Ugly People Make More Money

Friday, May 11th

Finally, some hope for us beauty-challenged folks! We also talk about the things you should never talk about on a first date and Ramona has a pretty bad case of FOMO.


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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening got on there would that Ramona. If your happiness and that'll be a man was going to be a regional YO. Oh. Like can follow it I guess you haven't updated all your podcast. It's worth going back and looking. On the page as they aged. The pod cast a ballot. How singing karaoke didn't bring a team together in its biggest two hours or something to four hours. Doc has added unfortunately. For the boys in the room. Has added video. Of us in the past fifteen years in various singing. Situations. Sing him a. Oh wow yeah lower version of this Carolina girl is under the Katy Perry's California girls it's and we heard it did you also docking include. That one time and we where are the 107 on a link glee club. And we were doing I believe sexy back and met audibly to didn't while I'm up. That's not releasing. That's the guy about year or V necked blouses and nervous yeah I did all it was completed the and yet laugh at a he's an idea that well you didn't do it on purpose to be funny now. Now an arrogance that I'm against them and against and instead you know you were Danson and sing in exerting yourself yes you know that was gonna happen it happens. And I get GM yeah but not. It's happened meted to him one time and in the studio. The tee and how did he go on the MM MM equivalent it didn't and gallon on yesterday and the only guy column in the on the street value added I'm in the yeah you're right there's a good examples. You're probably be me. Personality at this station as hope. You are the only one and we'll always be the other way and whoever to deny the listener. I understand a lot of it is. And yeah and his allies and Obama's basin mine rollers and ready to sort of push me up a bomb drew limited. And you think you still listen that Oregon hello. Now I do that now you gave up these yeah I met amount wants. Examine yeah yeah and then that was last us all of my brother and I were there and I don't think it went well. I thought maybe that was. And new I think mister can you give me a second chance is not an Arizona never happened and. I think the evidence and an amazingly I believe he was a prison guard at the time. And still found me disgusting. You round. It is amazing. So anyway. This new study. Says that really. Unattractive people make the most money used to be always got hot people made all the money. At a called the beauty premium it's been called other things which says if you are. Hot attractive whatever you more jobs and more money. Viewed even just about sending more trustworthy company intelligent than those who are less attractive but. This study. And they found that very unattractive respondents always earned significantly more than just your regular unattractive response. Sometimes more than average looking or even attractive respond. So I guess. Heard two more to be average or slightly below average. Either need to be good looking in or really really really not good look. Now I'd rather not be added I didn't really bad you know you make more money and they say it would put the gas and generally now. But they think that maybe those people because they're less social perhaps that they. Zero in on one area. Alec a computer person or something or radio or hate. And that's all they learn in that Toledo or radio I guess we are here to zero in on that if it doesn't really take any. If you don't like start the other Sunday and again and even worse. Yeah. On soon that's Alan pointed out really well. I mean Stephen Hawking not I mean Zamir Bill Gates said the series he played he wasn't economies prize money mammal honor. You know so anyway I go I know super ugly for. Extra super broccoli up and talk to an elephant management and urges I'm innocent Bradley and. How it one or two going reason why wouldn't those super ugly is that I think. I super ugly woman has it harder than the currently and two grown man doesn't. I know it's been easier if he businesses track a lot of women who will look past the super ugly man. Yeah I am. That's yet to see his car on because he offers this safe the a comfortable life now they want a part of their heart and money. I'm OK here are some women do you look at a lot of Hollywood couples. Where you had this supermodel with a guy who is the opposite of a supermodel you don't see many ones and friends are ones and eight to 2007. And you don't early Chris Rock. Was not an attractive guy now now I'm not at all or drink back again. Yeah 99%. A comedian make money yet comedians aren't asking me women love comedy. So woman. That's all his personality like his humor and he can provide an amazing life and I think she can love and the. The but the the comedians that are are you know knowing nothing but Sioux Falls in Estonia gigs they're not it always have to bring Jess don't look. And tourism coming gas oil and I got a other than they don't look and yeah. Title podcast at. The I well yeah yes if you have money as they as them on track to manually better than money as an attractive. You've got a chance and an average and on track to me and I wouldn't care she really. When matter. And in the pilot levels like anyways in my eyes well. I don't know have a woman that had sex for money let's not let loose. What amounted. Doesn't have to really Michigan on seals you think it really well that's good enough for me and yeah net. I go through every day tradition running its despondency. Smith's assistant for. Glad I would not shape up let's call yourself an eighth to eighty it's I know but we're planet I would go oh yeah. A skull yeah sickness as it was. I would go and cannot dialed don't assign me number I wanna sign your number even bad evil would you go down five slices yes to to make yeah Bill Gates money yes yes I would notify slices the B Oprah Oprah money. Oh yeah. Absolutely. Always have a six slices yeah I go from the six to zero no okay so yeah. Oh are saying now don't tell me under my present. I environmental delegates money the things that I enjoy doing Oprah has bought herself a U wanna be a movie star. Overhead Oprah's money means then people would operate movies and Oprah's not a great actor night and. In this scenario though of course you can't change looks you've got your stock with a zero again. All kinds of may need to be attractive. Well Bill Gates money. Why would it be attractive. To kick out of your attractive and no one likes you. And I have bill gave unattractive like I can buy than delight me through its good points. I'm not his hero that Bill Gates money can do for you can knock me for off. Nobody can't do this theory can't do anything make yourself look exactly I don't care do you really need to. Right okay battalion and I can't go hang out with you because you're zero east what you got bill did you look. I don't understand why I am Ramon has maintained she is too. Ugly just like this we would lose amien married. Now I don't think so Amy would no way would it dated as. Illiterates here well okay gap back when I was but now it's highly somehow. Went from what I am now there was zero she'd stick it makes you sick when it received bopping guys left rights. No question about it. I wouldn't blame right teller tipped my goodness there are. Yeah I wouldn't want to have sex that need. Tells us there's a very weak evidence for the beauty premium. Once you take away the individual differences health intelligence. Big Five personality traits in other words. Beautiful workers might earn more not because the beautiful. Because that are healthier more intelligent holes conscientious. Extroverted not neurotic. That's. Where as I literally got him up. I. Am on what does have an idling dot com I just think gone the Don karaoke team building. And I just spotted. You guys there there's a dudes and bad bikini tops. And I was not one of my better body daisies on August skillet your skills and that's why it's ordered up. Ben you know and I'd put that out there on the island say any dosing killing it even doc. No one's killing it. His body is nice for the entire not a very so great that he met and he would win Drupal you know revolves drag race but. And nick molecule and it it's there's an awful. Lot of things that are easy to deal but winning money which Charlotte this. Is the easiest we want to get you ready for summer with some easy my. You need every weekday from 7 AM to 7 PM think it is to win a thousand dollars cash every hour be listening to the bottom of the hour for the keyword and texted him immediately to 7881. That's a confederate flag is easy money from the station that wants you to have adventures all summer. 79 Bill Lynch don't Q are asked these questions on the first day. A Ron's personal site on the other side of the table this for men to women or women and Maynard says don't basket either way it's for men or women attacked. Do you and I asked how much money you make that or not is well on and. Some dating sites you could put an ideal salary range the most people put in a salary range. You put your salary range you want to date or the value may. You both UK dear now that's rare opportunity for you put it but I'll match dot com I can put this is my salary range which I lie about. And I pay you like down probably. I do lie down yet and Lewis died down. I assume that. Guys fly up. And everyone lies about what their salary is against things who's gonna tell the truth right mostly real life but yeah I'm a guy puts. You know I'm not to renew our. And you know he brings his salary range as under 25000. Like no you're not an aunt and our view AJ you're you're you're unemployed British. You got a hobby this Oregon California and started yet let's get a job because I was businesses. That's just my shallow observation attack and putting it down Gallo observation but he's that one of those guys might be who is a multi millionaire he's the only old. He doodle trip on your right it's like every lifetime movie where are find out later he's a friends yes it doesn't work like yeah. It was a lifetime movies where reason is vanity. No the guy who's working at your garden shop. And alcohol manure yeah it's been a secret printed moldy via you don't know we might be then you know I'll match that problem. Who says he's not to renew or making less than two to 4000 dollar down here. No he's not secretly a Nigerian friend he doesn't want a mom money grabber coming Adam alone. I I don't. I'd be I think it is weird even put it numbered. Do you think you just it is gonna Weir's but it numbered I ate a I don't know why you waited and is I. Good server is a low number down home and because I don't want to attract a guy who's looking for a sugar mama. And also don't want to intimidated guy. Rule might make a little less than me and I think that out there the start with a lie Ramona and a I'm just not do it why did you have because. I I put I do that much. I I'm not lying I mean I do as much as I say make. Hop did you make. Yeah I do make 20000 aisles and make what did you and I thought that you get a ruling and am starving artist this is and did the number that I put it is actually. The number that I live. Whatever either way to trickster mood today you and your local why do you have to do. And he's like required. No but the reason why am I eight. As much or as little of the profile as you watch as people shallow I want more information. The time for the guy who just puts his name in his height in the body type is looking for not responding to him I want more. Did you have are you believe are all you need money on mine now but I also. Would like our range. Hey why wasn't. Aid well doesn't he say on the thing like this we're different people put that in there employed don't between jobs. I would like an employee guy. Easy to be in Italy when you find job navy says open Floyd hit me up when you find a bit different. Well what it he says his job I do yeah you can put your occupation they does that play how much he makes right is you because. Asking what someone's occupation is. Unless they are an entrepreneur or. And you really had no clue. The wind you ask someone their occupation and they say. I'm a pilot on the computer programmer I'm a professor I'm an elementary school teacher I'm a nurse. Based upon how long they've been doing and how old they are you could pretty much get out a ballpark. You Google I don't know probably would have been doing carrier and they're mixing you think you can. Some of those positions aren't that you'd think you'd get a ballpark early it. Figured that they're someone who is. A chilly in how does that. Matter if he's entry level pilot who's not regularly as much as a twenty year pilot why should that matter. For me then at my age. And my expectation. Is. Eve I I I'll just put it like this I know some guys at my age who are entry level. And there are entry level for a reason out and it not and it's not a good reason what president general entry level violates. They're entry level radio guy is accredited there that aren't go getters. They're not go getters and a man now or have they been hanging on to a hobby too long not realizing it's a hobby. Not a profession all right so he would that it just Indiana native features and drive that is messed. How are you despite occupation. On Wednesday night she said the president's job beard open it all depends on the top. Right yeah I know I know I don't I use is kicking off his company career. 42. Where he's like yeah there are some thing and only job is thing. We might need some latitude pays room and board. Until I takes offers that thing you know we'll entity that comedy career of 42 easy doing a lot of seedy jobs and a lot of traveling. And you don't in my living off of you might as their goal is to be living out I wish I could be listening. My print so small baby and Newton small babies and very very. A real passionate about right based about comedy. Passionate about comedy. And that's not my talents. And I app I understand lectures that adage that there's a story behind. Maybe is a story behind it I am and independently wealthy and I'll balls I tossed my is urging prayer away. For example. You used to own a bar in Charlton he Packers then the guy who bought your bar. Left bank. Now I've I've met a guy who said I'd just open my very first bar I'm 45 years old iMac new to the bar ownership seen. I would probably say good luck with that. As a movement is how is the most bars don't succeed. Well there is mourning his story he already succeeded in one business yeah and now he isn't he wants to do a bit out of business until obviously a small business owner. Bad bets are sports bar how about I own a sports bar about a dvd repairman. Here are hurt us about it a temporary Internet age difference. Also there with that in remote it's not FaceBook can cause stress in people's lives. I think the more neurotic. Right the more I mean if you're just on around like that semi regular basis you're probably not stressed Lou if you are on it. For a longer appeared to at times daily gaffes yet then that that caused stress but I think if you're just. You know kind of check in and out of it once and loud but some mobbed every once in awhile. That's probably not Sessler of those people now you know to be able aunts constantly feeding FaceBook. I don't elect constantly means a and you got to be really. Attention to what you post but let's say you posed a picture of yer kid that you think is absolutely adore. Eddie gets to hikes. And then you hop on over to your friends page and she posted a picture of her adorable kid and it's got forty likes. She just has that never would notice that yes I would never notice that I. I need to I don't think that we are normal in the sense that. I we we worry a little bit about what we're putting up there in the sense that we wanna be. Funny or interesting because it's not just our family it was just her family and not right it's our job and I try to interesting I'm trying to bombard people because you know ideas or shoot my handled all day. Dana I turn my head off that like. You know. Eventually yeah PM every day yeah it's been damaged or does go on instinct yeah I shut down the athletes vote on the weekend for the most part Luke but. I can see ought to be stressful for you fear what does Iran all the time receive people doing cool things yen. I'll bust app cool learn life. Yeah. So they did a study in Australia and they found that people who deleted FaceBook had lower stress levels after just five days and people who kept their accounts. And cash. There was a side effect. The people who left FaceBook. Had lower levels of life satisfaction. In no anxiety or less stress. But they weren't liking their life as much right doesn't end researchers think it's because they lost out on the little dope being Burris the to get. When someone like your posts and I have to admit. I feel pretty good and when I post something and people cheering it out like it. Feels pretty darn good yeah I don't. I don't think I got most pressure gets a hundred likes. Oh yeah post a picture gets to likes. That ya know I don't it doesn't. All all you did not to see it done that was a long time ago now I've shaken at all that was long time ago I said that now I don't even really notice. At this what is your why you don't notice black because your posting. To FaceBook from Twitter. But public on it. But surely you don't really go there to check very often teens I was going to everyday and every day and an abatement they do something. Like actors sat in the fourth marine. I embassy. Are highly unlikely wasn't a good men navy hospital paralyzed. And there's your FaceBook candidates. I don't know about a track pack well there is strongly tied it is who habits IE. I'd like to put its team. I I I I blurt ideas throughout this program but then I'm like yeah that's too much again. Nano might well what I do without these ideas where'd I put these in the land life in the archives. I can't just like. Bombard people with my brilliance. I've I've got a lot of space announced that's my biggest stress ball is how often I can do it. Because the ideas like man bam bam bam. And I don't know what to where to put them or did you and your signal list visually and nice list I'd have a list over here. It doesn't without Iranian riding titans shook. And running because you'll look I had Ayers and they sat on the what it says via not this is poop bathtub. So. I tonight and I know that this one yen while you're on the toilet shook up hat. Now it's when he's hitting it we talked about kids proven about but I was gonna do yeah. Take a poll of sub you're gonna elaborate musical rent an elaborate on these possibilities it's reality radio what your schedule all off there with. Ramona all right so my veto it is kids fear of missing out Paul Ryan you are correct so let's. You see a picture on your in scraps that had to respond whenever and its a you're friends but not you and. Most with my family. Why my cousins who are my age LC he they got together and did something cool like. Being go to cavs games together instead four but that's not something that you could have been invited. It is. Clearly it drive up there to go to caps game. They play these things months months out and there's a reason I don't my sorority sisters I see him getting together in an. That I've that doesn't happen I mean I think one of the reasons that I'm not on. FaceBook alive a time and when I am it's it's my you know whatever page at all. News that listeners or whatever. So like all the friends and family they've really show up you'll understand FaceBook that was how I wouldn't I had no let me not visiting the pages of other people. Oh yeah adequate and well. And that's yeah. On the comes across my diamond and the minute I turn on them that's it yeah what are you but in my body to semi. When he got text picture on the deck excerpts of AM dad went to guys and knowing and Charles and I was like oh my god again when he did that without make. Even cross my mind. That well because I know I would. And he didn't come out so with some makes remember. First of all big. This analyst with Obama but remember that people admittedly but their best selves on line. So you think eleven of the highlight but you know what battle they're fighting in real and and real time through at did they say it's similar in the thing that you we see some VA how are you. You really and expect. Here are the stuff how are used to actually Elin does stores a look at FaceBook has the same thing it's kind of a musicals at. On so if you're not be missing from in Vermont is cousins or instincts and he needed do logic. We at a town ordered occurred around I recently that's ridiculous but to move. Him. The event occur far away from where you land Juanita knows how to find me and it may be your friends think that you need space for some reason. This is. If you've got the point. I mean something. A little off to get a rundown that. List if it just want I can see of its. If you're constantly constantly in left that it not just a couple and another couple but directors ten people get together. And they're in your group and over and over again you're not in there and yes that's pretty messed up but I see they went on Saturday night. And I wasn't invited I don't really. Battery and yeah I mean and it's beyond my never even thought process. All right so you do that. But the weird what is your friends think you need space now no friends like somebody needs space they're not inviting you are reasoning that something's zap. Because they don't like York and there's some reason maybe it's numbers maybe that they wanted to have one on one time with the other media. Sonia couples cigarette every million they're never toppled yeah maybe that's our money to be coupled up any time you went. I'm Ramona Holloway FaceBook page not least that it and you just ask for. No he's cute. I see you're sad about it he said. There are a couple of incidentally I think I don't have anybody I would like to couple with right now now I when I see my married friends get together and do coupled stuff it does make you feel all the little left out sometimes I now why did you cobol stands with. With cool couple I invited. Many single people and the single guy now. So you. Actually. All coupled up I was not without them and at the mid museum saying you know and I wouldn't have gone I needed I have a couple. Now and it's easy to Natalie and Morgan didn't permanent end. You have an invite your cool okay but is that better or worse. Better hurry. Up. And if there are very classy people do with a bag your single and alone no resistance to begin not a variety. It doesn't matter if they if you're single and that you're single and alone and not cool yeah try to figure it comes lovers don't forget about it. Yeah I NN might not just getting around those tickets cheap shot what I can. I think again man and I didn't have my Silverstein is Darwin. And do an a plus. Thanks for listening to our fair with met Ramona. Check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.