Toilet Toys Are On The Rise

Friday, February 23rd

Toy companies are creating more games and toys geared around potty time...sounds like they're right up Matt's alley!

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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening dump on there would then Ramona. This I guess fantastic vision haven't backed that idea and sweet dude don't be. And how to buy it feels so that moves. There's a way to finish it and there's a to me when they go to a country and rhetoric as Davidson going conventions. Backpacks and that's actually called the New York toy fair and you go all right and toymakers have gone to the toilet. The latest creations. Mattel. They either all American things that stuff like Barbie. They just released a game called Washington Ramsey. Where can and oops at stake next. Roof wasn't frenzy sounds brown plastic troop flying into the air. Oh which could be a lesson because we've learned from the past you need to put the lid down. Before he flies or this is fecal matter Fleischer the air. An effort to teach children the less I don't know how you win this seat down. I don't know have you mean on looks like it pops up in the tank on the back. That's not who comes from now that's really misleading food doesn't go in the tank and his back is one of those things probably where you hit hit hit hit you have holiday is like a plunger on tap toilet bowl and I think you probably only its spin and you got plans or time again whoever the public like that comes out of the back tank group comes out of back to act that's. And silently bill edition of the toilet up in the air and then it. Squirt I think you flush multiple times and then it comes out of the bulk yeah. I need to make these sort of yeah. I'm modified would even play it because as you might have never used a plunger in her life. To know how to play in yeah yeah. There's nothing fun about playing with hoop that's the real method actor here day it's not find America and the wood and able and all the years that I played barbie's look my friends it was never once where Barbie went to the toilet but they do is give your toilet. I did did have a toilet on their. Barbie doll house though. Ego I Barbie doll house armed rival Hasbro. Pat who water squirting game gold toilet trouble was it last year took. A toilet squirting. So the potty humor is been selling. So they released don't step Bennett. A team where players are blindfolded. And have to avoid stepping in group that's molded out of a clay like substance oak come that sounds cool. It may become like a twister with proved something like bats this. What do you come on. Analysts and experts say the potty related toys are hitting the stores because the popularity of the pool among energy. Mean he you know you by the approval Margie pillows. And everybody stopped fighting kids talk about poop thing. And act because the problem you know used to be our units to let it all started with everybody hoops that kid's book yeah out. And then eventually the slippery slope religious went hardly wrong track here. So it's more acceptable parents to buy approved toys for the kids. There's all kinds of group shaped action figures figures squishy toy aids and other creatures creatures from the toilet. She packed yeah. If this toward analyst says yep kids think it's funny group is a pain. You got sticky the true. A squishy like this with eyes that backpack swings to walls and ceilings when thrown. At what point then. Are we able to teach our kids that this proves that business socially acceptable. Well we just raising a more approved phobic generation of chilled I think last to vote now it will be. Like you're. Embracing it and embrace the more I just think in this the other day axiomatic that and so company back in the game we that we you know there's somebody who now blue Salma floor now now what I'm saying. There's no Rihanna thing. This the other day. Exit in the and it come back and there's no reason. Really for us to be embarrassed about a sticky. There's just part of a wiry embarrassed about it everybody. Groups as they say in the book and it's my have a sticky wire we all trying to sell my god bill from accounting to our lord. As it's funny yeah I think I'm okay that's good point and polygamy group is horrid if it's not it's funny to odd to me but yeah it's serious and it's you wonder. Why it then held EE like got on. You've got ungodly and I do wonder a date that I'm a really aren't that sometimes I've Cooper is is extraordinarily sticky and I went public might not sound now. Everybody thinks what tonight eat on that. I do all the tough on man I just think it's another lands and another and you ever have a pooped do you think smells worse than your other groups Deb I don't think about what eighth. You're just proud of yourself. Not. While I just don't even think about it just another day. So let's see what else they got here all hog wild they sell rainbow version called sticky unicorn group. On acted on that plasticky to wonder sold separately. There is that proof for collectors. Flush force by toy maker spin master cells 150. Nickel sized mutant critters that kids can collect so I'm sure they're like the down. Wired Disco black. I'm a kid always wants it was like tiny little dishwasher. This damn thing out in shopped and now or crash Afghans. I don't difficult. I'm being dominant as bottom anyway. Just to collect something like proof bees. Makes tiny squishy collectibles at characters' names such as Fuji. Student march and dumplings which I've never heard through referred to has dumped. And not view toilet dumplings I never never heard that under biscuit. And gravy it's. I'm. I'm out of that went back fast coming presents. Two employees are aimed at boys aged seven years old and up. And dad this and up until mine act and we we have digital lines that we don't. I am now legal people ages find poop humor yes we talk about it in the studio console him is bringing it out. Now only these all the time laughing on the gas moved to right right you know you go to and only days I know I just talking about the last time they proved why they're out there and they may seriously you've got a series being you know average club. Learn how bad agent goes what did you do a hundred are still on the cap would feel I let me a couple. Oh that's our mandate to more RI. While it's always nice to hear an hour of nonstop music at 10790 wait we can't see any big time with a whole new nonstop cat. And every weekday from 6 AM until 6 PM and getting in to win. Thousand dollars ten. Ask every guy wearing out. Eat at 7288. WiMax. And beyond new nonstop cash it's music to your ears exclusively from blindness prevention and Charlotte's. Exploits denied the link. All right Heath thanks as always for listening to subscribing to the podcast here if you had to be cool I'll have what we do it. I'd. We're talking about negative impacts on our relationship. Yes. Topping the earliest. Work stress yeah I can see that low man who this is the stress period. Stress can come from children stress on there. Not a much stressed acts as a family were hurt yet distress and worse still the whole financial apple. Peterson and work is specifically what the stress from your job is number one and we take a look at that top ten. There are five. That have to do with sex and then cat and. Let what set him one is stressed. Out over ten when he got ten. Equal power. Oh yeah we've heard it and I do not splitting the shores. Yeah even layers urge you basically me it's equal importance like making decisions in a way that makes you feel like you're. Voice counts. I don't my voice really count them I'm okay with her making most decisions. You don't lose your voice to Kansas thought nothing and every decision and I and I don't need mode most decisions I don't really need to be a part of you know we do you want to be a part of that decision in in money's being spent why do you why I do wary about the money part being spent but went site I give in it. You know all right already suspended. Then I just step back let it happen to like she wants to redo that any meaning you're not invited to decision yet about him out of players you have to redo that. Some space in our house for instance when she's she's like rigor he has been this much money I narrowly who has been damaged man how's it seems like well look like. Back and then so I said dad okay and that I step back and not having any I don't want any decisions on that. Right you don't wanna help decide now there you go with gold color now our grade and now. You don't want any part of that when she tarnish it when she decides where it on a vacation I don't want any part of but we had the city your space there are down IMAP. I can't going to do the minutia. Also I told you five of the it's been negative impact have to do with Mickey and one of them is being too tired. The and I did some people saying it's all about the woman I think there are guys who are just I'm tired I know you tell us. On day doesn't go god Mac they'll be here how tired you are. I never tell you how tired but tired and really put on a scale everything I hope so. And has nothing who I hadn't I don't get like here to attend little paint they look happy pacers sleepy face or whatever is on the important yeah obviously it's slightly to go excellent like them partially closed and then whenever anyway so little cut back a little. Read over your place so that I'm you know drive technology title might be one thing right now these are all I know that basically that's not a good idea gather right stressed tired no drive. They could all be boring boring boring looking is in the top ten things it negatively impact your irregular but the the work stress tired. No drive could be really one thing. That one thing can cause it'll express because all those other. Well yeah night. Stress can cause a lot of Beckett has bang bang management on who has their sex drive he can learn how you want to get worn out for now the key it. And you know. Another one issues related to erect tile dysfunction is an adopted as well are OK I don't know if that's on your stress Lister Brad and stretch you out. M a pill for that America as they have a couple different numbered the out of there. So. Wow attacked eight Audi a seven out of an art and accumulated. Five of the tent that restricted. And now also on the list. Do you have some liberal of independents. Like losing your identity in a relationship. As a negative impact. I'm sure my Kennedy who like to get lost in your relationship. There well that's a good Barrett I'm sure that it's a complaint by however many people doesn't mean everybody. They toured the top five or ten whatever it is I'd I don't wanna I get law I don't think I get lost I'm nothing like issue when it. I'm I'm not liquor exist at this time obviously not lost to her identity issue be really mad at this person right here talking right now com. Was like a lost art that would imply that he's like me into. Them it's just a punt then Noland and to have my own identity because. Otherwise she'd be responsible for my actions. Through yeah through repetition is on a bailout. And she'd be all caught up in your hobbies which are watching TV. Edit it out complaining about being tired and pick. Did you put all the area around us are there with that promote before we get in your. I don't know if it's always we are now. Big news to get two seconds to put I remember that earlier still haven't I still have once do I gotta find out that the worst yeah. Remain ever but in the meantime I wanted to say that would Ramona does here at the stations to be doing it for years that he heard about it. You we know that she likes to. Decorate and quoting fingers. The window of the studios did you do the other stations through a window to have you ever done that. To share she doesn't share which you put on our office know elected a sports station. No because those guys are the ones you made fun of my ball that core. There's so. Apple they sort of got out soda we why don't we get not I voted for not only hit. I get to enjoy Jos have put her on the big. Hell hole that we the army's stay into it because I I. When a caller an office I can't call that an office and went all the supplies that it's limited number of people dislike a close. The game I don't know all the supplies. You know the goals at liberty cubicles against them going in my office. I mean unless you Agassi but not us we can't say that Stanford because once you experience the out of the office and readjust the four of us I can't. Move down now called Leonard office winners like fifty people and I don't feel right saying to somebody and I'll. It's a room a setting out of the building use it plays for commercial professional or bureaucratic. Work I'm sad what he did not say is that tactically office. But I don't like the same as my office. Is that implies is somebody that I have that you have an important absence walls are there something that thirst. At least a limit and say my office if you work in a cubicle. Right go into my office I don't even know the little video office. Yeah we don't cubicle. You that's OK I'll give you that call at the office like like the show right yeah and India that yes I okay that's good that's a good later said the office. You can't say in my office so so anyway I don't that's why don't call the office I called the office specialty like I'm lying on its debate opened a bunch of people shot in there. And you were like oh. Only to decorate you do that decorate the big pit back there on the window right. Last time last time yes yes and they're not this time now she has decided. I I do have the ability to do what I I have. A bunch of window clings but I don't know if I'm going to share with them or not. Her window clings usually awful long. They come up way earlier than the holiday. Today. She's OCD that it removes one she freaks out a team that is a problem. Even though she arranged around they're terrible they're very confusing to sometimes there's a monster on Valentine's Day in. All the monster now as a shiny got to get a chicken on Thanksgiving and it was very weird on Halloween yet exist there is there are. It's basically an abomination every outing at or she gets a mat that dollar store that after the holidays unclear and by the on clearance. The hit man and you guys make but there's no way I'm gonna up my game in Spain the two dollars that well do it. And so she's decided decorate. What should and she had spring rite of spring. Brees skipped right through its ranks cities he went from Valentine's brightness cheering crowd. She's give you a sense you are in spring why do you do is bring. Really disappointed because. Isn't here yet and still is this a building or do something after Easter. We'll do something else are gone. You sir is the first. I know how do something or my first. And what did you know the Tony seconds 96 weeks out here you're gone Sterger and play eastern. What have something that lifts the lid is the Easter season yeah act. And then April 1 Easter I'll do look couple weeks of something bring light hate to think I do mind again fourth of July decor. Yates Irish people. Yeah how can you not have a lot percent right test and that's outraged shamrock. Brent O'Brien hit it I didn't and so anyway if you put up something today that is hideous. I would even know what it was. At first about you just hang in a like rats nest or something I didn't see our whenever engineers lullaby and look at it very equivocal like I don't think you have a right. Up either kick. Or did you just go Willy Nilly do important things and all right do you guys don't know what really Millie and himself in the hallway now I don't see it I don't see it. So it looks like got too old bird nest not even freshly. Tied together where that trash bag rappers are bred rapper ran high. We all those things around things linemen in lime big element in lives and Easter eggs. But there's only. Underneath thing is that there's a couple of owners why you'll hear Iowa economy which is closed to colored Easter any attacks and exit at the top I'll give you like at doc Hague and a and hampered. Maybe at the most I'm not going into regional for the holidays. Well we do I hope it's not that it's that I would just quit decorate my wife hung that up I'd move. And I think actually what happened is what he called the community watch group or something in common damning youth. Though you're proudest of is not my favorite candidate and that's why it moved from my home Tuesday. Night. I had better do the best dog yet so if you don't. About everything every in the Snow White. The top shelf amended to step up your game UN market. Everything that's you had a bearing nice Valentine's. There not much of a sudden I'm against race. On the you've turned me off completely against it is early surge since the cheesy again oh hole and I can't even believe that who. But it keeps the balance. By the file can back on my desk of course is it would get a mixed senior Bernard your trunk or some balance here at next year high negative ads on its new disappeared hours lags the apartment lagged on top you've been to steal it on alt what was it like. I did it ever did the news that's we'll do we'll do that next real love. Are there are. Training does is not every day and really thirtieth here's an example Pennsylvania middle school canceled classes after a student. Who said he was sleepwalking was found inside the school building. They police say the seventh grade student call 911 around 2:30 AM on Wednesday to report he was inside the middle school. The student told authorities he had been sleepwalking and woke up inside the school police say this student entered the school through a window and he was wandering around for fifteen minutes. Before you finally woke up a little scary that. A sleep walker again to get inside the school that easily outstrips good point about talk about somebody who showed up with a crowbar and a brick right and I also wonder how he knew was fifteen minutes upright for two minutes at a time you look. Yes yes yes we don't know why aren't. He'd been wondering for four miles. Paul leaves for already from the school as dangerous that is to uterus and they had to cancel classes 'cause they were worried of what he might have done while he was quote sleep walking but they didn't find any. Manager vandalism. I was a kid my my neighbor. Rick side help. Sorry if you've anonymous back Leno or around water extort the alignments. Sleep walked and walked over and rang the doorbell. Which is frightening is that when they open the door earners and cages staring at new management that's the insanity of stared. It's a horror movie isn't it. Who's here there was a lifetime movie recently. God I'll sleep walking in suburbia that's not cool that's kind of the woman sleep walked over to the neighbor's house and had sex. Now and you watch grant Jack. All hall ugly chain of events my friend you lots and yeah what's that terror and murder and a terrible trend is that they are running out of the what is it called. Sleep walking in suburbia Adam and dominance he whipped a they rated here. Instead he's got to be dead and its rating on rotten to me I go through that you've got to be attributed some things started it's really really bad you have certain watching it feels like Honda's goal and here's a he's flexed her the app likes her death like everything. The audience give it 25%. In Iraq today and I do that person it. Even get it up I'm now right Ramona hit exactly on you guys and you never slept walked. Free books on an album my mom has what does she do com. She went in her closet one time and wound up. Fallen down in the air because she thought she was in a room covered with fabric walls did you ever see your sleep or via the jets back. I had tears and walk down BC's Leslie buck it's kind of weird yeah it's. They don't you name and they don't even like move my brother got down the floor onetime pretended to be sleeping. He's swimming and its sister and decency and a bit on so he was flapping his arms and legs leave assuming low and he also walked downstairs climate like. I know 1130 at night she went to sleep at like 88. All of cereal milk got dressed all that's operating to the bus stop. And that we your lap and our asses. We let UCL Fareed go it's got to walk out a couple steps outside house and they're like yeah. That. Hit its all time against Google so these are trying was. Wow great yeah and that's what the ball and volatile things that are available without a completely flooded with. I'm not him get these guys. Good your team at least they stopped you before I heard himself. And he can do this guy supply company that night and yeah. All right another Newsnight. And a 41 year old woman named Adrian Saturn Lee Abbott Georgia is getting divorced and on Saturday she found out. She is going to lose her home to her ex husband. So around three to 45 AM on Sunday morning she took her two cats out of the house and then sent it on. Higher as that is well is that Michael Douglas bear that were there fighting and destroying houses and going to do it. It was bad luck. Acts of the problem was the fire spread and wound up hitting nineteen other houses in the neighborhood including her parents and sisters house. Hang. That is you gotta learn how to control firemen and burned down in Vermont knots. Years I know two guys who had women like her clothes on fire. But I never known a house on fire. Or neighborhood I'm pretty woman learned about the whole neighborhood and I said before I don't. I wanna. Right and he can't just suddenly burned out house and then and a neighbor right so why I'm not living in the same neighborhood. As crazy daughter as a crazy daughter ours has to be on the ability to be mobile's. And I think this guy had problems to. Because he was willing to live in the neighborhood with the parents and a sister and crazy sister. Guide looks like a saint now. Nobody got looks blameless but if you bring up her game is what I doubt it's made Null and void by the fact that he's crazy ex. Burned down the neighborhood here's what I would say is she really cheated out of problem. But he brings it up for the viewers say all you you won't gambled away all of the money not a problem here's the thing at least she didn't said the neighbor out on fire if you say. Your first date that your ex burned down a neighborhood are to thing in Weathers Gary attracted crazier couldn't judge a moment I mean like. There might be some flawed about it and he is blameless and the heck of a story to tell Izzo one more quick story and the reason this is a story to me is because the headline says worst roommate ever. And your magazine guy's name is James and bock man. He for awhile a's ran up front. Ever. His beloved cat dog but then after thirty days stop paying rent the surge stealing is landlords belongings. Lindley the Hal. On the toilet with cat litter. And threatened use the legal training to tie them up to support great entities their home. They try to victims. And any assaults and threatens the landlords who goes to jail. His brother bails them out. Fleet's bailout he kills brother. For example that might be worse for me ever since it on yourself or worst brother ever. He's got murdered her credited his brother IU daily out on the U until they just don't worsen. Thanks for listening to our fair would that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 the link dot com.