Things To Avoid On A First Date

Friday, July 27th

Dating can be hard, so we let you know about the things you shouldn't be doing on a first date. Matt's also convinced that he's a doctor who can perform medical procedures on the fly!

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Today to a that meant remotest showcase. FaceBook and Twitter and find out more help when most of the night doing god you're listening to all there with that remote instances. You can she's just. Right I'm a share it anyway because some of these as stupid as they are have happened to Ramona. Oh okay that's what makes an interesting way and enter a date a Twitter thing going on and bring up various topics and Twitter users. So at some things to avoid doing in a first date. And Ramon Mac gets to get him all basically. The yeah they he eat hot wings without an active. You are close. I believe it was ribs. Yeah. It was on a date. With a guy who. Had ribs it and it was so disgusting because. He as he was eating it was just barbecue sauce now literally. Roaring down on. And she ripping off of his elbow is sound Monty is an important it was so. Disgust that he got a second day at bat to elect is I'm a I would say most. Anything anti your hands rally off. The board first day. I don't baby you can if you eat wings like a human being has still not worth it and not dole like so totaled creek. Yeah or not has no right. If you could have NAFTA and blood in the wings and every man get blown well looks like bullets but actually it it there's no way is no way to pull popular today and Soledad ribs anything you're reading it based the Internet game other than sandwich of routers at this meg that basic I can't figured it right now burgers OK even read it with Edwards alleged relentless they're sloppy burgers. Well yes then you just don't order that either or you cut it into at least that's. Got to cut and a half and that that would be the appropriate as mr. manners. So. That's off the table completely I think you know it's as hot weeks at an app I think it will win that can. Not worth out wings off the table not worth it not worth it and they apple on a car that's older than your date. There's. Al hunt and then it doesn't bother me I mean where I'll probably be dating a thirty year old guy and it's one year old car when you're a car's pretty old. I mean that's that's a beer were being unless it's some sort of collectibles are gonna car from the ninety's. Or something I think you you got about. Right 300000 miles butter something on site owners probably judge if you're trying to 1995. And now. I'm not in the car rental cars really don't. Lot of experience in there I mean if it's healthy if I five I feel if the car is still viewer I feel unsafe. Nowadays there are some views that make me wonder what's going on here. How about the lack of plate that's on there was a loud place guy you judging him. Yes I really loud enough motors over the really loud a guy who tries Arlington police souped up his car yes you BA. Rolling noise outlays yeah judging your brother problem. On on the first day he should not plan the names of your future children now the lead seven Avi and it says. You that's a stupid shot into ankle bracelet but Ramon was pretty closed as a new act. Then I'd assuming they meant icing and his ankle bracelet now re reconsidering this I was thinking they meant like at home arrest saying. Good. House aren't they doing here ankle bracelet yeah how's the rest bracelet and remote was close like I just got you got on like a guy would Goddard off like two days earlier something and and dang things all of. He had bad I had him love his prison experience I can't say very much you know and everybody has changed but they mean really ankle bracelet. Why would you not sure is that just like I'm kids at a later date that is a eight criminal. That's it right that that's just that that the criminal ran out. You they say should not Wear high heels and a first date. And Rona and not like data at all. I don't Wear my highest heels on the front hey great battle bitten. Mainly because I know that there are a lot of guys who lie on match dot com if I've met him online. Hi I'm that is it feeds cattle like these ideals they don't deny. You know the guy who is this himself iron nine. Is. Listed as he you know 511 Bard out right Ohio's eight you want to find a right away which are heels on CR it's gonna compare. And they're also talking about the possibility of failure like view. Twist your ankle you don't whopper you have to walk somewhere else that's. I just don't want to feel like. The a giant if the guy a it is not even necessary about making him feel comfortable I am sick girl. I don't want to feel like against a giant ogre and a crack because big guy and I said he's. By two men and he's actually 55. As hectic as it happened nation to an Thursday's Berkeley gonna protests. Does dad yeah. And not do have recently bird then you shouldn't go in part is to get to that. And income at a clinic but yeah you didn't see it. Or I didn't know it by yeah because birds the birds have a taste how long after a birdie what they can you kiss how long I birth. Need to play ten minutes between thank you letter and and at least ten minutes in and top five now a woman zero. And oh. I guess party and asking day. A fraud and took effect. On the list but. All on a done yeah yeah my grandpa was stepped on a depth Dan and it's not that I nose and stepped on a boat guys GAAP net image you've got a partner at the fifth at the yeah sets somebody up with a partner candidate yet he says he's I want to stay the night but I thought it was. Just three and stressing the. But he haven't braced himself right and elegant and paying. You can't you can't my friend was just horrified another reason not to be sentenced aren't gonna eat at a how do not know how many million date of the guy. If a guy's forty not a day that he would do it again. Why you don't like it did he send somebody. Once it was an accident meanwhile. Now now. So if it is let me be Andrei I think they're saying marry a bigger guy on. As a guide you admitted that have been Phillips. Or anything like that just turned up the music on the radios no legroom you thought I could yeah but not among my dog in general. You mentioned it. Or you start coughing could go to the person I am. Had a gas on a day is trying to cover it up Latin you know. Amateur human being would say oh my gosh I am so embarrassed at on the what's wrong with my stunning court they say I have this gastrointestinal pain. But most people are on their first date are gonna try to cover it up somehow you safest big being obviously it costs to cover his. Kitna did that I got into my definition and all the advantages. Time now that he that he's out at those you know coming back what is OK to say something like this rumbling will be gone by the dominated. The IRS I got a medical system you don't adore about the grumbling because we're not getting naked Indian media multimedia on the glove compartment. The sound of my heart and I'm in love them. And us. You can appeal to your dates nurturing side by asking if they had something to help with your Gibson fouled. A little a more talent. At the big talk big yeah. That they might use for doing a film but yeah personal and draw. A ticket. Raining cash at 1079 delay. This story. A thousand dollar fortune pours down. Times he still didn't win every week day at the bottom of the hour from 7 AM to 7 PM when we announced the national he would. This summer catch store twelve times every day Monday through Friday. Went home and snowed here in the cash this summer camps storms from Charlotte's best mix when those 79 still link. I'm asked a little bit about buying homes we have bought houses have plenty over the last whatever years. Just living here. And he seventeen years as gas and we've got a ton of houses you and I am not needs more than any two people with that I. I dare show and I guarantee you well right. They have moved more than we had the same town yeah exactly I mean all eyes beaming from North Carolina this accurate and. And back to North Carolina Charlotte region on silly asking this. Ago. What would you do if you walked in and the property had mole. They I don't walk to sit out 69% of people are out I think you'd see a magic dust in general Dyson and. How have you as it happened diet of what you to a closet at this winehouse. Gorgeous little home. Brick. Solid bones as they say and when I saw that mold in the closet and I was done it well you had no idea. How odd smell. Walked away that's an odd smell you'd just not a round I walked did in fact. The first home that I ahead in Belmont momma night had sold her house in South Carolina. We were living in an extended stay. And we were there for like two nights and so I was so sick of being an an extended stay with mom the dog it was like today I find a home. She'll be everything in Belmont with these specifications in my price rate right and there. What I house and I walked in with a smells so horrendous that I knew I could never lived there. Because I think and then it was like that. You painted on it are now know that because I feel that the older and that is something that was even. How like it permeated the walls and it was in the early riser so if you're ever rains. You just didn't rain. I would smell that smell again and be just as horrifying what it is not a bad smell the odds smells it. Yet I don't have to be as well in Iraq to me it was it wasn't a horrible smell. But it smelled like death. And everything else with perfect you're still in this smells like death. Everything and everything else was perfect and now in the realtors said you know what he's energy says that because. I think that the person who lived here recently died. I smelled it well I think the helmet. Could blow up old person smell. And that debts and yeah. All I know that that's almost like me that's almost that's now the I've already think I Eudora Don Hewitt move and how's that someone had been murdered there where I feel like Amazon dot these guys are we first moved here. The wife of our former boss. Found a lovely home for me. In her neighborhood. Great price why would you great. Some former Panthers player had been murdered in the fourth year. I now live and they really. I. I'm not a natural caught. I don't wanna know bit if I don't know if you do you know OK with it but if I know that or vice LA I'm that's been in there. Okay they also asked. If the house was okay by way it was 56%. Say they wouldn't get they scratch it off it cannot smell. 6% 56 and a couple this with the house's LT. I'm out everything's perfect everything it's like you've been looking and look at a look in perfect now Tony 5% of people that are out I'm not out on. But it didn't damp price but not out on it. Did everything else is great until they come out until. Then he thinks that's built not cluttered not cluttered does not a problem it's it's dirty it's Uga hasn't been maintained some weird decor choices. But still see it is not filthy they're just big coup a thousand through it and that's it. That my friend is building thousands earlier ally and you can't scrub away fail in Tehran I I would go for it is great Nielsen gray hairs you wouldn't. Ernie Els I am no I don't make them clean hit no you would not. I everything else is perfect I mean it was a few figures or thousand Jews from federal up until he won but I've been looking in looking at finally came upon. The perfect house these giant. Home theater and it's built and. I can't get DOK maybe it's the only house briefing at the end only house you can you can move into. I get it done the only difference is my only option I have not. Since this is the per I am Tony 5% and so I am on in the majority that. Which would go for it on. To avoid paying a 6% commission. I guess spends by Japan but. What percentage of men men in a club a percent of people said again it would give up Netflix for a year. To skip the 6% commission. On animal and that I yeah I guess right you're geared donors want fiction directly at 33% mentally December settlement 13 to give it up. The. They were ten MI said he has probably just persistent year. Desperate it's been a lot of that is very high on. Forfeiting social media for a year. Did you do that 196%. In year. And I am out on that you can take it. I'm talking doesn't work has been taken on your round. Yeah a guy listening is how I keep you know I keep in touch with my old friends and family SS waste your time much 26% men 70% of women would be willing to do it's a most people would not be willing to. Orkut social media that giving up a week's vacation about 33%. Witten rather than paying 6% commission in which case I do which case and 6% now and I went my wife and Latin and I put let me. On our rights say you go to buy at your hair and you're no longer current account and and you find out that. The neighbors are nose gear others. One nosy neighbor wept somebody's nosy. Are you. Going to move at least motivated. And not even motivated now I'd be motivated. And us are really really love my house I really I really don't have any love house. Now I'm so nosy neighbors don't bother me who you are knows there are probably pretty much yeah that's what your mom is as those. All my mom she knows every week saying have you noticed anybody moving out here neighborhoods are the last few years the funny thing is. But that might both of their neighbors on my side industry. Men are moving yeah you are for sale there you guys. Are they have a difficult time selling because of us not let me. Our know why they're selling is because a year. Nosy neighbor that comes up he says it your partner is on the market this is a lot and anybody. But but then how to manage your mail yeah the no more than the nosy neighbors were talking about neighbors are crazy now which you. Not buy a house and found out the neighbor was crazy absolutely is there a level of crazy. Hi I have walked away from our house because I heard the name it was crazy I walked away from my house. Because and two doors down I saw some stuff in their yard. That I found disturbing gonna pay it I'm really crazy to me I would definitely I'm with got a percent I waited I have moved away from grace. It was even act crazy you're talking about web moved away from you probably pleased that it portrays your radio that lives air hit exactly fifty barbers and a man. Says that night and moving it I can't imagine that the people who lived. Near you will we were in Virginia Beach where. Happy to live now I was ranting now so. Right itself and ago way yes but you're right I died it was not a good neighbor. And on the good name very glad this. Yeah yeah. It's reality radio what your schedule all off there with that. Ramona sciences. Up the dealers and thank you thank you for sharing in Ramona I want you to rat or somebody not radish that's a vegetable. Rat. I don't want either rabid someone. Men. Say that they would like to ravaged their why often. It is the definition Danny be hooked it up seizing carry off by force. And and the other one is even worse there it has had a. This insect solid just who says that. May appreciate a little throw me and cannon and then Dan and they want their wives not to just. It do oriental and I didn't see that. But to take it personally like really like this is what he wants but I'd like that feeling of what motive do dominating one. And doesn't Loman wanna feel like she's one did yeah like that might have heard I've read things about the tendency of women wanting to be like Kerry offers something. You see it. Biggest on practically every soap opera. Yet where you know annexing you know the guy is listed the woman and put your opponent coming a chopper summer and be like position like their cradling her I've seen that one. Hours opener up. I guess Frito scoop. It sure you can't get that yet this year and they did you should. Occasionally let your wife. Ravishing you. Let me love. Dashing good I think she's starting I mean many many ravishing doesn't have to mean lefty can he look like I know. Probably would not want to. Carry their wives off to the bedroom. I wouldn't want to but that's what she wanted sidesteps to go up. Did you have forced four bedroom it's a lot easier. That's illegally and have a problem on the first floor and a landing in the second put it upsets go to the landing a lot more steps to get to the bedroom. And gonna get to the doorway without bump I do and wide door but I'd have to probably put her down open the door to the audience just took. Those there's a lot of things go on to this mean average logistically it's a nightmare. Exhibited. And plus I don't know I guess I think that this is something you don't even want nine I don't really want it. You don't want to thank him every giving TV show in the cobbled. Just can't stated he's lived in a route but he's around a kitchen counter or something and now you know there's there's a lot of lifting involved we have rousing spirit my sandwiches up there. Mine gonna make this it is. And I would do that I would do the Canon dot an indictment and you know that that's a that's I think it but it's not something that I think about on the regular just don't mean had a week. We do we Clorox wipes and our time you're not do that you would even do it your child's or something you let somebody be naked in your count so we know you're not going and its parent Powell's. With children out of and is in the process takes out. Now has surged ten miles before you were damaged Meserve. You go to the linen closet and it didn't show up from the bottom feels the way things every delegate for everything bad that. Told her just her company as you probably haven't used to tell that it took her gravity or the fancy elephant Donna and and that was certainly ABC has meant there anything like under the cushions a lawyer Alan the throw pillows and yeah. Yup Rotella. And now I'd you're six. Most of the pens does that count itself Lara bill Rosenberg told us how did you. This time I come up to vent now once you do you have at the top he's been on but on the other side. It's a sex question. So when I close excellent and have a little bit more counter. The it was why ripped our moment. It's sort. When did we learn about the dirt on your top yeah now saying yeah easily flip them over again and on my complaint brutality you. How you use those all the time quicker picker upper at. Pat. Did you ever know. Hype. About that how well the urban look at the. Beverly lumberjack guy here who's gonna Downey man Ronnie man yeah. You can replace that I would hate to see your Majerus I'm like now hey I'm invented. These things should be left and. And his slides right off lets you. Now you cannot tell you spend some time general off on your floor on the around below still even if they get this through before reinvent sex doubts. An amateur no but you're putting your putting little piece of paper in the you know the comments section if they're on a lot points are brainstorming and yeah. It would you know it's back to your article I miss out. Act one can ravishing you don't like is the rip the shirt but opening the buttons why don't care about clothes that I thought. Really brutal he's naked bottom all my temple street or my comforter and limited. Yes no car no bull outside problem where they then you've. The clintons back on it gonna it Taylor. I'm off and well yeah. Yeah bargain shot and cost more for me to have someone so old buttons on them what I paid for teacher on the union have a ravishing section there. Under illegally now illusion yeah. Is there any guys. Say things like my and it's a political play at your. You're that's all the years six and you're six shirt account guys you have your own product line in Amman. That's good brainstorming session slightly back two months since all share and Ahram and Al I'll be all out here but remember this is not a medical show. As a customer confuse an emergency medical procedures that can be done on Duff fly people all. On. Lie lie in by any old random joke random joke or random bad your daughter dot. Then and you guys get to sit that brought up a medical procedure you write that you. Idiotic will endure all the medical TV show that's why GAAP. Any members from way back in the days do you have to figure has ended it with a pocket knife and a ballpoint pin is Chesapeake and accepting the good doctor performed well recently in an airport I think Baghdad in this day and age. I just Google it. Let me know I don't think this thing they do Google and had time to the YouTube Vic yeah just get. I've got a Google had a tracheotomy and then watch the YouTube video in one of them I'd do need. They sound Gaudin or you're not and I think we're talking. Crazy at times he got time. On the walls and are you got time. I got past Wi-Fi. At the I feel. Sorry here I'm at a time your daddy's deals bashing you've seen Roger learn about how to get a tracheotomy. And started out well. Search strictly out of the game I don't get patted down below and are a pound laws and Pamela tents and Ireland and all. It's I'm not particularly got ants marching time. How active are feeling. Just now he has this to Gideon struck. Just a glance does it in advance against gross ya as this disgusting and I think to got a dour man. One of the easiest route emergency medical procedures for novices to perform. So that they say is first ago where you don't go right at a gate just slice him open do you cut try to Heimlich Fernando. Though we know one of panic commuters hundreds and and you need to try multiple time. The tricky up high and low both. Yeah three times that he's a guy. If anything happens to be in his studio. You okay first of all call my mom on. Well yeah you guys that even even before that our working on the wanna be called my mom I think there's Roseanne I wanted to try to Heimlich at least five times. What got an cheating and wait for immediate. Become unconscious. In that I don't even want you try to do the amazing trick on me I disdain reminded. Die it's. Just either it to go call my mom why again let me go I was he'd make instantly. That's right slit eventually as you start really deserves cut brilliant peril but a yeah I got a pin and I hear that stuff is out of hand wash them yeah. Trust. Do you think that all the lives of others. I used the insert key in his computer he cannot because of our I tracheotomy I I think about a better cutting. And and your you have to move on to your doctor Jerry York and children have complained that your your too heavy hand didn't. Doing things you wouldn't. Okay. Trying to deep this well no I can measure. A bird after you lose conscious out. And there are razor blade or ninth inning loading. The open were allowed hearings are across all accounting nagged. So now we're also making it trip across all the engineering. Am I might have time did. They got matched your airline's. A half inch horizontal cut half inch deep this is good at making it's it's always just being generous happens after it's. Okay Katrina Adams apple hate Tutsi and it is hate touching your Adam's apple runaway bride and it's recording cartilage. Another bump that lies about an inch below the Adam's apple without Allred I guess. Stick your finger to slit and then insert the whole thing hole location Adam's apple which is theory once again. Why I don't want you touched me is very difficult to find the Adam's apple want a woman as you got it. No assets below the Adam's apple. Bump of that lies about and ends below the Adam's apple. Oh start now that's been you stick your finger and slid open and goes the when it Steve tube. And you're good ago. You used paper rolled to tubular shape. Then breathe into it twice. And pause five seconds already whenever. See anybody breathing entity to. We use CB's procedures reform right line. TV right does she is the only put the two being here SK yeah ask personal email memories aren't. Anybody around the class. What's your all did you as a bloody when you watch hi I couldn't finish watching it was making me hurt my throat here's an OK here's another medical procedure and it can be done and applied. Amputation. Exec. The classic took a turn empower you look at people like what's his face John Franco it is named James Franco that if it had his arm off your Cunningham and was it. Climate FL that all Americans arm off I am asking her indeed he did amputees and it was another guy who fell on our furnace number him Attica and well organized audio is put a tourniquet golly edited and all I have been killed and on the limb several inches above or you'll be cutting C don't bleed to death. I'm doing itself. Belt broke whatever on and and which one do first is break the bones annoy and need to do a little leverage do I ever write them loans yeah. And like and you take your arms so first I have to Korea there are you all right. I didn't know that part I thought yeah that's that's never let it cut her salt three years into muscles. Let me know webpart what I do know that part. Like if I wanted to amputate somebody I would have thought about Greg and I don't know me and I was never in the movies or TV amateur they never you never get a crack in the bloom. Then you cut or assault for your skin and muscles first. Not a tendons are difficult to sever. Mallard dress and pliers. And the good you can twist and snap them as opposed to cutting. A web site is telling you that these are procedures that can be performed quote. On the fly and I was getting this information problem is called. How things work. Or sometimes on my net sever the arteries and nerves the last by the way because of nerves and be very painful. They have different. Arteries and nerves the closest you've come seeing a diagram. In the doctors off you don't know the dip I have a Google. And by the way when you're done bandage the stuff you gonna do wounds on the same time. And get a little. My thumb and Little Rock god and make him like oh really profit up there probably not yeah propping up and I still to work on which you know the breaking of the lambs at sea while he is and BJ in one arm you're holding. His phone well and while he lodges in and what I'm hoping that I rule you'll jump on my land break it. I will do that I. I couldn't even I would do that if you could aggravate things they couldn't into your Clinton that place. How. I don't know Ramona they're Monica and actually hearing an emergency it's now pretty you you win there's no way she's amputate your own though now. Order yours. It. It. Is. It wouldn't be fine. In fact I don't trust any of he he's doing it and just call my mom one. Wind won't call 911 that they're going to be like and in our hiking in some remote area where we can't get no the best that I know you need NTT. The need to be amputated because you're bleeding and got a lot from of an artery. Michael Carter I can't stop the bleeding why you are okay and there's more bleeding could have this reputation. Yeah. Well word dog an amputation or not there's talk in that. I could we're talking about things you. If you like. These are better protected just fine and office cinematic received yeah actually. In this particular case you need to get that Lang played nice and I'm gonna break it on the green Clorox OK Ben didn't you aren't qualified. I'm off they sighs okay Ireland. I mean off man. Pervasive there rest heroin in the amputated so it's I think it's players into their next. Yeah don't and I'm gonna Google. Thanks for listening to our fair with Matt remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today in 1079 no link dot com.