Traditions To Start With Your Pet

Friday, March 16th

These ideas are only for the most extra pet lovers out there, like Ramona and her mom Wheezy!


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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening on there would then Ramona. And they Carmona tried just somebody sexy is this case the tree service pack three adults. Pretty much over the top as far as I'm concerned but I'm. Probably not a good. Judgment that line is your mom certainly I'll take your daughter here and being held without a doubt yes there's no question about that a small boy. Is she takes him everywhere even though it's not needed like five minutes away whatever it is time in Iran basic morals you resonant. Internet or whatever an absolute latest and it. He's the first consideration from the time she wakes up until the time she goes about you take the dog out like the same thing if you were during an parent. No because I think he's better off at home and there is sitting in the car okay tradition is a start with your pet a sat. Don't let your mom queasy read this you may do it. Go to summer getaway. Book a weekend at a hotel that allows furry friends. We've tried debt. OK and my dog is such a jerk sometimes. When you take him to a hotel. If you wanna go to a restaurant or something. You would wind up eating in a car. Because if he left the room by himself nothing but bark because you never legal and yet even if it's a pet friendly hotel. They don't go for a dog screeching nonstop now so I've tried it. I've been asked to leave hotels. It's not gonna happen again and your dogs at least separate got a copy an elevator yes yes and at an earlier. I don't I was getting on an elevator. Caring a bunch of packages I had. The leash around my wrist. And I got on the elevator pressed a button for my floor and if I'm standing mayor he dashes off the elevator. And I'd drop all my packages are trying to get the door to open. But it didn't open. So all I could see in my mind was my dog hanging on the other side and on the elevator to the L I just took the leash off of my wrist and watch it. Disappear between the doors that of that analogue and luckily. When I got back down to the lobby it was a guy the year holding my dog he said and and thankfully the dog was on his harness. Not on just a collar with the least he said he looked over he heard the streaming. I'm gonna I imagine that going up the elevator. So it in the summer plan getaways out for you oh it's definitely I don't whether they summer getaway with a dog like known and heard this I took my dog to my aunt's house we had to go for a funeral we didn't have time to it. May last minute arrangements no problem. I got my those portable crates and by the time we got back from church my dog had eaten through the portable Craig because he refused to be left. Caged up in a place he didn't hard because he's never left the month. Bad bad you know got you yeah separation anxiety drugs that out which was given him. Take holiday photos and to send to friends and family have fun dressing up as. Elves and really getting in the holiday spirit. OK I am not oh delusional. That I believe. My relatives want to receive pictures I'm on re read Carol does it mean. We don't take him every year for our own enjoyment yeah I'm fine with you do and it just don't send me one and everything going FaceBook now. And I post it on those to me yeah there you go some idea you don't wanna look avert your gaze try to act are gonna be at. A picture of on creating new Christmas. Wetter every. Which which does also on here brand new holiday sweater every year and every year's ban on the promise that I am quiet but why it is you don't need a newsletter every year. How about either where I had big thumbs down and this make you sweet companion were talking pack. A birthday dinner fit for a king and queen treat them with a pizza meal instead of a dinner table for the NC pat feels like royalty. A pat Gillick royalty if you give mom Joost. Now can they be if they eat. Campbell you've given some real cooked chicken that day that's fine but not at the dinner table and now are not setting up a tale though they template that doesn't mean nothing to them all this theory that you're I'm sorry dog's gonna start bag in the and then expecting it renowned and not. I'd take back to school photos in the fall. The dog's name backpack exists that impacted by Ambac is our clothes we all pull all of a backpack. Now Leo he did you close it is also riding they also stolen toddlers on scooters all miss and I try Ezra you are yes. But I thought it's still fun and like I think our road this is. Energetic less stringent dog goes to school every day. He goes to dog he school every day he'd he'd go zone channel everyday yeah our day is there training. On that make them your Valentine even if you have your own day. Or forgive your furry ballots that treat to remind them that you're you're there all hard. And every dog treat this fine don't say it's like a job for. On Thursday don't go and the fifteenth on got themselves Arnie and I'm. Are tied neck. Spent fourth of July at a home cuddling. Then because the fireworks is that one just out drew fireworks off and I haven't yet you Dokic. Plan does and prior. That I got a seven on the big dogs are works as a great now yeah I I don't believe in taking dogs to fireworks. But I also know that there are a lot of dogs and cats that freak out it's it still doesn't mean you can't go out. Doesn't your wrist ailment title and only nine hostage by your pin leave our dog at home with his undershirt and they're yeah that's a good compromise. I had finally planning designated friend and pay date every month you picked out some of your favorite. Netflix watch and TV and make it up pot luck wherever it brings their favorite animal trick. This woman just assumes your pet behaves well with the other cats or dogs right and my daughter only like certain traits you can bring a potluck that it needed. She gets its teeth. And I'd rarely get a together would anybody anyway let alone. I don't know her date don't want to its dog movie Marley and me you know you know we're happy that. Right I was is more coming. What's it sound like to win your share of twelve KJ. Now it's your turn. You name it every weekday from 6:30 AM till 5:30 PM to grab your share of twelve. Text didn't immediately does 72881. Standard message and data rates apply. He's well. Yeah okay that's what I get through there every first chair you and your share. Pro black cancer prevention in Charlize desk knicks 1079. The link. The little odds and ends here in the sense segment and always go to FaceBook and like and comment that Matt Ramona FaceBook page or Mona hollow Iron Man heirs or whatever. Top baby names in the ninety's. Bandy was in the lot of these right reason he was nailing him that he actually did. You can think that was an air of chicks. You say that right. Overly I was in school with all these girls these first names ever I told he had never totally wrong when you had a chance actually. Get drunk with a family RA and it isn't there a little follow you home early thousands but I am but you learn to. Hitting all these names. Are you didn't do that many that a top ten names it just fantasize about I'll fantasize attack. The hot girls in class. Although I do remember picking Mandy have one time. Iowa I'm alternate and Adidas dressed as Elvis and once you get. Yeah uh huh. The yeah but you have a friend of Astoria. You're out at a Wal-Mart where do you really matter what the people look at Wal-Mart I am mildly. Ride at Wal-Mart and L got us what does suit I think. Your whole heart and down but I was their form and I was therefore do well he sent a guy anyway oh it's true I did and it acts. And I'm guys did and threw in a Chrysler can't big it was like an 84 truck. Some sort of weird license plate like as neighbors and big. That finishers and I know we got in the car eleven million. In hell and and he played our inner are it's like football team and now everybody's ass down and the legs got generally known but he uses around black car. I Bozeman so yeah is a separate from whatever ten up. May again Taylor Elizabeth. Brittany Amanda as a man does Sarah Amelie actually. IA. I guess actually occurs ash yeah underlying ninety's cartoon. That came out in the ninety's called recess. It was about this group of kids. Led by bad kid named TJ but in the class there were like five Ashley. Because that was the name did you work there are so many as you well what are you doing watching cartoons. A lot of action. Aren't. And and then in the ninety's you're watching this stupid recess cartoon on Saturday mornings and I was upbeat must Syria yeah. You were in Syria because your leg and at a college or something yeah I was working. Yeah that is just weird that it and I kind of losers at the fifties and what your customer hi I have but never claim cannot be elusive so yeah. Ever claim. Right let's do the dudes here and I didn't have you guessed it feuds. And just to go to guy. Since this was my nephews Arum. I'm just gonna go by like. His crew like there were always several Jeremy is in his class and not not even in the top there were several old Josh is. Not the top one day lowers it ramps are Joshua for there were a bunch of Michael's that's number one. All rounds of the number one Michael Jason Matthew you know Jason is setting the. Matthew definitely has her Matthew top tier Josh with three. Ryan's. Ryan was down there and amid the so are gaga was Tyler on the air this time number nine on yeah. Ten Joseph nine Tyler than Danielle Andrew Nicholas Jacob three Joshua to Matthew. When crisper. Yep he's Marion Jones has got it in the bottom. All led to do is screen. Is in there will be like for kids and soccer field who had its debt and Michael's been strong effort and time. I and match he's been strong all those are biblical guns don't change very much down they held they don't change very much. Girls release cycle yeah names more but it that you're still the big. Bella phase right now when I see it. And the eighty easier when I guess seven these Jennifer and Amy's. Yeah probably up there have been Serra was big guy actually was still league in the seventy's I'm well suited to play I can't even though I hands and Jenna I have multiple Ashley's in my classes grown up well elementary school and no single actually we were all real early eighties kids. Right so well all okay and our saying weighing into comfort foods which. I think there's some controversy here yeah in my mind is I'm going to. Try to grab put this thing in perspective. These are. Deep most comforting. Comfort I'm gonna have problems ranked. An app problems and bass we've we've discussed this and I really wanted to. Ab iron to argue. Started from number ten. Is chocolate putting which is idol did say adults don't eat chocolate pudding I don't sermon at a restaurant. The job opening in the past year but 'cause you valid elderly mother yes let's. Your choice so I give you sugar for each other putting she likes to have its words a sweet snack after dinner and vanity has had it but that's because he has his nieces and nephews I have seen it on salad bars before. Oh yeah you have got quality when did you take it though. That is putting it. Next to like whatever like lemon Casio. Incumbents cheat us president. Horrible on a cell Limbaugh and other skiing on top I. See chocolate putting on a salad bar. There's always like a fleck of something in Indian Ahram did area a straight he is always. Eight scary but is there an it horrify me I I would vote that there shouldn't have put things salad. Know that it doesn't make sense now it and it just doesn't make you have a dessert bar. Right puts him is that he's good handling a soft serve machine where he is denying that Sunday or ice cream coat put things do not belong Madonna salad bar yeah okay with me senate jello. In all of jello. Abbott a daunting jalla. Now there's some in my fridge right now because yeah obviously I'm a little kids act and I love Dello especially including random things in America but I'm out of seven's are written that in the end that we're stocking up on the jello. What was it dead and I think it was horrible fruit don't kind of throw away fruit of my momma put in. I'd jalla my mommy I want to listen like a white tank top as well or my mom but then again it was greed jealousy always put in can't payers. That would close race he always putting improved not cocktail and if it was orange she always put in Maine and renewing his yeah which. Now and whatever was a little white. Marshmallows. Now now and on and it was like. Maybe it was pairs and I hated that that was a throw it. We haven't wrong and I don't know about your church and he did what we will with fancy church potluck you had the jello dessert. That also was mixed with a little cream tea. Made out little fancier I got to see eight only now right Delhi today. I'm gonna see what is in a fruit cocktail. Because I there was certain things that just were like Hitler and I mean it teaches there and Hillary and a regional cocktail had peaches we're and and hard like it almost crying apple is but it was hard. Was that a lineup I'm I don't like the heart I don't like art thing in my you know OK okay I'm really really against that we know I meant it is anti Angelica I. I am I am dying on the most coveted number delist its cheeseburgers. I don't want. I concede that you would highlight his consider a burger or cheeseburger cold for food I do you school along in my life a lot like yeah well I don't eat Brittany in and it. Give me a burger round out as I like. As skinny skinny burger not like a fancy burger but I like a real speed Ebert that's it. Drive thru John at that it's like Chris get a burger Fries castle and I know he's something yes you had a rough day at work you trees so burger and Fries yet place via. I number eight. Comfort food. Tomato soup. I went man I would that is comforting I understand it that you have to hear it with admiral Messmer a cold day. Number seven lasagna I don't get that I'm outraged by that. That's the regular meal that is not a come. Comfort food as a kind of food people bring over to your house and has been a tragedy. Somebody's been. Somebody's gonna bring you over some aside that's good it's easy and it been sick and an embryo over some McEntee. The lasagna thing it's easy to make too. Yeah that's why that is one for yourself a confident person of pioneers castle rolls yes and basically. Lasagna is the Italian McEntee. At around six was don't blink that's ridiculous. Number five people each yeah because you don't go to pizza on the report tacos. Mom and nodded as opposite Tuesday thing a number three Mac and cheese which I same magazine that she didn't get it under. Number two mashed potatoes way too high now doc and who Sarah had mashed potatoes recently. I'll. Write off of. And broke and. Saturday when you're listening to all there. We the article. About the little. Fine and one phrase. More attractive makes it more attractive and 75% of its lead and so I'm I'm saying that takes more attractive. So who. You know we're not gonna jump from Lancaster. Read a second. But they might go. After shelf for a shelf maybe I give Michelle. My intent and that is knowing a foreign language speaking to languages. The founder the most attractive brains beat Grimes hand down. 93% saying they would prefer dating somebody who can speak another language. Over a six pack the means so we're six back is. Top of the line type stuff. So they probably know they don't have a chance bat. Plus another six back person is going to be working out all the time and as we like to tell worried about it. I have yet. I assume that six bad guy is so into himself that he can't possibly be enemy so that we need guys the same thing with a supermodel. Where fitness all right guys don't care it's true master. But I take your fitness model over a supermodel any day. Were more meat on the bones Allianz yet. Flexible as if you're like yeah I got disfigured my laughter Meehan and this model accurately. Yeah. Laura for my apparently weren't planning game in a fund famously hit. It is but. Three quarters of those surveyed in this this. That language learning at innate need to the series. Singles reliving countries JD. Guy dancing dirty words. I'd seen it. Encouraged cherry did 42%. Say that their language attraction is due to them finding other cultures interest. True and yet another opportunity Anderson are amateurs there's a certain. For me intelligence. That I even if you know the only reason why you speak two languages is. There's one spoken at home and my unspoken school and you've got both of them doesn't mean it sounds to me. I do associated certain intelligence what I think you associate sexiness. And mentality you know it's bad digital furnace or not and I find intelligence sexy okay so therefore other sexy I mean there's probably. Our language obviously that aren't as sexy dollars. I'm not gonna get down to it but there are you know. I mean if you're a movie and it's romantic. Foreign lover there's certain languages they're not talking on a guy so anyway. Well any. And and now yeah now is building a one that's this column sounds let's say it's German German. Pulmonary heart slang new users very arsenal. It sounds again it's not trying to be nice gift. I would just say how about this team now. Maybe it's a stereotype. Maybe because watched any episode the leg didn't heroes some yet and Richard Johnson's friends aren't sexy. I think it's America. Partial use plural so I took German for 378 the ninth grade I know what I speak. I. Kinda eat. Mother wasn't sure didn't studio and. People like him France and other European countries think German is like the worst language like vote in date Paetec. That's where is Peter where's Peter it's Pete that the bulletin date beat that. I guess maybe they don't say it like that but a darn thing I remember. Which is weird Al are the first two sentences I learned which through voting gay. Bow as the Monica and bill him gates paint it. And I don't remember anything else except whose Monica who's gonna there's the people the guy is baseball goes to because of the baseball cards you've got to limit to play but added the comment that I. Is it my dad's like Durbin and Elly did you read your lousy terms around keeps it help. Under his baseball coach I'm. I wanted to take Spanish mom would let me she was a French and Spanish teacher to sit all the bad kids were taking Spanish at bad times as you wouldn't let me put it is a weird things and Greg. And weird is that canal like galloping into pants wanna learn French. Yeah him and in their security gets a job applications Boris and there's much more. Chinese would be like number one right until she liked to us is that she had at the time yeah. I thinks he asked a Spanish would be like them most. I think Mandarin Chinese would get too far. There's almost every number lots of companies big businesses need Mandarin Chinese. Could speak it. Not. Only you know yeah. Business is a lot of. Snyder got a top players. I'm into it sounding a thing that I. Other business is solid as a side as we speak Spanish so don't let Cuban about like darken. The big fortune 500 gummery probably dealing with the Chinese all the time. In my world. And I did this how does the government manage negotiated somebody trade deals. Ask me and they are so many Spanish. Peaking. Interpreter is available how many are Mandarin Chinese available in this country got to be alone number OK back to me. When asked the rank the most attractive foreign languages and America. To expert at your am I am doing that today through the Americans alone the foreign language of French the most 53% EU by by far. Italian at 32 priests percent and and Spanish at 30%. And has a lot to do with out of their ot. And I am French I assume French Heidi anti is managed have access for popular student Matt. Covered here but I didn't then you know the reason minded the methodology. Is it. Hot is seduced by a friendly to religion Latin is hot tea you know good EG. It's that you know access popular too. Most alluring to America. The same thing French 46% and an Irish. Sneaks in there and Italian third. He if there obviously overlooking. Number one Jamaican accent or really any Caribbean accent. Next week as hail tabulate the lead. That. Don't debate guy kid jamaicans. He got a problem that Shamir we ended the Israeli accent at eleven semantics. Baghdad. A holding back and they know I'm not only is demand for Utley Cole more this Trajan is the real love. After the match and remote base safely lead to a wind. Bob always tell you friends do it was putting at increased in articles and videos. Is banned from me but that's still it gets you every time that dog with a human face I'm talking everything nice roll. On our page I get to that dogged it I just aren't rising death match. So what sect that allied articles that the reed. Actually this is for chilled about damn. Netflix has come up with a genius way to incentivized kids. To watch more TV they started testing a new patches feature. Which gives kids digital badges for watching Netflix. So they can have a accomplishment. Because they watched every single episode of Fuller how well it is not. A much different. It's any different then the free games that you play and the phone is a computer whatever you're always getting cooler names in and and I guess weapons rightward experts say it's an incident like a well Barry duster is different so really not much of adept at. When you're earning badges for playing a game. And you'd have. You know play the game so well the TV to another level. Please set technology is something that you did like a scandal like you've figured it now there was. There was some manual dexterity or some thought that would into it that's getting a badge for simply watching every app lets so yeah. That. Did you in those games you don't always have to accomplish something. Yeah we'll just give you points for the effort yet to make streaky plant you don't have to. Adjectives failed miserably he's going to teach her keen on trying to watch and it's a lot of skill ago Linda didn't want to. You gotta have stamina you gotta have a discerning taste to pick a good show up. Other people are gonna judge you floor you have a Beatles stay awake yet not ignite your parents yell at you get a sneak in watch it yeah. Well I I agree and you're okay would Netflix. China should make kids think it's okay did you scuffling watch yeah maybe I am OK it is. Like a couple of minutes. Yeah I mean not for kids but for adults who have already given up. It's all right yeah we want to play for the kids don't want to meet the control. To discount its us. Boy Scouts Girl Scouts. Badges for learning new themes in New Orleans. And TV is part of part of TV watching. Is scheduling time yeah and down making sure you'd it to George died in your homework done and then mom says. You could have TV perhaps an hour may be long hours and she got stuff done so you earn badges because you did the other thing. I. Doubt. But you know earning badges for watching TV you're earning badges I know but we're doing the other being what it somewhere just look at it you gotta keep. All sort of people need to be and it's safe and what I'm saying is that people just looked at it and said. Well your kids got twenty badge watching TV they think they are to watch TV so I'm saying this could be work these badges to work in your favor. I just figured that you believe that other parents will be let wow your kid has eighty bad Disney. Ultimately though it might be an all some day I just want to be too much that I would they think that Kidd lost TV like me. On civil awfully old blog online or what the Riordan. Of course well my daughter and I can grow into that counts together yes yes we seek. A whole take MRI. Also. Noted through. I have that too I do both legs eyes and watch TV. But you'd like it's been more going on TV watching TV as a major. Major part. Of being a social creature Lohan climbing up the corporate ladder and breaking the glass ceiling. Hello yeah watching TV in the is a part of of being a part of. Hum what's the word they always say lover I have never heard Avery a single. Executive male or yeah. Yeah I think that you know. Yeah what I am today because I'll watch now. Much TV is clearly it's because they would even noticed it when they were friendly with people get confrontation as exports. And and movies TV. You've got to be you know that's why I got through hard times aren't able to quote. They've been a lot of momentum. I don't buy it. Thanks for listening to our fair with Matt remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.