Use The Tongs!

Monday, February 12th

People commit party fouls anyway, but Matt & Ramona are here to remind you to use those tongs! 


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Today to what that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening come on there with bad Ramona. One at a Nash playing I guess your back. Bandy an abductor here and share and tell us some tips. Correct so we discussed this on the air the comments have been rolling in on this very controversial subject. It is the belongs. Poems songs. There's no song debate when that song is like a partied on a plate needed to pick something up. On I would use upon something yeah yeah and I wouldn't be at that party in the but winners a taunt their do you have. Do. You must use it for the app you must retirees say the host put it there for a reason. But days and maybe not long says. Please don't finger of the food just pick it up delicately with a bong and keep them yet yet now. I have with the songs that go on and I think I'm an actor didn't. His idea that they could not to tongs and took it and edit the. I think it'll lose when you are. I believe that it could've been left there accidentally and Osama. Often homes they wander away from the actual dish they're supposed to be used or and I don't have one for every dish. But a lot of times you see it I must say sometimes the tongs move this people use among different places. Atlanta let's not forget that sometimes the tongs. Are too powerful for the thing that they expect you pick up falling a cracker summed it. Brush like at all tortilla chips code tortilla chips that is used about as good call crunch and multi. Admit that you can't put. Your homes in a bowl of chips I'd seen it bets. That doesn't work well however. I expect you to pick up the key is and crackers. And the meatballs. Always chicken wings and the carrot sticks and the celery sticks. If I'm home is on the table. They're okay that you don't finger foods that. You're not what is celery stick land there haven't tried it on celery stick yes you know there's nothing here it is one of these elements that are there talk McKenna. If they're under one yeah numbers yet you use you use it and didn't end when your hands. The chip mole you don't get all the chips that you touch. Generally they're chips. This fall out of your hand if you're grabbing a handful right so in the fall back in there why don't do those ships and like it thongs are to home mom. Are very bad acting up round things in access what's that say Iraq it's. Did so well why are you serving rabbit is. Yeah yeah. Yeah a great. It's. How you guys agree that it could trainers and you can never get to Greg and protect. A friend drank it yeah. Greg's won by winded. Do you can't do a ton already of the line you don't know the line people that's why I'm goes yeah. Arming the home the Greg yeah you'll need to wait until I guess the thing you know you don't wait until last meego. You have issues. The dogs in the first loans and round things don't go ahead and heaven forbid that a cherry tomato. That's all I guess. I don't. Think. You gotta admit I'll get your friends are tomato with a Tonya has been harmony. Mall meat balls are often serve with a slotted spoon or would that be better in the league did the souls can drip off a little little toothpick would be nice and perhaps than men do little slow cash for the I'm not cross a little smoky often older off the meatball I'm just saying it at all but you don't need to tell me and tried to take all of it and. Did you meet all the flaw lets think this. Away down the somebody unfazed as he did it warming tray of any sort. You have to use. I want you to say there's probably example I'm not that bad. Chips could be you have others claim it's a dimpled sometimes known as kind of fancy parties wanting to ask Lisa I'm sorry I'm. And anger warming trays somebody. Wrote every you know wasn't one of the pages about. We are here is candies Mallon has he says who knows who touched those stones before he Ramona low safety first so you can have all kinds. Candy it's just just trying to make it so that I don't leave my house this yes. Thousands. Of some measure of sanitary practices. That does that would ever bring that type and your practice has got to make it better for everybody. The nasty people have to try to tear apart the that we don't have anything so my life and I bonus pay my hands and everything and bring all the foods right now. We try to be alive. Allison says he solved songs on top of the bread at a grocery store and I want to use that don't like but the talk and touch celebrate and think that he's over there whether all the hand of about. Possibility of us were wearing gloves to hold the tongs nine now it's is out of control. Yeah and the lady says vagaries of me everybody else uses Toms has discussed. I'm picking up a piece or two and putting it on my plan stinks taunts and this that a person. That's hurt you. Does on her unity did that what is for this city so probably help you with your manual dexterity Debra says I spent many many years of tong was appetizers and double dipping dips. Only the last twenty years only comes with a steady as a German poet tells me noted that allergies and the guy issue in the same twenty years just sand and so we need this. Read more on through a cam and so. I'm not a prisoner. I'm the double dipping as well and I you see it and alleged double the wildlife. I am unhappy ending the Sony beware environmental suits. We got on it and I didn't let. It. I know you at 10 o'clock exactly and slope in it but it's little more than any Milan through Milan Super Bowl. The equipment. And and understand. Motorbike at the moment. One being to speak the language of alumni. And it's a whole different ballgame to them broadcast to the world surely. Best mixes can. And the opportunity to make an everlasting impression. You were sweetie by using our airwaves. It's your shot to propose to your honey Monday aired during the and that Ramones show just go to 1079 killing dot com. They tell us about your love story and why do. You would be the perfect person to propose over the Radio One winner will receive the certificate for a diamond ring from diamonds direct limo ride to the radio station and love struck at least register today to broadcast your language of love for everyone to hear from the station that loves to dress up like you did once a year. 1079. The link. You should ask these questions of your future of spouse and though I'm sure. Very few people have ever done this. How much alone time do you need. Badly you know you say what Saturday mornings with coffee and a book. And and you love that. You've done it forever. Played a lot of ties people think well we get merited that things change about that you've got to say this is my Spain. Oh are watching football might staying lull that might staying. But I am I am making examples aren't on time by that you'd you'd need to say. That these are the things I. Need things are all there are important to close friends even the need to spend with once a month they play poker whatever it is kind of Qaeda. Tell him upfront or ask up front. And not expect him to dump his poker game you don't hear. It's a game called the Congo has been bronco your taxes or whatever nets. You gotta you've you have to make the other person understand that this is the same thing like a light on that even on might not be. Here's the thing. The problem. Comes in wind. We get a friend of mine and her husband had the stereotypical. Golf battle happening. And she knew he was in love with golf that's Tuesday. From the beginning from the unabated. As their lives have changed yes and responsibilities. Around children yet that changed their parents. Had changed yes she feels like. He's just no longer of they year. Force him to expect. To devote this much of his weekend. To golf. 'cause she can't leg when he first got together at that highlighted in her. Tennis time in shopping and timing craft time can do change the world and she's had to basically dial back on all the things that she'll light. Now you have to compromise yeah I used to watch football on Sunday and lo and all day Sunday all in your Monday night. So now I'm limited to my chiefs and maybe one other Yang. Yeah. Those numbers compromised compromised there is compromises in and end the compromise that you make when you first say I do. Like you said may not be the compromise that you need to make as you renegotiate. When kids come along. The ball and her. Users somebody's parents skits or. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah job changes and now the Irish changer whatever you're turning a compromise and as opposed to you can't ever off again why as a person can never golf again or hey you know. That golf is my thing and every Saturday IA. And yet it's tied to arrange this time the course this was cited. Right I think at the beginning though you've got to say. I went in the mornings I'd like to go read a book a called Imus. Obviously things can change Biden got a got a Saturn up. You know and and when the time comes hopefully of the irrational enough ago to compromise things have changed but the beginning I think you got tankers. All of a sudden. That's taken away from you if for no real reason. That it could probably. Right rant is the stuff his party your identity and who you are and it's important to keep. Your thing you sign your thing who you are not you know get lost in the other person someone to. Yet and I need to do nine holes in it up next early cry whatever it is. On an ad this guy in Jordan Peterson I think Amos got that number one best salaries and big guy anyway. On he says. Ninety minutes a week at least this is for people who have kids. Nine units a week the talk about your ass crap which means kids. Whatever you'd and it worked. Schedules. How to get kids to and from sporting events whose babies all that's. That's ninety minutes. Which comes out to thirteen minute thirteen and today. But it doesn't mean he restarted today one day can be half hour me there's got to talks and ties it parades. This or that matter. Work so that's ninety minutes. To do that away. And that doesn't seem unreasonable with kids and that's that's the number it up with its own race. Only can be anything that because I want kids and a battalion that was. And geez don't Rudy. Yeah. And then. Then. Now. Ninety minutes and it is not combative years a game it might be last ninety minutes. When your married no kids pursue ought to have some time to do business. The basic stuff Mary schedule when she's flying here yeah how was your work today in the attack ads like that was your job. Ali do play more than at that house a dead ends and outs Al's been in Internet. Pals crap that's is relationship yeah that okay stop about how to get your crap together play I'm. I'm going to stop went into Chelsea Clinton bills. Decorating paying dean Mooney. Right kindness of Dana and we gave you about my day that she did not. Is how tells me that and that's how is made nets have been most people on something else make a decent ninety minutes a romantic. An anti I jobs back to that got your romantic drugs and drugs thanks you're you're adding another ninety minute somewhere. Like talking about stuff in say that there's a benefit ninety minutes from man take. Whose. I didn't listen enough to know that means sex Brian we didn't allow romantic meet the. Sort of connecting I bet there isn't certain part of romance that comes from you. Thoughtfully and carefully listening to what's important to their list act. That's intimacy now and I'm Garrett van dam that's it yeah ninety minutes. Thirteen minutes today. No I don't I don't do thirty minutes a day. But it got some days 26 minutes. I start to tiger. Leave it should I. Because that'll make it even more romantic yeah. Guys at 9 AM to get inside your head here you can't just remain the only time as the end and dad giving you had 44 seconds itself. We've used it up it's that's well let's start doing on my day even seconds in his dad started under your out of time. You're listening to all there was. I'd rather. Be down the road. Everybody just. Remember I thought hey you growling. This rally. Raleigh rolling rolling rolling out of people say Iraq ruling it. This RA WL ING Greg gets announced tomorrow Al Al ING a little facility Jake original answer about it. The woman who starred in wonder. Gail good no doubt about Delgado could not. Not it's not as bad as. Announcer on every TV show and whether it's. Ryan Kelly or the Tonight Show whatever it is they. All our Galvin well why didn't allow vague excuse me she had a dot police launched similar something I wonder why. We think it's fancy she French or something she's eleven actually Israeli really and it's why we don't jump and the good news sounds French. So it and it is not really accent sounds. French to the untrained ear I think that's why we need Air France and we didn't return later to get dot. The singer who Chris Brown's logged is. That Rihanna. Re and a Regina three and a she says it's re hands like your Southern League when they actors I really hate you I mean I don't his movies necessarily. But I just a TB hard older person hang around with. Com. As well like re Hannah. Yeah allowed only long. You on as they have reached an all black team the guy on a minority and his first name is. Ralph look at it like that an app I U and it is a villain and Harry Potter okay Diego Baltimore yes I it's actually means is at raced. Fiennes Ralph's. Not route and essar at whatever rate eyes he's one of those guys Daniel Day-Lewis I never wanna be different. Agassi. Eighty they look like they take themselves too seriously I don't wanna be your friends why did you get bugged me to be your friend isn't just the roles they play maybe. I think I think I just bet that they take is about the actual because like I heard that like that Daniel Day-Lewis why you know it one left foot which he walked around a foot for awhile and that could affect the and so I think the guys distinct character all the time it's. Now Canada again I don't like people at saint yeah in that Lincoln he stating cared link a jerk. That there are going to be a jerk but he's on my friends. Thought our belting out. We'll just hang out so well thought class act with the. C. Is in west rolled right now. And she was in the color for. It's in. Just this last there's Newton. They at that they Indy Newton. It's handy handy and dates aside candidates always also. Did dollar sandy and it was any. Reason just act Canada and being. I'm button. The academy of week in. India active currencies replace you as Britain's I always thought it was India. Yes I'm talking about a it's and I yeah. Why is in the middle of and as a blow your mind. Charlize. Theron. And I'm I'm in the Iran. Therein. Therein therein therein girl Charlie's therein. Not Airpwn. Are you should hire me you're right the right way there is. I'll change bearing in serious and never heard of for now Charlie Hanger and she was trying to tell people it's a dog has its Charlie Arrington. Therein therein. Are generally is there any that in this. Rather than all right look we are not buying this I mean I'm behind now at on the Internet have shut us so it's reality radio what your schedule all off there who. Ramona all right dude you have adult ADHD. And I did here's some of the things and this is amazing to me because all these years. I've never. Put two and two together on the adult ADHD sign you take lots of bathroom breaks. All of these years all my peeing. Luna and who knew him back just us that yes send an alleged threat and I did so I was being wins. My friend John. Friends and although rarely has all the guys played the late sixties whenever and it was a couple hours in ninety and impede again. And I heard out the guy you know. On Pattinson and say boy your friend piece. Of all and it was like five minutes into the unit itself so now I guess they have ADHD. Adults. Also connected it says adults with ADHD often Gillick you have to be on the move almost like a power buy an invisible motor. Because suddenly along presentation are meeting to unbearable. Did you think you'd also like get up and go we're gonna go get up and go somewhere water fountain bathroom on time just like. I only have to peak I wanna go somewhere so all go to the bathroom. You know so you're not really going in their appeal outside sometimes is going in the air. Something I have to go I mean when I was managed gets beat out but I know there's been time has. I I know this is a breakthrough for you and I don't want to put a damper on near eighty HD breakthrough. But oftentimes before you go and you're doing. Eight PP dance again here are you just telling yourself that you have to those beats that you can get out of the room. How do you really have to tell hero really have to go animals. Only three yet here I really have to hold a lot longer than norm but sometimes and retrospect and thinking about it and called my attention. I'm sure there's times arrived on. Just because. 'cause I remember getting in there wasn't a mistake. And I can enemies. Then. And I'm listening to conversations that's all bird arm is this guy that I've got to be on the move because I'll do it sometimes if I'm and others get up and start walking around I'm not in my lifetime where eagle he didn't deny nothing that does need to move yes it is needed to walk around the house for a little bit right. They must go to the pier where I had don't do that. But that but it doesn't block granting are gonna drinker you audio of the water found do whatever whatever. And one of the things people do it any easier apparently they go big. Walt I. Let me am theory happy and then and part of this. Breakthrough for you you should be here also I know I'd like to there's appeal line that would ever placed on men. I will get in line sometimes when I don't have to be just knowing. By and I need to hear my appetite to be I don't wanna rush to last second. If I had aren't dribbled down my leg we've all been there and let includes the red ribbon drivel that I don't doubled analytic. Let everybody come on vanity eat a little bit no sign that bad. Okay always you'll get to doesn't think this is insane animal run outside and pee on the grass there in the woods and when I was at the super ball I got. I was like four guys deep and I jumped up to drag out fight where an aggregate like six guys. It I like we are in the restroom or idea for guys deep to get into the Jarno. I ran out of the guy in front twenty bucks on the as much as my friend was so mad he wanted to finally got to be a market is like new takes its wanna just let the guy he's on he's got to takes a Tony dollars. I just not that's cool. Well it's the Super Bowl and the lines are really extremely lonely and how guys up people are free twenty bucks to let them he led them why they're saying hey I got a very baguette or soccer. And want more time I got in front alliance and and she got everybody. And like OK I'm gonna jump in front five people can be to be a dollar ago unfunny. Others are enough we got a patent and where are ever X could prove that I made it Lee dollars and. I'm not letting parliament current dollar and I'll tell you what. ADHD is that your big problem he's five tie it at that madness and it poorly and I'm not a professional I'm no faster Phyllis let. Did I will busy deeper than 88 now act I tell you this though than Minneapolis I honestly I think. The problem is it necessarily that you have to move in. ADHD problem stems from her drinking. Not that point because you have to always have something in your hand mr. brown ought to amend my daughter of the year if I wanna guy's house and a restaurant and order. I've I. Drink yet did and a daughter. Because you don't you know if you keep drinking their diet drink he'll be like ten and so is ministry ordered drive because you because you got to cycle somatic single. In Galveston. It could it keeps. Just to the bigger problem is being it is being leads me to has it and it is often. But I guess I don't think we can help you when you win. And I like these are your holiday or psychiatrist on call via the votes. Psychiatrist and apples and urinary tract infection and that was yeah. That didn't end the homily. Thanks for listening to our fair would that remote check out the article. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.