Squeeze Last Minute Savings Out Of Summer

Monday, August 21st

With summer winding down, Ramona's got a few money saving tips to help you out!

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Her Carolina and is AAA members same Mo are. This is how you squeeze the last bit of savings out of that summer. You know travel is really. Christ great right now. Gas prices are falling so road trips are great. This is the best time a year to buy a car because you got the summer clearance events going on in you can get a really great deal. On a new car you get this. Pretty solid stock of new. 27 teens and Bayern going. Out the door at great races. Also of you get a by Cruz. Last minute cruise deals had been a savings at any time of the year. As those cruise line seek to fill up those ships and the in the summer deals are especially sweet right now for the Caribbean or Bermuda. Now if you think tropical hurricane season runs June 1 through the end of November. That doesn't mean aborted trip but August typically brings a couple of hurricanes. But not to places like Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands and you don't even need a passport to go there. Plus Disney eBay and me the kid been clamoring for a kid to Disney. August is it time to go the last two weeks of the month right now area schools are Jose admission prices. And the value price of 97 dollars Monday through Thursday curse I had kids are already ensco. Without. They are and they don't forget also swimwear and summer clothing yes yes yes buying now monitors ago.