Todd's Guilty Spending

Tuesday, March 13th

Todd's gonna miss his daughter's sixteenth birthday, so you know she's gonna milk him for everthing she can get!

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Todd confess to something that I think we're all guilty of he's he's got to go out of town. He's gonna you gonna talk about that he's gonna make her daughter's today and yes and metro east so yeah Aurilia. Who Riley's birthdays right around the corner we had to celebrated this past weekend. Because she's sixteen she's turning sweet sixteen yeah these men and I didn't do this big like sweet is sweet sixteen presentation team but you know. She I've posted on FaceBook and stuff she got her car for her birthday. And yeah that's a used car so folks and admire new Ferrari or anything like dampened. Which got a nice little reliable car for a birthday. But gen. Works for the the company she works for they have a convention that we have the chance to go to right so it's you know bring your significant others with few. And it's a weeklong trip well the trip lands. On right at least sixteen birthday so bush fool themselves. I've been feeling guilty because you know I'm not pasture hey I'm not pass up on a free trip especially the destination that we're headed to right not gonna say where. Ought to just say it's easy it's easy to say that isn't yeah I have a legacy which airline and a letter to say which hotel I'm staying that but I was gonna say there's going to be some water falls out in front of it okay but anyway. So we're gonna be gone for a whole week so I felt so bad and Riley has been manipulating me and I know she has the she knows. It usually. Really you're going to be gone I actually have a range my travel plans to leave. The morning of her birthday. Just so I can see her sing happy birthday to work and then go to the airport because I don't want a don't want Phillip that Serna no win situation now I'm not enter the two women in your life for on either side of you unfamiliar land but I'd bush she's manipulated me so much that. Were preparing because we had to have a birthday party early June I was like throwing suggestions out my only she came to the conclusion. She wanted to have a pulling apart and we had a bowling party over the weekend. And you know how much of bowling parties cost when you put it this way my mortgage payment will be late next month because of the Boeing Ford they are so. Bone it's noisy value hours to your main. He third food you know and here you are not some money look disservice was great the people that handle putting the party together we're great mud. They the way they package it they try to make it sound like you get the deal but really didn't screw. Did you forget so expensive you've got if you got your girlfriend needing you. One place and daughter another. You got one choice. Kill yourself at Bethpage 'cause hey this site uses I and especially after Eddie that's for. In that mold all my word that is so hard hey you got a car.