A Very Holloway Funeral

Tuesday, April 10th

There's drama every time the Holloway family gets together...even at a funeral!

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That to what that meant remotest cast via FaceBook Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com it's your listings are there with the remote. The name. Yes my oldest and B it was. Appointed to appoint a volunteer time in Nell who I believe I got my control freak and he's from pretty much took over the few. Now. That is despite the fact that my. Poll had a wife. Who should have been consulted on the Ari earnings. And now just immediately. Took all yours gets site added to the light got pushed the power car that we don't like my life for a year now about Lionel said well. You know he was over eighty when he died they were only married for 22 years. She felt the need to takeover. They are already some ruffled feathers mine and Els started. Handing out job she assigned me to be quote. Mistress of ceremonies as a what does that entail he said basically you'll figure it out keep the program flowing. Do these things like he would edit it at any event but it's kind of a funeral OK let it happen and edited. And actually I told my uncle my cousins that I was gonna sent out I seen my sample you say Al and we were gonna go back and what are the jet. I meant but anyway. Since he was professor Michigan's speed and lived in the Lansing area for a very long time. It was a brief service beer in the body was shipped to our families on down and overly. And the same funeral home has been handling our arrangements for ever like board like 34 generations. So it around the body arrived and Har upon our sins our family funeral home had not handle the body. It was at she. Which is like. The worst the worst is bad enough to be as she in life but to go to the great beyond and she is that was that was just horrible like. Oh god family panic and mechanics in the cover up all the ash parts. That's what I think I think it myself I got some Mac in my parents and he gives me a lovely bra on stage perhaps it well I'm not trapeze I'm back. It working to restore her you know third and my aunt. Gould has taken over is 83 now the 84 button and her computer skills are not what she thinks they are. And she has emailed the program that she has created to the printer and they have done a mock up. Of the program. And I have shown all of the picture at bat and the cover of this program. On Friday at about noon I was handed a copy of the program I was to read from and it's said celebrating the life of the top. Underneath the picture it's an Albert Curtis Holloway which is uncle's name arts right. There was what looks like an ends to Gramm's cell specious of these young black woman I. And rather sexy I am not even joking and I mean and nobody related. Remember seeing this for a photo upload. Check you ISI mean. Seriously I don't. Oh by the way. It. My and it is determined that the funeral is going to be at our family church rest united Methodist in Portland. But there's already feel global. Bad doesn't stop her from bulldozing the situation I think that's okay we'll just have your our funeral right after your feet. And then we can possibly get some of their left over food and yard. Terribly tight it's. So tight that their funeral starts at ten. And my uncle's body is supposed to arrive at 1250. It's it's bush and as we're arriving at the church. I am noticing that. The other family is still there. And my uncle is a time your I arrived at about 1215. Oh and it's the other we still going on yes and that is also the time that my uncle's body was supposed to arrive. So. Visually and the other family files out and our family and friends are filing in. And the only thing we're missing and the bout. Ten minutes before the actual viewing starts. Is the actual body. And he went well so I internally and on level. But now my uncle walks in the wind and I told you calls itself. The were the good doctor reverend need more yes and he's waiting for someone to ask the question he's been waiting for for over a week because my uncle. Died on Good Friday it was a buried until a week and a day later. Someone said Dan ankle James how you doing. That is knowledge of what happened. How much bill and I heard John met yesterday to go over the service. Nobody called me. Two out a way to than he sees it zillow now all he is going on her. To arsenic and did so yeah it's it's his older brother I don't at all I tell you how can only imagine the older brother. Grieving so imagine the shock an hour of sleep and I am the remarks on behalf of the family. And he stands up and asked for the microphone. And then I feel I am called to speak for my Brothers. Known as long we ended bella. Not necessarily. Just think. How on. How would you I'm five exhibit affected. Nobody invited me and my input and by the way Georgia where he's too short I know I give immediate and job against Todd and I Bebo would be the driver hole. And if I'm hearing about this big. Got to show yeah it's a let me up late I also told me I was not the talking and many more talk to me. Yeah he was done he got what he might say out and he was done don't talk to me talk to me that it might. So. Thankfully thankfully. He just banked. My uncles widow for taking such good care of them and shared memory about how his Big Brother taught him Morse code. And he sat down but he he boycott the rest of the day just that with a Huff like just sat. There is that you just we have to eat even one round of the. He does and a man that is that movie. Later the body or drop the body did show up like Powell Powell went I'll late. And our. Go ahead without the body now we we went on. The. A man and a poll where you have you add. Then we need to do away. That. May has great read back. Days are warning on this spring is in the air you know what that means. Your season this year. Talk show is coming to Charlotte tune in at 7:30 AM. And JC lower. From the station now once you party all summer long. You haven't been to use the man not a FaceBook page do it like it follow it and one of Andy's favorite things in a while is up there is a yelling little boy in a Wal-Mart is wearing his cowboy boots and boats and singing and senior. And he's pretty darn good I'll say yeah like a professional you know it's yeah I hate it he can go on tour yeah a selling it at that act. Or right to ever auto let's talk about being big voicing aerials what does adult thing mean to Mullen meals. Well that we've we guess renegade got to be paying some sort rent yup and bear got your round paying rent or mortgage on their own yeah. Paying for that on the aren't ranked where there and weather and all day expenses related to the car the insurance the monthly payment. Repairs and gas rent I mean I'm assuming you're paying its OK even pay part of it right just honey you're no longer living yeah got a roommate Michael yeah it's compact. And then all the cars stuff okay. Your cooking your own meals at least. One net a week in your own home. Mean and that you're not eating out for every single meal peanut butter jelly. If your I came home I figured out actual entry here Mac and cheese. And noodles looking at Phoenix good hits. Your filing your own taxes. Yeah. But here's where. I'm wondering is this really adult thing or is this just I don't know to leaning because so the civil Liz Liz looks like weaning. I think you're delving if you're showering and bathing regularly. I'm Sasha. I know 789 year old. Who are showering and bathing regularly with out any prompting from their parents is an adult scene won't really know it's only part. That I'm saying that probably some of these people and college. Probably weren't. Whatever you consider that kind of went what is a call at frequently order a regular regularly. May not be in regulation towering. In college you know there's some room so what are the what are we gonna a Sunnis are regular every other day now none none now. The other day to your job and we were down my days a week. I got a price and number on every other day. Just price it drives to an in depth. It's obviously but don't do throughout the. Water should touch watering it and some kind of soap. Should okay does that hour with your special places every day why don't dermatologists say you're not supposed to what the president I've never. I had a dermatologists say I should not shower every day but I've never had dermatologists say. Girl don't want privacy everyday no doctor yeah yeah yeah I wouldn't say just salary or bathing. Case a candidate maybe they say like I did it a wash cloth and wants all the main parts. Pitt pit. As Orlando in the main parts. Okay right all right all right so I mean that the deal. The main RG you daily showering okay every other day OK now aren't yet while we can you don't have an area. That no other fifth. You Saturday off. A lot of yeah. Victor. They are potentially we don't have that you are hoping that that's your special places get judged on the weekend. Those places should be judged by soap and water at a time yet to batteries. Don't. There is there an act and pat them on the most dominant guy. Now that's true. Argument that one. You might hesitate to look at me hesitate but he does not been. As it's just that and. And give me geez. Everybody stopped every time that went dead then nobody would ever do it it's a. A hearty ugly stories on the news. When. How about this adult thing. Is. Just changing your sheets or towels regularly. Again which this regularly doing your own laundry. Regularly. OK do we hear your dishes. Regular Emmy just doing your dishes units they re doing your dishes you washed and your once a month doesn't count now from what they should traditions of day let them pile up for more now on out. That's a dorm life where. Demand it. Am now we didn't we just threw things down and still more in the cafeteria well I don't recommend as a I'm a little thing that the amount got a little out of it and that is stealing that does not just thievery gets nasty thievery that does not masked. I would say I would game sheets every other week. And that I would give. But at least every other week that's a hard call on it it's just some big pilots. They'll have a big pile I don't know I don't know about a second. I'm of this land as adult thing. Going to bed before 11 PM. Well depends on your work schedule but going to bed and for eleven months ago is considered adult that's that's that's that's that's as is washing your face before bid. Or at least having some type of skin care routine. I mean that the going to bed before eleven I don't think you. Not all I added on when I was. I don't think that's an adult. And illegals and to be on a regular basis right like Donna Bennett I am but your doughnut on a school night and. And unite behind some concept of a school light yet. Leg. I know maybe you might have a late night out on the Thursday or Tuesday ever. But it shouldn't be the norm when Jiri hang an outlet nearest till 2 o'clock anymore not hanging out on saying you're at home wanted TV. And just stay up past eleven written eleven it's on. Did you mommy to come knock on the door and tell you did during DB job in the abdomen the good people 25 year old Brittany did did not want to legs. And actually say yeah they are playing there you. Up and white TV. And I I I could've retired blah god I dream of it. For staying up all night long flipping channels. The as a life time that would get a life man that he fantastic. They've been in after watching TV don't 3 in the morning for me. Adam day he's on pretty Gooden. And I used to do that didn't enjoy it definitely look at that should appreciate those sir I was telling us until noon yeah yeah. Yeah anymore of those things they don't know how to stopping in after only a couple drinks and caring and let's go and Burres is getting wasted in the government doesn't get and this whole Lotta people are still working on now just millennial. Confronting somebody you're in conflict with in person instead of blasting them on social media. I know quite a few people who hours where can I met. Yeah out last amok that I would say just didn't I buy you can debate just ignoring the conflict that that's a lot of people. Last month social media. Come and get over that last somebody an individual like you know or something that's. Also there with Matt in Ramona OK remotest talking about friends. Howell when you move even adjust to a new neighborhood. Thank you really affect your relation absolutely. Especially in the sense about it because. Sometimes. You and I have moved multiple times in Charlotte seven times in seventeen years something like yeah it's crazy. And down every time I move I have the best of intentions. Of staying in touch with new neighbors but it's really are actually said to somebody thing it doesn't my previous neighbors rather. I've actually said do somebody before they set our aggregate it was not later you move anywhere words and how will I get together as a that would it's getting. Wow is yet devise legislation to stop and truth and that's. You figure out who you really really like because you are you too. Meet new people senior new neighborhood. And bond with him and is passing of your like doesn't you've moved a lot you can't take all the other friendships with. What what do think about moving within the city I'm going state to state right but that's up quickly lose. It would you not root authority so much with him. Charlotte and our airline. In South Carolina. Been twice in North Carolina a. And at any minute you have to go any kind of distant and and he really liked the people eased into it I don't believe that you might really like the people in his tunnels then that's true. Because it just. It just a time in energy and you only have so many weekends seduced and you know and you know me I'm you know I did drive. And and it's so do you have to drive if you did just wander over there my foot is is our unlike guaranteeing yank. And I'm you know bomb that it. You're you're special to me if you're. 67 miles away. And here's give a big you figure out pretty quickly who your not gonna travel for. Yeah yeah yet or you know I'm Rachel lives in Morrisville I've been to her house. I'd she's been in mind. There are other friends I have who live in Rock Hill. About Matthews I haven't been there yet it doesn't I don't love them Miley had so much time to travel for those who don't know a point of reference that would be. How wanted to drive. We're mean rock hill's. Rock kills probably the podium in 45 minutes just gives people respect. Matthews release came by I had to drive out to Matthews and I didn't do well you have. Yeah me two minutes giving me. Whatever we do. I already am into it for two hours in just travel alone. I live I have to beat somebody that doesn't leave him my neighbor well I can't walk in there Alice arm on the outside I mean athletic. Machines. I go up ten helmets Tony minute maybe a gimme twenty minutes to leave that Doug I have no thank you probably when you look visible what do you might have fewer opportunities whether it's. John gas that's true social true. Attitudes come along in all this stop in your rarely going matters it is GAAP. Oh I ever I was a mild neighborhoods act I gotta like it is. I'm. And I understand as a couple it's even in the if you move just across town. And that's where they are in about about we are talking you're gonna have to rebuild your social life to a certain extent and I think because. Just a wee dog about you not traveling for the friends from your old neighborhood yeah they're mad traveling for you death. You don't know why don't just look it could be pretty lonely I don't think you would not rebuild your social bastard you gotta rebuild tabling any neighborhood. Yes and it dead kids play innings and any kids eggs thing it's. You probably lucky kids made it easier for the parents of the kids you meet the good friends with them sometimes so it had set out and I well. Tablet some people but it's everybody's busy everybody's got things going on hard not to get together with here. You know people and. And here's a final thing how just moving to another neighborhood. Could affect your relationship. You could wind up with a very cranky partner because they now have a longer commute. Path. Maybe maybe bite. You're definitely offs the list and be a possibility. Of senior. If you're Tony some minutes away and we only light we both don't like the couple. We get is a jerk in the other couple lefties uses this there's this yeah it's easy way out. Because there's a we're not gonna fight about the distance does what Buffett I don't like that dire. Though out economic any effort then as it is just an you know and every state moved to Nyack College undoubtedly too. Then that work. Johnston nine Columbus. Wondered too well and able move those so I maybe three of those or. There around the country at the now and for Virginia Beach. Now I am I a carried one along from Virginia beat ya think but not many we don't know many with us for just don't have the right to happen. So it's more glass and more fun it's put that remote high demand as these things. One is gonna probably saint Jack Jack and I'll Alicea know rallies with our earliest known he has no outside friends or interest. I asked her attack other than other women. Outside of work no interest or obviously have a Jan in my life in the bag now for volunteering anything he predicted to golf for a minute. It was an excuse to see is that the lady he's Disney. The insecure guy thinks he still have feelings for your acts in it for any man if you've been divorced or broken up for years it doesn't matter. He has such self loathing and that he assumes no reason year there's no way you possibly law then which means you love your ex yet. I got a little south of mountain out of that motor. Assure that I had that summarizes the living issues Jeff how are yet is that something that attacked army tells the U he loves you. Very early in the relations. You nice and big lights. After a month EU wants a proposed the gas I like Japanese yen yen. Is that instinct but in order where there's an insecure or trying to get one over. If he needed to LogMeIn. Between new stuff yeah. So it's almost. It's a it's almost not insecure it's like trying to. Maneuver. Can nativist AM. Almost then insecure right in some ways. I'm. I I think you scam because you're insecure I got married if you think fed your good guy who deserves a good woman then. You really don't need to try to scam anybody if you're insecure about who you are and what you have and where you come from yes and you'll probably have to some shenanigans. A bank robbers. Of this even murderers hers that just ultimately on the again. Did you use. Yes. On this eighty start saying all your might every staying in my universe our reason for living. Yeah being a senator one of one's universe isn't what it's cracked up to. Contract Omaha gosh yes David dealers the tighter they don't have anything outside you. Yes that's trouble and then really mean it assists all the sweet talk he could think they read on the Internet yeah I was Carter Pasadena hallmark car exactly but it doesn't mean you complete me down yet as well Jerry Maguire was like that's a good line behind you have a low. Now under the seats kind of opt to the other person at that point to shoot the stuff in flames and again. Late that predict ads over the top I had it because. You might be mistaken it for. And Yuma I'm going to be like with a real like without utilities are much the got to say less. That's little tea I hope you be like I've said that the board aimed at hope I'd die here are right I mean there shouldn't be a not only within about a bad way to phrase it but I normally don't party. And let me go I think I was golf. You can move on like. You'll you'll. You Rosanna I am telling her that by the way we you go. Sit around Bryant like duke turner I don't get my mad Maine I'll be happy about it. Are okay when it. Does it around single were allowed to land and I know I'll meant a lawyer up it's a map Wednesday and it. Took. I seriously. So much evidence dude are. Everything no yes no it. Or pray. That nothing happens to any means bending or docked because you have said what he too many times how you work. Playing the lawyer up and now you're not taken out lie detector cannot act in. And all that which does it not good for you I immediately. And I know you I love you we've been part of Trevor but they happened to Amy got the you. Tell me. What this is just gonna watch early show and were false confessions and today he was asking him would change your identity. Liar liar one might find. That apple yeah. Number. He's intrigued by enemy of the treatment people on the what does into the eighty junior leaves question and yet. He was goalie I liked how do you Glor former now. We came out we were all Google me how to on our end to see what. It's kind lump on our screen in his hometown of chloroform to share how long then yeah he's learned to get away that now. Reforming the second was how to tie die yet the. Also there but yes in movies they always seem to be able to find a guy. Right away that knows a guy gives you lice and gives news security guard abominable blog again so I just don't think it's that he's. Your in the criminal underworld he probably knows but luckily evil. I got under the rat when I go to jail for just trying. Yeah. And channel it just didn't injure identity identity. Or just like I'm doing it as lark. As a I don't know. The thing I'm away at the top. Different to your honor I was just doing things on Allard to see how easy ones. Your honor and I. Loving physical in my life passing lane Michael corn. I just I'm a large. Anyway I don't think I'm some people. That there. Likes. Hundred jobs for people and stuff them and ask them. They're going to be dealing building caved again haven't done my team of players flirtatious. Thing that there's been a. Thanks for listening to our fair would that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 mil and dot com.