Stop Using Hazard Lights In The Rain

Wednesday, August 8th

We've got a big debate going on whether or not you should have those hazard lights on during heavy rain...we also talk about the things no adult over 40 should own!

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Today to what that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening got on there would then Ramona. Okay granted. On air up here just looking bad enough time to speak about it. When there's big storm. Like heavy heavy rain he happens under heavy snow isn't like that crystal downpour torrential downpour people put on their hazards. Cheney is outraged by it against it. Think it's ridiculous. Ramona does do that hazards that it the other day. And there's a fight on the matter not a FaceBook page about it which you're all point is. We looked up your point before he looked at triple what was your thought on why were you out. My whole my whole thought is it is hard to tell about brake lights when you got flashing lights because hazard lights means. That you are stopped it there is an emergency and you are stop a lot of people use them when someone is following them as well. Yeah. I heard and I. Yeah but yeah procession yeah. Okay funeral procession but you're not going on probably not on interstate round I was just on the interstate going to have you mentioned we are not supposed how did you not do that. How we get from Salisbury and Charlotte. You follow that car you drive you don't want to do the flashlight you need your Fleischer I call people all the time. It was futile so the question okay in a recession is different about lot blood possible reason would you need him yeah following people I've called him. What I have here and got a to the Panthers stadium I gotta tell you I don't put my. And not only have GPS these days so why. So you're at your theory was that the dues yet yet confused and triple A back Q. Yes they say hazard lights are urged the signal of a hazard and use them when you pulled over to the side of the road. And your disabled vehicle says man as worthy he's a spokesman for AAA. You should not use them when your moving it only causes confusion other drivers have no idea what you're doing. The flashing hazard lights reduced visibility make a call for other drivers to see your turn signal. Or your brake lights causing him to think you are stopped or stalled in broad way. Conversely a car that is legitimately stalled are using their hazard lights may get rammed into the black by another driver who doesn't anticipate proper braking distance or because he thinks the cars move. Do now is because of the moving. Hazard lights. We think everything's moving right so it's been in our brain everything's moved right so if you come up on the stalled actual stalled car seat and reinstall and nothing else or it's not even draining you know my grandma yes you might ramble because you don't know the cars moving this way it's like calling I'm wine. When it's not an emergency yes yes you go right. We've come to understand hazard lights don't necessarily mean app regret that the system when someone is stopped they're gonna get on time not illegal. In North Carolina and North Carolina but a lot of I think he's there aren't here find it helpful. No service are all sorts of us here in this room most of us drivers here in this well I don't know why. I can't stand I think this is way worse of offense and this is definitely. Jail time possibly. Fast lane or passing lane hazards. Yeah that that. That an amber now now there's no way never never never never Highway Patrol says pull over. Do not use your flash flashing can handle it and creep along pull over and wait for weather conditions to improve and you can also be liable. To an injured party to beg someone rams in CU caught in you cause a collision finally make it suit you for medical bills lost a tough time I damage sure. Are they saying as to that initially bothered you last night it would overnight allies. And you post it and then you followed up with a fax but what are what's the main. Jamie says only deal when I can't see anyone because I'm scared they can't see me true. Greta Greta says saying here but if you have your lights on. That's what they are you that's what headlights and brake lights or force of people gutsy because there's a clear all night and then night. I wasn't as well well that's fine. That's fine I can see you bright of Lafayette area lashing hazards it's harder to you your rent. Why are you a line GAAP GAAP. That was the main thing you're saying I'm afraid you won't sleep. Gas. As Greta says saying here in a torrential downpour while driving in the mountains on the freeway it's only way to even see other vehicles on the road and yes everyone's using them know they're not that it. You really Ariza got it clearly is outrageous and it out on Twitter right now. And I see whether Brad has tweeted I never understood why people did is it causes more problems and you think. Driver stop flashing hazard lights in Ukraine is a reason it's illegal in many states. And moon. Well and I whereas when I. Think expert whether yeah. It knows whether you guys yeah no less and less minutes you are. So that tells me to take shelter when there's a tornado coming through good point he knows how to take (%expletive) I was or where I was driving he knows when you should stay off. I went out and he has whether bragged as weather safety yes I think we should put an umbrella weather related he knows that our unity guy. Not gonna change my direction from neighbors turn around don't value cars at about yeah about that yeah. Lovler turnaround Brian as a unit didn't do it and add files I think that the dignity that. What's it sound like to win your share of this summer cash storm there. Be sure that you know unwilling. These military. Tune in every week day from 7 AM to 7 PM to grab your share. It was into the they intend to go immediately to 72881. Standard messaging data rich supply. This summer cash store this year all hungry I hope your share is way to keep some. Can storm from Charlotte's best mix 1790 no no no link. All right on Wednesdays we do would you rather Wednesday here's one from the lovely past. We still account had been reconsidering some of these but would you like to be able to give anyone you choose a severe toothache. But when their cabinet Tuesday. You can't use your legs. Or be able enough lie. When you fly. Your blind. All Nevada or I'm going to be lying you're gonna get cute that you fly order. Ally want to out of Atlanta would rather. Not Bailey's my legs while I give someone a toothache. Cast cast attitude they expelled one in whom it says severe toothache yeah it makes about yeah. You're you're gonna go blind line item you're no idea bandages may be changed my mind because the thought of getting someone to think it is just horrible. But if I'm gonna give them a toothache I should be forced to suffer from paralysis brilliant but you might not be suffering. If I walked that the problem no but you use guy you know you're sitting across from Bonser. Somebody like dad it's Zach. How about a criminal they wouldn't stop following. Right there a guy with the gun and all the sudden you give meant to say like I let down his well I have come to you that I could. An advantage is. I mean he's gonna run up front that he's got a good evening they don't. Everything in this plot on the X-Men it's not as amazing as you did and it will it would work like it to mega mega drop the got a dog in any. I mean targets of the various things that you can like oh my gosh I got really start our. Does this hurt so much you fall down while he's gonna drop has done well and you're gonna win is near you mean your on the ground as usual quite the superhero who really wanted to use in traffic and we decided do you need to elect to drive. Him I'm in the passenger seat leg indefinitely. Now it takes somebody along with just an elegant have a driver. Kansas would go around policing people who are bad drivers like I swerving in and now lanes like a jerk. Toothache city here recount all the little things that annoy you enlightening people the way they. Are you are in the grocery stores and as a middle of the lane baton at that around whatever I'll probably all of those scooters and Ryder up. There give it to their cell only and it can be given out so they might have a big long line I mean. On the how about this. Eat a box and dry spaghetti noodles RA top of uncooked rice. Spaghetti noodles no brainer for everybody I ended down I was a kid anyway not a whole blog go but I made it. Is that fox and adds a much you know a big boxes but it rice and a leg he uses the conflicts well myself make in film like because the of the old. Rumor lose or why it only gets slumber happening. Yeah when you derisive weddings. Yeah birds are reading it it was swelling in his stomach they were dying I. I heard that state that's allied Dahlia. Would you rather have a class home. Only you can see. That follows you everywhere and just stands quietly in the corner watching you without doing your saying any thing. Our real life stalker who dresses like the Easter money everyone can see. I've already aside her body you have a prom without assuming it picked back up for a class for you it's a vampire. There's a vampire wherever you go no one else to see the vampire. It's sitting in the corner staring at. Yeah now I'm taking the bunny. All day every day over the better part of it is. First of all only I conceded vampire yet people already think I'm crazy yet we're being afraid of vampires and now I have one that only I didn't see. Making me G or three. Did tonight at this I don't cracks and is looking to just drain every the life out of me so I can be at the walking un dead is well. No thank you don't think I'll throw them with the bunny. You don't think your logic would overtake at some point realizes vampires not going to suck my blood isn't right. Well out of London was the count from Sesame Street interview is that an platonic and friendly and about cellular randomly arrested him shocked and never tested him he popped up in weird places out we're Danes have a the only movie ever went in my favorites on sesame salmon the only black. He's black ethical like like I'm actually youth know things that I thought felt a. Beatty are you going with Bonnie a little bunny doesn't play Maria acting in to do stuff for me it can't insulate him on a. And I aimed at eight like your follow me could you know we care these groceries and now I think if you had Bunning. And development I'll help you kidding me I think. If you very you know saw there's no number assuming that is. There and help other. Are you sought. Help with. Groceries. There was a show we saw the decider with a stalker O my house in the exactly you are blowing his rocker yes on. Here's the thing I think if you were single. And you had Easter Bunny file you you would score all the time. Yeah it would loves you now yes they would they would lobby that in a clown. Like I you know if you set them I see a class on the court no one else can say right or diseased body next year which guys talking up yeah. Plus you get a conversation started giving extra money it yet. Even if people could see the clown they think they'd rather have these two running this too loyal lot of people are afraid of clowns. Yeah CN BB Easter Bunny pictures. I mean yeah but I've seen it too and it's. Moved Bruce Kennedy I'm okay how did you get everybody could see it is still going Easter by having. Each body of a vampire do you that are that are bunny are cloudy to buy your class are fair that. Over forty people you should have this your home might setting this up correctly yeah it would Arctic. Number one on an all on the list. You are grown man knew. You're no longer starving down fast food every single night you're condiment drawer filled a packets of Taco Bell saw us. And ketchup packets from McDonnell's that has got to get out. Alone. Are yet guys. We are fine and dandy specifically what you're theory. My theory is if it's a special sort of saucy can't be your man major soy sauce or catch up. It's got to be something like taco sauce or RB saucer something special. And you cannot have a full drawers full it can handle that container or. Some some small area where I got to meet him I got a TV I would tell you that you can happen packets at work. Ample drug yeah packets oh yeah I'll work yet it is yeah you'd be surprised. Is your mom. We easy Ramona does not have keys. Likes to say things. Amy is price of course she has brought out there is a little Tupperware tubby in our refrigerator of all time at all times it has. Little packets of wood every gave her belt and mustard ketchup so we saw it does not matter what the sausage. And every once in awhile. Before I see ears aren't a safety apple went out of it yeah I go in and weeded out a whole supports public a big one it's as a practical idea about five by seven out. Again it's two minutes and of course is humane men I start weeding out is that mom we have an entire back. Of soy saw a good. Time I had won it worked it. I open it up at the cat it was black yeah yeah that's sealed them you like to eat this guy was on the model. What else would a man over forty not apt. A funny tied. Your member you're excited had the hula girls on it. I don't. They are doing it a bit higher pay the first event that we hosted here in Charlotte I remember shelling out and then head on some Latin grandstand I was minorities or a day and a cool little girl that's. Ask a. All right. I'm not nuts yeah. Yeah. People a little yeah million bit. Yelled god don't let you know but now you are wrong and because at that time didn't. Shot. All your virginity thing is from express for men who so if they sell the food is back in the early yeah. Before what not to express is not selling Indian girl our only young they are definitely don't shirts and. BP may be. If you Marta that them. Mall I'm going to see me it was like Spencer's. At senator Hillary had a but you'd have little girl. Fox property now. Yes and liberal Sox work but you're kind of tied it looks like. Ice is a big key in order a row and he peed their lack of time girl I don't know I don't have anymore games have Lackey ties. And I wasn't really I do not pleased is. Al and better and I got something nevermind. It's equity that's that is that is the podcast on that I continue. All right I LLC IRS but I think I am also went somewhere that would have hurt people's feelings. You know bothers says vision and you'll announce an OK what else. Posters. Without frame yeah. You have no power hitter you need a frame on an ace out coast air frames in it it takes it from looking like a dorm room to looking like a plays were a grown man accidentally yep and it especially over thirty. Yeah and and I'm going to add it can be a movie poster it can't be poster art but if it's a random. Big year. Post are we now know and the viewer. Bar paraphernalia. Does not belong in your grown man home unless you're a grown man home actually includes a bar. Oh yeah I'd give a basement like a bargain basement or something like get set up. You have a couple of bar lights and Aaron uncle would it be your lights but don't give me one marked. You also should not have. In your home. Commuters use and a John generic computer knickers down eighth boot time. Carry it is time for him into and one out there never had a futon. Never. These you know these candidates I. Okay. Led to a good job did you ever. Yeah yeah definitely had I did when I was younger like innocent. You're listening to all there is remote. I do want to add to tell you didn't get this podcast off the mat FaceBook page go there like it and follow it and also. Lot of you're sharing it right now we love you for that please share that allows us keep doing it an a rating would be even better to do that. I was saying it that at any big event. Someone dying. That's him and having a baby. Birthday. Anniversary. Any of those things you wanna be on early and the response. It's all the good stuff is taken up by the especially dead person. Menace that there's only me. Because bed dead person can have lagged. There there's like ten meters a bunch of but I happy anniversary person. It's just basically happy anniversary. So you don't wanna be like the fifteenth happy and numbers. Gap over think the death one does but yet you don't have to be that early on it as yet like that and. You don't I have my signature. Responses. Are each one of those. I want not divulge them because I don't want anyone to steal limb but I have a signature. Death response. That I know is going to be new. Worry about Sherlock. No it's not. I have a signature and are good days heading underground and they birthday ivory and we all know it I have a signature. Anniversary you know it I have a signature. New job. And wounded giant also have a signature new baby. New job just gets. And new jobs gets a thumbs up oh no comment. No cops more than a new baby to signature hello crap I'm I got a new baby once you get to I guess is gonna come up my screen like. On the show I'm not yet anyway but on the IV the I know which we can reveal it because we know that's not special anymore when you say happy. Brent Harlan day for banding learn happy Matt Harris today we know it's that's a bird yeah. It is Robert de champion Matt pleasant Amy anniversary yeah. Where are you doing any there's nothing else. This two lane and is inside. The Ellis is at least it's night and I think I don't you grad like how. I am brand less merry day I'm watching you now what does she says I don't I'm I'm what a client bed with you know I. Sometimes. I'm couples I know very well I tell them on celebrating their love right along with them not to that that sounds like you want to threes yet and sound like you're alone. I think yeah. Right now we're on our former co workers aero and his wife Lee IA. Made weak sister wife coming. Grows again. Patty and you celebrate someone's love the path that you go to dark glasses. Hardy I rejoice at the road that particularly rejoice and their love together but there are a lot. The accident I knew in the second shift there. Happy anniversary is don't bother. Okay that the I don't think it's fair just to give your thumbs up for some right yes your. That's the well I'll do a thumbs up in the words of a social media expert. Who's seminar I took. God. Liking is the lowest form of social media engagement glad I'm not trying to get. I don't wanna make money out every night anytime you make money. But I like he just says and Alice. I'm there you go out don't take a lot I would take an electoral and a penny at somebody I agree I agree that extra step and write something I now it's more special. I don't now and that's why when someone I really know. Like. Let's they eat a friend of ours. Julie Witter's. No I mean I I didn't price at. I have heard telephone number is well. Not only am I going to do FaceBook. Go to my phone and I stand before your birthday text as well too far. Too far not that I. A. I know yeah. You don't have enough wherever I am a multi path I did but yeah. I don't ever numbers yeah admittedly it did you have you ever made a comment. As you said we are terrorists are leery equipped. And then he proceeded to click on view more comments yes and the view more comments section you'll look up like five people yet. And David a same quipped yeah I only do you feel like you're not funny. Or original lane and he you can't you can't delete that fast and now now I've done it and what I don't like it is the charity show more content when they save humor comet is showing the first ones. It should be showing the last ones when you're if you are comic is he the first. Yet as to what I'm saying. The ones that weren't done though the most recent should be shown us what happens generally not even real comments they give you the ones that. Were given its first and then you place your comments you see the ones are given on last what I see it it view more comments is generally. The ones that came in previous. Like you have but let's say twenty people commented on picture of my mom. When I go to look at it I only see the last five comments when I see when I could go more comments I see the first ones that came as the either says that this. That the underwear around. I'm a NRA now you can do Los relevant or news right after hitters a special button or not that anybody listening probably cares. Kind of gone down this way without help yeah something like it's it was our most recently done. But either way and have it now I know I'm lazy. Now let's look at the baby ones. Let me be and there's like 200 what's going out. This is a points and it's not. You know look at. If you are if it helps people actually. And completely wrapped up I don't know if that wasted paper the fifth. Thanks for listening to our fair with Matt remote check out the articles videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.