Tis The Season For Bad Houseguests

Wednesday, November 22nd

Don't be that houseguest who arrives late, overstays their welcome and is ungrateful! We also debunk a myth about tryptophan just in time for Thanksgiving.


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Today to what that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening come on there would then Ramona. I UN already had. I guess everybody's announced as it is you also also had issues with us guess is passed on board and some people I know. Now and you're not to have a minute summer great obviously. For a trial. I had it in one year. Of 52 weekends I probably had houseguest and about 45 of those act it out. And tonight's was overruled burger well linked. And they're all either you know lot of people since we live where we lived our on the way some. Then on the way. And Frank Reed I would they at least. Seven he presented his people word. Or even 80% were on their way to Florida from New York's five Jersey Pennsylvania or Ohio which. Signed but here's the ways to be better houseguest one is too hot I would say obviously a arrive on time just as you would hotel in a time when you're an early lead second whenever. There's your host you want to just sit around all day exactly are you gonna be there at noon be somewhere in that you have it right it was exactly vicinity. If you are traveling and led stayed. Meditate. Or or more hours. I'm going to give view in our country and now aren't we now are. Because. You never know about traffic out in our. Anything more than an hour passed the time you said you're going to arrive. You'd need to sit and be there next. Horror Guinean rain to say hey by the way were caught in traffic. We left late we stopped what ever Ryan Ryan looks like we're not going to arrive until and and can do that because you're GPS. Karl on your own gives you an Anthony estimated a right time so you say around noon you're gonna get them to 1 o'clock. Before I expect you to let me know that you're not going to arrive until two or four guy but I beat all. You know who you are greedy and Natalie. Back late. Who've told me that they were gonna get there. Like around 4 o'clock in the afternoon. Natural until 2 o'clock and why it's so now you should not have rushed around to get groceries then. I need for your Bible. And other things to do my anatomy inside my home but I am happy you are. And eTech Sammons ATA or something and they don't they do anything back. I like food. That maybe you're driving through the mountain the work of the odds and how ever. If you are going to be back later. Did you appoint cowardly not wondering DG Don. Are you still I gonna shoot a lot has now I'm going to bed but I can't really sleep because. And I had some what did that get opening into the door right right right right that is insane. Especially in its assertion situation like that it sounded like an ever dinner. Right idea once that didn't you for bringing them up yes because ads you know I'm not much about the white wing got big Bo box. Budget chicken and stuff blame around. Well knowing it and it is really unfairly and. And that's a bad house guests like I'm gone somewhere sometimes it's around and you know it's dinnertime Ares I don't worry about dinner will figure out whatever but he usually within. Very close to whatever time I think you probably early knew him probably hammer like. And Elsa say don't stay like. Late either present as in a day later or lose it or leave it in the morning and they don't lead to the evening. Yeah that's another thing. I shouldn't have to ask you when your leaving intention that's why it makes you feel like you're rushing their visit right I don't. You if you're say hi and welcome in my home I know you're there because I what you do you are you don't ever. I have a life. And I would like to know without having to askew when nearly adding are you leaving Sunday normally does normal. Can I make it to church. Yeah are you leaving Sunday afternoon right I need to buy groceries or at once or are you leaving really early in the morning. And then he acted out without having to ask you. I will ask people to stay longer need to let you know and we're planet were openly about it I'm gonna I'm in the morning. What is the ticket is great aren't playing well on kids day. And other people's plans by. Talking in staying. And allowing screwing it up and running changed their plant residents say that relative may be Italian embassy was drilling that would be commended judged. I come on Amy a guy. I'm the other day it's and they say bring flowers. At airport is your house kept you know that's unlike other things I just get this tauzin coasters or something like that host. Nice the FAS yet. So give you bring an end of course something they say it's sayings on it might be telling somebody I had. The flowers is very generic Lipitor is is a hassle I think so yeah man I'm not displaying everything I. I agree with this doesn't match my static I I don't see myself. I don't I don't see this thing went up the mode Jeep posed he gave an excuse it says make yourself scarce words are coming year. I mean may you know what I mean make sure your plan a plan to occupy yourself solo. I mean if your year's seniors he wrote those figures to be true. You know I know somebody who went somewhere. Hang out with somebody. Trying to meet today to. And then I got hit as its stake as a very many like they went today somebody right pot they're going to be hanging out kidnappers aha. And that person made plans to hang out with somebody else just like an elevated that's over Savannah beyond their own. It's rude that is very rude why bring in the first place or not but I also have a situation. Where. I didn't really go to bed about eleven. Well yeah yeah and then when a party and we sit around my house mom is passed out her chair shook hands Eckert and and I did and I radio call it a night in on the mountain and all those you know let go all. Early saying and a lot of what about what what the problem. Iron and I know from planned on a bed and I'm not a dominant late at any of you and your phones injured the year hit at people its leg and get out the photos or not he can get to Barack and Diebler around and then you know I know I had gone to bed and then you still talking. And that had to wander into the bedroom. I know it's time for him deep. You know you need to be a little bit more assertive and end it it's especially bad with with my pants because they'd like to see. They fall asleep during the day. Not often all hours of the next great and then they get a second wind around 2 o'clock in the morning. That's good to hold people ought to go to the under on the bedroom and on any sleep. You said Elaine right next on what do you look to the bed and say you guys are ready to bet and I'm white and AM on the move a move and got to be some that. It's got to learn to be a little learn it. You would consider it rude I'd be more like yes. It is Camilla conversations that go to bed with the alligator. Hunter known. Lou I've done done Nancy Ford do I did that. Wow am I have got a rude that's not regularly for a short period. Back. Thank you Paul and ask. More and I am a met it's match and Ramona and no links bringing another great artists of the wings. 1079 million presented in good night. Even grammar April 7 the. Grammar he brings his. Good parts Port Charlotte we. Now at 179 no link did not come queens. All right let me start with this Charles Manson has died as you know whenever it is being airs. Eighty something. And has that had wanted to double check he. Yeah which really got life accident today in his stare and I'm looking back now an old photos just to make sure wasn't just a swastika on his forehead. His stay where is absolutely. Murderous. Yeah I mean I I can't imagine. I. Like if I looked into his eyes to look yeah. Yes this go back in 1969 and it still has still think when you wanna name a particularly care give me an example of something. Like Manson you throw out there right as an evil guy I'm guessing you may have killed somebody that they never like prosecuted or found the pars but it may be. Many of these people follow him I mean I. Maybe it's because of this there. News involving the beach boys and all this stuff but it. That is stare man and and you said that. Something earlier which I had I wonder too is when you see a mug shot. On TV or something and you say all my god looks like a bad idea. Like why didn't we just flagged adversity and generally on I didn't get off the street before they did something yeah bigot you look at their mug shot you're like. Now that person Mitt society no good whatsoever but I wonder. If I did this resolution before knowing. What Gloria used to write what I said that it's an evil person or does IIL. Pass them on the Streeter seated in the hallway where Demille I'm. I didn't I don't own stress Jimmie and got back I think. Wrap I'd probably put in our heads. And because it's usually an eight. Photo like he had the mug shot. Automatically. Alert smiling in wearing their make GAAP linings bad right right but many in the music business. Your biggest line and me. That lighting is horrific I need some foundation is the dead. And then. They always say things happened young people dying trees which is much crap when anywhere to go through that but there's by a bunch. I've ticket lately your favorite dollar eased. Many people out I don't know well. Leave you alone. Gas around the moon if I have lived. Lou. Who never solid. I never and then he knows the song which he never solid guys. Does. This my sister in law's brother's. Used to sing it mocking it all the time he and he loves Della Reese. He loves bill hundred calories. Or. The reason. I think they do on that show I watch every week 1994. And ten minutes before the show ended every week is when the angels. Who everybody policies to kind stranger in the Internet ion revealed him or herself to be. Angel of Paula that's how Romo would say the I I didn't it damages ball like a baby I did not know was on nine seasons yes 94 to 2003. And I'll tell you kill the show who made it jumped the shark. The land lover was Valerie bird Nelly. Ordinarily Ellie Mae touched by an Angel jumped the shark that truth people every these air. I see that at Patrick Duffy was that it. And hit a fat tax and so as Mary Enron as from happy day genre Nath was there at. Dabble in it yet one that a double. I the guy who plays the Angel of death Paul Winfield arc Angel he asked. You know everybody's got when he would like try to. Fly on planes. Reputed would not when they saw him getting on the plane because he couldn't separate the character from the actor. Designed to run again complained of rough for him exhibit. B of. I'll and also out at. I have not seen it and they do mention valley bird Nelly was and it didn't 2001 and you know he made it this show jumped the shark adulthood. That whatever anybody who is kick the bucket other than. Celery since you were usually means you. Mel Tillis. Mum on the Mel Tillis. Did you get away with his belt tell us don't know is no country singer who Stoddard. Now is his. Stick lack of a better word in there and make fun ham and he would stutter that that you get away. Had no absolutely now but he could even another great singer big dubious stuttering comedian. Devious stuttering singer. Yeah did he sing really well and then do an interviewer in Studdard will they had a guy on American Idol. I feces and it's an area but even had a serious matter yes yes am. It was difficult win. He was finished singing and they would do a question an answer with him it was. It was awkward again and until as that was as they negotiate not half a lap sentences and you can tell people were really trying to finish his sentences now. When a rumor digger don't want to be able died Malcolm young from AC DC okay there you go scenario telegram Paul from the 'cause we shows. I am really reach an old old people. Yeah there was little teeth the rapper this thought. Roy Halladay and it kind of sandy did you do three it's got to be big right now some bad news yeah I don't think David Cassidy based on what I've been reading is gonna make it now. He's not doing great not doing great. So what is your three going to be just Della Reese tatters recent house payment it's not been part of three and Manson is. More famous and galleries. All the wrong. Thought on some ways you gotta hurt Mel Tillis and Hillary's one into. America's got one. I'm not putting him his muscle spasm. They way he achieved this fame and young people know Manson. Is as far as name recognition yeah. In the more people are gonna buy amendments and teacher did Hillary's teach. Things. And most people don't know that actor's name that played but Graham Paul on the continent knowing that even the man a million years guess it's only if you were already had artillery. Maybe. Depends on. How long how stretched out by now we lost Robert deal move on October 24 it's not less than a month ago two on. I think it's got to be a day. Roy Halladay you. Oh yeah he's going to be in dance domino. I don't know granite floors it add Ramona as a big trauma that's that's. So it's more laughs and more fun it's quick that. Lions Thanksgiving holidays. And see your life and tell us we'll tell you. These advantages. Mary deflated and concerned you're able have heard about this but this makes an in this disease and went to go easy on the call bell. If you add in Evian heats up on the plane askew flight attendant. But don't assume that your personal Butler. A unity and articles are there any little thing right it motivated they're not here your Butler your serve. Right and they're going to be up and down miles to play any of times right so you can it's a snob element as a immune help me out and on the guy our I have. Also ahead. And I have to say for the most part. 99.9. 99% of my flights have been. Amazing Greek helpful flight attendants. But there have been complicated. Jaded I tell you why and I was sitting under this place where at the condensation was really really mad. So I mean. The water was huddling all my shoulder and made as of lives and what what can we do think you know maybe there's an. Another seat second moved to or can I get a towel if you do that what do you expect me to do. Oh yeah there sadly so label and tell you oh yeah yeah and now there's always going to be those people but that's that's different than just banging on the call bell all the time. Are now Ankara to lower like theater pretzels or something like that at them. Yes she used to treat Iran that's a whole different ball game yes or are there are mean like anything servers doctors plate and and. A little power hungry yet yet but. For the most part 99.9. Nine members of the time. Really cool people don't realize how intense that flight attendants hours are. Long hours multiple trips each day. They work up to eight days in a row. The Maltese sectors short haul routes etc. Yeah which makes it even more amazing aren't incidents. Where they lined it into zone a snap on the cubs. There are hours are ridiculous yes they are ridiculous and very little arrest. And then they're right back on and they have to be happy and cheerful and treat everybody nicely. And they're sleep deprived and just wanted to get home. Your flight attendant can knock it to an upgrade. You should be polite to the flight attendant look they're not the person who makes the I beat the decisions at the gate agent at its other thing. You can't do saying yeah thorough watch it appears the man. And first class. Now and work Delhi does say that on the planes away grosser than you think. Yes I'm not a dog Downey camp possibly be grosser than I think they're not walk around barefoot they recommend it does that. And who happens all of I I will I don't like you shouldn't be barefoot or I don't even like to punish people picking your shoes off. Just because I don't think it's the appropriate place for shoes off. I didn't sits. Under your rules that and I'm when you press relatively nicely and I want your shoes on. And guess what those planes aren't. Clean very well in between flights a flat you're playing good ads is gone in from Orlando. In your head at the same friend. They didn't take that time other than just vacuum the floor they're not like and down the tray tables charter REIT. You know the literature that's in the back pocket. All last. On a set and finally saw its best next. Another thing about flight attendants you might not know is. They get hit on a lot although I would think that. You're not the first person get tickets Bob Mann. Many industry professionals say the complements. And sexual harassment part of the course are thinking about doesn't surprise me lately the hit on Apple's surprise me and one of those who does it people consider sexy. Yeah yeah it's true. They say it's interesting because Andy's life as a flight attendant. And I ECD reactions. Of both men and women when they find out that Danny's wife has applied to it's like good. Well and live and Liane it's a year radio person nanny. That Obama might bring you an Alaskan. Counts. Flight attendants. Would aid. Gives overall. Sexier reaction yet he only nurses ball and they're there is a sexy job. It's more glamorous you think the planet going jet setting and the land on they also like you to know that people aren't joining the mile high club that frequently. You might say they do it all the time it. Does anybody here at mile high club. You know oh. I found. The host. On the also like you know it does take a lot to tick up like we hear about it happening is people are really really pushed. The news makes it's applicable ticked up all the time. Yeah yeah yeah about it makes it sound like there's somebody get kicked off a flight every day in areas. But there are also millions of people really dying daily all around the world every single day you know and as videos come out of that story comes out that's the reason it's news no prayer it's at one time. An idea just. Anyway of course it's sometimes as you said Sunday as it's always bad workers at any job yeah. Possible they were just tailored trigger happy. But I am quite a date I've had to flight attendants web but had bad attitude in my entire life. I've been flying since I was old it's off there. Pretty sharing. There's no let up. As the president's ratings. Drive the author Amanda types. That are relative Palin listens still didn't turn the TV golf now content Christmas movie and bought a little bit about both the gaming games yeah. Like don't want says hallmark movie slow. My. Daughter or my wife watched when yesterday and I walked in which it was it a lot. I just a way to cried a little bit and moderate boxer and that was about it. Right. One of pressure busts sure you do in a matter men dating. Apple blossom and EU. Send your boss an email. Recapping what you've accomplished every single week. No way I think my idol the most positive well maybe we're just people who don't like to read emails something that. Think that they would really. Close losses will hate that what do you think for the most boss I would speak for our bosses say. Speed and depth as maybe there's somebody. Maybe some like your salesperson have to stand in day. Some sort of story here where illegal it report through the at that every week anyway so that's the same but you don't think we should say you know had a great week and we slate and on that money saving tip that's the best ever heard. I'm not there inbox and nonsense now teams nonsensical to me. If your boss asked for feedback. Give it to them. Politely. And every manager should ask the team for feedback and regular basis and you should be honest and if your manager. Huge should count to 66 seconds where you say. Let the awkward silence lingered to somebody some says something. That is as she is cool is it kind of let it cruel about letting awkward silent linger in the and eight. You know a lot of times it's. Hard to pull the trigger on. Feed back criticism whenever. Created its it's not everybody's open that Apollo management bosses are open that. The open about your professional ambitions would your boss. To get ahead of your career make sure that the boss knows what his salary you eventually wind and that title you eventually want I wanna take yup they also up. That seems a little. I'm glad to incorporate that area and I would like LU. Eighth guy named big man and let go over and all cities today. I know it's not time to negotiate but three years from now I'd like to make a million dollars. I remember how well that went for a coworker of ours at me years ago. Wind Abbas said you know what it. What is it you would like to do with this industry. And he told the bosses Sunday. He hoped to be a game show host. Not. In the boss said look let's make that happen yeah. Five years down the road. This employee who had back to the Boston said where are we on the whole game show host thing that is vague best you're dream. Yeah I'm a getaway for not just trying to climb the corporate ladder in radio we actually know. Crash you have to have casually on that his boss was gonna try to help them that's just silly. Become the next hour of the Muslim millennium B do that connection if you're. In the entertainment bids. Like you know an a game like you're. Produced sir assistant to a game show a pig ears up and there's not a lot of turnover in the game show host industries together. Don't back in the day now they start to a famous people back in the day when I had my shot at rock and roll jeopardy leak finished third behind Jarrett brought these canceled. Yeah up by lenders survivors of a thing. McCain. And. Either way there are a lot of bosses who are threatened by the fact that you want your job and annoyed that you weren't six figures and maybe you don't want it their job may be just saying. You're I just want to make more money and you don't know like it ripped a big company. So you'd say I'm I'd I'd like to someday move to. Take over a station somewhere then you're not threatening him yeah era beyond what you want to take over a station I went to mentor me. So I can be a sales manager somewhere oust them. They do in the real world do it. It's. Or other radio industry. And a lot in our industry might die as I beat myself up for doing nothing this and I hit. I mean I don't know where I believe that we're gonna what we do but I I think backed all the times I'm I had when I go hang out. That person that person go to that meeting and convention. And consumer networking daisy ad network again talking to people that struggle yet. I Mandel I wanna talk for a living and be paid for it I just don't want to talk and talk. OK I don't want to talk to people like you went and made a big talking to be right okay. Yeah yeah yeah. Joey enters your boss' life outside of work. You should make a habit of every day reminding go and NC yeah how was your weekend I was your daughter's school play alliger golf being I was yeah. About our boss' cat. In Europe and had memorized the name of the cat so we can make small talk about net to. I was about calling out. But CNET T used it so I couldn't do it first. Did you remember that cat yeah dated November access music take something that you don't even remember golf club buses one brother's name. Are now oh now now I don't want him because that get confused. And it sounds as if that I think adding his name is Tom. Might this isn't John Jerry yeah. Yeah they did it you don't know either. It is not a good looking up right now you're looking at upright out. You are. Iron. And it doesn't make me Jeter hits that guys that's eaten yet your boss's advice on something has device for some advice. As for their opinion. And it's basically sucked. Yeah yeah unless you really do need it get to work early a bank your blossomed to give you feedback. Thanks for telling me we sock. I really appreciate. Both of the number to grow for meant that if you're gonna be up front with problems have a solution. Don't just say this is apt since I have to now we've picks. Haven't done that let me ask a bad things have to. Do you have a say in this is how we fix it that that's got Georgia over. Partners and sometimes the way we wanna fix is very harsh. That's true I have said I would effects that they need to get rid of that whole department itself I'm not. And start from scratch blood yeah well that compartment on there hire new people yet but that kind of harsh or do what I say. That's simply just do whatever I say grant never goes well you out pitcher does and that can go well that ominous start emailing every Friday and out iron. Access. And our. Some killer brain we updated FaceBook and now I am also Twitter and we did they still Isuzu and things we did and I'm always impress your boss and podcasts. A lesson that as a matter of value to analysts and oh lesbians only great employees more. You're out the latest. Holiday on ice is back for another season tarnished our fourth annual tree lighting it's this Saturday November 25 from five to 9 PM come on out it's going to be so much fun kids rides carriages music an ice skating at Charlotte's only outdoor ice skating rink thanks to community coffee and the Billy Graham Library they. If somebody at. Thanksgiving dinner. Tells you they're sleepy because of the tryptophan. In the Turkey. Pour hot gravy on their crutch now yes. Permissions on illegal but I say it's so because every year we go through this and every year people. Either forget or don't listen or sleeping when we said it or are stubborn. And it's not that chapter of planned. Have you had this discussion would you like bandit. Johnson every year and every year with family members extended family and friends recall now. And we do end it falls on deaf fears you column out of somebody says ceremonies let ago I just let it go we're fighting over too many things in my family. That's when I can win the Google took the band is an all kinds of food dairy products nuts meets tofu. So don't panic everybody. The sleepiness on Thanksgiving is a combo factors. Yeah I fact current and the average Thanksgiving meal 229. Grams of fat. 3000 calories way more than most men and women need indirect most. And so he got a lot of fat. Takes lot energy the digest that fat so there reduced blood flow reduced energy so you just say. Not the tryptophan. You're just big fat pig it's well oh you temporarily at least that's all sort of. By letting go of the insult. On this one or more science after we said we'd get up to the I've bought. I love myself and it's not be a bar then it's not a fence. The other elite yet and yet I'll invite you over and you do your speech we will see how it goes back. Attack also of course your drinking alcohol throughout the day a lot of people that's depressants Saturday of them all so. Ridiculous amount a carts. When you do it one shot like that triggers insulin release. That takes your body a lot of work due to digest and comatose. It was just a ton of food and a tonic cars and drinks and and you're tired blame it on the one slice a Turkey. And all the things you did that today just figured out how ridiculous that is. There's a belated just on the Turkey we we take a look at the meal. As one big gourds fest yet exactly what and when we start dosing oss. We just referred to as the diabetic nod because pretty much all of us have diagnostic. We shouldn't be like that the actual medical condition yes I'm anxiously expect diabetic. Yeah you know. The medicine you take every diabetes can only do so much on Thanksgiving. Yeah it can't it can't fight that kind of meal but. It also does give you a leg up or else. We can't help but. Doctor about diabetic. You guys just days as a diabetic Matt and helping them turn into diabetic coma right is that he's that is that'd yet but not him when the wild. I'll play if somebody's. Link between now it's a problem and on restarts eating not a good. A art and stories about that. He's a little bit the dogs he does to resolve yeah that's good for the so I have your view view weird will. Digress for a second or whatever you have planned on a healthy Thanksgiving meal to at least give your relatives the diabetic families. One day. Of LT under your watch and our back yards of our what's the update. I was telling have friend of mine we've been friends for like thirty years and she was in town this past weekend and we talked about it in from her says she went home and had to start trouble by asking mom what she thought mom said you know anything about Ramona. Just straight up ignoring anybody thinking about Ramona that hole you're done. No you're just gonna do I still ahead expectations. Are now and her mom's gonna go out and get stuff. And cook. Yeah I'm sure she's stockpiling things now. But to your thought on they're and a couple of relatives. I have decided to stayed in hotel and I know they're gonna be stockpiling things to their hotel and I know what they are planning to do yeah. But I also know my entry I have a greater plan right. You have a greater plan you're not gonna feel like god is on my son. Not on this one then yeah he's not your side but my site and at least they won't they may not kill me. That's true employer your year healthy this you to waste your money and it. Veggie tray yeah and there until ha yeah bring it in next week as of early still around. Not an elderly and. What do they think I've been on pay interest of the fines in different ways to serve veggies and like an even planning on making. Using like one of those styrofoam craft cones down and look at veggie tree. Multilaterally Fulham. Ultimately say yeah. That you bid. As mankind and that things are. Along with him do that study recently that said. Given sixteen named yes so it is not just a bag each way. It is a veggie three Reggie tree or even organized a word he could that he Christmas tree maybe throw in. A saucy. Veggie and her sexy. Shouldn't brilliant idea like a phallic. Look yes or some boobs yeah as whom put a really big and my family. He is an. Let her you know maybe the sexy country all of us. Why this kind of thing out of work demand got to work with us on our moods you know and and indignantly covered it I think golf club and also being at. The batteries can't manage that it is similar mega mega man you're in business and could go down. Thanks for listening to our fair with Matt remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today in 1079 million dot com.