Wash Those Pajamas!

Monday, September 11th

We find out that people are pretty nasty...how many days does the average person wait to wash their pajamas? We also gross out Ramona with talk about how dirty your toothbrush really is.


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Today to a that meant remotest showcase. FaceBook and Twitter and find out more help when most of the night the link dot com it's your listening got off to a bad remote. Right there boys and girls how often do you wash your pajamas talking but today that a nation that did serve today. And this survey said 8 June 13 the average guys where that John Mayer's thirteen nights in a row. Women's seventy nights you think that's high. That's really kind of me no way I would Wear. Anything. Let alone a night down. For. Coming at seventeen did you seventeen nights mean. That's. Into Sweeney and we're talking about though again rim at that they can be shorts it could be T shirt it could be whenever. And you know being a I don't care what it is it's not showering. A nighttime shower and mourners maybe you are showering and night. Yours that in the Clinton if you're if you're not showering bite you back. All they feel poignant as. If you are shelling. Night it. Might be you you shower and I you put on your. Your jammies. I could understand that a little bit better but hill in my shirt green nine assured everywhere for a couple hours because I don't Wear when I sleep. In my shirt. I had a worse assured when I sleep. OK so my shirt I've only Wear for leg of our morning to get the kids ready for school and and may be. An hour at night. And I'm wired very often and I'm not doing things like it's my shirt can get away with a bunch of days so how many days neat talking about here that are now I've got my go shirt a long time. But pants little less so it's kinda like when I'm doing laundry algo gather my stuff out of my life. All we used the same logic that you use them for your shirt I mean. You're not doing anything sweaty and knows I'm really worried about it but I I would say maybe. How long would you go I think wants. That rotates and pants and now than I am I don't couple we actor will undergo a week once a week at sag and you're rolling up my nasty man without user experience and your once a week. Know every four days. Most definitely three days were nine down and we do it in Baghdad Saturday and ala. Early and also not don't you wanna beat us. Okay I'm not going at this hour before bed so like my phone is so then why has put all day funk in your own name on everyday all day fun and all they've gone. There aren't alone that he can't play. And eighteen days a week I think it's fine. Have a problem will once we I I like twice a week let Betty are you undone once nom I'm every night. You wash your clothes every you're wanted on John I change every night after you have nowhere to prepare shorts. Every 21 now. On the glaring hole. In us. To me ya pain but because obviously I don't really. Show its bandy if you look at. It. In his angels on the road a lot. She but like how I don't think I would need to wash the shirt with a lot of just like such a social thing but it's not thirty years. Glad that you're following substituted at coastal plain but I learn my answer I don't wash my hedge hurts every time. A case and you can catch dirty ass man. And Eddie island didn't ccb out now because island where. For our two hour I mean I got two hour in hour two hours but like. The shirt you're wearing now you wearing for about you know eight hours see where it was downloads for about eight hours. On like yeah but now I don't want my jeans every time. Or short so you just gonna continue listing nasty thing did not wash and I have it was not the way it is here around this you know we're not supposed to wash your jeans every time to and you don't want your teams every time and you know last night every other time everytime handlers elusive why he wears its ruined the rules you know the rules you've seen that Ronald. I have seen. Just let I think inner some guidelines at a disgusting has some guy who runs the denim company came out and said Mel Watson Miller didn't company Gavin when she knew watchers they Wear out. I probably aware of and I remember the article he's talking about it was solid. Didn't like Calvin Klein an element when other people have backed him up I think Clinton Kelly never washes clothes yes he does bring that rumor about. Anderson Cooper I know he doesn't wash I would say I. Google that I guess and I am Anderson Cooper yeah. I'm here am I yeah Ireland Italy in group. Learned of the losses on Jerry Bailey and Mo flow. Now it's not a dirty now vote and as a group reveals he wears the same jeans every day. And wash them four times a year. And you know and he won't wash them while he's in the shower. Yeah that's all indistinct who. Smelly so refined the. Mark Ellis and fresh and naive you wanted to get a little snide put him in a freezer. I'm Kia. Yeah. And they've had to do can afford a new gene crazy government zip lock bag and put him in the freezer for 24 hours they have some sort of smell dostum whatever kills all patient and not ninety freezer but if you're using. Your freezer. As an alternative to washing your nasty knows it's that they hadn't won anything that comes out of your freeze I'm just saying it's a thing if he gets in and Elena who acknowledged that went wrong I'm washing my G I mean I don't want they called it too expensive to wash every time. These are hogwash in my. Harris are not that broke. I don't know where else. You your light you know my family he is getting pulled. In Spain who like we only get enough money for food put enough for laundry detergent that we have to be really Ruble. But that's not you. I don't actually altitude expense. And I am not only that. But I Alice and rule now I refusal to be that cheap I'd watch him probably. After how many where's violence I would say every team. A pro. At 660. Wearers. That's normal. What I learned a bar they immediately get washed and I'm just learn and work from wearing him like to do other things and work yeah I'll wash. And it's just come here and sit around. Washington and some spells on it. Maybe appeal little maybe should. Have been man it's. Calls these companies spectrum center October 17 and it. Our never again. The link is not just getting you win this. Halsey we're giving you any day Hank. Halsey. At 123432. And hold these new album hopeless counting them and you the end to win a pair of tickets and meet and greet passes from this isn't giving you a. Close and personal with your favorite artists when a 79 delaying. OK my friends your yours stone cold broke rope broke broke up what. And you cramps for much efficacy got to cut back and so they asked people what they refused to give up. You know they were totally broken maybe that captain. Do something norm got behind a dumpster. It would go to just to get it just a data that parts but. It pursing that they'd cut back on as out of but the number nine buying gifts for people. They would give that up before any other things. This this is as what else did he can you beat me your broken did you get away where that managing did you thing I'm broke but I just saw you. Have a new phone and Internet. I went bad you know if year old not you orally by guess for anybody anyway. Mean how often are by different. Mean not very often. Well against her by the NG people a deadly letter to Obama does it on number eight they give up college courses and anything that would further their education. Yeah he's. Like cutting off your nose despite your praise so that. You know something that you might do to get more money get more money yet right now I'm gonna do decide you're not gonna do. Then traveling 17% would. You know give up some traveling. You waited. I mean I it matter that should be. I can see giving an on going out to eat that makes sense. That's above. By anybody and it should be number one analyst before giving gifts. Giving gives there is only 30% I cable TV. When he 1% because I am yet that makes sense while you can do the cut the cord and it and I couldn't give up football. I'm delighted. Because Benin art our teams are. Not in Charlotte now now divided DirecTV got you don't have to there you had to do. We have to ask burrow his wife Mary was yapping about it this weekend my life and how much it. Cost it DirecTV because of that and we're just getting it for the package that we could figure out ways around all the other stuff yeah yeah but I don't have my Eagles six. Oh man. I guess I could I don't I'd be the last thing I'd. Have the most basic cable package and a man. And I watch. Football every Thursday and Sunday. With a little and I you're college ball on Saturday. And UT unit and as a villain playing all the time and you guys are invested. Everything seemed because you'd had that bad. Haven't gone on has invested as we aren't aren't it and not imagine isn't she became what game at Brown's lawyer I'm sorry I don't wanna watch this show about drag intercept and you can't watch Netflix lights is that all the great shows are on all of us are out enjoying life and out yet know you're not you'll watch local TV horrible TV. So is gonna cancel restaurant guy load. Yeah it was not given a chance downward dog is not a single person listen he's ever heard of don't even Google is this crappy show that was canceled what someone with a doctor doctor king and doctor check in once again I dirt reed he's like you think things are underage because you don't get any other very good sandals. On our right let's see whereas I cable TV 21%. Your pets 37% people give up their patent they are totally broke. And they give up their tax earnings that I had the yes it is crazy and it is in your green peppers organizer whatever gets you. When it's like a broken legs except a sympathetic because even more power. Don't ahead Honda is gonna and I don't need to get two broken leg a little bit of money have a lot of money into. Driving his third. I'd be hard to give up if you have means united placement in public transportation. Number two year phone. And number one thing 54% of people said no matter how broke they were they were never give up the Internet. Matter how broke. Now and I can. I mean here's the thing with the Internet it's tough to give it up if you don't have a job. And your probe because so many places you have to apply how long I mean you're on the library maybe all of them how do you check Heidi I know the email me. If you wanna come talk to me I gotta go back. Bill to let them hang out everyday wake up he had met. Email me about the job I've flight number I've seen you people. And I got the phone. You do that I. I guess that wouldn't help so the Internet would be I guess. I would be less of me to go back and watch TV on the Internet yeah but that's true world a bigger then didn't I do know though now it's not the yeah yeah you know he had yet it's not really does barely know the Hillary and leave it got all the gonna go into that. Kind of a space where there's not going to be a lot of great shows on coming up I got to find MySpace funnels Diamondbacks at thank god yes we watches games over and over again I can continue as we watch the real version and then there's the edited version. You watched little one via its current running here and I took. Damon drones over fifty years or wait for that I'm back pain mayor and a half standardized. It is very sad times. Al maybe one of these days he'll. Equal so you're listening to all yeah. Remote yeah. Like. Tenacity bowl I think some people do and I'll tell me right now I didn't choose this one very often or ever. Simple way world Isiah. Tuxedo. Tailor your clothes. I'd. A never. I guess about a suit you automatically get a Taylor right that's only thinner you react gotten Taylor really yeah never bought Hanson now I've done. Because of my side shrinkage it's I've had shirts tailored like golds are all brought together but I down. If you are out to dinner and someone else is paying don't order the most expensive thing on the menu to go without saying and is common courtesy. You can convince fellow my relatives that. When you treat him to dinner. Is like saying I hit the lottery. Think of things they're not gonna mess around that I get my air re seeing my name or her son was so upset because I was taking the family out to Derrick. And not only did she order the most expensive thing on the menu she ordered to I. Why are some leg that is so rude. That is so incredibly united getting heat olive fruit just let. And all the Whitney she's got to go to the viewer the one bank. Episodes ago. The latter is unbelievable. Serve. We're here oh my god in the end you know you are where somebody else to get out and it has been algorithms are fine. That is are vying absolutely horrified that I need to be more than once I'd I should know better. A rich people do when on the company dime. Unity it's not necessarily be Felix amounts. I finally feels so in bear a onetime. Our Boston goes out to that fancy fish restaurant. And the fish I've learned. And wins as a guy I am I acting title I'd like to have the seat back. And then I looked at the price it was like oh god it's like the most expensive they may offer flick. Lucy basket outside examined because the final at me or hurt and now the thought of being bad person right. Are you harassing I'd like to. Go last sadly it's kind of out of priced everybody's gallon yeah. Yeah you know you don't at the start out drilled c.'s next guys get like a filet mignon eggs aren't. It's. James that yeah really well also you should always offer to pay even if your being treated. You did just make tool does that I won I always offer is not due to our you're. How has been Alley you say I got this you always have to give them now and I get one of those I'd do it but. I can't tell you the last time was Simmons Ed all home. Are you just say I got this they say not against them. I mean it's a girl I usually here's how does Danny's and and I got this again and I don't know how but I leave the tip. That's a easily outbreak yeah yeah yeah. In is that that's Hattie liberals. You're not supposed to criticize your friends significant other if they've done nothing wrong with Jasper your opinion and don't trash someone else partner. And once again who does that have gone mad with the thought. Lou inning here I will have its necessary only becomes and to believe it's necessary and met deems it necessary steam and that is there's try your partner. Always bring it again you know when I did the decide if it's necessary. Call your mom once a week. Then. That's. I can't guarantee idea that once he's and I'd say probably carried out browse our backs fairways. I don't know Mindy do you do it. Got voice issues a voice problems. You can clearly see Texas mom. Your mom. They call me sometimes call that it. And all you see they caller she's already cold and how often do how mentally all their pumping every goal mug every couple. A gate dot pull that microphone over because you might not know this but I am friends. On FaceBook we docs mop. And about every other week I get a message for her from her saying will you please tell my son to call me yet. And you called Melba. Not re still text. Young now to pick up the phone. Feeling that she thinks I'm not pass that message while that this is everybody and a yeah well picture and belt. Then your mom this podcasts my kids are busy allot to get trapped. They do they are very busy people but I I talked about I'd say it talked him every week but it's not always mean make reaching. And sometimes Amy. Habits and between one of others some connection. Let's do it also it's a don't be afraid to ask for help or ask. I insist on it actually does not. Gonna hook. Don't text on a date yet don't text being did the damage yet. This is stupid get rid of wire hangers I mean. That's on the list they say they're text or something but I do I don't let it stand wire hangers. But I wouldn't put us and get 1% discount that my dry cleaner for being backed. I'll I'll Anderson I understand. Now account and I think we're twelve cents at times adds yeah. Seeing things how low you can't say on the radio you're listening to offer there with that remote. All right share the gap podcast please also go to 179. Link dot com because it's an audio about a moment. I'm touching and bring him and dad I and first now. Just runs under jobs. Beards job I don't get near Yuma just revenue it. I think they're more angry the fact that you called in doubles it. Well knowing a thing is resisting you're cute little bellies what I'm saying is that sometimes you're not sure they're pregnant and you just around an option. And that and diva like what are you know I. Loves Brad that about negative effect that. That Terry these three items an all time I could say delight when today Daryn Derrick. Atlanta and. Says something to start a fire does anybody have that yes. The yeah I wanted to start a fire. You know iMac that some people might think it's me but when it look at the people in this room. You are the least likely to survive any snow now that's not true yes you're you're more scared and I am I or Amazon a lot of plans I am. Scared. I'm prepared you're not prepared guess yeah now and conservatives are not yet today and take your stuff. But it's going to be me. And another in your prepared. IDs on its. And they're not an eagle. I mean is there a lot of America my home my proud I had some storm firemen not in the studio. No idle hand is anything in the studio while the car and my truck into. You know something you're via. I have are I had to do about talking not shooting a higher for oh I have later lie. Well my eye liner. A little some. Like to keep my eye liner are lit so there that I give myself an eye infection use why do you have a light allies and online I'm waterproof matches. I've T sticks together it's very emergencies. A case there you have to start a fire at thing water purifier. No no around and as that bottled water park. Now I'm like my house just to stop you left over. Now the leg you just auto gem finished. I ate he bought a lot of in my car and I think he's been there too long move it to the house and and I have my bottom line. Using case a taste of bottled water carriers on a case we don't have. I don't know you need a taste of water until we're only driving in a drive and a desert earnings and coming all the way from lot they might have. That is I'd I'd do. Usually what happens is I buy a case the water. And by the time I get home from shopping again too tired he carried it okay this moderately down into its phase of my card limits like how I need to take that inside. MIT get inside I remember all I probably need to buy more bottled water Jozef it is shuffling I was mopping his arrival at the survival it wasn't intended for survival. Annika but it's there by you do your body you get a water. Purify ever twenty dollars you wanted but. Again what are the odds of me needing fire a lot of here. Pretty darn slam. But haven't we now need you need it but I didn't pan am I shelter are to need that like. It's our. Or something like that that that food should take a backseat to fire water pure fire and shelters. Yeah even if you look at last a long time without food but you need to sheltered water so there ego I don't have out of your entire. I've. I'd jacket. These days well that'll be honest I thought. That this is a model is owed like five minutes of some gloves and Aaron. And you could survive well. I got couple bags of stubbornly to take a goodwill viciously minute pace they did have a boost. Look like there's an old because I need to layer model seven leveling V ninety Syria yet at the like I do have that to. So that that I galaxy all the survival. Things. I I. The make him afraid you watch out yes attack so. Amy watches. Naked and afraid with the kids. And eight at Avery is having a seems like it don't show bits. And pieces in viewed you've got to watch it means I don't sell private are right and it's a private parts but she said the woman who watches the kids Monday. I liked it's a mom and I watched the naked (%expletive) together. So. Can you explain. And yet you know what you want around now so this is the clintons sound good. Mommy going around San once I don't know we mills I tell that by yourself where are your kids on the Italian Vegas show watch him and Lou as interest and he's note the fastest. You're listening all there. You larger brakes don't thousands of dollars. Your total germs freak end here did bush try to scoop on it. And that tradition if it if you're you're saying you know I think. You. I can't think about that and I can't really allow my well. Brain and let me in a pupil might toothbrush ballpark I I can't you lived with the mom. Thirty bigger group travels of not enough. Downstairs a phased out is that your own room yes and my poop is cordoned off until it a little program so yes so the odds are pretty good for a year and yeah that if you have any it's gonna be year round. Yet now as I ever. I think Leonard think it's not that he had Ali you get in there. They did did college map programs run to turn 55% of mad fecal bacteria on them. Well men to eighty person there's an 80% chance of bugs. Terms whatever on your toothbrush came from another person. Check that out yeah when your men stand stay over your house providing analog that duke right zap. Absolutely attest. But never use someone else's toothbrush and you ask you doubled what do I know what it's maybe something else happen between now and then. Covering the prices. If you. Want to avoid morning and that's a useful to over my house I would much rather use either not brush your teeth at all. Ward Just switched around a little mouth washed then to. Actually you don't hang out much ado the fab on the finger thing Butler that's fine yeah apple it. I would rather he do nothing about. How the morning Brett been in use my reason I do that if you do is much hope toothbrush it's yours and we should do that like for charity. You have to pressure on all the guys in here just to crash. Now yeah get the shivers through yes we would have to feed. All of the starving children in the entire world for me to sign on how would you your guys to toothbrush I thought folks. Can't let it come on now you know we just off to talk about on top. Today so I am now an anyway do you boys can make a ban on and do now. The the hot and cold waters saying that's not gonna held covering it can actually make the bacteria multiply faster so this company pureed. As to mop with a an infrared solar powered toothbrush sterilizing station for those you are paranoid. Which would be Ramona. UV medical grade UV light. Kills 99.9. Percent of all germs on your toothbrush has played a little to use shaped silver coated service reflects the light. Larry to sterilize the brush from all angles. And the UV light only comes on when you leave the bathrooms so you don't have to worry about it getting you for whatever reason. There's also a section of the station lies you hang your razor. Sanitize that. Holds for toothbrushes so. In all families have family again as Serra went all the kids at whatever three dental floss packs a tongue scraper. Raise their attitudes price to miss that stuff getting germs and it or whenever you and then this last about five years. Where it'll be UV light burns out. Start shipping in October of all things. Ball and a place forum. I can see that being something that you would yet. You never know quite. As it did I just felt like awesome yeah Demi did it boil it would surprise 400 bucks. Half annual worked nearly had to be a hundred or less on her last and I I will. Idea I guess I want to any bite first actually look at some did you need bacteria and stuff and you by. How well as working badges that peace of mind you you might you know I mean did you like the use of lying to do reviews honored at some point. Reds I idea the way with people. And they're feared terms if you come up with all kinds of things like this Andy Stern type simple we need a little bacteria man. The little two and a map it and elsewhere. It's. We don't let me begin now I'm guessing that much into the wind gonna have a like that use the wind probably at some point. That you can just you know. Wind over various items do get rid of the term yet Europe playground and won the monkey bars or something. You know I mean that seem like it added monitors love that want your dogs by whatever indeed. I would love that's been. I want you got the bug dog comes up from outside you want applause why not Obama hi Neil good and Stiller economic issues sanitize their. Which has already been and any little I don't work out of his does the one and one half OK and you just stepping in and then walked in the house. Probably not. That's when I want okay did did did not yours is gonna be special and different and I'll do I am going with UV light before it was a pure Al combination. Now to go the UV light on the soles of my shoes for a walk in the house that should be done and that's better in the toothbrush one. Right because you want people who Wear your recipient whether you're choosing your house may be it's you know I would say that be more important than your than Ed toothbrush. UV light thing and an error or you know. Well you I want to be and you say already immensely whether he'll. What is your sins as a match this tape. Today about a 189 not even when I was making was at 4999. And one. 49750. Yeah that's that's not. Yeah. There's an old saying they had to give us your car maker par four hole is really good. The big incident. So nominee must be good because no one's buying them I've never seen them to the stone minds getting battered in the nation that is an effect. Thanks for listening to our fair would that Ramona. Check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.