We Spend 90% Of Our Lives Indoors

Sunday, May 27th


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The average American spends 90%. Of his year insight. I completely. Believe 90%. Of your life. Inside and that includes sleeping okay so to a lesser outside you know and a sleeping bag of something you'd. You're gonna be sleeping inside. I just thought you know only 10%. Of the year you're out. Would this be in this beautiful country. People working indoors right if you have collected data most regular sort stacks up. And your in your car right and you go home and you park your car and you go inside and there's a million things to do TV gaming online all of that you know had a bad. And you wake up in you repeat Siena and ongoing you know the only reason I'm inside his. But for some reason my wife flex your rounder. And I hope because she said that she's actually said that like if I'm reading in my idea. You know the work for me and kicked aside and then it's none of your study. Of its. This one over here all of a sudden the royal Musial. Nearly drawing room I don't know if you. My damn right I'm in my town. If I. I. Didn't retired this DNA with my smoking Jackie didn't dismiss ala. Yet they still no additional cost I don't I'm I don't retired at night and repair oh hello there tonight and is that the funniest word repair in back contacted or you'll hear that like in an old movie I believe we'll repair to the drawing room. Much electricity right next to a while I'm reading. I don't know why. I don't wanna be next week. She's somebody that she's actually wanted to that is somebody else in those words Bob I want you to deal right here yet she dislikes the proximity. And you know god knows I'm not update. For you. I'm watching Dunkirk Graham you know reading a book maybe that's the only way to keep your from prowling around in your squeaky shoes. Dec could be part of tax accountant who cannot sit back could be part of this. For sure we'll treat it dogs the dogs afternoon. Outside more than I think the average side thinks this guy inside job there. Alex got selected were Cuba and if if you're not a roof her hat or firm harbinger or a cowboy. You know you're in this day and time you're inside an awful lot quite hardly ever comes inside. Sarah thank you haven't an outside dog again no kidding you have that feeling that's happened to have a.