A Very Healthy Ramona Holiday

Tuesday, November 21st

Have you ever had that one person who's trying to force their healthy ways onto you? That's Ramona's plan during the holidays, and we can guarantee her family isn't gonna like it!

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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening got on there would then remote and. Warrick yeah this Monet's shrine team. Thanksgiving dinner for her fans that are half. Plus presented today progressives are Christmas. And you decided to go help 100%. Healthy currently. Under. Way way way healthier than we you'd ever see it if you're out. Eight I'll give you. A typical breakfast at my grandmother's house for Christmas or Thanksgiving. There would. The Krispy Kreme like doughnuts that had been fried in. Fred they were warm out of the Avant. You would have eggs you begin need biscuits. Either Kim over grapefruit depending upon the scene there you go well it would also be toast. There would also be pancakes. And you guys didn't agree it does it. Generally of course if you add biscuits you also have gravy OK and a lot of practice. And you would be full forever. And and nobody's just any Wiki and literally. Know two days worth of calories. In one meal nobody's taken justice small little plate of each don't Tricia absolutely. Not back end loaded. Let alone on all the salt. And homemade jelly and the butter. End. Literally two days worth of calories in one meal breakfast three hours later you're eating again. When he carried out at a later and very. Except now so I'm I've decided that since most of my family. When I take a look at who's gonna be at my house. Out of let's say a fourteen people. Seven of those people either have diabetes or pre diabetes. You're trying to help map for at least one day. It's based code audited every day at seven I'm an idol I refuse to support. Porn diabetic choices right now you'd think they won't go out and yet it at a gonna go out. At some unhealthy first will be food chain. Personally elegy guardian neighbors I will be food do you think you are and who know he likes to debate why nobody likes that well I like. And I figured out a way to use digital wave that is just should attack. And added I'm not going to do eggs will be scrambled. With olive oil or coconut oil though he's gambled with butter and not she units that are milk not. Three wood there would be no donuts donuts and muffins they they're gonna be galleries there will be no regrets actually no grits no grips. And ties. No ties no right none if you rely despise my family. Leave debt hide making is an art a competitive are what scan now which amounts at bats. She Alienware. Pretending like she's going along with a black. Beats anything like what I've seen in the past she is on the phone as we speak behind my back. Trying to get to consider and help unhealthy consensus. On it again tell you that there's that I didn't vote we decided that. So and so's going to do breakfast and so in those gonna die. Kennedy had dinner so that they get what they want piles of Mac and cheese please files Ohio. Is yogurt I did and I can't be tried will be front my chili Fries ties you know that right. Now I don't remember voters should ask your holiday dish is individual tried buys. A man. The ties that I'm healthy now you take it you make it individual pie you use it all kind of sweet stuff and it being you. Right now and you Friday and then add. Hard sugar on top this so. Fast. Us and and I think it is delicious it is a may have been the primary is slots bronze with a but let's saddle. And I treasure and any just money either. That's that the therein lies a huge run don't like what you do is end this happens every family gathering. They're really good stuff this entity apply to fried pies a coconut cake. The MacKey and she halls. The fried had changed the salt water or run it outage and John sounds awful when you do is you. Bring your only receptacle your own Tupperware or whatever. And you go and you siphon off everything you do that again. At the beginning before Lawrence told anybody needs you hide it in the trunk of your car and did you make your play. It's thesis. That's weird man that had his day in every track is weird but at your house but I did indeed know would be I think. To your house or not hiding anything. And I in the celery. And celery and strategists. Say how has things it again exuded joke about it later and I am out of anger about that because our fruit is not going to be imply formed. Is going to be fresh and they are. Apple's grapefruit and bananas is he any is you won't like I'd oranges too I just know it's not an hour anybody here and take. That's there LL leave young dole out the Wii's he's gonna go shopping behind your back and load up I'll pantry full of junk yeah and that's a guarantee. Mine health conscience will be clear. Because you tried your best yet tried your best that's get no call on my watch our friends and I think that's right you aren't. You know values like you are an ironing out I've been watching the. The holiday movies at my lifetime holiday movie hallmark I am my hallmark holiday movies out there in and they do fill my head with. With visions of how I can create. Holidays. That are magical thing got a hot young people walking around I've got into the I'm doing my part to make it OK okay now pay interest is gonna attack you. Interest I've already and that problem is I watch in movies. I go campaign trail is a bit on the Better Homes and Gardens Greg I doing yourself. It by the wayside knowing get into market later how to use. Decorated for low energy golf harvest partners in our yes harvest is done and I've already contacted a friend to remind me. Who has giant box is still hope mean with mind. Port skeet or my words gazing at Christmas are you losing at Tom Holler you losing Armas in your neighborhood alone winning. Everybody is not doing anything now they won by default they did was removed there. They're like various. Which they still might win ghostly stuff. And the left behind a couple of com a lot of kind of winning that an amateur or minus you know mine not yet in my own mind or. It's reality reveal what your schedule all off there with. Points in his seven years you guys are going in an eleven to get even. Yeah I'm gonna make this. I just now he's more like path. I was a degree in radio three and a so I should do some radio or do you now we're not goto Fuller. Against wells that Psycho fours and fives. And who knows that does is Detroit's economic development that I have six to ten years. The number one reason or both heterosexual men and women they have both sides of the Atlantic. Where the same thing. Both American and European women top reason was down to feeling like they weren't being. Given enough attention from their partner. Are American and European men at the top reason was that the other person was really hot. Amazing and that shallow now we're not. So did it because you've basically abandoned me I would rather emotional I've read TV cheated on someone hot and someone. You know it was getting your attention and usual cheated on me simply because you saw some entry here in China here that's just how. RR I I like the idea. My idol again but I had to pick one I'd rather have my white point hot guy. Then blowing some guy who's not as. And some as me and it is just pays attention. A little. Yeah. That I mean I'd like to guide it been not nearly as attractive as science. Look. Like at least two numbers down from what I am. I'm like a six I want to got to be at least a four. I'd like that way more than I just wasn't getting your attention. Yeah that you want her to find a hotter guy no less hot outside let's. So if she's got to cheat cheat sheets with a less hot guy. Very attacked. He's very judicial ethics as oil less hot yeah less hot guy he's very attended yes I couldn't rather him not looking as good. Yeah but you want him to cheat her bed and yet tiger is still feel superior to him yet what a loser she may well mean each treating her better. He's paying more attention do the job you're doing is your husband you don't care so much about I don't know paying attention and I checked out along time ago and they'll find her attractive anymore I would just doesn't hurt wow doesn't. Hurt me as much if I just know that I was I again and it allows air that and disgusting yeah. He's got like Bentley phase sagging and one and a bowler ready contention that. Yeah he's a good then yeah like immediate and yes I'll be attentive and next wait there's picked spiced. I'd rather do that. So anyway they also in the top five reasons. And so both American and European women. The guys not pay attention. But for the European women number two US that a person was really hot. Out all the way down and number four of the American women. And European women man. And also the European women have number five I needed to feel sexy. We American women don't have that on their aides. Day and age is it which is interesting missed a missed out American women number five was I was bored. The European women never say and hated it that doesn't and that's that's and operates horrid sport just bored. To lose weird aren't. Or any timetable period as that now an aging category you used a boring person so yes number one apart or stopping intense enemy the other person was really there for me. I have my doubts about personal relationships blowing the other person is hot and I was bored or the women. For the guys really hot keyboard hitting on me. Oh please vision of this kind of thing it would wait a minute so basically. Behind I saw someone who looked better number two is. Somebody baby and attention as people bolt. People opportunity you have the opportunity opportunity and this is reasons people have been tempted to cheat or had seated. So you be tempted because people themselves and the city's hidden here and he didn't. Was it out and hold out and I'm like OK last from all the enthusiasts and I gave the ceiling on government Ali's FaceBook page you viewed like Al Ater. And now there's. The same effect fragment girls you can say girls through their panties and guys on their underwear and now governor gross exactly and that's offensive not defensive. American man shot into a bar and air men rolling their eyes. I really throwing any more disturbing. And really hard throwing the paint and cops that's assault on one of your boyfriend walks back from the bathroom he slides his underwear under the table to it's nice tidy line yeah that you let you. Try it with your wives at some point this week in a lot of and Alex elegant a day is she really revved up and ready al-Qaeda in her purse and and in New Orleans are my foot a little. The American men it's because Emerson was hot people hitting on me I was having doubts about my relationship my partner I weren't having sex. Partners not paying attention. And a European man they have I was born on. It and we don't we let you board names images to ward daily guides aren't. Do you know that cents. Net it is probably and the opportunity to. Play better we say yeah. You're listening off there with. They are doing so that your bad. Like it useless yeah I obviously something's. You know I think Wallace over very well well well aware of how to speak. The server fray but does there are some things to maybe obviously people wanna Wear because they asked original survey whenever they sit and erupting the servers intra. Like well in a high on blog about water baltics and water please ask gamble he's Argo and into the specials. That's on Enron's own yes. And yeah causing it like because I'm finish unity don't want him yes and then respond to. Once they say he likes know that sounds good under dat say something does don't sit Darryl and stagger net debt in fact that's the second one responding as servers intro would dead silence. Hi I'm glad to be your server today did you did you drink. Crickets. You had to look up in at least say hello Nat enemy go through that this specials like you said. It acknowledgment that you heard specials ass that's not a. Only I know we're talking about restaurants but it's the same vein we need. You walk into historic and you know the employees have been instructed to tell every single customer. A low yet today it's buy one get one free on and tights. Listen to this deal it takes a I'd like literally thirty seconds of your time her and then say no saying I didn't say thank you knowing that has some I cannot stop at times I will. China to get eye contact. Write about it and haven't had a Bebop trying to to get back out deck and hope they look overlook me but when they come nobody would say. I ate if you buy this you get a free credit card whatever just listen to the spiel Deborah and I they had to give it. I'm not stopping when the guy at the CVS says and loggers in the aggregators like rumors to stay in their loss eyeball and also. Say hello I don't stop and and it stopped I stopped I'll speak back on NA and got a hundred data that is on. Self seeding. If it's. There isn't a sign. Wager but up at the front yeah you do you don't use you have to assume they're Celsius. You have to assume there's not sell seated at a facility told otherwise or even yes. On asking the server the yap. I guess. I don't know what they went hooked up Bob but I would never a million much of me capitals that. Our attorney Carol that David do that's extra dressing. Yeah may have been a UN say a pre op units a basis point five cents extra it would every Wednesday. To step up. Dress technical or more SARS yet they've this this process server says it. I I have balked at paying an additional 20000 at a drive thru what I say can I have extra addressing and they say at a B 25 cents extra. When I know your other locations don't do that to me that I will balk. That our eyeball if that person behind the scene mama walker and you might say it's an obviously bad area has been over using condiments. And trying to people abusing their exodus. And it. Patients I don't quite could be penalized because I'm not at my regular store back I'm high on lies. People I think I can bought by the same certain South Park is probably different pricing and that Alabama but I tell you black. Often times when I bought gonna say I. According to a block over a quarter yes I do you. Or the dollar you can not vulnerable border they do even a dollar you can't I I think any you know can I have extra dipping sauce or whatever I doubt that a meat and five cents as eight. You know what yesterday I am party is on your blob blob store I don't know yeah. Here because it that I didn't just give it to me for free. Oftentimes than I roll. But that's the interstate. And when it says on a much of a hurry you feel like you should get through the drive through not having an argument was here's over Tony fives. And 25 cents down no I will not. What's. Your racing 99.9. 99%. Of the time when I go to the drive through I'm paying with my car it. What the next accord 99.9. 99%. Of the time I don't have another quarter. But you certainly are under order. And I don't know sometimes it how can I have extra so lots that be an additional 25 cents weight after you pay after I've. Now there's though and in the spit on your order for three not men and I. Or after I have my food guy and did through the and now you did you not feel about that. And you're lining it then I say that I'll pass I'm not re running in memory of Bob passed and a lot of toggle to say like a move here. Contact Doctor Murray Jesus. Like an employee guy making ten dollars an hour is like coming heartland this London ten dollars an hour your fighting over a court order your brand new car. And here's the here's the rub okay I'm sticking up for the little guy because a lot of times it places. The gonna charge you an extra quarter for extra ketchup. A Barbeque sauce. This is where if you're by. It's about the neighborhood where people are not ready for. There are on the continent to take on the even a little guys like here lady take my corner and open and you accidentally policy it is well now it's up I can walk though this. And nobody nobody can not balked at any thing. Under a dollar. And watch me maybe five but drive through and an end internal answered down here from his agent. And I will show you'll walker I. And why we've done it before that you node at your corner ready. I would tell you should make your complete order before you pull around I always say all take some solace work and ketchup and Bob yeah why not you tellem. That does not work. You can ask for extras blend. You're culture and Barbeque sauce Bradley you don't know you're not gonna get it. Not gonna get it when you at the U ordering united getting even open your bag it is not going to be in there and getting edited out in Casper where. And they do I'm not Bob Roland let me I'm not market and heart. And you. Why I'm not on the side not to live long enough that not one not Long Island on that a quarter all personnel and air it's. Comedies and hour trip yeah the let me embarrass a bad. Not doughnuts on the ant does they do say that if you wanna like and the server liked when he boxed off or even younger wiser sitting down. In hook you up throughout the course today but I don't know. What that I mean had a ball are I can see it through its money read the beginning. They're pay attention doing a crowded bar there get it yeah ADP belittle and about I don't know what happens at a restaurant and get somebody exits when he box. I was in strap and you see that. In died and it just felt it's easy to me and the like to a and poses some high rollers are viral Rogers slept in that money and and anticipates itself. Weird I didn't do it or what they say anybody about it. You get a better table he get better service they it's an automatic upgrade I look at him. The toy box all almost she almost hit a completely different. You're blocking our corners our shores on the argument laid out its popular Seneca dish washing machine. He thrifty and I'm not senator. Seeing things how low you can't say on the radio. You're listening to off there with Matt Ramona. It's Jack here as well hallelujah and a psychopath. But. I don't know why are you gonna tell us what we like right. It's like to ask these athletes are yet because there was a study out a couple of months ago when it found that cycle past like. Rap and pop music. Well this new study he got a little bit more specific with the music. And their preliminary results show that cycle press dig Justin Bieber and specifically. They like his song what do you meet but maybe site yeah I don't. They're not. Known for their truth. And it's like a basket B sand and I had an area lied on the survey it and really liked. Gary yeah it's you know and and movies where there's a psychopath. Classical music's big one loomed heavy metal yeah religious stuff. Yeah I hear you medalist won they don't ever listen atop for a Psycho own knowledge in Italy now now. It sounds like a vessels like to lose yourself by Eminem and my karaoke jam. No DD by blacks are gonna continue to saying that no AM it says well I'm a psychopath but maybe people will be less likely to boo me because they'll be afraid. And I beat some guys are like EA active fat Walla. Confirmation. I may I just to plug my daughter's Netflix watch. On on the person America doesn't that. It is. So. The afterglow after the lob and you know we have bag load that ship and its articles. Is he beat you feel good at home hormone to open mean. A cuddle hormone will Mon ox Ito from the Kokomo and the golf related medical. I hit units closed Tuesday at it's bad slang it's. A hormone. It's open game or Obama admitted that batter batter BS. As so anyway how long does it last. Most couples aren't getting busy every day. The scientists want to know how long it last between rump sessions. Turn or turns out it sticks around way after your clothes back on. If you took him off. 48 hours. No matter how frequently they did the deed matter all they've been gathered on the matter what the ages about the gender was. Talking afterglow afterglow. One sex session. That couple's sexual status Payer action scores high for another two days. They're still satisfied two days later. So if you get it only three times a week you've got the glow all week long we need yeah times a week the Dow up twice you're getting out twice and be almost enough. 'cause. Eight. You have sex and you got two days at sexson got two days at Easter sixth. Baghdad's X and plus. I give Jamie a week ago. Do you didn't few clues of the best but the other thing that's so more like Iran has a rash that is arrests. Sorry got if you are doing it wireless in the podcast now you know. It's just going to be. You're listening to us like you're doing is they're given that at the well not disparaging me and I don't listen and let you down. You composite. Welcome back at deposit medium a podcast yeah I get that I think. If you are that person. Let us now. Going to specifically the loan following FaceBook page and it's not exactly what was going on all the moment. That's no weakness no one know we can help. And parents are constantly embarrassing. They're kids adult or otherwise. As they get older your mom doesn't sure I did what I'm wardrobe malfunction the other day which is another podcast. Tucked address and in my underwear for decades. Hurt friends and new study has found that the risk of opening up. To my junior day are you specify that that was accident that found monitored during her when they. You touch your dressing your underwear in front of children. I guess I should tell all story. Okay Lisa and an occasional OK I put. A dress signed for gay bingo that's gonna be Annie came downstairs. My daughter to friends were there my alive. I like soda mountain and others I daughter whatever rolls their eyes now turn to walk up the stairs. And I tucked my dress and in my boxer briefs. Like and a few galileo's. And I accidentally right now. Dinner Larry. And the whole thing. And handles and I heard dance and I saw the ball turnaround. On on an announcement of. Anyway up against the bears attends a lot of times new study has found the risk of opening up too much. When you're engaging conversation. Increases would aids. So you you blurt allot more are where safe things. That. Is risky your potentially embarrassing. A lot more are you get older and my private information completely lost her filter. 100%. Gone gone they did this study solar who helped. Steve again delegates are training to help older dots that adults improve the skills. Of just learning now. Embarrassing. Risky communicated errors in personal stories whenever but. I mean meg and a novice it's hurting our. Almost beyond irony and and I did and as I got an identity and it avenue in long time a man like you can tell it happened in childhood but only seventy gosh. Our children it's all fair that the loan. Whoever wants about checked on the matter and Ramona FaceBook page and then there's always says something going on there are people who don't play well. We need and don't dress and his yeah about this rebounding thoughtful hospital. Anyway they're up there and it. Mona. Well I'm I'm but he series. Beatty dot whatever you do know what people who don't have that. Under the age of sixty. And low. Now even Molson people over sixty I know having a grand night just clearing out and your clean news and who doesn't have in this room. And I don't want to get as saying your point. Ramona is fighting it. Yet she mocks her mom for kids. Court TV. You're six birdies foods that. Why scary in my watching crap and paying even more. Of that I don't why she dropped the other stop it. Prince the other. I'd watch TV now are you much much by more than idea. But I I I. Show watch I like it this did you tell me about our next legs. It's kind of cool but the bottom line is I commit to one shell. Until against any. C and violence I don't like to watch violent that isn't available. Murder other people Utah mine now there's not murder on one Netflix is what. I. Ads and all. When you talk about your share you're zombies your Diaz and yeah. The unbreakable Timmy Smith all the time and there's no violence on that show and comedy or stranger areas Florida on ever six but it isn't a lot of you can watch it. Anywhere. That's a beautiful thing to yeah watch it work wonderful and 37 people Mitt actually binging at work. A Netflix I'll. In Italy react to a big thing sounds like you're watching. At least an hour. And the analysts at all you out of this and there's somebody I don't know why it's heated bids and counter got to be more than three episodes. You think more than three. 13 or more important to act. 12% say they've watched Netflix and a public restaurant. Oh wow that's not surprising. News though. Is that film but that does the did you did you address your take your yeah didn't you do don't take my phone out. My own is a waste it would not on sprayed with fecal matter in from a public Gresham pulled my phone on the public restroom and I'm so you. The goal. They do that that really is not to seek out entertainment dispatch your clothes and you know April while it. She Len watching cheap the Carolina social media. Use a public restaurant dinner and move out a lot move out but do you beat you don't you know be there for awhile. And a you know we know that ever ever ever counting on going to a public rest room sometimes you know being in therefore why. I don't count on I don't reading materials. You ready we take you about. Here's the thing too promising at night never missed by an etiquette thing but I wipe off. But some of that to put in my underwear. Because. Two fifths of a all because alone in your underwear could still listening and don't have pockets of might and whatever. And I and I don't stop listening to autism headphones Iran's compliance I walked over to my ex item I draw orders again aunts and then pull them out. You know well. Cut it don't you wanna miss a cabinet that's. Horrible visual and you need to apologize to everyone who has ever listen it is odd in my elastic band it's it's you know it's held tight. I'd like slowed around town and and I know I've I've wipe it off occasionally. On 35%. Or 22% of people cried. While watching Netflix and public that's embarrassing way. You can't cry in public like that's north cries and a lot of things keep Russian. 35 said a stranger in erupted and start a conversation. Not going to see that is if you watch that show may be ego like primarily national duties even about maybe they'll dig in Europe them for that. I'd say maybe yet if you watch Netflix in public you have to have. Ear but I'm assuming your your parents do but an attack on the alert no earbuds and Z international's signal for leave me alone. It alone again. Attacks on 444%. Of people watching that is they noticed someone snooping over their shoulder to get to speak I do it. I die I die and I do and I also do and I don't support it about a minivan or something has the screens. On the speed up and tailgate Democrats he would not tell. It's definitely not back and it sounds perfectly safe. Your speed up. To watch yeah so what else is TV while you're dry so I figure out what it is. The Oprah I don't know off the times it takes a minute and twenty miles or so. Have fun Tony seven. Considering there's you know I I would say it's embarrassing to watch it might be how. Are you should stop watching right now I love that show you won't think about watching. Yeah. They edited it. 2% flat out laps I've done. Thanks for listening to our fair would that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 million dot com.