Tis The Season For Doggy Sweaters

Monday, December 18th

In this episode we learn just how crazy of a dog lady Ramona really is, plus we've got advice on how to handle that stressful family holiday dinner.


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Then to what that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening to all there with the best remote here are some confidence for the field turns. From for the first 190 good demand and FaceBook page I think popping up. In pictures tonight it was a nasty split. There is also a Patti LaBelle thing that's yeah from what a Larry. Mystery lighting I think is back in 1996 and they just they screwed up the cue cards and she's trying to make the best round of the lenders are no where did you get that. Larry it was a mess in the background singers wander in just arming and things that you did admit it that's right at the net. A basic page follow it like it all that stuff on so it's not your imagination. Parents like younger siblings the most. Yeah that's very new study you know the parents say I'll Molly Cooley. But this new study out of Brigham young says they actually do like their youngest children more but here is why. The youngest kid believes their parents like them more. They feel stronger bond with a parent which actually does make their parents like more I was feedback loop. That you load up so yet beat they they think they like him more they spend more time to put more effort into it. There's a theory and then because he's put her effort into it appears to act like him. Well I had somebody around union heads up your hearing as many older mines. Yeah this is just believe. This really usual. Just really not lob it tried to leave and they did a solidly in the morning my mommy loves me if I mommy doesn't it and I'm a lot of and a navy. Maybe I'm their eldest it'll turn around inherit the that's not a bad eight yes with. I'm sure that your god dog honoree has multiple. Sweaters vests. Things like that isn't a little Justin doors and that on your home. Line and he never mentioned this before. That's the first different it's just hours a day. To you know I'm not I'm not a dimension outfits I guess delivered a box somewhere exotic and elegant numbers tell you how to put up again and yeah. Just it's a large part has cost Suzanne another one has sweaters and another one as it. Formal Wear and then another one hell where these brush she's been in and fancy collars. Now I know and closes stores this money is done taken out and out drives us crazy now and called up beer formal Wear them every hour. I get as hangers on hangers I cannot. Well due due you've told me that I I think you'll do it to keep the more we do it 'cause you wanna be look at who it's really like it where haven't. Incredibly coupled they will put. A coat hours lateral but that was your week this time here now but like big party when you but the coat on and why when we knock Henry put on his sweaters and things whereas aggression lately award as the go to them on whenever. Where does he go maybe he's going to depressed or maybe one yeah maybe it's ridiculous. OK huh he's way to do it. That's another and I don't underdogs everywhere sergeant viewed as wary. I had no idea in his schedule as a whole live. It yeah. And that's I got dressed up and it looks field you know more normalized and I do this if I happen it doesn't even look cute manslaughter. My mom told me that I'd be so angry and yeah. Does the Q without a sweater but he looks even you do with a sweater. Well. The bruises and sweaters according his doctor is dogs don't really need a winter coat. Regardless of temperature. Larger dogs specially vis A can't imagine it jacket you're doing him more the owner and cuteness of the dog. He does concede an actual record of who ruler to wildlife all throughout Chile. And they are out in the cold for a very long time. Let me. When is it altered Chile and he's out for very long time. If it did it isn't that what's going on gas and that is completely not out run around and wouldn't you know it does barely get out of it I guess yes Natalie we have to worry about it. More of this mess. Your route the latest. It's the most wonderful time of the year with a family in town a chilly here enjoy everywhere bring a Stanley by holiday and I think we can make special memories on the ice plus standing stopping by on Christmas Eve for a special event before he takes to disguise. OK you're sitting at the Christmas holiday dinner type thing he went all the family and the in laws or whatnot and he try to figure out how to. Did it out of bed of politics or whatever get it and take it away from small talk so they they give recent spot for questions asked okay. What fictional place would you most one of this. I would just be like whatever pat who's. Why are you doing this. Authorities are doing pretty good about it but are you doing his own like weird this must be fine and I mark compensation. Not why you doing this to me I was by the time I have an argument he'll be out on the flight about it. You know I've really good turned into an argument did you ablaze this place didn't good enough for. Us. I have a long way you know if some. You would bring that up with rob. Probably the person not involve them having a conversation already with somebody else at a long table you know at the other end where that stuck by real crappy people never had that happen that's Oxley. It does long tables you can get stranded you know it is against certain. And what I find myself trying to do when I see it's a long table situation. I tried to position myself. Not. Dead center. Because it looks like you're trying to be the center of a dinner I don't think people think but. I try to go mid way. Like not always at the end like that need to sit there on one side of the. Did you go ahead of the table even ahead of tables post be the person now I can hardly ever. But psyche positions so the only got a couple people to doctor Rao took I was ever. I would call the middle of the tables. A pop it in a big loan a phenomenal I would bring a circular table. That was the best my own table circular tables that if you at a restaurant or something very underrated yet another take up probably more space but they are fantastic. No they're not really because just tell us they are put to the person directly across Armenia could not eat they're out of the question for you know they are not. I'm not a Dan Barrow is a centerpiece you're getting rid of that that he is not good news did you take Robert. And it's difficult to talk the person all how many people are the circular table if this is what they'll circular tables that. Yeah now yeah execute. The law table is better than a long table but it's not ideal but what is ideal that he. Only choice though long around trying to enable the luckily I got Manny title I should event to another adventure. Here we go the conversation you able. Where there's these triangular commerce like a lazy Susan. Of those seats and food. A lot of you this. Somebody else they'll play now it's all connected you get your own plate like eighty EU. It is and how. I'm not an alert. Susan Harris but the game that you're still be sitting at the same people well okay every five minutes you shout out and. And yet but I never to and announce something this Bobby Allison bench here we get it dining room everybody has the belong to right in general. But because it takes up less space than to get the room break but mind Nancy long table turns it was circular Taylor what I needed fifth. This. Idea they. It that. I'm on something here and in the yen in their area and it's not a game you got somebody that I'm an image of a fictional place I can become I don't know I can't hang on on Eric. Stealing Hollywood it's silent from a different world back in Bernanke's. Maybe I'd hang out we did. I. Universe where bill Cobb these damn. Visited her on campus and I you don't lie and birdie and yet to come and speak and Rudy should he medical group today. You're listening to Hossa there with mess and Ramona her idea. You didn't ask me we is. A dogs and first it was time his story and I only was he wanted to have which had sex with when he and I botched joke. And that would that be worsening coast yeah I thought and a you've got to be crazy for both that's a special kind of disgusting incident but anyway this woman's and Bristol England. And she was on some talks are there. She loves spirited law making act act apple ever national ice ghost more than men. You gotta guess where some ghost. Yeah irony have a goes boyfriends you did not exist is just as yet so exit you know he does not and a fist Rio Roma. 27 year old quote spiritual guidance counselor access and she has had it with at least twenty ghost he says. And doing his exit ghost towns like this time I wanna know and I'm not going about one. Humans you can be a little blurry on the ghost got again. He got a. I'm just minister it is out there after you think you've had sex with the first dose. Call your pastor. Why call your mental health professional. And it's cold your realtor. And it was time to move and it's time to get help but what does good. Great and it wasn't under one tent. A daisy she real light didn't want this. Article or come to think that this woman was actually having sex of ghosts. No I don't and when she does again and use energy more sex you Andre sometimes at the real in the ghost. On the line is as. But an open if you walked through walls how. You even feel. Anything. Right but but then again people have different versions of ghost and stuff and the you know good spew holy ghost and move things right so why not. Move that when you dig around. Bobby brown and cache of those so they've had sex with ghost apparently it's a thing. I've looked that up yeah I remember the Bobby Brown's story I think it was on a reality oh or something. Or movie there as Bobby Brown I remember well the net cash. Ghosts that go ahead Bobby Brown all day long baby Bobby Brown all day long well tensions as she has specs that go out like Bobby brown and and he said at two Iron Man and I mean look at Bobby Brown. Once again I'm suspecting drugs and I'm suspecting that I can't wait RIT galaxy here. Yeah a body on those six Yang. Actually it was to a music Dina. You're immaculate remember that I had no idea that six in mind ahead those kind of things my bed her first experience was twelve years ago. She says after she and her then fiance moved to a new analysis of the presence strange entity. Now that it says then fiancee is be bale once again and to the started as an energy then became physical. There was pressure as a realtor have to disclose that to people who are looking at the house you know there's the ghosts of like can't fix it people who points this out. But it's multiple sexual partner ghost yeah it's not just one ghost going at it. Yet do you have to I don't that you have to do we see those go you know Augusto gosh so. She said she started to feel the pressure on her eyes and wrap on her neck. Felt safe. You can feel it it's difficult to explain his weight and await with there's a physical Brett and stroking. And the energy. He had an affair with a ghost for three years. That end to order human husband dean moment saw shadowy shape of a man to the window here and stupid bit and Scioscia as. And many times did you bring up the bags. I'm I've got my husband I'm leaving the wet. ABC tried and like I think it probably real dude but she tells me is a ghost a pack. All say yes you're correct ghost on silly. Thank you so matter of you know and and and I've threatened to leave if she doesn't get help. Now I should and I well I do you see some you gonna believe it was a human no matter. No matter what they say yes but I would have to start questioning or will a ghost. Jumping and we have a threesome with a goes with a ghost only you can I get a woman ghost jump in the next. Well I wanna know all these things if she believes it Leo what a girl goes yeah. That's an idea. Be the first question wow I'd be the first one. I don't think that's a first question for most husband if she attacks. She says that when people mock Kurds they believe she believes it's form of spooky such. The good. I just had to act now she wants to get pregnant. You're okay you pregnant in her husband saw a guy doing her through the window I don't believe it was a goes. And is she got pregnant I don't believe it was ago you know believe it now. I immediate no I do not know I really don't freely said Joseph line like that. So blessed you are now. I thought he ran out I me. Believe that he is right in the game. And then payments glory Kobe should get to the bottom up on and I guess it was their form of morgue post. You are not the body not about that from ago. That we probably off the sheet. So Lou would you let's say this woman as your friend. And she brings the baby over and says that daddy is a ghost. And are you. And event in my bastard you wanna know and I would. I man. Calling for her to get to mental health help. As she can't. And I'm calling her parents at the Big Dig kid Barlow mishaps again mommy needs to go get some help help the people who report having had done indeed we had a ghost. Report feeling pressure on them and even Petritsch. Why not warped the very very cold this whole body topic. We aired on not. Weird start picking up. Sarah being would you like I'm gonna think I'm going crazy. And how did. I mean now the psychotherapist says it's possible. That the towners are actually a type of hallucination that occurs during the transition dream wickedness and sleep at met Greg told you about the go to ride you test. To go ride your back which rhythms either which ranking where you're kind of a wake. Yeah but you're not you can't wait that long like this pressure gas so that pressure it why not. Bob what was it what's this thing and it's it's squeezes day is rich. Which riding your chest with some people they which ride your back and I could just a ghost write mad. And now goes maddening it's a nice guy gets on boot that is. I think it should be a thing would you be saying. And he goes right monologue as opposed to beat this. Sure it's reality radio what your schedule all off there with. Ramona there's. Being tired silicon valley college authorities. Here more than two. They are called Tom beyond an atmosphere models. That is says that the name of the finalist was against runway here. Whatever whatever games. And they are there to like main goal because a lot of the Silicon Valley. The majority your guys rights. I'll Clinton's awkward nerds okay same thing engineers. So local modeling agencies which work with. FaceBook and Google sized companies they don't say they work but it won't today. And occasionally over for somebody's just rich ones but look at people other party. That Andy you have seen a real housewives OK like immediately some like that. All the hot like real housewives of wherever it would hire good look at it becomes a party. Just mingle. Really. I can beat you if you black out a that is weird fifty to 200 dollars an hour which is quite the rank so when did you read this article you like. Action on the fifty dollar bottle and everybody was down testing the assistance I would get a little ahead of a lot better than minimum wage. Hell yeah yeah yeah. But he also to make small talk winner answer as some people in exactly me. SA likes a year arsenal soccer yes I do like all the rain and hopefully if a guy you do lightly or whether it is not act Mahan. But that's not most technologically. You bring out of basic you out you bring in Dublin nerds they like it like a prince this weekend there this I companies sending 25 women and five men. Models hang out at the party which mostly meant to gaming company. And they give my whole bunch of models photos. Ever thrown a party you're in charge and they pick out who they want to be there. And they sign nondisclosure agreement models. At a given the name of employees pretend their friends waiting casing and ask. After seeing around the building before I never senior went dead on with bill Johnson. And. I would duck when he doesn't talk to anybody ballot it popular pick somebody's. A potential possibility. That wow I really yeah I. Went online brand. Let your online. Yeah we don't know now it was gonna question it and think well that's a mob ball probably thank the prostitute portal thank. It's a model. Yeah. Just made it works. I didn't think you could but you did. I don't make it worse I. Doctor out of nowhere as no dates mentions no girl however he or anybody got a B dot and it also they show party without hot woman. You assume their process. No I would not just a good student and you'll. Oh what will it is not if it's done. It was OK a plastic. Round and he lead to skin eighties care about it somebody somebody like doc. So I mean he's somebody that. You know weren't but they never they talk they are very quiet day and talk about their regular govern our life for anything like that. And their wins in let's say there. Five or something and there was like and I. I just think you prostitute out of the gate. Okay let me ask his question suppose I show about our company Christmas party you have not heard me talk about. Dating him. I have no man or any prospect of apartments you know got two out of the Molly FaceBook page and he not show up at. Our company holiday party. With a really hot guy who likes super hot you want is don't know that I hire on thinking while you women don't. I figure about women. And it was only if a man so that's why the man. I got spurs and those are my head. Again no way we need a huge guy he likes that guy born spurs LL me well I mean I'm assuming. The guy has regular person money. A case it's oh that that lets in this scenario the stories of the really rich guy. It doesn't rule out. High class call girl. That's the first thing you think of the guys really really wealthy. If you know you don't think graduate prost do you assume somebody who just once and for his money or hot guys you know rich guys packer a but if it's at regular Joseph. In May be socially awkward on attractive one and there with a really hot chick like three steps up prostitute. I'm not saying it is that's what I think. And the one time I thought at the man I wish I think our escort missions a prostitute escort. About at our guest this morning Colombian I was right I nailed it and Canada's current position that I'm a 100%. I believed him when he said the unit. He lived near Ohio State's campus and she was hot student who lived next door GAAP and it was even like three's. Apps up and enough to know that he couldn't on the so anyway that's which is that just telling you that I think I noticed and so anyway reality series that you get fifty whatever hours edited. Eight on this right modeled. The value city SA a couple of months in value city where Luka. So I know what it's like a visited says that very often last faced. And but I was also hired by another modeling and. And would go dead. Stating their getting these floated to the yeah in his pocket all the training. Is so. I'm tired of yeah well this audience yeah yeah there isn't my pocket of pros and it is that. On and then I was hired this other company approached me to do. Modeling for them and they pitched as you know you would go to a party like this and just sat out. Yeah pages in Atlanta tied a school. I can do that it was a reasonable amount of money at the time. And I don't know it has got to know me. The plastics. No it's like one of these people go to like be dumb or go to a party he said I mean he said for instance you might like we just had a party says where. Was that a toga party the Eamon. Guys and think that sells gold whatever I sent off or on not doing anything shirtless I do have morals so. And I. And I didn't say that I said not not to advocate just when when amateur golf tournament people but. That's the kind of thing he says we do or ours has elders do the normal people and I gotta walk in amber and I belong and act in the day it is and it has yet ounce of good luck and everything you so. Next thing I know I I I called him and I decide yet it's a couple days. A day before an accurate it is ansari. Used it's it's not my thing and missed anxiety about it anyway and whatever so I bailed. You got anxiety because you supposed to go to this party pretend to be a regular person yet. Now a lot of anxiety. Yeah did you off now I know how I didn't know what they are just so Google now I just went on and we knew that I don't know what I was doing X or being there. These enemies haven't talked at all to. Blitzes and turns and right yeah yeah yeah yeah at all you know how bad he is the small talk. If he gets paid a small talk yeah. Nails yeah united and additional just at the Ottawa. It appears that they do it was on a Sunday afternoon. And I was in speed and after I just felt weird I would have word got Al. That I need to go to a party and be so embarrassing. Bears well I do a I don't know I just. Leg for summer's day. Have a manners is a model he might gets paid to go to parties. Embarrassing. Think I don't understand I don't know gazette that sounds and I think on the hot or something. I know and I. I don't I decided not to McConnell. Yeah. Was recruited I didn't want to be a model. And not hide and look courted. And I really think might be using me. And so I wanna do that. Good of the I don't know usually. Yeah you my radio connection humble Bryan little Florida and a dozen minutes is that I didn't do it. But I turned down. And Auburn. When you when you feel baby would you feel weird at. Yeah I really weird if only they know here you have to now go to a party and you're that good looking model that's a small talk when everybody. What if you don't wound him like what they're like it we ripped off or similar talk ever. That either bottoming guys. That is all I need about nothing G yeah. To take his shirt off right so on by the pound down on Monday from some money. That the job on Sunday wives to go to the mall and dress like an animal. So. They've really hasn't. Now go to bed really aren't Syria now a lot to do their book that you're now familiar zoo accredited zoo and a about how there's it would that be if they could see my face. And an out of body peacock or something. And my buddy draw a liar sometimes. Good to have that whole event. Oh did I hear paints today now I'm not knocking those people who do it that's your thing it is not my thing because I know how humiliated you would be. I would have done any money I I I would I would like to think that I would have stormed off. But I'm also afraid that I would feel obligated to put on that kangaroo Gaza dolls while legal way to speak up doesn't it and I. Has. Not always apparent commits now from a peak Obama did luck out on that it. Donald Duck and follow me out probably all student so that so that that was. But it didn't fly economy this is real stories of them the modeling world is behind the scenes of modeling people you don't get this out of the underbelly underbelly of the dark. Seeded underbelly. You guys probably used his radio and all the time people. And I had. And knew that wasn't gonna get my Sunday afternoon to conduct. And so glad I've been out and Andy never called me back. Oh for that all and it mound bad. But you did it to Houston don't. Mock me inside demonstrated products no grandma and allow them on or anything I've were regular people. And their money's the blinders on and he does and I used Hague closed shaver a hair member of the and most vibrating. I'm seeing things out loud you can't say on the radio. You're listening to off there with met Ramona. Do these commitment. Hallmark Christmas movies every day is different Burberry good reason is there anything you just says that decided to. This is something that remotely really gets excited about now eagle out Ramona is. She loves these movies you know we should do. Just who ball over not not make fun it's not for you it's for everybody out changing the meaning of this is. This is not targeted that you weren't a whole lot of people I'm I've corrected parodies. But they just put out the silliness of it all but now we've really brought it down by our hatred candy canes. Long somebody media pizza with candy canes melted on it. Can we go to that's terrible. That's actually discuss how about the peeps on the pizza didn't and he certainly nasty as well candy corn pizza and October yeah. Yeah I'm not a fan but you had to list that you got to put my analyst candy cane in the peep in the candy corn. The best all of these awards. Phenomenon -- to just as you leave you had the one on the food chain of candy corn hands now. And then what keeps. Mechanic decade yet really blunders you got that big problem that the indicating that. I've I I like also like the mid teen missing you know you run a lot of places is at the holidays. The candy cane is fresher breath oh are you brought this I guess early Tuesday late Tuesday to bottom much to rent. I've bought a candy cane for each and every one of our co workers appear with the holiday card there were giving everybody noted that says cinemanow wants. The and Palestinians. And he faced like having a kid can now visit now. None none nobody nice you know on jedi Jane is like my kids want to they would. Candidate with the same candy canes and come on the trees like Kenya India now. And growing up we did have the same candy canes and like. I remember like. Somebody. Snapped a one off the treaty eat as if it was priced and it was just dummy yes as it was years old I think I would put it. Whatever we can't McCain's record yet and I I go peeps candy colored. Yet you put it leaves Ers I see it. I love pizza. But like that like to wait until the peeps get stay yeah well I don't it is open and so if it's immediately that any right now. I'm Molly and I think candy but. All three of those but it comes at India's substances for a way to analyst there's a reason and those things are only seasonal. And people don't like them yet force now them. Don't. She came to eighteen year round he had ever seen and read McCain do to get our. It's. It's not a gimmick and somebody can get them. Occasionally and push it. And pounced on it and an attitude and I think painful arm you know doesn't campaign only counts are we going around candy canes year round is because. They're not very convenient to Carrey I don't even like this can't be a little bit fragile the race but he adds a whole building was broke so sticky and you know that I don't even like the flavored that it tastes like that that like a restaurant as a little cellophane wrapper like Al gimme those minutes that's a rip off I'm doing my own government to tackle at a gala that. Monologues gotten though. UI to everyday do you ever to candy corn flavored gum repeat flavored gum or IndyCar daddy Kane no but I will be honest with you I did suggest one of my. Favorite gun companies they've been Elaine we are all kinds of yes they did. How do you suggest any amount that a new dump labor because they've been doing peach cobbler gone in. Apple cobbler gone Maine pumpkin spice Gama was like an automatic going down. Kennedy court uncle and their response and respond no response yet okay Allen does leave came Igor lane around long enough and dumb and it got hit reality one lady how many people were camera cards that you get at a 150. In total about a hundred weigh between. Clients and co workers and and political friends of the snow okay well I'd be I. I've had a 120 am I guess I believe the candidate. Yet could not at Bristol trying to re gift or just the idea Linda brother banks see. In the car melted all America. A little children and I guess. Yeah. They're Christmas India we're trying to hurt my feelings now and gradually you know you're doing everybody does. The game again and again people do it I'm in the wrong when it looked like his normal. We is that wrong we're pretty good do you don't like I guess life. They are not getting eaten at the table like this senator. And. Our salespeople. And berries off of that from traffic it's great candidates are there right around mile fresh breath. They'll be thinking for me I will not ever gonna I'm there right. I told by the way they can't gain is just for me now from and the people on this ridiculous I can't talk about a hundred suppresses its. From the line right there HR person. Hits it right. Thanks for listening to our fair would that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.