Spice Up Your Long-Distance Relationship

Thursday, January 11th

Every week Ramona has advice to improve your love life; this week it's all about keeping the magic alive if you're in a long-distance relationship. We also talk about the things no woman over 30 should wear and would you rather be killed by and elephant or a crocodile?


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Then to what that meant remotest okay. FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening to all they would then promote. Kids can get to like in followed he met and I think between. All the time. With a lot clocked up varies day or so ago and there's a toilet hole pleaded. And there's a mystery going around the Internet someone took a picture of lipstick like a kid slipped on allied. Like someone kissed the inside of a toilet bowl and people are trying to figure out how that happened. And act which your earlier flip flop Sox. Now that they looked like. English clubs yes yes but Reyes at the end and that. You know I had a problem when people were wearing. Flip flops with stocks yet you know. I am definitely not showing up for flip flops as well I just out of the company all right. Let's see here what were you on Wednesday you'll hump day mode Jamaica agendas this line was all about spice it up in our DR. That's the law Saturday since. And that's audience and the. At least he's under as a in his fights don't don't play not play right now at it. Tracks. LDR is a long distance relationship. That jet. And just because your lover might be hundreds or even thousands of miles away doesn't mean again cheers some thought seat and together Newton. I can almost start with you watching this aims sexy movie to get heated and that's that's just silly and ridiculous waste of time. First call I've got time to myself on picking a movie when I'm review summary your crappy that is accurate. And they're accurate as sexy movie. Could appoint her adult movie early again a monster mile and yet but what about me yeah yeah. I wouldn't want now is the awkward to tell me to not. Your wife she's a flight attendant she's done. The other side of the planet and she says let's watch an adult film together you gonna be like no I'm black. I only have probably say live button. Byrd on senate panel its adult film I wanna watch some you know action movie you'll watch with me what is. The. Yeah. Be don't be like Enron and yeah. Watch and Dana I'll watch a fly me with. That. Long that some are not a time to talk N I don't I don't fired up and then she's all those sound like you heard a leg and duke but. Again I don't erotic thriller though it's less offense but it didn't get showtime after dark Cinemax things like. But yeah that be okay but we. There there are a couple of things there's this is new software. So that top theater it's in a free Avant that allows you watch a movie simultaneously. By thing organizing videos screening. He can fast forward rewind and pause whenever you need do like reactions are heat up on the screen. The ad to not know when you know you give pause it I don't that's. Better for it I'd be better for something like. Walking Dead or something like that if your out of body or whatever and you're stopping a well. They have to do is do this this is this yet. Is there to talk about a battle erotic thriller or aren't they love actually mailed this that there's some British. Stand anyway here are a lot of different options instead saying watch together that. Number two GE T how that works because only one person. Jeff the rent the movie Eleanor or are you watching my TV. That's good question because he would if you watch live TV. The regular slate with your Netflix singles but do Netflix and otherwise it's pretty much walking. Well and that its own Netflix should yeah. We're still. Actually I thought that the plant a priority has been a lot of Iran regularly themselves. It's all in Vietnam and the other night I had. The next thing you do despise a BA LD ER is sexting. Gas of course that dot as you can start with a harmless thirty takes a bit out of business with serious. Or play. It affects. Picks I think and. Text message is attached pictures. Ampex and it's still and I know we think they're going to do a lot even as possible and that sixteen can be more intense than actual sex ads. The buying and powerful mind is a powerful thing that monarch and I would say the mind's a powerful thing. Unless your guy would rather black Spiderman. That guy did now I. No I didn't and this is gonna Wear just the original Tobey Maguire not to get into. A I'm sorry yeah. It's a much better Reynolds my man is sexy and Kirsten Dunst hung upside down. It the benefit of. And and finally he. Force some long distance love and that is truly unforgettable they say what you need to do is try remote controlled love to. Yeah. Gator right in the middle of the meeting may be. Didn't do a bit and and teach our meetings. I don't I got a. That now yeah there's them that if they didn't care. Our love toys for example wine called by deeds that's wearable. And it works with a knack that she wears it wherever she goes in her identity. She and her partner. It control remember that I had. Matt angle yeah definitely yeah. Yeah. I'm a good idea why try it let me ask why not allow utilities. And our world of comedy at a time like seltzer water in the pants new generation. Yeah. A lot of color blue. I would like The Three Stooges you've exuded the people and now we just do that it has a modern day so now. Yeah my negative with. That at very low and Carl Edwards and enjoying themselves. Much right in student is currently just a little bit. That's that didn't make the movement. Dear Alina it's gaming sports. Or sold out and the only way in is to listen to 179 the length in the and the wind roundtrip airfare to Minneapolis great green nine holes. Tells shape and to take you see the Dave Matthews Band. And on location experiences. AM 1 PM and 6 PM and a co. Own words and did you detect this is a national contest when we did we did you expect the code words used 72881. And 72881. So what winnings. Night before from one a semifinalist and that's how group Minneapolis it is now for how grew. Minneapolis got a big game and the LS dot com had a big game and DL as dot com. Right we talked about this recently and I'm gonna you're at where you release a doctorate is having problems. When number two in public. You know freaked out. Well as as Emanuel tell you. Stating that there's is there any one who really light. Today and her people lessons of Spanish I don't like to but I'm not opposed to either. I think you gotta like it does think you pretty proud there's and got out there are some guys. Look at the station who I think are you are proud like 08. They marched to the bathroom it's a healthy thing if you hold it and it can go horribly wrong right Andy yeah Aaliyah and am unemployed now. It's a good Korea. Seriously using a meta data get a hold it until I get home fans how long are religious mission is now. And I'm not needed they say in because Colin issues all kinds of things. One that'd be freer it's. The so anyway you start thinking about all the 20 relax he can't finish it. That's horrified they can't finish it and it's tag and that's. So. They were about someone hearing you who are some and shame EU leaders into whatever. At a bank of Japan's these tactics. Are more likely to do that if you don't. But the doctor says it's like how does take baby steps. Start lower in the fear latter like a private bats and Rita locked the door or moving to a bigger public pat we have this year yeah were starting low and here. They even though we have. Private bathroom. Right it it's awful the lobby area and we don't hear everything that goes on in that bathroom downstairs. And similarly if you are down there and their someone else down there. They whatever you did an error Beno was you and I never went around it looked as I went upstairs and went upstairs and when a TV area some upstairs. I would never go of their debts just you have to suspect the problem is everyone knows about a leading private bathroom so everyone uses them frequently it's like a secret it's a private bathroom and Allen does it. I've never tried wandering back and WB TV. I should get that shot. And I am the central out of the marina by you don't put the ball. Your pictures all of the build Jack Kennedy who cannot that says men had to get they would know the ball. You two TV in the house. Act act. Competing station but I've never done number dude down there. Have you anybody know there's nothing down and others aren't. You have to go upstairs where their. Big off caution you that corporate guests anyway I dare you dear go right now storm up there. After hours battle I was the most. You can pull command while I did a much Garland me and put it on anyway. Enact its so anyway avoidance is common. That you the people don't want it so that there isn't there's a will carry around your room to operate. Which bandied. And that area. I don't carry it but I do I do keep it. I dropped out of school here at the station do you know not anymore when I was gone though my colon stuff. Just to pin but my brother gave big thumbs up to Newbury I love it they say it's amaze. And it is just a couple sprays in the bowl and. Before yeah. Google or YouTube videos. Play game when your phone to distract yourself so you're not thinking about it too much. I'm always do supplement found it's not have a problem going I just don't want to do well if you have to this is what this is about. And another thing to do his whereabouts found out by a cheap boom box he says that. Then I asked. They're really does say that had them but yeah up and bulldogs right. I shoulder and that like you need to gabbana but some good piano is deep the most ridiculous against every young idioms the history. You don't just an exchange statement. I doubt follow it in a bad little hack hack attack but you could it says we just leave it in there for everybody. It's that it. Bathroom PGA but it would be weird I mean I like my phone can play a big deal out of the blue DJ here it is media. On the one especially to look at them. He's got on their way. If you want to hear these suckers. I think we haven't done. Debunk stuff would you rather go to jail for a year we're live in your car for here. And hanging. What kind of jailing in an article from prison prison our eyes like I don't know it's un security threats and security early on in my car. Pick Linden your car over and living in jail. Well as the that we wanted to honestly our tails like did Martha Stewart I don't care if it's a white collar jail is jail is jail I'll take you know aren't there you know funny people in there they're all Martha Stewart I'll take your car. And it it's not one editors like gas and hardcore prison and everyone's there for like. Insider trading and yeah yeah. Employment dying out on the outside Tokyo. Slowly eat. And I know there getting three meals a day free cable and getting a degree in Nora and me just three yeah. Anyway. I've yet in the car and doesn't clutter again you have people judge you sound. Began in earnest if sail around which you. Rather elect someone else's arm know it or perhaps someone als lick your arm lick my armpit I'm not making yours you'd rather be armpit elect. Yeah somebody also is a death zone. I have don't want either but if there's some articulating as a go on my time is my golf and even a question you know macho you know there it can't taste in Asia that. My season is needed just entities deodorant right. Kind of person is doing is after good long sweat in the hippie. Yeah water area pay. Carry on their arm woman's. And or it will the animal death version would you rather killed by Crocker are killed by an elephant. I think we've decided it wants to be killed by the crocodile anybody island Ellison. About you all. If you don't know a lot faster. Now Crockett aisles are masters of the ambush the camouflage attack a person. And it comes down to get water you'll buy it lands twist them and pull people of the water the people ultimately to round. Parking else can't chew. City's been their prayer around around and shake it tearing limbs off in the process. And long here's your choice the elephants. They have tossed. Which they can use it's that way and then their trunks can be used to beat people in tribute. They can squash you against the wall. I'm going all act. Yes sounds quicker no drowning I don't limbs flying off now you know way drown me in the end. To have I love elephants know how much I love I would have gay ironic my beloved elephants take me out now I I doubt you had figured I'll take an animal he. And I toast excitement and repeated that the might uncle that Caron guy who stepped on mine I'll attack and to hero. The UK org at the homeless and withers and people are gonna they'll be able to. Yes pretty much any patient out where they're always just if people get hurt at circuses just now which is a regular. Home type thing it is an orderly guy at the time and this guy got mom I'm mom would see him at the commissary whatever she were to help the arm. Again his name but he was like had a half a body yourself then and and elephants you like yeah he was a allegedly when he says is that day he was at a circus when he was like eight or something look any too easy elephant in the elephant stomped. And this. He's an elephant doesn't have as but Unix sorry isn't a I would you rather give up the ability to send text where the ability to receive text. Now here is. Sending them. Okay sending them is means you would have to make phone calls. Receiving them. Actually receiving them. Giving up receiving means you have to give. Looking. And yet to make calls for every text message you'd probably see ya. Even in my in my sends a bit like love I don't know as they love our pick up mil I got some violence and pick up milk and you know. I let you dat a message from our boss. You don't text me. Or anybody anybody's landowners Bob like hey are you going to this meeting. You have to actually pick a loan columns they all now. I and I Alexander and yet but that big of a lot of buzz you listen don't expect that I'll lose my number. Well plus and act on biscuits now nine I got there I know I'm kind. But. Ten years ago and what I add a caveat that people know you can't send text. Who they send you when they don't expect a response OK we know they don't end debate and they know. I still not I don't phone calls and trying to get to find my way around tests. I'd still rather take phone calls is extending the boys you. And how the way I'd rather not lose your eye you but that's. Making phone calls gives me such anxiety you're. Always on the phone I am answering all. Lives there and I got around that. Now that was a green among all we wanted to just stays on the phone wait too long and Itochu over the years to get off the none using bug me yeah. Yeah. And one adds such as you seem to click. Blow and that's it's not just you are there any met a lesson over and over debit a not just you don't neighbors. New and everybody elegant without TJ that's just not enough how would you rather you ought to control fire or water. No fire roll control it will like yeah. Water you'll never and I either. In them it's like here but your immediate magic you can makes a good birdie to make something drowned while I think the badly it's what you guys that vocabulary arm pretty good third. And adrenaline singing about help now with the California while yeah yeah. Madonna want an island but nobody controls in the final. Well and and now. Brownie radio you're the parent to YouTube or slug it out. Eating habits I was mad Lance lawyer rob and you get reference this as landlord lawyer up. Maybe I'm just controlling and on Baghdad that's fundamental things. You still goes going around murdering bad. As humans did OK are you obviously had never thought about using it for good never trust I did it at an unimaginative idea. This person. That is remote and. Manner and demanding and saying you Bartlett and its numbers continue to grow as you continue to share share share Caroline OK. Not. Close not to wherever thirties as women or men. Yeah by age thirty you need to be a little bit more mature and you should dress like get to this. Fashion expert says there are some things you need to say goodbye to news is when it. Yeah and it's graphic tees pants and owners demographic pants. You haven't seen anyone with. You know. It's written down the leg of her sweat pants how I look at it across the booty ever sweat pants yeah. A cadets up I think rap at UC written on somebody's booty did and we're pink. Because again it Victoria Britney yeah I agree that's already heard are crossed or the leaders are. They're juicy got a via. Never. And think yeah under thirty I would say yes. But. I'm that you can on and swept into the tablet college or something like that exports to. You know I was thinking about this the other day because I spotted what I thought some cute sweatpants. They had Carolina Panthers written down like I side is downside. And I was gonna buy them but something about it felt buried juvenile 1 I mean I am too mature I do Wear sweatpants even like the Panthers. Eat to where Carolina Panthers scroll down the scientists are exceedingly well exactly where you're wearing. You like too much you wanna lounge around your house if you're over third camera warehouses like alliance outside in the house I just like his skull X and I think you were thinking about like. Wait wait wait wait wait. Just because I'm over there he does not me I cannot Wear sweat pants out hot outside my house because McCain just like go shopping or something. I'm not gonna Condo behind him not like the hips like pains I'm talking about the guy you see and Maggie and they have the elastic Hillary on the ankle. I'd elastic to be in bigoted or not. There on the bubble in auditors for women are and but junger is different in that I. I get tighter. That then a back do you remember I met in the basement before being any time when we used to Wear shorts over sweatpants when we when we had against. Learn and remember how many member of that era there I don't really went back. Let's act as a let's not bring that bad it was that they are not under any and I don't know why yes it was the thing but the thing I'm sorry what else we should we not where. Not be dazzled anything. Yeah gas. It was a horrible trend that started in the seventies. And is that close enough to glitter I mean you may glitters it's herpes is close enough to close enough to glitter of that it I would say though overs. You should learn over thirty but you can Wear over. Sixty. Once you become a grandma's you made now dazzle is there's some thirty young Graham says he spoke out. And they they knew what the thirty program is probably are wearing juicy and sand and things and Decker and then yeah and other items and things like that. Enough Earl. Teen mom OG didn't act idea. And I'm also wearing somebody's on princess. Also on the list funky endured non matching socks. Okay is that you are you talk about the look where you tablet shorts or skirt on January along socks up to the neat yeah a three day weekend. And I think you're trying to RD if you are over thirty injured doing them mismatch sock thing. I think yeah I'm done anything like you're trying way aid to hard right. You've already determinant. Drew your look that Sox are your thing. You get a test now you doubt it's because I know some people who Sox have always been their thing these socks and amazed or whatever. Got cut off and it would look like the Catholic. Yeah school girl and I we are hers and his feelings on China there are a viewer if you're like a rock Anders something like that didn't catch arts theater somber all these things are okay we're talking about looking mature and ranked and stirred it means you're not wearing socks a clear need an easier for rejoicing definitely not going to be your hip can do it. Now. Truly the lounge ware has become. Fashionable. Because for spring. Seeing Ali's house wrote these. These jackets that look like ruled with. Well and talking about yes yes if you look at the Tracy Ellis Ross collection they look like row keys from black ish yes. Her collection is about guys hit. The features a jacket that looks like a road and I've seen it pretty much everywhere he even called a roll Jack. It looks like a road it's huge crash putrid twenty AT UN Derek. Also huge. They're furry boots and my bird rock slides that look like slippers I just look at this jacket is ridiculous. Who is wearing that you're gonna see a lot of it this spring because. Both bulk. Is he that far and in this is is gonna come back this spring it's the furry slides that look like your grandma's house slippers. All should not well outdoors because their furry slides. But they are meant to be worn outdoors and in this fashion expert says if you're over thirty. Did the furry boots the furry. Slides. Any thing that you Wear around your feet that's very. Now. Over thirty app overbearing and look at it and you know kindness does our our slides ever been a day because you know slide when you or slide dividend estimate footer. I'm backed. But yet that furry thing that doesn't look like amateur. One and one of my friends. Is raising her nieces. And they are sixteen year old twins they loved the furry slides and they. Both bought appeared she won't let them Wear them out outside of the house because she says they look like house slippers they do look like health liberty loving house but they're not. Yeah yeah yeah that's a tough one man at the top and we can't. It's kids saying no right because we don't our parents probably said you know he can't Wear. I don't women magnetic and where genes there right whatever it is fashion changes but. You know or our parents my parents and you can't Wear sweat pants it's whatever greatest thing is what it is. Right here. But you know just because somebody else lets their kid where does that mean you have to do is every parent has to make it their own to you don't make sure although I. I did hire for the girls to be able to Wear their furry cute. Amid it's one thing in high eight or you're showing off the riser whatever or you wearing it to school. Staff. And you wanna go to a mall with your furry slippers. You know you hated cattle and you'll have to mean. Don't be that older cult like the magnet to not work out of things to fight yeah yeah near that Sarah the boys state owned by in the the girls and their furry slippers GAAP. Prevent cleavage button tight. Okay I thought. I take it very seriously coming from you is that right now worry about their cleavage anti voting yes I got to go but aren't wearing. The tag anything else we need to know about what not to Wear number thirty a magnet saves last night. Which is overall path I. Because I believe in them. And I always will believe in a campaign than Cher well again all these things are fine to Wear but they're not gonna make you look when cheer Nolan got a look at EU and overalls and go away as a miniature lady got a crack and day out. You think overalls are cool but if you're over the age of five not cool. I bet symbol on job grow Oshkosh but gosh that catch against took care of a. And then. I bet on a husband got stored that way behind the net and I bet you take the one strapped down. Down Niger you know where it might backwards legacy as a student and it's reality radio what your schedule all off there with Ramon. Into the dock were born between 77 in 1980 little San make use Daniels. Might generations. Term it'll sell like. Man I. Asked yeah. So you're you're not quite like a millennia all not quite like it gen X that are. That the term is going to like two years ago but they say it's make it big come back for whatever reason it. They guarded the citadel hardest hit by recession and student loan debt and job losses things like that. And first generation grow up with household computers and have Internet access. And data. Even in the computer in the house down well. It was more like Miami. It was in high school I remember getting AOL and net stupid dial up noisy after Mota made that. EC BC and army yet mailed I'm yes so this is courtesy of doctor and Amanda can relate to this user dialog mode and do school. Where research despite having moderately told you couldn't trust anything on the Internet yes you were not allowed to cited as a sore respect in Horry like yeah. Honoring a lot all of trial that's right I remember that yes. That data that's I do recall that now I mean I wasn't in that generation but I do remember when it first happened in Q Roy you can't believe anything. And you really can't still in neatly in on the available. There are some reputable sites now I know I doubt it. On did you own New Kids On The Block parts. With the document indicated stuff. You make a mix tape for someone get fancied. An actual tape yes. This is sent. Really how did you edited or whatever. Just statement and off the radio did that yeah like your nails and you're ready. On yeah now. Floppy disks you remember those Leo. But city. It's your first computer game came on cassette tapes aren't remember that and I've most of my morons CD-ROM. Back CD-ROM and in. That's the surprisingly high tolerance reply all email chains. And in need you don't know why aren't I am no tolerance for reply dole now created I but I'm not that's a little of that came from. I got on a maybe is because it's the they did that at the beginning seed never shaken it maybe that's why a competing on though. Our boss sat. Email you know Leanne rimes is coming Doggett and Leann Rimes and whatever and yet. I enrolled at the person you reply I don't I'm talking about yeah I just I just ice how does she do that. You said Micah we originally I had I didn't and a massive amounts to not been listening to you because I finally comes. To how. And I. Rap act my inbox I mean you know you give a thumbs up question marks. I mean seriously. Off or go home to Boston thank god nobody it all of Charlotte does need to know Charlotte radio. On yeah it out. And that be lower yeah houses 7785. You'll. So remember. A little thing called ask jeeves little. That was the way I am so that was the Google of its time before that was world book encyclopedia yeah and web crawler I remember asked she's. And we were wondering whatever happened to jeeps you say exchanges named Kelly drop the jeeves and has now asked dot com. Maybe Jesus politically correct but butler's now. But it lay up over a comment and Granada perhaps. I'm let's see if you thought the whole week he was a technological advance of the generation it was pretty amazing. And annoying. That was pretty exciting don't have cable called. They're answering machine yeah that's that again and ask for to get right there I'll put together those Stanley messages. We settled that had a friend I followed dale yeah. Thanks for listening to our fair would that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 the link dot com.