That Time Ramona Fell Off Her Bike

Friday, August 11th

In honor of Ramona's birthday, we've got a throwback clip of that time Ramona thought she was gonna start being someone who rides a bike around town.


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The last time we left you Ramona following is trying to ride a bike bill fell over in the grass. And claims she can't stand out because my legs are jelly shoes and I am bin biking. For lower half an hour. My legs are generally I can't stand up my Cheney has dropped you at all on over into the grass. I'm praying for someone to come along and offered me help. But no one comes along with so finally. I did enough strength to stand up for us. I crosses streak over onto the sidewalk. And I lean a bike over and I try to repair. The Cheney green and has an app I am too far away from home. To want to walk this bike all the way back home because I've bike further than I ever would have walked just leave the bite there and walk. I'm still I'm back again to our way to what is a walk to want to walk so. I start crack. Of course because that's what I do. So I'm trying to repair the bye week you're not. And it's not are working well I'm frustrate me how my gonna get home to I have to call my mom if investor to come pick me up and it's a lever in the grass on my night. So finally. As I'm standing there trying to repair my bike with zero success this Angel named Dan walks by he sees. It. It is good. You are not a diet. Fitness into your home. He sees me and I had just finished like wiping the tears the wake of the lake alma isn't quite right Ed by the way you add it. I. Out. So you says though I'm not a fix it guy by. Maybe I can help you beat your chain next may be I get your chain. Back so that it works he can bike all the way back. Editor bottom that you made on this ban wallets and I just wanted to don't have it up. You know if you look pitiful and it really does it'll optical for Christmas is your first ever I. Instantly don't act. This article you got a guy like that economically it will put. We. Learned here a little bit. You Darrel yeah. I'm glad nobody had come ready to. Delegate leader and I did it happen until tomorrow we got it probably about the same time. To the.