A Very Sexy Christmas

Wednesday, December 20th

Kids aren't the only ones who need a present this Christmas...Ramona's got some tips on how to spice up your love life during the holidays! We also tell you how to make those family gatherings during the holidays a little less awkward.


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Today to a that meant remotest showcase. FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com your listening come on there would then Ramona. Every Wednesday he would be elicited Florio get or bonus. Mode joke may go alerts and dad has this weekend this blogger went. Days it's all about and having a sexier Christmas with your partner. And you started off. By exchanging some sexy east Stafford I'm telling him that is. Not good we've we all opened the stockings together well and this is only for you. As a partner. Q share putt I hit a cat sized kids you go any other rumor and OpenId stuff. And yeah usually doesn't do your children at all okay. And god is I don't. I am not inland yeah I did and her husband got pregnant and don't read the senate today but don't. As are right I can see that a what do you put in there are some some two Dodgers. And they might go to open it up good kids won't know what they are some of these things some tasty Gilbert hints. Pitched it is an even use them at Indy now but at the animal undies in its. Taste she lives and protects. You don't ever take that and yet not that they're not that. I. Want I could tell it took. A poor. I think they're at their at probably artificial flavoring and you know. And a lot of please let me go to the toilet and gluten and. Now I've. Got your diabetes. Flavored I didn't have any they would more than they grams of sugar big. Blue bell a year that Ben is similar now. They know don't even bother I'd rather just don't even bother if you think it's going to be a problem. Because Ivo disgusting. You area. Bearing years. Maladies view and illnesses in his bedroom at that time are gonna beat IE eight mood killer I'm yeah I'm just saying that gas. I believe this you can just be clean in on the Mets GM of gigabyte MMS just be clean and organic doesn't have similar capacity I. I courtside like cherry flavored organic cherries are. Of course idol I had a lot of GM on islands. Not organic things but. But the yeah I understand and the like I've the edible underwear people don't really either off of people. They'd just now because I've owned multiple pairs. I've edible underwear and nobody ever nodded on average and I've worn various form of habit then in the like when we call that fruit roll up tight and almost like cellophane. And had a had a candy necklace I'm. At at the crotch is unity necklace. And I walked around for hours. I did and offered him money and I'm Nolan will even take a bite I did come I looked down at a party at one time that I just recently on. Yeah Ed Meagher and in your partner was that it just didn't all mingling and how and why I mean it's like I've put them on Saturday a. Mean gaggle on this or whatever yet all and put it. No on this I mean I just thought it was a ridiculous. I mean. I don't think what's on your part it was like is now not hours after they said I don't know you had lap and Amanda had. Candy and and got beat when brings my diabetes and this path. Could you Wear a candy panties in a serious face I don't know it's a private life and us. I just don't think it's a real I think that people get him as gas against no pun intended. And that people don't really Wear them. Get to meet a lot of it is nobody. I mean as you say you are eating it. I was. Ever being gifted edible underpants I've never give to anyone but you're just not a hundred and I guess it doesn't scream at. All underwear and so I don't think people buy him anymore I really the eastbound on the Internet right now every day. Los somewhere like on sale half price is I don't. Not really shady Webb's. Maybe as a union Darknet. Yes. I think most of those that. There are Darfur you know I don't they're people I'm not that that race out at night and like. And Amy wise I would I'd Wear Atlanta where everyday but it does he's obviously editors who amassed I'll bring it up again. I just don't think it's that thing. When you don't think into this thing I don't think it's a thing like what people buy it 99%. Of the time it's a gag like a joke. And 1% might actually wearing as food item. I would say it was probably big in the eighties but it has since it's moved onto a gag gift yet assuming Ethan is big in the way you think is heading in the eight net benefit of Reading a lot of luck. A crazy Hitler. I'm weird turn out and only in his sixties and hippies there's something with these weird about the the edible underwear I thought they just thought about. Else to Joplin that is a bad idea that. And I'm sorry I am is looking online lingerie diva Dak and they have. Strawberry and chocolate for men. What is it upon. I viewers who are in the front not add on but here's the thing that's the kind of weird here thing about this like. You waited. You put your. Were your. Based around these parts but the idea of eating food off them on the it would be like a gross nodding food off that. But yet you would a monkey around. But. The very weird thing. I give Helms and you might not money eats food off the Koch but it wouldn't mind putting their legs under arrest took a but the very weird thing is that we think about it. No actually it's not weird meant didn't do that ended disturbing. Thought that are needed every. And went to run. And just. Goblins. That I. Like it. I know but I thought about your mate Steven I gives him Wednesday and Sears and. I'm. Yeah I can probably yeah and they you know. Would you don't. Eat a little droplets you're doing your own face and delivered is a bank. I got the look we. Are this since joining amount basically. You know I mean that's an odd the about it it is weird you know lot of debate about. Why no one ever wanna be your edible but I don't. Upbringing has not with somebody and again Yemeni official. Some some some lower offers. Mountain which you feel better with. Amy having an edible Brock do you think that's more now. Now now now. I am not out and I'm not in and as things that a way than it is credible and he's got main vehicle lot and she agreed. Star Mary GE's not just us fruit and chocolate. On and on that we have to get. Wanna lose that many hard minutes. This man and Ramona and no legs bringing another great artist. Went into the night knowing her visit and good night. Even grammar April 7 didn't go. Grammar and he brings his. Good parts of Florida Charlotte. Now I have 179 links dot com. Thank you for sharing the podcast we appreciated that's what I would give your friends for Christmas. They share of the matter about a podcast I think that's why shouldn't I ask honestly dying won't be disappointed. Dog ease and Christmas. Thanks thank heavens that you have a dog is scrutiny app because 85% of dog owners say. They're dog actually helps them get through the holidays. And I'm one of the 85% helps me get through I don't trust get through not gonna help me get through. Here's one that I that you went on I'm gonna that's not gonna be don't like some have to keep on the kids but it's. Because they're gonna be home to keep on their butts and take the dog down play with a dog and all that sort of thing where now they've got a tool limited window and the. And dogs can be stressful GO lot of people come to know where you gotta put him in a room if I ever buys into dogs have a dog played some people have allergies. That Spector yes here that's a good point you have to item away and have a cousin who's afraid of to. The dossier I tiny little dog and I got all these issues he's like 200 pounds 65 but that dog. Andre is really grown up and Andre used to be like to bat on it appears now 40%. Have been helped through the holidays. You take your dog for a walk to get away from family. I've done it. The dog is they wonderful excuse to get away. A couple years ago we went up to Ohio for Christmas is the family was one item. Was in one of their heated discussions. And it was like I gotta take. Note GAAP. Now that that's one of the boarding. Yeah it was like 1 in the morning is. The larger one of them did go to bed at a point now known they don't go to bed could've definitely. So the dog yeah I can see that packets and you're in there would've been no excuse me get away because we're up in Ohio. A little thirty degrees outside and I was a walk of 1 I am. But. Only needed to go outside. And I've managed to escape for five minutes. And then when I came back then I happened just the Doral the people who are talking. Part of the conversation well there you got a beautiful thing. OK I can see that how it LP in that standpoint bandy has mentioned in the past that. You can use your dog as an excuse to leave a party. Yeah he's that a lot. It believes that an excuse when I say and need to get home for the dog I really do need to get home to get it on an axis that's bad. And ruin your life couldn't get your dog it's not a ruining my life acted excuse it's about my kids sometimes I'd promised an amount. And he does like to go to the bathroom in the house and I don't want to go to bass from house. Yeah doesn't like viewed as a. My trainer told me. That it really hurts our dog's feelings. Yeah. As. Yeah a the bathroom inside her feelings yes feelings really. As a gang are hurt and hurts them they don't like to do all transferring its not human serve may 100 dogs about. Did you you do it don't matter dogs need to go to the bathroom in their space on a small area and are generally in Mets are immediately. He's the entire bottom floor up I'm up at his house. And he feels bad yeah continually like candle. It's these little KU I doesn't wanna go and battle and he's gonna feel bad on Manny when he gives you the missing so many people try to get us to take him out. He does not like I. Clearly endorse the 'cause he's turning Hertz is telling her is really is trying to do and it's a treat. How long is he down afterward how does not depressed that he came back up food and. You just can't get over he hopes for a long time this from not today anyway a 43% of people think it more excited to see the family dog. Bending IDC relative. Others by some relatives who you know one B guest but Japan don't see it every day. Now. There are three ways that we include our dogs during the holidays. One special treats which I dogged all the time dad does something different beard. Two of eating in their own stocking oak or summary hands on and I've had dogs in the past and has not arrived yet. The dog at a stock but we I am able to find a stocking. I'm able I'm just I don't like ardent Wal-Mart no dogs out. Elliott Darrell out the guy is to tell your children out at me they were there really they have exceed through. Like fake stockings on McKinley is now up into acting like a real Sar and you ruined the dogs surprise hasn't feelings are hurt. Apple person wasn't good eyes lit the Christmas my feelings are hurt and they know Christmas they note there's. Come. And what percentage of dog owners say they plan to buy their doggy yet. Aaron I knew it read an irony be that here's the problem figuring out whether or not used to take. The dawn of. If you're going away for Christmas. That's it's a no brain I can't I mean I would not put that someone. Izzy video ass they feel like SAS. I would never asked. I would need a do agility going Bernard. Whatever league whatever Nicholas thinks is important in a kennel Ali. Yes but in my catalog and I am I refuse to ask anybody because everybody. Most Cubans say yes hang up the phone know what I'll. I can't say to your a I'm not even get a letter on buddy wants to do that or you. Do. Yes and they may or may not actually will give you real answer. Give you truthful answer I I they don't they choose to board on reboot their great services like rover back commons where people come near home. So you're dole can stay away yeah kennel. I didn't pay but if you ask a friend who has a job and is normally busy person who's not retired or anything like that. They're gonna do it but they're gonna really. Wallace is a modern take care you're out yeah all we also don't wanna take it somewhere else sabotage that. I would never cinema parents can bring my dog yeah. That in him. If you find the people a dog lovers don't take me out but he don't know date spent on relates but they have to bed I was they have to be Don lever. Who doesn't currently have adopt. Guess my dog is injured. Go through a whole chain of events yeah dot lovers out there were those dogs and it must had a re cast my neighbors thank you very much stayed lost both of their dogs and maybe they don't want a live dog shoved in their face. Yeah I'm David's the only English madness to yet another dog but they don't want to risk. It anyway at 30% say they've done. Wasn't always glued at Christmas the dog cat it got on Santa's naughty list by destroying a gift or decoration. Yeah. I had one day Lincoln a lot of around the tree when he Iverson the Dodgers got a pretty Christmas cheer Pete and it. And and he had to small but I FC he tries beat the tree. Trees grass and mark your real treat death. Free movement what are we conformity as a political. So all I. I will I don't know I didn't material for years now I want to go back to. Months ago are you excited about voted to get the puck and I and I never remembered to you after the seizures are divided cheap. Like what in the trash for them I can tell you read it I look in the turn and trash them slightly used Chris is he's been an artist it's actually right after Christmas. Is a great time to shop at thrift stores to get good thing to see it's more glass and more fun it's also put that. All right so I. All the holidays how to make it less often. Here's new love. One of the things is don't push them. Into something they're not come through like you get a big extended and we how today yeah images like with a comfortable pushed. If they admit I'm we're talking about a new love you know and you dated is that it but if they let her arm around me. To meet your family. And we'll examine a special or you're not ready to introduce him to your family. There are reasons why it's slow your roll roll yes I mean Iceland comes from personal experience I really wanted to meet. My ex husband's family. And I refused to marry him until I did yeah. I rushed it. I met them all I've learned was that they did not like him and that should have been assigned. Yeah ask you to listen to your high they have been asked yes it's very rare I think that. There are holes I am I ostracized and wonders yet. Everybody else of clothes except for that right now and I mean it happens that happens because. Yeah bigot breakaway prepared loser group of an inch in some cases. The black sheep of the families shouldn't the cica. I wanted as a job. On you need to clear up the gift giving issue. The guy and you gotta talk about it you just don't roll on in trying to guess what's gonna happen. Does that it is a dangerous thing that you get to something real. Awesome and union demanded it in or whatever the case may be. I think hurts who I think the guy when he's more forgot to bring reality is they can engage is that you look at it. Like. All me. But it's rather the top got to bring out case and the girl Maria I can't bring enough gets high ground sheep. Yes I agree with you announced like you're trending get out of it yeah keep ballot are you can't sandwich soup. Now we are making even Steven does on a lake shared that alone I'm buying use on par with what your mind me I don't make you uncomfortable on giving your gift and you don't have one for me but I got to bring it up. I got cannot bring it up I got got to assume you're doing gets. And let the woman bring it up in that's and that stinks and is that you get her something doesn't have anything. I'm. Liking the guys say some like. Are we going to exchange you know I want to do something special now. Now you can't. So you don't bring it up in all a guy yeah well I can't bring it up the guy's got away a guy's got to assume he's getting our present yeah man okay and he's got to assume I'm a little president to bring it up because he's getting or something. Run my yes unless she brings it up they didn't get out of it but you wanna bring it up because that's when you might find out that she gets you something awesome like you think yeah. I know you bring it I was reunited you can you can send I got you this thing you wind more than anything else elect. While the only damage to her it was a big screen TV he's how well then you did there here. Men need a candidate and that's halftime and ask brownies and I are now maybe doing about it card you don't assume the woman's gonna bring it up. He's she's gonna at some point say got to. If she doesn't you better bring your a game as far as presence go because here's an early on you're still trying to compressor. But you don't overboard and Alex yeah it's. Yeah right yeah yeah you guys had to discuss it but you brought your right present a game present a game and then once we got into the relationship reached and then we started desserts and realize how ridiculous it. Was like GC viewed John Dick trigger though you bought a whole bunch like twenty presence urge he got to not than her she brought money. Yeah you got assume it's an adjustment of technical about it yeah. I don't know apps so yeah you edit the message also need to talk about money amateur aspect and that's a weird conversation. Oh you can't talk about money they say you sure cannot know gain a new relationship. You do say. Are we don't really if you bring it up out of wanted to bring you. Decide yet we're gonna that's exchanged gifts. And maybe if you're worried that you're dating a multimillionaire. And your cells and their babies they. How well we give each other something a little. We give each other any experience or you make his agenda to Qaeda. Let's dispense. Or being too specific I don't you can't take. It is so different. I'm guilty pressure here to keep. The president in a price range to your comfortable I don't just think its duty to the small New York home when you Google had been dating for six months how much span the fitness. As a us. And in the final out. That much but I'm pretty much better month than a month roughly six months. What are you gonna guess guys are getting yes getting. I'm also 100 backs integrated number on the go. I'm gonna go more somehow more now on and not 505050. And that's if there is even an answer to it like but it's just as much or make everything too but on the go around. Fifty. Yet. Also they said. He knows he relatives out of your personal life when it comes the holidays cause it to say like a when you guys didn't marry again as he did and you try to gain a year ago. This is a little dated because it's from three years ago. But is is generally no rules of spending no roles Hispanic don't right amount of money. Yeah how. There are some expectations that uses says the guidelines. Easy give someone a gift after dating for one or two months OK and spend at least 25 dollars. Got me out of her but that's that's only really get that great having to buy dollars if you've been dating for six months or more. He's been at least 75. Once more 75. Kind we really are under rely a lot you know more than 25 to fifteen to talk in nice bottle why lane. That handle on its romantic movie gate gourmet chocolates I must read I don't go to five could you even date among thirteen okay. Take rap daddy gotta go on the upper end of the range of genocide to fifty at least rusty you can't do it 25 dollar gift card at least this isn't that ridiculous I think you'd be better off to say and particularly nice of a really nice to. Something toy. And it was a suggestion if you're married or living together. Dessert and yet kids you definitely don't but it view. Don't United's. You know where we are billionaire weird as our relates to cut off by I guess must it would spend like a hundred. To order a 150 bucks. Wrong. My heart. That wrong it's wrong or what his answer that price should not be affect odd Jesus that's not true that's a lie. Police kind of thing about them call our and to remind me of the biscuit and again I cannot do and I Lou yeah. The earth that you know where they're cut from any given our room probably know how much money. They have access to this. Yeah as we did a mad if she spent 500 dollars of our money. On something for me and I spent gave an outback gift card laugh and it's my money to. When outspending you on your finances aren't a violent if you don't know about spending it on analysts and gives us the point I don't touch you 500 dollar idea. I say here's the point and I saw this in action when my friend's son got married. She's a very thrifty woman who will spend any sane 181 but not herself. She would never spend monitors so a hundred dollars on address. But. Her husband's. Jim Suzuki. Went out and purchase the dress that she loved because he knew she would never buy for her suck and now tonight into the rare that. It's very rare anger at Christmas time and then there are. Expressing women. Whose oil everybody they get the kids what they want to get their husband what they want and get the in laws are either does not getting something tomorrow. No she might she might look at the family budget and say I wouldn't spend more than twenty bucks on me but he. You go above and beyond hot hot hot hot yeah it it does make it even if that's. Elation he also knew exactly what she gladly and it was and I hate that out. Yeah and said no I'm not gonna spend that much and that's just that's how low beep beep the. By this yes yeah that alert right alert dummy and I asked for her I can't just pull the trigger on this or some like that but you go ahead night and buy it. But finally you as an area saying I I only spent money on myself let's say it's been more than 20 am. Easy you just talk it out how much we spent. Let's get down to brass tacks in U ticket and a surprise out of it and still surprised is an honor box you don't ordered that logs. Sometimes is the bride's backfires. Obama is on the wrong seeing in the Baja her expectations are different than a aching aching go horribly wrong but I will say if you are right Koppel and you've been around for awhile been together for awhile. You have. You have to have to have to be honest if you don't like I don't want a bit and you. Have if you reality we thought you might be a little bit her because gifting is my love language and I. Pray and hope that I found from the that I know you're gonna light you'd be hard I never. If I gave you something that your absolutely not going to use please return it because. It would make me crazy to think that I spend that money engages fading. Now only when he'll never used it you don't care about another I would much rather you only give. Now you're just not gonna want to hurt and I. Lie to you about liking it because you put so much and yeah does it lie to you personally users liked yeah a person like you who's like has got this letter. And that's telling the truth you you have to like if you know there of past giver yeah I says then they steal your joy. And so now I feel debt. Doubly awful because what you gotta do they don't know us they feel ungrateful and now they're crushing your soul by telling my junior sold his gift was awful because all I saw it return it you live for Bryant more excited about the gift in the person yeah so why would I take that joy away yeah. I'd say as a Brad Miley will be on that I jury if I'd ever seen where they sure it is again number talking exit. Have we now even if your husband yet forces that are so yeah you got to force yet he's not skipped. A are there with that at all. Have the Al on the shelf and your perhaps yes busy is the L names which mine now twelve year old neighbor. And and I thought it was very significant. The health is very busy. Since you guys nickname I think it's a pregnant. For those of you haven't heard of the alpha Michelle it's this family L ended. At night's key. Hits in test silly antics elaborate Posey is only to be discovered the next morning for your children like. Study Santa and reports on your behavior to Santa. And then comes back in hides or whatever. Now this is supposed to be a fine. Family bonding activity yes. Coming out in the morning and be like where Oates I'm busy right and then held his muscles secretly spied on the kids. So every day today LB is reporting to Santo where they dare. Not look nice bright and they see him all the time it says. Well here's the thing. This parenting expert says that the elf on the shelf could be. Oh really really bad thing for your kid Nazis it creates fallout emotionally and neurological. Probably for years maybe not at the open Michelle prints and a well this expert is expanding either is this the adults get up to tricks and strategies to try to control kids' behavior. There are two things that happened and neither one albums. First the kid can cents. That the adult is struggling to control then I'll and silly kid knows wait a minute. This grown up doesn't really have a go on please give me your power to the alphabet give your artists into either of that one in my nose. Yeah right I think the kids very excited and it's not like every day say I'll watch Anna but we do grabbed. And a capable car in charge adult doesn't need Santana. Or do you see the album is shelve ride sure are very different as day. Our earth and the child start to feel like it you don't found on the because you have you don't really have it going on. That happened all of us as static you know we all messed up where the well we are messed up and up because this thing out there and it didn't do performing yeah. Lots of other issues but they're not that strategy not everywhere I mean life is about rewards you do things correctly. Let stand on the shelves. And creates a disconnect. Between. The children and the parents. Because it's. The parents like as there are giving away the control. Today's. Now else I what I say I'm gonna tell busy to go tell set the enemy control. I'm gonna tell blood busy that person so worried about it and I just say. The help on the shelf as the royal pain at the bank got to have a twelve year old. To assist me and guiding the shelf to land. Michelle's decision if they get she is a very helpful has taken responsibility. Because before you wake up a cold sweat in the middle of the night. Does he went is I don't saintly aura of the season since I didn't think I might get it true that since the Graham and I did have our time you do is. And it's not a man. This is Powell. It translates into adolescent. Because if your heat is all wrapped up in. Trying to do what this elf. Things in adolescents. Your child will be more likely to become the pressure. I object. If there into the als and they're an ice in adolescence is like twelve or something yeah. There's bigger fish to fry right there. If there had there. Into. An elf that flies in the middle of the night we'll come back can see what Letterman or little. When they become an Alamo. Like they're basically trying to please. Their debated they knew as a content that point they don't care. No police or parents. As a matter no Christmas. China he. Trying to please the Elton and Santa a guy right so that month. They don't please us around amok on that person's crazy. Everybody else think it's crazy this is the exact same thing and thing I don't know is only so it's reality radio or schedule all off there with. Please share or almost comment comment and Emory rating Arab fight that's very important and here are right it's a load times. Yes it's gift giving it most families fall into. One of these category. And that we had some issues around gift giving and my family we. Were the point where all the kids under the age of eighteen or in college got a gift from every. But how many people are we talking about. We're not talking to me Pam procedure were talking my cousin cousins and aunts uncles cousins and then how many do you think it is lake. Or while in. But didn't. As a family continue to grow right. And my cousins started having children of their own. Now everybody just decided to get for their own branch of the family and the adults would exchange sneak. Okay so are you exchanged and another person lightly everybody all the people who wanted to be in the gift exchange. Fifty dollar limit but I hate you they only do one get over fifty like nowadays right. But then there. Couple of people missed the Christmas. RB. And so the person would buy a gift for their person but they never receiving gave us she's. Find out in and be mad but that's his room and then we had a situation where like people would bring around. Random girl who they were in love Wayne if they were gonna Mary. They broke. So. Our data that is the age me yet you never know about says. Plus one type situation but the rest of the stuff should. Be relic to at least because when your families that size you should be doing gives you guys. And trying for the past two years. My idol branch of the family which means. Me and three of Mike has. We've been trying to. Paint and we need to offer doing gifts for adults yeah. Yep that many but now I hear my mom broke the rule. And my cousin like that now gives but then your mom brought again. Only one person my mom and purchased gift for gifts for her nephews. Managed to act and it's. How do you sell mom I just I just wanted to get some help little slump was special because I thought him. Now she saying now you sent up to put down here's the thing you are part of the problem but how can you make a role for people who don't want liberal may. You is that you'd throat and say you could say I'm not getting anybody any yes the W nuggets and give the gifts from the good trashing him. And you cannot keep people from buying new weakened digging in keep your kids from accepting them. I'm not letting it might take lakers stay at home and not go to the Christmas the family credit your garden was sent some to bring the. If somebody get out of your second home alone. And maybe their time now now tell for everybody. And I went and does her homemade soup. Everybody wants some unique and get rid of but they when he. Eggs since two things that blank him herges Terrell did it does so here are the mess you are asking. I mean you're an exception. I think you're an exception accurately as say that there are four categories. That families falling to one is getting gift giving gift. Yet we don't that that's what you're talking about game one in you get why so if you're gift did you feel like you must give back. But it's not planned. That what you mean because it's planned like yeah that that is just a rule no matter what I can say you know and gifts. Now ever if you give me get it I think it gives you giving it's terrible terrible rule that is the wind category category number two terrible terrible. Is the even Steven family. Where gift exchanges must be of equal value. And sense when and how exactly will it. A designer purse worth 300 dollars. You can't give idea a twenty dollar dvd why everybody usually give to change don't you haven't number limit. It must be a lot of like most people have a limit but let's say and then Saturday was family. You we had a gift exchange. Top dollar rose fifty bucks. I gives you. An amazing fifty dollar gift. You give me some in from dollar tree. Aha ha ha. Dollar was fifty but you can stay I see in the kind of metal coming up you're gonna get a gift that's worth a hundred dollars that I got for fifty what you need to. That person who's and yet the limit is fifty but I only spend a dollar you you need to shut the spot and your family too much strife that's. Number three is the once begun never on done I don't know what that means that is gift exchanges. Once they're established. They are this edition and they will not and must not change app. I have to because more lag time from a lot more children tried to change up a family tradition multiple times in a family that. Is your heels in now and we're standby this Asian males to. My brother will tell you won not because I am normal people surrounding. And what my family is an idol. Migrate our normal my brother will never get over the fact that. Kids who it you know kids under eighteen whatever got guest in somebody kids. Father's side that they changed the rule make it under twelve. Just as he was turning. Thirteen. Regularly get a moment ago doc he won't let go yet I got screwed on a whole year of presidents. And I was actually thirteen until February. And I didn't and so I got it. He just goes on and on public about standing up and really picked up numbers he's won in between. Re really upset now but yes but we've changed that as kids come along you have to change that I didn't do get married yet it's painted yet. And then you have the calm wind Kamal which. Gift exchanges must extend to every member of a relationship category. That would get us in trouble to it whatever the problem I mean not getting for all the nieces and nephews well. Step one. Gonna get for all the nieces and abused because. Now my cousin is married for the third time and she's bring in five ads amber you got it all I agree immediately around yes. I'm married 'cause it over year whose children I see multiple times a year. In this cousin mountain Texas whose children icing every. Other year and did you do get the outlook. Down low for the gets a year for the kids your clothes is on due in front. Give some doubt it's on the down low secret yes you don't and it's not why I'm inbox you give everybody. Big kids yeah as a they open at once you really tight with bella there. Yeah Iowa governor and mail it to or whatever when they are all around us like oh now you address. All. And because you Ramona gave happen Christmas wrap the party yeah. He obviously you're feeling he's been dine all you can easily guess not fun to give yes it does like state where possible. I am sure IAA again nothing personal now I am now around becomes a contest or something to wean off. You have to I think once you get over like. Ten or twelve people it's time just goes straight up wrong and I don't like the thing you had were kids in college now eighteen adult cut off. Cops cops. Cynthia that this. Do without it you know get together I can do that does agree your friendly says you know we don't have any little kids are failing so let's stop the news. Man let me add there's no little kid Isaiah family in Christmas party is. Everybody under eighteen gets a gift from Santa. Whoever is playing Santa aggregate music Henry Dana. And get ideas but frankly if you want your kid to get a Santa gift you have to bring it give it to Sana. It's no longer. The my responsibility. Of the group. If you want your I should get called up to the tree to get a gift from Sana. You have to bring a gift to give it to Sana before we start to sanity in an address I give it an act. Beneath it. Know that big the city gives it your kid. I thought maybe you show up with five kids. Verified yet you better have final round zionism they don't have to get the specific yet just pages a year a year you give me five I'll throw in the bag no no no it wanted to draw this had to be. Bet this is crazy it has been pretty but it's the business control. And yeah. You bring into kids Avery an and is going to the gonna get me to give other matters great and that is. He has to be a good one the you aren't god you crack begins. Re your kid that's a Brinks no no no no no kids that we thought you couldn't blame your all of a sudden can't if you got a. Bad game though some did the parent doesn't bring a guest there one kid doesn't get confidence and a flat. It's your fault and yeah. The rule and. Got family back at him I hope you take. Okay you can take charge hi this is this that I would go and say yes that's why because in peanut in the sand. Because he makes fun of the kids that's the thing and he kinda keeps it light that's yet did after I guess. Thanks for listening to our fair with that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today in 1079 no link dot com.