That Time Matt Got Tasered

Wednesday, February 1st

Of course Matt would be the only one of us who's ever been tasered...hear the story, plus find out who on the show would draw a bath for each other!

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Today to what that meant remotest showcase. FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com and you're listening come on there would then Ramona. They need to have the big day around 330 does news. A woman in her mid twenties they need daylight animosity was walking back to her carding gas station in Atlanta on Sunday. When another woman tried to steal her cell phone former. They were wrestling over in the parking lot and MI dropped her keys during the scuffle. Luckily there are three guys who were also there and saw the whole thing happen. But instead of jumping in to help they grabbed him his keys off the ground and stole her car. As it bears. Dirty dolls that's pretty low is still in the wrestling match no. Girl solar cell phone the guys took her car and a loss of faith in humanity should that it cannot understand why utter hatred and that was a quote she gave to the paper and I understand I I think that qualifies. Yeah usually people say a little too flatly sickened yes you can say yeah I got news not orient. Woman cuts up B apps EP. Runs downstream within after he says he's leaving. A 23 year old man northeast India is rush the hostile laughter long biographer designers like well spice office whose seat. Where they rusty sickle. After he revealed he'd be married another woman and took off for the man's penis down the street after he revealed he is marrying a different woman. What are your under oral came up with a DV sleep painful plan after finding out the news of lovers arranged marriage. When make it as a surprising indeed tell a story is that even after his thing he was forcibly removed the guy went to doctors that I did myself. Yeah I'll myself it was only after his parents found him. Idealists in the bedroom but it was rushed to the emergency. You get a tetanus shot after that he does play in there. And a rusty sickle the brother yeah. And at the. And I at the Pentagon. At. That moment and now it's a little bit a picture of this that yeah. That didn't imagine why you know you're sitting there and you cannot than your parents want. At the bears and is that a semi and a little bit of I'm. I Mohammed and it's bad round. Yeah well two words. The likelihood docket being able to reattach it slam they say the couple was together were closed for years. Obstacles get a lot of jail time obvious need. They loved each other but the boys marriage respects with some other girls but their parents that's asked issues. She was unhappy it was marriage arranged the gorillas don't ask village. Gone by the victim or residence pattern off. So in India you're crazy yeah right there on. It's a lot better team your commute is not worsened in your car. Picking up Kerry endorsing Canada's. Yeah these. A little bit if they Oceana choice of sequels one was fine and loan was rusty and right now I'm an epic there ST one I doubt right into via the shuttle is set to go the next level. Don't let you guys almost cut it because it would axe about that question Andy and I thought of the rusty nickel for fear that we do cut off. We get it was a sharpen up right. That's why I did that allow myself to get sucked. Into. That's not the point just abusive relationship I guess yeah right. Yeah got a horrible bacteria infection after the advocates staff on the rest of the guys live there is an understatement of the process and and I'd that's it's a sad day. A side note to. The video looks at UBS as they say but the Daily Mail. Says is reportedly may be shot at him as Barnum combine it a group had suitors are shown playing Russian let. With the teaser. One of the bar patrons pulls it lasers trigger. Which results which sounds a gunshot the man receiving electric shock which doesn't really faze him. Game originated Russia they say. British tablets as anyone wishing to play a sign a contract and is not cheap. And I've been Acer. It's it's not the end of the world people. I still wind played rush lap and recommended doing saying it's it's a trend amongst if I don't blade against it is a bad name I think I think that's made up thing yet but yet made up thing. And you let people know that you teaser ads are tolerant. Yes there's a at that point you know go around breaking laws and how fast track. We constantly now. That big deal right it was part of a radio bit. I got shot with a razor and aids and we are gurgling going to be scared everybody. I don't even I thought something went wrong I was eating out you're dead I thought I had to make fake noises because you know at the radio at all. I didn't have to make big Jack and Arnold knows guttural. Darling I. I. At that it was to move to help Charlotte back les proved that. The pacers were a better option in gun right and that people would be OK I haven't got Lazard. That's their public service we're standing outside is Asian. It's Kaczur makes us now. Guttural Sydney into. You heard someone's. Last ballot. Can be a light on behalf of the Atlanta didn't have your body shuts down at your gone for good yeah. Being felt down and then there was trickle of blood back ice cream and because in order. Or to go well we were supposed to prohibit the spotlight. And they're freaking out every now out without that it WAS Tracy etc. but that's right you are. But you OK everybody and it later as the little little. Like hawks. Out of my back but it I mean I was five seconds later and deal ever Allison got. Shot I'm shocked you didn't yourself. On what they're cells they all do well and I'm as quickly. And true and in Virginia Beach like outside shot in the prison with that article went a bit. On its best a bean bag with like I don't know a hundred little. Pallets and I'll speak this out a shot that I in my life of crime. Remind him every so often ask what amendment at the latest take it out there are more podcasts it's reality radio what your schedule. All there with. Don't get a thousand dollars us and all the Amylin and did you get it buys into the grand. It's a matter Mike Gerson got to fight as well on. Couples who knows get through one is Rob Lowe looks. It's new personal assistants. Make it that. Now things salary I emceed that it problem is that it's not him but with the sources say it is. It's it's the the first of seven requirements. Requirements are never assume anything. What is required required is it was a requirement. And soon the client rob is fed as coffee throughout today. Making fun of that I don't think there's a reason assistant when you think that's part of the deal hit a I'm content but it's just. I mean a president different an assistant assistant. Then like in a workplace would add that spins on the workplace I know but I was. Earned. It was a very cannot meet have to get caught me off all right. On Pavel this get the schedule robs haircuts. Every every episode for the show the client. I answer the client as a stimulant silent it is sort of decline as a dinner planned arriving home later than 8 PM in the evening. IT or maybe ever run I'll make dinner by Gallup or rate otherwise. You pick gimme some day and go to dope them pictures on more you make Sri let a states that note of the client wants it to QC turned on. Or a massage ordered for his arrival. How are like that and that'll orange. Sugar and marital all the time. Allotment but why are living longer let your eyes states that. States have I don't know what skates that immediately to. We didn't. Yeah well I've got an. Eight. JD Edwards. Can't do that and the only. I just told us things that. I think words could have a guy or something and you know if you think it's one of bad. Out and turn on the that PGA it before you dial. Just say she do like if I have a bad week for me I get home how we can tell me. Are you my you are not my assistant on years if I'm gonna say you're calling me telling them that the senior state. This past they took. We word millions millions and millions of dollars. I'm coming out of Rob Lowe is being in there yeah that's an old age I laugh I mean it just. And I Howell street where. Your als better or did you call what. You can't mention on the on the start. I mean that it has any I don't because and do. Can anyone guide to things out there or something. Have the I'd like it's a big deal. Yeah not refer to your home state are not worth millions and millions and I'm not Rob Lowe. Thank Rob Lowe and now we're shocked he's worth that much. Time. Only way he's worth thirty million Connecticut at thirty million comedies a little bit but Oregon I. People. I'm one that's been. This may be less savvy and it means that cook Butler deeper now. I guess that's what iGoogle that. That's OK I won't want would be banned you we dock you have to do on. Yeah my buddy to turn it I got my brother to be my guy turns on the dignity and I didn't. Ever ever ever tell you right now. That everybody in life would tell you this update no way if you call him it's okay. I sure hope to include the is all and on by the time that. I want to do it. When my body on pain in my salary. Like entourage or something I. I'm pleased to. Question I'm paying a hundred grant. Claims he has a hundred grand to pay you. What are your jobs is to running a bad thing turnaround a jacuzzi and that is yet before he gets a 100000 dollar. So noble brain area should take under granite yeah in a second but if you're doing it as a friend what are your. Return to. You would do a friend. The pin come on Don. June as I've. And a bit he's out. And it's. Urgent doozy content you let let let Narnia man well. It's about. That Anthony's how he answers many. I'm paying a hundred grand first of all. Ought not get back to pay. Of any of your friends and I was like your. Your house caught him on a whim he minds and on the accuse you are out there however there are I've picture one that has been just great hanging out at met out. For me to go home but. What's it like you soak it jacuzzi. And they are to remain well. I was getting really into global. A. Yeah okay now you're making it so would you move. Young people and a my brother's house and my brother says I'm staying with a for the weekend call them come on board might turn on the Cusick was gonna turn on the earlier you get together. Not a nice thing to do and say no. Met my motives and later. To give him. And now. Yeah yeah. Yeah if you really think my Emanuel learned. The Hague. My garbage cans. And haven't got that. Today they know it. I'm not to let. On the hot tub grandson. Semi trick you into every week. It is about to beat them to get well I hope I'm wrong on the need to keep it. How did you get hot out. On a tiebreaker. Right at. Or. Are we soaking in the and I could bat. Or we just turning it on the turn and cave near turning up our I don't know why you need to turn on a jacuzzi all you do is hit a button but I don't. I have a person to do that I think they come on it's not been a warm up first moment. The debate and executed vendor noticed they could grab a accuse each I think we're thinking too hot to objectors. Hot tub yes let them know. I drawback of the atom chips can bath like you know I've run your bath water and odd couple amount of notes bath bombs in the and we. I'm better for it yeah Boehner still yeah. The bet Bob. You know let docket you do what you don't have the top kill did so well. Are hungry I and the writer don't do it. Fierce battles. My allowing the heat could. Isn't. Your thing you would do with them for Amy you're not gonna do for me dandy Don you and it. Yeah yeah I think any do you do for you yeah. But I'm a good friend and. I don't know what that and also died and if you know the man do whatever Beasley when every under any. Starting a a hot tub is no big deal. And turning on a titled no big deal and pan am I gonna scrub his public Scott is back at this particular don't want losers on the back. If you use. It that quiet sad back. Eggs costs and and by the way around the largest could finish is also yeah they need to be willing to travel on location has requested and serviced the clients body man and it. It's the bond remain high and the body guard are different I don't know and on hang on a million yeah to be able. Yet to be able to lift up to 25 pounds as required to support problem. It's time. I'm gonna get them to lean on you or something. You guys lean on me at there whenever take only my only that it got out the college. Do any of that up with a friend perhaps. At the this year. At the wrong bat and he did that item about where you will never again I'll never at the and. I don't take all the Brothers team in Montana in a match that conversely I don't think. A. I want you don't. Can't lie that's what I thought yeah slightly grown ups is a few. That if you know it's part of my salary and it. A couple of candidate dropped to the best and it's not okay and it's gonna be about half and got in and so again the regular lunch time man. As a little uptight. And look at it as it's all fairly remote right there's one where there. Backhand pass that up your apology he should go. Loud really get a message about alert led however when he necessarily dropped an app Mazda and lastly meets. I believe an apology I believe apologized now yeah yeah little hostile. I'm Barbara probably already probably go are probably big jerk. Thought about the way we believe he's the kind of a waiting for you. And that's not the word anyway at its very predator like the word is but. Yet saved but. It's. The good side apologies these this is this person wrote this is doctor says you patch things up. Offload your guild to move on and attention and the first year with the gives you analysts at I added an auto he does that give. It's deeply uncomfortable apologize. I don't mind. They do a lot don't like to talk about how they screwed up nor is anyone into or make result honorable. I I'm an out of an idol lifetime. I believe has apologized. One time and that apology included a really and I did not notice about her all my gosh. I come from a long line. Of grudge holders Patricia Cook and even if you're in the wrong. You do matter that you just kind of let the air clear and eventually you do is come yet but it no apology owned who do you are trying to break that that change again. I kinda tried and I've never had a problem saying I'm sorry. When I'm wrong right in fact that over apologized and play with a person's gonna okay. Right and then I carry I still carry the guilt around because what you're saying and how are you unload your guilt now. And now you're right. Sigh I'm I feel like I really hurt the other person I am a really hurt them I can't let you have its personal then I. At trouble let ego which like some work singer something back I can probably like OK everybody's. Break but. I beat myself up for a couple weeks yeah event not to let it myself all right so. I even had this discussion with your mom never thought I got sorry at one time and it can I remember saying it and you said. I'm sorry Andy but I didn't know blob. I wasn't completely wrong because I didn't have all my. Do you adds something to recant you'd still sorry because you didn't have the facts you. Blew up or something something like that explaining yourself. Yeah in a situation where the person probably know with the reason why you're wrong you didn't have the whole story. Russ you rob and Abbott have. Done or said what you did that doesn't. Clubs all be known I thought I don't think it all and it does it make your apology better in fact. It can come across as condescending not to like him I want like really just figuring out the reason why eight. Now you act that was because you didn't know the facts you can figure out how white belt really yeah. It might. Weis asked me some died or you might snap. And his his I'm sorry but I was just tired I I don't think that is doesn't count as an apology. I didn't. Cases saying it was you it was definitely me I'm sorry. I was tired what you did wasn't so bad my tone was wrong Erica psychic says different but. I'm sorry but you know how I am I'm sorry eat but yeah when you did is I did but I'm an idiot. My outlet does. I I screw up I screwed up but I'm. Body screws up I think we had about an idiot I'm an idiot says yeah well you gotta do it DA. Don't know it's true yeah LA and I am but I does that right. And to be suggests that you've accepted the fact that you're eating out now like everybody else has to accept the fact you know immediate yeah it's gonna happen again most problems and personal. I'm sorry. They're hoping that what you're seeing is. I shouldn't have done that I won't do it ain't a can you say I'm sorry but I'm an idiot it's no. I'm sorry but you're on another line yeah there. There's going to be some the coming up pretty soon maybe not exact same thing but I guarantee I'm gonna screw up. I can't guarantee that gets him. I thought he might just put it out there and you. Did your apology was a threat based yeah yeah it's not so much an iPod feel bad about it I'm a feel bad about it and I'm gonna do more it was the I've ever gonna give you one big apology for life and then negative and the good ago. Gable and I get around to the people in the revisions now you know lack. You're gonna bring inaudible and you'll probably murder regained the just give us a light lime Obama you go about your murder region to bring all of laying yeah. Yeah how you aren't your just gonna I wanna brag on the same time. David. So anyway. It's as they disagree to teach and do it right to say you know whenever I'm African sorry. Menu below. Whatever Americans are patently not say that in Iran and cardiology I I I I just I I beg for forgiveness. I just bank may band aid until you get on the person's hair yeah true and I beg for forgiveness from begging for forgiveness. It starts all over it's helped cycle that is drug endless you know the cycle but it it's an endless cycle yes you beat yourself up and get apologized up beating yourself. I apologize from up for apology at this has apologized to being the senate things but yeah. It's wrong that I don't I don't mind sometime talent apology because being you try to make the person feel sorry for you don't know because blue. And even a person that the no holds you back. They'd all now know I realize he's not he'll be back. These I don't buy it never happens it's at the building up and we're gonna run that I had a sense elderly. That senators and building I don't like it then yeah exactly like some building up on my motto 179 legs podcast available like Nortel he got just tell everybody about it please. It's off there was memorable not secure podcast actions of a thousand dollar earners perhaps it'll. 7 am 11 AM 2 PM and fight again this week. Let's see we got here and little celebrity type stuff first of all of the Super Bowl prop bet that we get better all kinds of weird things. Which song Lady Gaga sing first during halftime show. Which one do you think she's gonna do the the favorite. Is poker face. And just dance yeah I'm going to stay and born this way is an area to glory of bad romance but you don't we just dance yeah yeah. And ID you can even better what color Lady Gaga does Harold they either blind or any other color. I'm going with black black yeah. Really and telling a bit lately or recently would like care what is or normal. Handsome blond lately super duper platinum net and then who all the Super Bowl MVP mentioned first. Guide to coach. Owner family or Donald. That's an act that's a long shot yet to really launch Ivo of that one. I sits and precious added a Lady Gaga messed up that the favorite is born this way is that the favorites to be her first off. Now about that I'm still go witness stand and I gotta open was something like born this way is back out of aboard controversial. And the gap in Delhi the got guys never shied away from controversy he then when you're not bad not. I think just I would like staying at events I would lose it's more of a clues about me being long shots at long shot. And Hollywood actors get a little and before we have got us the polls got it's I got the most dangerous. Super Bowl halftime show ever. You mean by that what. She's going to do some kind of stunt where she's gonna be hanging from the roof. From the roof yeah out there done. Diana Ross or somebody fluent and and let helicopter yeah something right M sorry we're meet. You have to do a whole heck of a lot. To eclipse what pig does on her concerts when she's in times his great great best exit so if you can't out do pink. Well lowering from the top of the stated roof of the whenever at least as it's called ad that's a pretty good entrance. Anatomy of a just lowering your down which you do it. Well I guess now. You're not do it's they diesel that's everything you know I without any you don't do it might fear height he'd wait few months powerful even money wouldn't couldn't get you on that now. Now really. It peaked. Three years to do the ropes course and why why sacked three that is. Money for allowing you see you're not going to happen atop. Stadium the other day about the Lady Gaga performance we Wear. Listening to I think it was Good Morning America. And they announced that Lady Gaga I was doing just not met Tony Bennett was expected to join her. I mom's bed until poor Tony data theft fact is to all be pulling in from the roof. Okay but don't bet it was going mom there is no way it is that they are going to lower Tony Bennett. Tell me it'll probably get a ride out to this yeah. I needs in the middle. Of the stadium I think like nineteen years something absolutely no waited and Tony but it just that you can have a good halftime show and now I'm where he will not all I heard that he is not easy. He's ninety on the out an alum but I heard he's not doing. I mean night I can't really do much and be very exciting and he's been using a slow song whether. Those loans are okay now they're not the halftime show you can't slow song parody got to be upbeat and even though. Lady got about not getting paid for her show because you know that halftime performers don't get a paycheck they get a lot of paid an appeal by it yeah I this the NFL is spending. Ten million dollars to producers yeah. Took ten million just to answer a million dollars to produce Lady Gaga has half times. Well I guess their figure and get that back. Without advertising ballots but that has a lot. Is going and and a lot of money for one yeah. Russia that's maybe about twenty minutes. Don't let you got eleven million and make her pay for get liking guarantee that you'll be scaled down the line yet and mail. It I'll have to take care but it probably be a lot of bands and whatnot and this. Is. Not so it's a little longer than that but it. It's it's it's still. I. You have to build it as if it was an hour long you can't just build or does have its fifteen minutes long or whatever it is right I mean so that wouldn't. Played a ten male or Denton and then there'd probably see you know make it back an advertising dollars a figure on I doubt there's more podcast. Seeing things out loud you can't say on the radio. You're listening to off there with that Ramon. Are writing standing not gonna lie against you as you may or may not know check this out and out takes the winners of Diane. Dimon different things follow us can like because what are we doing this in the hunt are remote Jamaica ever happens on Wednesday's it formally app. We're giving your mode you'll make over with the help of some handy household items like. The battle and you probably having your kitchen or use the olive oil. Olive oil but I don't know body oil. Yes amerigas it's knows better and it's better for years I think. Reviews the virgin olive or now it doesn't do anything to change its stance I'd the I thought maybe it may want some extra virgin yeah imagine Duggan. An extra day takes you back it takes immaculate reborn. It on him urgent it is right that that certain out of the other street preacher college who would scream that his wife was a born again virgin. A really discriminate. Rasheed there she is dead and and we don't know what yeah. Is very ages gathered area extra virgin olive oil won't do anything to change ever. G and it came back at Coke not only allows good against probably smells good. Yeah and it's very healthy he acted again it's inevitable gap I could see you not liking getting you're sheets on Massey. I could see that being a thing you know like any you know you wouldn't want a naked but on accounts. Now and on my comforter or your comforter but she sir why did you throw the sheets in the wash it's no big deal when you're done it in the oil and everything and. You to put new seats on variously from the duke. And hold on. If you look at records and kind of massage loyal and a Coca not only Ole. Remember now that you're a towel down first and that town down. Through that and we finicky about this not put Taliban. Oil everywhere and it's you know to give us eyes. Put me on the same she'd sit. We just Robbins somebody else downing always is and what else does have a whale. You know when you're done you. Really going to change in seats and on and million new attack yet you would feel the Robin you gonna feel that oil all night long remind you worry imagine what you did well thought. You talked earlier about how you need Clorox after you're done yeah as furious clean it up yeah. But it's also they say a very good as a natural lubricant. Okay it breaks down latex. So I would that he had a moment there is an economy but it's very good form a size ten not a sexy her way. It got by waving besides always like a second point that out. Doesn't everybody went to a second read what's the second and you're if you're the first one. It if you're the one and getting them besides first. When you're done your massage you've got a massage her lead so you've got to stay a like on dot again cages like doze on and on top nuclear. Hopefully you see little skill and what he does under the supposed to lead to other thing costs in the afternoon. It was just don't and obviously when he's definitely. Thought yeah. It go into hiding. Nominees support of the tests are apparently just a little quick snooze. You are free games but I think he's great anger at your role in ready aim women and that drivers. If you meant. A minute ago I mean it's like to aggregates your day a minute does opera La La I'm excited. Well like I don't abuse the lot of pressures if you're being the first one Angie decides to you Italians think about it though I got a massage her on. When you know so we you're sacked you like to think about it that much ready. It's a great day it has yet doze off. I you look at Bobby gives you massage like ooh this feels good in the new start I'm and he goes to sleep not deep sleep. That's one of the three kind of a mix or we joke. Who have different and nearly. You expect her to doze off during your I don't care what she does that it is you know you're you're a big wake up. That way I fat cats but immediately I would rather just give her on the size and then skip mine I have to be the second that it just. I saw you won't have to be the semi and I have to be the. First by I'm I would rather get firm a lot of her many times a second and not give me one by had to be in that first person rub. I want to be second person rubbed her not rubbed it. A fact he is laying out. Not getting it robs a hard thing and in the wake up his head and round again to rub do you think that I'm. And it's a lot of debate forget about the need to touch it could hit. Yeah our society and you know items and does agree having a cane and have to rub your feet or anything they should run any let me say like. Massage we don't register back right after doing that whatever she wants but eerie glow create. I'm I don't know I really don't we don't massaged. Mean we used by did out and hug your opinion of you wanna go first now because it wouldn't it look. Like the. There isn't done well I give him as a side he just gonna fall with a that dog to sleep let's leave it is very relaxed. We don't give us. And I don't normally you know then I'm gonna go pick though yell at her massage and then this is it mind. And not only wanted to worry about it. It gets into. Thanks for listening to all bear with that remote and check out the article. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.