say oh yeah I got a great idea for a show why don't we create in old Fayette recreate an old family photo. Think she. Immediately and I knew this thought OK you lost me at. You man like that and I got her. Reaction. This a couple of words. But her expression. It is it is why he's. It's on parents to Graham on your face but it you know my dad Twitter feed you and it is she thinks you're sick by. That being said now. I think we did some else. That gets played already yeah it's absolutely now that went for the team. The last time I took one for the eighteen. You saw what happened. That kind of man who started hitting me direct messages and following beyond putter saw this right to me mom recreating some. I don't know where Valderrama that it toddler. And not know the community know neutered nudity distant target island an awkward. Yeah. And gentlemen not naked. I mean that that would be funny and interesting. What's gotten I think you'll be great. Thank you think that you every year year the Ramona management. Yeah nice. How disturbing. It even sounds. I don't really stand that disturbing Dodson in my dad's lap in the tub OK you're. Yeah. I'm glad that up ahead and Benoit will be on what gets us but like I went into my lap he's at a mile lap take his shirt off. Well OK okay. You mean oh lead into unrealized. As can be once and partake I'd hear the deer you'd. But he's coming to town as U and it comes at an Jessica Madonna's again I will come to your house at double take before. A tiebreak it's hips. Do you think he's going to laughs yeah he mustn't in my lap extra hundred no nudity. Are no new OK okay. You almost have a center on their feet and make sure it clear that there's no nudity don't deal you're dead get to have. And caddie inserts. An answer to my mom and Brothers has to be in their two Sheila. I don't think. Thanks for listening to our fairways that remote and checking out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.