The Tooth Fairy's Gettin' Kinda Cheap

Friday, March 2nd

Back in the day kids would swim in candy and McDonald's money after a visit from the Tooth Not so much. :-/

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Today to what that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. George was saved up on there was that remote we talked. And it was going on various reasons country this say about the way thank you sir it's chairing the podcast to be avenues there with a buddy. Al heated enemies. So any heat the teeth very what is that what is bats again. Well actually the Tooth Fairy is getting a little cheap. Because. The Tooth Fairy paid an average of four dollars and thirteen cents per tooth last year and that's down 11%. From 2060. But here's the 24 when the the national average is four dollars and thirteen cents. But here's where kids in the south or get ripped off. If you live in the western half of the United States Tooth Fairy treats you better. Because the average out west is four dollars and 85 cents a team. And then in the northeast. Up in new wing Glen New York. The Tooth Fairy shelling out or dollars and 35 cents a team on that a little bit. You get to the south. It appears telling you can't afford all of those. Sixty cents experts and having embedded in the mid western U three dollars and 44 cents in Ohio and west of more midwestern kid why. Maybe they survey you know different. Economic levels on these people something in the midwest they're picking out all of a folk there's I hate you know but. I am varies prices that low. Because it's hard to get lesson. I'm only you know it it's hard to get last at piper anything pat. I remember a neighbor coming over my house. Hike 11 o'clock at night like texting me like you up yeah Alex going on. I need like do you have a five dollar bill I have no money and I need some help the Bluetooth Eric you mean to rated at a. Yeah that's right my neighbor had no money is my neighbor needed now the Internet for that columns say yes yes. On the Jews very deep need to visit the big tooth. I think after awhile did the kids older mr. Lou it's not like hey it happened. On the first to does sleigh at five dollars and seventy I went twice and that's only dropped two cents in the last year I went one on Thursday. Wow and act somebody lost heat for her. I got an analysis school. Like neighborhood yeah I think the Tooth Fairy means when they are consistent in neighborhoods. And to really try to stay consistent within a school or grade level and he wants something declared like a national price of milk or something really so. Very negative peer was at PTA meeting you have or the homeowners' association meeting Thursday by the way. This is what I would do it in your neighborhood yet do I imagine now. It's sorted out for the first 210 dollars for subsequent to when he was. Wait you hybrid what my gonna do even up with the Jones all on by and after that now it's yeah. The dad beat two very goes solid five. Are now lives. Five to go it's what the first to Ellis Island tough Bluetooth and a big deal announced the Atlanta and it says Addison who is twelve. Just to Dennis sedated like Pete's gonna fall ball out the next. A few weeks or months out and figure out again not that is happy at the data dentist who we have Dennis that's itself. If you get a free ticket price a little thing at toothpaste on up. Didn't care ain't free and harsh realities of life that is by the way out to two Perry. Good fairy paid out 271 million for lost heat last year and 55%. At least she missed at least one payment. Yeah like you know like my kid. Elegant and Avery whose scent and lost a tooth at a sleepover. At her neighbor's house. Which lead in freak out but so. The Tooth Fairy at a comic from that house and say you want me to do about it aren't they terrorists. Pockets compared with so. It is. Saying the two buried five page five bucks and get them back to use them on the button they went all in with a note. Two very latter. Which I'd never seen done before any. It's terribly little known never heard of a note every you know Indiana and she tells you to take care of your tees and how important never no never got in a note never got to know. My niece is getting notes. Did you Tooth Fairy visit you when you're child. Not that I remember. Don't remember I don't remember that in but I ago I got order for it he says a lot of guys change and yes I was tired I was a dollar herb but. Odd note thing act passed out. I would remember it is very common for the Tooth Fairy delete the letters sometimes she leads to lay their lines we're would be she leaves a new toothbrush that's stupid yeah. News to Japan at the dinner that implies that you weren't brushing my swelling out but don't go to the Dennis often enough to get. Again toothbrush every six months ever six. Our biggest trade and and a way and do well. No I'm not too much to the pain and a little ones and by. Only use a certain kind of toothpaste certain kind of toothbrush. You know it's almost per well I told the sold out. Here we are where the dollar store on this team is made out of the yeah. We're there to race just got cut at a small blue. But the note thing was new to me so the pain at the other altitude very wrote a letter so the next time to streak came to your house did she write a letter has happened yet. Hasn't happened but I will see I'm think that the Tooth Fairy is gonna write a letter that says is my last. It's my last correspondents what's happening and what are the I don't know how Isabel last correspondents in the end and they did I ask us how. It meant a bad just nothing. I have the last letter you'll ever received for me it didn't hit I'm not excited at. Move on and moving the Easter about this and that we're gonna Shaq out switching careers and I'm gonna do it would be a stay at home scary because they don't inherit a tax act. I've no time to fly at my own kids unity. On more age limit. Well it's always nice to hear an hour of nonstop music at 1079 the lake we can't be any big time with the whole new nonstop cat. And every weekday from 6 AM until 6 PM we get in to win a thousand dollars ten. Every hour every hour. Eat at 72881. Have you all new nonstop cash it's music to your ears exclusively from black pest prevention and Charlotte's. Exploits denial delay and. View. Miss it every. We down around 330 Dan it is Newsnight here's an example of law and an englishman who has found drunken naked inside a huge pipe organ has appeared in court and is accused of damaging the historic instrument. Insured for more than two million dollars. Whoa. Yeah Oilers and some regarding it. Tim I generally he. Organs are not. A danger and humor to a million dollar or again you better that's a door unlocked. So yeah I mean it's you never expected naked man to getting your pipe organ. A little bit now than ever crosses your mind by does that mean a million and a locked up for. Any ago I had the match added well I can do is go vandalizing even by organ and you're your your friend money as the Bible regularly at all up and at the biggest. Wow music played the important. Anyway today. OK I want to thought about van eyes aren't climbing inside to make LC under. Hosts. 51 year old blend Langford was arrested after allegedly flooding the Brisbane masonic. Memorial center and setting off the fire alarms yeah he said his intentions were initially well meaning that night he just got a little out of hand after downing a bottle of Johnnie Walker Adam do it. The Arnold's and that's a bad decisions they happen. The lawyer told the court he was some meaning to hand that she's vs the homeless that night art is yuck it's a way for and not the not to get in the bottom bottom of a model Don Mueller. Activity cheeseburgers and a homeless pets I've never heard of that cheeseburger and out or he made his bed decision. You had some bad decisions. And all we bell and probably appreciate a good hamburger. Although organ is beyond fixing they're saying it damaged his so much he was discovered naked. With the remote controlled police car a toy gun and a bag cheeseburger. If. That's a good combination and it's you must reclaim. Yeah cops and robbers and fidelity is getting the play guy and remote controls that make sense I think that. Of course he blames that on losing his job and getting over a breakup of sixteen years that line and is there and and I you lie. His relationship with sixty years without. Maybe Joseph and it may be just points out that day he's bad decision bad bad day man's bad day. Scientists has taken a step toward creating steeple. Human cells and as sheep embryos. That are grow human organs inside sheep and pigs. But talk about doing this for years with the eggs they feel are close now they've been able to grow mice pancreas is. In racks. So. You know that that it's it's that you see we have a satellite in the backyard which people are against this threat even argue salsa you better you better wave the neighborhood rules once you start having organs and pigs I don't know Lanny yeah it's going to get back down things got my heart and it looked for crying out loud. And just tell me again at a. All. Bad to sounds like wind. Clumsy lag and I say it off and just for an clumsy lab assistant away from our movie. Well Validus scientists have successfully cloned monkeys. I grabbed the Chinese that we we we don't know it's anonymous Tony's freezers are views declined to be the Bruce Dolly the sheep remember that thing. Lou they say to create healthy monkeys. Which is it is one step closer to do in Yemen is one supposed to do at planet of the apes two female cop. Maybe about eight weeks old named Hong Kong and a lot researchers say that musically humans is theoretically possible. Then and are they adding a great lots of genetically identical monkeys. Or lab research. And instead of like mice cracked. Out monkeys. This sounds and this is fantastic it's a little bit of was a planet of the apes I didn't return right it's going to be that was the great. Movie. Called it simple. Note last was good. And I lol now always parents lied so much emotions tied up the Renaissance and leaping over those monkey. It's all fair would that. Why work for everything. But Steve. You would stay Paramount is a dad bless your heart didn't go to the Carolinas we've stood. Bless your heart goes to Mississippi. Authorities about the pin I. I've learned bless your heart. Actually in Virginia. Number learning in Virginia. Heart was never blessed. Sadly my was less salt just past apparently met bless your heart North Carolina they say Yonder. I'm and I never heard any under Yonder in the way on the country may be I don't know hours this 1888 or something I'm guessing Kellyanne you're younger. South Carolina. Might could is that it just could we might could do that if you want to could. And the players that. And the man and unknown island Rhode Island has the bubble or go to bottler is now Watertown. Public on Cutler all the does that come up a water fountain but then mabus a Butler about it is still I would have the saucer heart Yonder is more common than. Talking about a lot of. Not all now know I just talked about a lot of on the net and the other day I mean I've gotten something like 900 forever but did it again drink a lot of found. Though wall one of our biblical. There's another name court to. The waters thing shouldn't you don't know this thing other than. I'm. Butler and water found. Because they've divided up by geographical region what they can all be icy diarrhea and some kind of deadly disease ratings have always me. Kids are drinking out. And out of that water bottles public. Should replace water fountain over there water fountain. I just that are ready. A couple of yeah what are they yeah. Yeah. Learn about her value pick and something else there something else I know there is. Did you did so embarrass yourself on family feud under I don't mean this came out there old and but I know there is like a geographical thing getting. Water of town and I know there is on her. I'm Bob learn water cooler mail. Water cooler that's drinking fountain attitude he found water found him Butler. Pago. Ticket buyers states. And North Dakota says off her off death. You have that DA it would not opt out when you're exasperated or surprised. Oh. Allen all got. But again we don't use John Anders who knows they really do. Maine says hey why do you agents added yes. And and. You hear someone from that area. Say it is moved down who stuck with live to shy and a visit to dock to death. All Norwegian origin of the charity incorporated that in my dot. Is that a sentence. I Gary's in a sentence I am I'm concerned I don't defendant week there's a picture of a load this is still the all but 60. Do you all. Thumb. Kentucky mandated Kentucky roots. They use Coke and for everything back yet her actually go ever it's got to be using. Florida. Law if you want Coke they say he say regular. If you. Florida they use the word green when they describe someone as Lawler agreement ace on the messed up. I can't get tax law I mean I knew that that mean. That he calls the package store. Beer and liquor stores are package stores they do that. Cal for this is stupid California the right dude whatever. Illinois Jim Hughes. And it's sneakers. On the sneakers. Michael seekers my wife calls at ten issues that I also running shoes sub category. But never you hit column. And. That's a good question. I pinch trying to get him to go my way it I don't know that Taylor. Now to go don't check tonight what are you wearing on your street. It carries carries. I got a that's a good question that no one point we had a discussion about it and they were frightened me on it. And I'm like you you article you got a secret. And Amy was fighting for her side Tennessee's we had to do was a battle it was a battle. Seeing things how low you can't say on the radio you're listening to off there with that Ramona. Some real spots and men have. PX then they never shared with. Today. He once you practiced our hopes that the action. News if you I understand your words you can easily seduced just. I how you look good am I you mean insulting touches armor leg. Out. I don't know lately I mean it's good as well I would teller. Like evident as you know I I don't have any problem talking about it it is simpler things that'll time through an hanging out and it it you don't relate to. I get it that. Everybody would only want a piece of the map and I don't use it as no real resistance can. Yeah you don't need I don't know this action could be anything like right you know you just like Hayward is thinker. Matter of Arab woman didn't like my wife could just be very easy despite. Hey what do you think he's athletic let's let me to never ever. Eight unless you in the deep end game. That warning don't work very easily miss any other things that eating it you as many hairs like heat things and big things fed into. That's being context. And you might. Like you don't look so grads here in everything. Nods at the head nod toward the bedroom not nodding and. Yeah it's obvious. It's obvious because we're looking any and I nodded and held did that dealt that's like getting there you explosion next to him being there and I'm there in that area. He wants the unit take charge and be creative sometimes they had a lot of entities and are lethal. Yeah I think I provide an idea he said that. Although some guys probably don't want to be to create. There's some guys have like a let. And you know he throws. In Asia. I'd probably going to perhaps they say be creative that they now you know mind not this one is like a certain moves they may not like her. Something they don't want somewhere and error over and so. They probably limits thing I think every one the sometimes you assume the guys that do all right. Yeah the denial of the older we don't know listened then. The thought the real men are men have really about it is they want to be open and honest. You know one I'm woman is nothing worse than to realize it was going to emotions and bedroom that's pretty ged. And Serbia challenge Jim acknowledge him he's doing all right let him know I was doing wrong we don't know I can take it. Again I can I can take the guys can't take it I know I guarantee they can't. I would never wanted to take for instance or anything like that I mean just a non candidate and I wasn't my a game. And feel bad for you actually I did it isn't but not I wouldn't give you my best anyway yeah isn't the Powell knows I don't know. Act if. He wants to know that we'll never bag. They don't feel vulnerable. So they really need it they say they'll take care of their own business somewhere. Instead we do other bag or take hear your own business. I've never I mean. What is considered bank another bank. Pestering her like how many how many time he's on the times. How many police is it invaded east and the number three I think I got three tops. And I'm. In the first time your bank. Okay. Not one time as you let. Now that I come I'm pleased by now you're begging now third one's back. No second one is Becky the first one of the first ever and a once a day they first answer to the first one is like you are not sure. I just said and not up to it. Please he's. Yeah that's a bank but then. So do my puppy dog guys finished the. Backpack if not you can't give us a demonstration of what your puppy dog that good right now I'm not elegant. Nobody wanted and went to know we as anxiety about his performance. Around the course and always every guidance and gas. Pedal and slowing level now that you're a bad. Husband if you don't have any anxiety anymore probably right you're not. And I'm going to go in and not yet you don't even care if you've given up there's no. After being married for ten years you still have performance anxiety with your wife of course not. Maybe it's just me that wants to be also men and. Anybody down I when I'm a little anxiety before after during LA and all the other irons are not talking about it. Usually confident that with the anxiety we're not even knowing it yeah. You guys just seven anxiety both on this list so well we're not a there's like people who are normal side those were so hopeless. Yeah we worry that they are that she's being plea I think if you don't make any anxiety over it. You're not trying. Yeah you just go into the motion do you believe the woman whose ideas well yes maybe but not as much and don't do it. Oh and that they have there's an anxiety does some anxiety yet even as she's like not totally comfortable there Bonnie yeah that's true. But that artwork it's hard for me it's. Really IRA whatever. I think I felt like I mean sometimes there's privately she says like John ally and you know me I got married I got out of again I admit it shouldn't. I didn't give my game most of the images that life like while I was in my I guess I don't. Could you ever today and ahead at what's your bread and like. Now you know we're slowly loses its constant excuse that was my A game now and icons excuse I've been polished. A cup side that. And I told my guys are finding a lot of Sacramento on the ground. Yeah. Thanks for listening to our fair would that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today in 1079 no link dot com.