The Struggle Of Women's Pockets

Wednesday, August 29th

Why do designers hate creating pants for women that have GOOD pockets? We also talk about the habits you need to break before you turn 30 and the signs you're probably not ready for marriage.

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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening come on there was that remote. Couple notes here there were react to things measure its vision of popcorn starts knows women's pockets. Had I not been aware of the major issue we women's spot at but apparently unfazed luggage where they're telling me it's an issue. Aside. Think it's that hot pockets at the missiles that negatively about pocket and Ali. It's going to be about your pay you're in CNET Tocqueville. Who pretend. I believe I saw hop pocket today next to corn dogs that as an outrage that is like putting. Hot dog next to me rip guy. They're not even in the same class pop pocket and I corn dog. As class one does that we are talking about incisions into the look at what he's pockets I think this is like the opposite of a food e-commerce isn't it. Boeheim ground. All our pocket. And going don't ask him I mean it and they're okay. And debris does pockets and any aid they didn't big announces it and it and need. Corn dog in women's bodies go together naturally they get a model I think so you get. Go to. The mad at you you can't go to Matt Harris. 17 I'd like Twitter. And you'd find the whole that whole. Thing about exactly what kind of pants and how deep pockets with the ladies and people are loving it. Slow and that's gonna breaks around right before it's right after Ramona talks about sex robots I mice clean guys just the date pairs of blue jeans. Women's jeans 48% shorter and six for point 5% narrower the man's pockets. I point six inches deep post a nine inches deep I never knew his image of different and I'm always hearing my life cycle lipstick. Earlier recall that Lipton stickam and and you know whatever else he carries a daring to hear her phone into my pocket. Her phone cannot. Better part of the problem especially now that phones are getting bigger and take it on the front pockets on genes are a waste. There's very I don't want a total waste. And now the fun to gain so big that if you have any kind of protection on your phone is almost impossible to put it in your. Off yes yes you're screwed but I tell you. But Jolie. Is in fine being like a skirt or a dress that has pockets like that is like. By new unicorn you're like oh my gosh distress is so special and but it'll just wanna put your hands in the air because you can I see like women in colts. That's pockets. Where. But it is Denham like long skirts and I'm on the front cults I'll get all okay. And who holds. So I haven't been on cult where dot com and a long time and I mean the blue denim ones that they where in the polls that are like I don't know what you're long. On blue denim on you articulate cult all the Arab. People follicles okay good. I'm gonna stick by my story. But. You because they have a picture on this one page or to put up. The difference difference they are and it tells decides that things that you can fit in there like forget about it yeah like a penny and yours. You can't get even a man's hand in your pocket and. I commit a whole lipstick and it is yeah I gently says Slade tells miss many genes not so much. That's. I advise you look you know I'm more like women's jeans. Did. If you type in women. In called just. Little. Dress Steelers they block kids know addresses the pocket what I have to have the big clock I don't know I think it's a secret cult that he took a and others of oh. What do dress that way polygamous. Yes polygamous I think there and it limits and pockets. Operative on an image okay. You don't keep up the good work. Can't figure LM and it was eminently. I think how how long term with a good pocket. The yeah. Culture and then yeah. There and I'm single seriously don't know what the cult's. Okay but call him and where. Along I mean this is kind of like they where making about a good cult picture. Can't compare to cults. And a and a hair to buy and and pocket and send you know. Not all but like a minute. No no no no I mean the mennonite built on rocks and pockets on their pain I think but I don't know but I. So this is a line call you really don't I really walk around towns and in circles that. And yeah. To Baxter village no. South Carolina identically on the TV all the Pennsylvania Dutch didn't know what I tell. I'm pleased as you lived nine Ers on the person I read read about it and was doing. He. Why did win men and colts. Where at times I thought they were tracks. No there isn't a man should go to an asthma wanna go to space and yeah. And though while they catch other buddhas that got a little thing going on now the pocket all right I'll get back tee on this but I'm not gonna client we won't be waiting. Anyway only to man about amendments amend man's Jean pocket you get like an iPad mini. Which is no way again at and it knows right now. And he refuses to believe that there are still people walking around with her hand. And a woman the guy with a woman and the back pocket and not into Karen and just. Air something's got to Caroline that jealousy and anymore. I think it's always going to be a thing says it's at any given festival Renaissance festival I hope apple owners and a cult has deep pockets and you know like he doesn't think women don't have bat pod then globe. No front pockets and their denim skirts she. Says Lin and the back pock I look at it wasn't an actress that was an occult sex cult I don't think she had a pockets of. Don't you want sex pockets of the employee yeah viewer and is six told you want sex pocket yeah. Dominic here's a good picture out of their pocket that particular picture that all American Timmy Smith I think it. All things like that like on Adam. The bat. Big lovely war around that's right folks we've managed to talk about cults in the women's pockets from a five minute nap now. Key moment I. Don't don't put this on the Colombia to enjoy this. I had to and you're trying cheated. On call. Yeah review polygraph me talk about what people do you guys doing their Internet not at all. There's a. 1079 deliver. When this summer send off series with a trip to sandals royal Barbados and get ready to experience the ball and it'll also eat all looks. Three sandals royal Barbados the most exclusive phone. Taking in stunning ocean views as he stepped onto warm tropical breezes on the balcony of your suite complete with a tranquility soaking tub pretty good. Hand on the Barbados white sand beaches and enjoy it romantic five star global gourmet dinner. Are going to love hard day. Weekdays at 7:30 AM with Bob and Jerry 12:30 PM what's Kelly Myers 4:30 PM with men Ramona. We can't say 10 AM 1 PM at Portland yet to get him to win your four day three night luxury included vacation. Resorts which roundtrip airfare from American Airlines tour. Only on 1079. The link. Every time I get one of these stories are you see the headliner yell at the headline always say I did and here it is golden rules for asking woman how women out the very first one as he well groomed. On man. That if you do. You've seen. I've showed you some yes profile pictures. Right man on match dot com who are posing for their profile picture in it. Little a shirt that literally called wife beaters with stains on again well. You think and you wonder why hygiene. Makes the list every time when we're talking about dating. Are people oh yeah this. Is info other themselves. They look like they might have decent weather so far gone and look like I comb my hair put on a clean shirt I see. Plus the guy who's gonna take the time to read this article. Let's see how to me. The guy who's gonna take the time to read article on how to ask someone out is probably going to take the time to. Didn't have proper hygiene. Yet it like it's not gonna elect all of knock it click bright win at that salty felons some and sloppy knock Hillary that article though G a must because they still aware under shirts. I don't know why we always get ups. I think that it's floor. The people really like to the women can go all all yes hell yeah dad. You earlier yeah Bridget at dried it isn't just you guys don't read these articles. Why the other Oregon reed he's like tag Abdallah out of that door and I got some confidence asks the money out. Plus that I editors said I need 500 words guys like and Nolan can think of any original way back at. Asks a loan out her political low on the list and articles of what they do say make sure he'd. Where which are comfortable and like which are normal retirees. Don't put blood your. One so if your tuxedo or to be the guy who wears a dirty and up every day do it where where it. Also advertise that it did show up in his suit and you don't normally Wear a suit and they find out you don't normally wears suits. Kind of weird I never know on the first day. There's only been one guy. In my entire life. Who I know. Wears a suit like for work every day. Who doesn't look like he raises every day most guys who Wear a suit all the time you can sell. There are more casual mainly just they they bought them out they carried it is and how they're seats bit. Audits it now silent tears soon because a guy who wears a suit all the time is probably updated over the pats people Hitler here. I guess it is one thing. In my entire career who IC wearing a suit every day saying if I saw him outside of work I would assume he was a guy. Who doesn't Wear a suit all the time right. Began and where you don't fan but I I do your team I would you do Wear a suit but yes he did you Wear. Who wants viewers who went and why. There are. A lot of guys who would they are wearing a suit you can tell right off the back that they don't Wear it all the time because A it's ill fitting teeth. Well or. B it's like the tie is from like 1902. NA. Here's the question now though you're not fooling anybody by pulling out that. By pulling out here funerals that we limit lit candles society final deal. You almost have to explain why you're seeing exactly just came from work on his very abnormal yet he hasn't you have state have to open up with sari dress like this just came to work Lohan. That that would be. I think you almost have to do that yet who played art like they are discovered from work they add to that the door is and you ought to do you have to say it. Yeah a year after it yet you don't say because I don't I don't say come on you're on your profile like I'm a banker. And you show up at 7 o'clock for dinner in a suit OK maybe it's implied it's imply okay a lot of people who. That there are million on the personal location and what you do is that true. It's a Saturday afternoon yeah been sued it's different. Or you are geared garner some honky on its. Our I just can't slow our our thing like that our net undergarments dry exam that's why I'm wearing a suit this farce there's probably April material you look nice today this is that right at fifty and over dressed for the chaos and I did it in the well groomed things they also they take care of your hair. Dmitry smell that while things that I own run yet. Is that he needs Tencent also. That he won the gold rules dressed in woman has choose your setting carefully. We don't wanna be approach at the jam. The subway or while they're working. That you do have to really president on the bed and choose your opportunities. As she yeah. Remained I don't go too many places I give she sent a coffee shop Breeden a book. Don't bear game or not I don't know Blogosphere know you can't go in or alteration green I think you can they talked about that the reader body language. A lot of times people who are 8 o'clock subsidy or two's east semis social right. I would think so I don't think. Maybe not asking. Like in the Jimmy may be your conversation I mean ever you are here by now but I've heard. Conversations I was in Dardenne going on it's now. They say not the gym not a word I mean I don't know where you're the bush ago instead restrict your approaches is what they say. Bars house parties. Dating focused intensely speed dating to early social activity again thanks how it but are supposed to I've always heard like. Grocery stores are great for laced a pick up. Well I don't know anyone who wears a verb I don't even have picked up someone at a grocery store and we're limited very minute here early he got like the gym in here class together. Checking up a conversation. Yemen it is great to they leash he's not in the yoga class for guys that hit honor dornin on every convert RG bending well the thing. So much hot and that's not hitting owner of the I don't know. This iconic that it's not enough classes of various types Spinner Brad whatever and people start talking. Any people talk to each other I've talked at night and it's not learning as I'm not I don't think a lot of women one of being hit on yoga or are you his client. And you could take you to what is a little different. Because for a lot of people guild is also rather spiritual. He can't really even like a spin class or any sort of class people that you know they ought to be there they don't have enough exercise conversation okay you have a conversation but you but they did eventually you'll turn into is you know hit. Not but I think that. That's why I say it shouldn't be rolled out. If you have a conversation don't think it maybe you the conversation a bunch of asset from the the classic get together and gets them there yeah you you kind of talk to her a lot. I don't several classic can only be your first day you don't. I don't know are you better report and a hamburger pork did you guys do the first day yes okay class I'm really aren't that dad but I don't wanna rule out everybody. No I mean something if if period. If you become kind of class buddies and over time I'm that you guys that he start to get that feeling that patient you know she's got enjoys my company and talking. Then you can expect an idea they're there you go Amy. And clear that up and yours if you die tomorrow. And it went to go to the gym. All sit there in my own identity she dies I'll chat via. I guess it's reality reveal what your schedule all bear with Ramona. Override any. Things you need to what stop doing for thirty or start doing. It which. These are habits to break before you break it before your case yet and no one of them is living for the weekend. It don't just try to cram. The funds doubt anybody is something Dana half. It's funny something's are doing that I didn't. Why mean is you're more likely. Q do that Reese David for the weekend when your older and yet kids do whatever. Yeah you need to tell twenty somethings to do things other than on the weekend I don't because. When I was in my twenties my weekend actually started on Thursday yet the very end. Aaron you. And I'd and I extended into Sunday borrowed that is a done and I was still stuff every night and yes almost every other night. Laughing get a proper hobby it's good to do something outside of work. Where you socialize with friends doesn't do this. May be the book club or you know wrote this somebody you'd to painting it's not just something you do on the weekends of summer you can dabble in all weeklong that's the only road that a loser. Who has no friends that's he wrote that if you're not going to do something during the week. India you displaying lonely loser on page 125. Out of it. And now I make myself do we are exactly that make myself that that is ridiculous all you gotta stop supporting fast fashion. And you should not have an entire wardrobe. Of trains. Like every blouse you have shouldn't be off the shoulder and every pair DJ had shouldn't be ripped up. Our attitude he sang in a couple items valued. Aged men primark. Those should not be disables for your wardrobe if your little black dress start investing in things that last. At least three season. Most of the stuff the Chinese stuff you buy people wearing an average of how many times. 707. Times over the life of the Garbo GE's. You get off to shoulder top you know can Wear it every single day because it set off the shoulder twice a month and you're done in three months right. Now and then the seasons change in in the style changing. I will that's one good thing about guys that don't change very often. That he viewed might be a different kind of spit on the genes may be bad. Brochures ulcers where right now on this ruling guys to where it is but it we're despite years ago are now. True there. And and next thing. At some plants. As Ciba and that is really done that is reported thirty get plants. I got one. I Roland little paper what I'm done with a my closet and a. I am finally thinking you can rely on your metabolism to keep the weight off. Most people by the when they hit thirty they kids even they used and they can't drink what they used to. And keep their body looking like he'd used him. That street has figured out at certain ages start to see and one more note because this one kind of discuss me. It's not changing your bed sheets weekly who needs to be told that people. I mean that's I think weekly that her figure out an arm grabbed a reg has had a good I would have to change received more than once a week I'm good with every other week. He had in the twenties and a lot of people who. When it counted to wash him once every three months I was always a wants a weaker but I know a lot of people who worked and I definitely enter your lucky GO once a month. Yeah I have a problem with a on every other week I'm brown. In this. And I like there at the healing that cooler but not as she and that's the worst thing I hate putting sheets. Hate it. I ate today. Calling. Into the bay how are you depressed but I don't like putting him on on I love chill and let's just loan knowing like tonight's the night. Now he surprised when I get home tonight it's gonna be amazing yeah your likes and now feeling but I hate on. Got to be better way and it gets like the kids and electing an aggressive with my Taki. No president on top seed and I get really panhandle where there mantras like. Decide you gonna wash sheets in the morning. You don't change the bed immediately. You get home after really long day and realize. Gas anyway brother and I have to put G ally and it feels like the worst directory ever and it's. Like seats are too expensive by five to every week you can just like Newegg dot. Over the top sheet they said was becoming a thing no top sheet yeah and in Europe they don't Adam and Danny I and I couldn't live at a taxi now. My daughter has started no topsy yeah. Very popular would millennial right now at home thirteen and Scott and I saw she went on the corner like appreciate it wanted to use it now use it I know. Behind him ridiculous this is this sort of stuff. You're listening to all there is. Well I was he had a topic of conversation here signs that you need not ready for marriage or your just not the marrying Tom tag will be. Through for us and then married. At least wants. It is currently married I'm currently Mary you were divorced I was divorced and carried out Hauser. As never touched it in its troops should somehow. Two in carried out idiot I'm not even 500 days well yeah. Well look at try to get as well let it all got cul-de-sac again merited that yet but he's. Didn't sound I don't know I'm trying to give some credit manager turned sideways on me. Time is it maybe not the marrying kind of you don't want a birdie and other people you know that mean. Third and other. You're bringing them down like they've they've. Right that he mean by burden to be your birdie Nina mates. Which you're a guy what's football on Sunday. Or our I've got two jobs or are. Like to sit around as asthma sells its back kind of burden. A note that. All very personal. I Byrd name you understand how it is in the way of talking about what you're burdening them with your life. That's why don't marry someone that you want to burden them with your stop is that which is that the answer your lucky part Null okay. That's a good answer a curtain with who you are making. LA and I feel yeah I'm working its magic bird I do feel like I'm a bird an owner I did Somalia's biggest cinema gala whenever you're married you have a burden on somebody at some level. Did. You do your life if you're saying why nobody everybody bird and that's the. The good now and I'm gonna say though that aren't they are you looking for a burden that I I was trying to answer your question of people in America's anything to you to be a burden on somebody. That's summer bird you're talking about. What Bernard dog and a lot of burdens other people as in weddings caused the bride and that kind of burden but they're not the only one to dig a financial Mitt. You know you got friends of the bragging. And. Parents of the bragging we're Wheeling and relationship possibly but you don't wanna get married right because of that burden look at I generally. They have burden obviously you'd think it yeah. Completely burned real good job of the burden in my I think Romney tomorrow I I got down I don't know Iraq. I'm a guilty man I killed a burden and I Gilligan a burden on everybody go Halliburton right. I could name them all. Everything I do we don't know with the dogs. And yeah he doesn't. Are you burn a native edited cases that the burden your dog had been like living together Sunday him or get married because if he's gonna cost a lot of people lot of I. You're not overly traditional they're just some people who live by the rules decide says. You grow up through to get married you have kids get a house straight retired you're not a traditional person you don't feel like. I wedding is something that you need to do to be happy or two yeah leave your dream. That's that's it's all alone and. I agree with everything there. Anywhere to get married she never married before I have act but I don't think marriage a big deal. I'm a bad winner but the actual suit like the ring and then being you know whatever like I was a more committed. You know the minute I said I do that I was ten seconds before. The writer and that's as you Spain it just sounds wrong. Do I need to marry that man is no big deal in the league. That's when I get married on all I judge them on out there and again whenever. She says this is some sort of well. No big deal this. Now I mean it was I don't know it was a big deal because it was a big deal over her I would have been happy. Marriage is a big deal that some people. Like that article says it's a some people it's not yet and it's it's it's a traditional thing yeah. And maybe don't even agree with the definition of marriage. It's a weird went. I mean I don't have to mean in general people have the same we're not gonna go blowing people is really what's needed now. All a lot of places where gay couples still can't legally marry so well now they're angry on the death and Cindy just can't do it. And explain. I hit a and I made explain it is it's wise words and I believe what mad he's trying to say through all of this is that. You don't feel the need to get married to prove your line up that's receptors that. I say I. I am trying to foot a little below low pay yes are you need to be years they claim I'd like. Wedding have a purpose. So there are some it's religious. Person its financial predominant about it. Hours summit seem to sign a commitment right or other people. They need that. Pilot yeah you know let me words if I'm being committed girlfriends badminton. Thanks for listening to our fair would that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today in 1079 million dot com.