Weird Things We All Do When We're Alone

Thursday, October 12th

Matt's convinced that everyone likes to hang out naked when they're alone...Matt also drops an Odd Facts Corner and we've got a list of obnoxious things all men need to stop doing right now.


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Today to what that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com you're listening to on there with the. When there. And one of the things. I mentioned. On the the naked on the soap. Pomona is no way sitting naked and so no they negative abandon either which now. Not sitting naked and the dead now. At Indian and sitting naked and the you know like now again. He called them apparently nothing different like a bench or something in front of the dead but it I think we keep close. But it trunk or something net that matter even. Nike hat it's a way he had decided to put on some lotion. And I'm going to sit down sport yet if I did sit on my bed or said bins to put my towel Pampers. Nine Munich comforter. Rotella you've do you. About my throw pillow decorative towels. My comforter and my decorative now the gas they they are not for your bare bottom and Mecca. Somebody visit you and why am wiped their bottoms with the my element out now for those. Of us. And timing are. Why would you even wash it. So improves on my talent thrown away because it's a few hours then Roosevelt were very unique. You know Michael elephants I didn't wanna letting go I assumed it would yeah its firms are high aren't selling you bought yeah it's also not a towel that you've seen everywhere it online I am I'm Marla lying there so you of all people. There's no way. I would think that she would wash cooked now let's be honest actually it was my ex husband whose only freaking out about said elephant Howell. We decided to wash it I believe he bleached it. Their four. Elephant Powell never the same again it's critically have to thank you argue sold out and said elephant towels and you know the way I shop I got to elevate towels. On clearance. They don't exist anymore and if I was to replace it and I would have to pay a lot of money we also make it clear that your ex husband has not the one who like their bottom. Yeah it was it is a young visitors but I'll. I a kid who. When I said I. He said. Uh huh. And I and. Don't even know what mad about. Al on so anyway I. Put on MySpace for page said my Ali believes he's an account snake you need chips you're savage. Now this is a day is it just sitting on the cal to make it or is it eating chips and really pushes everything yet. Sitting on the couch naked in and out of self is savage but eating but eating take sit to. Aim more disgusting. Even more savage beast level your tell me your memory and connect. Now being the naked in I DNA did the Smart now which the Sox of course. Autism is a cultural. Doctor isn't isn't there are so then. It is also black but he's but he's black into black people on the show have not eaten but might be but. It doesn't represent black people on this particular act because he wears socks matter. Most black people powers not matter what I get naked most never nudes are likely to a certain it was never like that and and to give him. Black. Love never Newt light yes. So I said that you think it. Savage and nice and I'm starting a new show instead make him a friend or make an account. Limit commented on this mom I'm fine as long as you don't need to chips are falling your crotch yeah. Yeah Chris says on the mat on this one I'm a firm believer only Ramsey around naked right after a shower. So that just a person her own clean skin how about that. I am OK. Governor after a shower out why we just didn't enter a bear but upholstery and Danielle. As I agree on the crotch chips on there properly blue chips all day everyday OK that's different. Because anything you finding your brow the end of the day is fair game Omar god not for you. Yet though I finally Dana not conforming to find little trail mix in their life. And you don't say he'd. The swear I didn't want you as soon my boobs are swayed everybody's best you don't know that Gary says Gary drive Booth Garza's defense who else is there. And the fabric accounts let there no way. It is clock oh yeah I now know that that's all mixed up. You'd leather I can easily wipe down with a letter wipe the outlet whatever. Europe. Did a good year dripping and yeah. It is true parents of snakes get 100 do right now. You have feet and I did you do have fecal matter on your bottom. Not Aviv today and wash it off no you still have fecal matter you have picked a man on your. Hanson on your face I've watched my name not all day every day that's the float around their right now. But I'm I'm practical matter your house all the time but he doesn't he's not my furniture. No one's with the staff and especially no one who doesn't quite there but after they coop the is sitting on my. Furniture bare bottom but I don't visit you and let them. Leather the prom would make it his letters a sticky. You stepped in hot comfortable. Nancy Landon says that they sit around they needed just bad. You would say in leather remind Malia not a heights open my college apartment. Hi I'm damaged in yet our guests. And embedded in the U Bridget knows by Russ says he put us Cuba dip on your chest and used it now that would be totally savage. Yeah they're going to be the next level up yeah I'm. Tommy says. A body part forget food cook up really you got. For you cradling debit between your manual and tell. I mean it's me Mike goes for an economic doubts he says past the death. At 1079. 2000 dollar fortune or time each day getting into winning every weekday at 9 AM 11 AM and 1 PM and 3 PM when we give you. Yes ball four times every day Monday to Friday so leave the umbrella. And so can cash from Hendrick automotive group insurance best and seven it filled lake. And many that are here to mood here are some things just abdomen right now fellas. Fellas. Humble brag about worked out. Now we know he can Ayers and well I I I care and it just makes me feel. Worse about myself since I don't work now why do you care if I make you feel awful. I here's the problem a fine but it is this isn't a humble bragged to have someone said. I like it should be proud of yourself and your ram marathon say it's a special kind of that humble bragging that is saying. That's I mean he's chosen by your accomplishments but your only allowed a few of those yet connect you can't. You can't constantly mention well I was at the most America on and then I went down and I did such and such marathon and then knowing cares after that. I'm sorry I figured out that if all you do is talk about how you run all the time lift rates are gonna find you boring as all get out. You know people who are also went to Redding will find it that's true might ring to rule our health care but how about I think my duke haters say that. How about today probably what is it marathon next out Boston. But I but he best not clear how I don't think that's a humble Bragg as much as saying something like I'm really tired I just ran America. Then you that's the humble brackets are more being you know it's not about to cut it to your being trying to be subtle yeah that's more of a humble brag. Then just saying you did it. I bump bump and Brad is like. You know finished tenth in my A age range. Darn it was going for third I don't know it's a tough call. On that AV guys is limited donate it constantly go on and on automatic and Jeter allude to Rondo on air okay limited how about that. She gave an example is it like to help to those groceries my final event seventy browns didn't. Yeah. Yeah. Alamo rent though my groceries you know hopefully. Then there's taking pictures with the beard to look the 19 calories and they say not all guys appeared to have only guide Beers do it. I've done before. And it's it's just say your bubble Celtic race I'm not saying it's another I'm just trying to find a different look to credit bit. I'd not even necessarily and just so I do have that is one of your arm wacky guy now I do battle lopsided space. I go lopsided case. Migrant naturally now. And I heiress that's gonna vegetable he's actually down just a little. Axe actually at that outside. What I did that there is better than the other and it did it bothers me because some. Ever said this before I got fully yeah often read pitchers I have been looked at me talking about the fact that I have a little lied about it let die without my little tiny and only nineteen and made fun of me for that there's decades of my life that. I've aged I've never really out of me I know but I. I never realized until recently. Like. Like I'm trying to be serious in this picture say and I'm not trying to raise an eyebrow. But there's an eyebrow raised especially rat stand T appraisal he's in his natural smile and much trying to do it. I've just noticed it happens I am I smiled gotten better but I think my good smile as lopsided make a look at this one I'm not trying. I'm not trying to raise an eyebrow again there's a raised eyebrow. It's a thing I do it's it's it's. I. I know this sounds crazy but you could. I try not doing it no I try not to which is not a time a mild side or something quick smile let me. Rate your idol and. Under the deal because like recent. We like at an event I have a whole bunch of pictures taken the same place where we're Jamaican I got a mix of governors don't want my. You know it's stunning smile on every picture I don't wanna look like everybody's like oh he's always posing all the time. Some traffic got a mix ups they don't think I'm trying to be a modular sub. Always supposedly are on. That's on purpose impose. New England knows about he's my evening mainly. He'd be able to think he's a model like yeah yeah you want to be able to immediately look and take that years Zoolander. OK but. He has is laying out galleries no like every third line throwing something that I'd say and then Amy L and that's your thing. Every third one. But the eyebrow thing is not something I do intentionally I just have a lopsided pace. I do I don't try to raise the look at the that I don't try to raise my eyebrows some how it goes up. Because my new smile valued doing it now you're doing it right now we're talking in my lip I also have a lot of lip that kind of goes public apparently someone help. And one hell yeah. Duke doctor Ferrara. Come up and doesn't addict can also movie and it picked up and let out. Our tails and that was really sound that have banned drugs and though we are working on us now for years finally got a little giggle part. And relegate Bard and people don't understand what you're talking about you've always had. I always. Real recently I asked tenure. At the nineteenth you were a major model for I'm the department's Iraq. Illinois ice at modeling than it is a brand. New felon to. Well I don't slump. I think he got dragged it out a week slump. We had difficulty. Managing and that to look right and smile until bid he started making you get older and photos yes. And then you drive to replicate the giggled and even when did he wasn't there a tiger hat and then during a picture yeah humid. Yeah. You'd make a BB a giggle and it would help you smiled when actually and rolled their eyes closed thing mark and I didn't begin and then you fell into another slump because your eyes are always close at an elementary yeah you that you would start raising both to your eyebrows so. How I reset who didn't even look surprised you look at. Like many are gonna compensate. I know I know you are trying to compensate out it looked it looked very very strange I'll. Fallen into a pretty good smile. Well mom's side but I got to work on that zone. Mr. Huckabee and it is so bad and stuff you know I understand the rules the world like listen it's reality radio what your schedule all off there with. Ramona guess which again in his office and I can't pay me well that's I don't always interested. May I guess and as everybody Jason Booth I type of drugs called the horror Prague. It'll break its own bones to make walls out of them and use them as offensive weapons yeah does that not. That is our core fraud. You my mom. Believes a fraud is as little Christian symbol. Read it really had an RO a that option for a relying on its own get the message to the frogs fall from the sky and the days I mean come on now. This one quick break its own bones and claw and that is great. There was a lifeboat drills scheduled the morning before the Titanic sank but it was canceled. That that's machine to grab it or satellite auction rebels you don't pull it. Female fruit flies prefer to be incestuous. Mayweather Brothers as opposed unrelated. Move me like Alabama three. It and read it yet still we don't. You can throw it on Kentucky or Mississippi Alabama Medina underlying gassed in Africa. Justin Bieber. Is related to Celine Dion Ryan Gosling and Abra Levine wow he looks like lap. Mixture of all three I don't out policies and Steve Jobs you know apple guy yeah never wrote a single line of programming code. That's amazing isn't it's my again it's amazing. Armed and biting in this one reason major. Computer duty never Ernie programming guide you maybe you know it didn't even know where reading programming code is and if you don't understand. I got it up a what does that even mean usually write this program and computer works on. During mating season. It doesn't make a computer where would during mating season I malice and Mueller's testicles well and become larger than their brains. Meant that I happen unless. Who do not think it does exit and beyond Apollo I dig it dead. Peacocks wolf fake sex sounds to get the attention of females. That's great which you gotta do it all right. It I just don't do it again and cornered on that. I'm sure you get a good get attention yeah. That positive attention that you get attention there's no handbag that lead you go viral on somebody's phone video you know why. I think we should have doctors that's the but we can say we're doing a peacock and a patient. Having doc do it really funny. Now it's it's it's very weird. He's quiet age because he's quiet lack. Why don't name all the things he has. A. I'm going to I'm. Is he quiet he is very very very reserved as it relates to dating and or sexist you make even when sex I'm grateful to us right now. No my doctor. I'm no and it's very creepy that you're asking him to pick effects that conflict get triggered shock. That's that section of the red. I don't does that sound he he he he he. At a heated game. Aimed at doc wanted to give the lady de LAF do we say. Are you as an and then link in a single yeah it's gonna over a rarity yet read it there's no red light thirty feet underwater some blood appears green. The that your Tran apple off funny because I was watching TV shows Hanna. A guy dying underwater. Mountain and they had this. This green stuff coming out of his mouth and like that are slow. And so I thought well maybe. It's from got a yellow and blue makes green thing link. I got couldn't get a banana out and now I understand what was on bull last. Their own show coal bowl. I don't show bull. With a guy Lieberman CI as one times on their loved bull. It's a yeah it's a it's a CBS shares are made her eighty year olds are gonna last night it was ripped from the headlines because. They were prosecuting this frat guys. Who killed me ran ever play edge in a drummed in his ritual. Isn't bowl ballot picking jittery or something. That's conflict riven it's so much more than that the and I know being condescending. It is so much more than that. You cannot say you like CBS shows and drama exits are dramas. Unless you are Disney doesn't last year quote unquote pristine shows doesn't mean I'm not watching the deviant it was a great episode last night. You're listening to all there was. All right as always we thank you thank you thank you for us subscribing to the hi tasks. There's some things this person thinks that we all do when we're alone. Like you hear the doorbell and you're convinced someone's committed Killian. Don't think someone's Dominic here does it affect that at worse an ominous sell me something. That is where are freaks me. Ha. Just of geeky that's bad for them out tonight I take a month. I don't take a mom but I used to feel really bad because a coworker of Mars was an eighth street and then I'll stay. And his territory. Was my neighborhood. And I remember. Him coming to my neighborhood. Many many times and the pretending not to be home even though I knew that ball man one time I even saw him. At a stoplight and I knew he was heading to my house. And so I sped ahead M rain and as I would feel really bad it. I mean I undertook to its people don't know your very religious spiritual person to go to church why you don't necessarily need preached to. Right but I would be but I felt like I needed to give him if I'd open the door I would have felt like I would need to give him more time right that's Armenia. And he wasn't the type of person who I would say they just leave me a flyer. And asked thank you that was gonna happen right and so I would feel leery route so I just Joseph. And a half barrier that's. Black ice and I said Abdul. An argument what do you believe about does believe in east so. It urgent these people are gonna. You know whatever that is a good good blowing don't have many things do look at a particular in that particular day I didn't becomes. A did you break down well okay semi no other and then. Now I guess I got called and a giant Sony. Now I'm just asking him how that religion felt about things let's all they left me a book and then. It's reserved as they came back we played. It. Now quiz them what I know from Wikipedia. I don't know about this outlet Amy as much quiz. You need to. Act and I'll go one time and it was my goodness. Anyway. It's not hesitant to think they're gonna kill me but I'll tell you that I was home one night picking on Burnett. The edge of the TV show at 1030 I. It's like. Indict a third and that something like that and they came in some sort of pounding on the door not the doorbell you know boom boom boom boom. And imaging happen honest and isn't an I didn't wanna go into the door. Because it was a pretty would have it was a trick I to make you open the door to bang you over the head. But then on second thought when I wanted to cashew nuts so where they've banked in a kind of looked up to hundred no and here's an open door said. You are neighbors. And could not. Only did he knew there was no wonder they knew there is no one there. Yeah. You know. The dollar ransom is banging on the door and right now I'm not worried about them debate beat me over the it and that's usually not a low. Not usually but why would you open the door for someone mangan in Dortmund right. Right at unsafe and to look out the window and people are sunk and don't you yell out the ethics. I can't make you feel brain cells act act act. Because there was some mayor you would have opened the door that is scary aka the got a commitment nights and he's banking on your dealer yet have a domain scary. But he Elise so little rant against bank. Right after Christmas one time the dead and I was just happy to be up really late that night it was that. And guy who'd been in a car accident and he was actually right that he had a baby with him that's what I would assume is is somebody in trouble yeah applicant for held. When ring the doorbell. Any. A and that everybody's doorbell works ma'am and I'm while you try the doorbell first and then you go over the not you know it is they run adore value would have just opened the door. What would you look. First I. I assumed they need to do the special not yes. And I have a little window that opens and I don't play as north northwest. And that led to fans are there that you got mad sort of take a page or certainly not cool things up but we're so glad to get up to you and I mean it doesn't. Tom Britt wrote I don't know about some harsh rules since that will make you a better person and dad has one of them as. The world only cares about what to get from you. That's all they care now never learn man in Sunday school that's why it's so it's a harsh truth either you senate had better not true society. If it's shown you get no respect. To society's full people who need things the house is built the need booty in the entertainment put out even when he's fragile relationships. It doesn't matter area kinder. How giving and how polite you are. You gonna end a war alone. And sat. At a you're right anything offer. That is a true fact. You you you. So basically you're saying that everybody is used to using everybody else yes but yeah I. This using well yeah yes yes yes. To get some anatomy either friendship per load berg. Yeah dollar public just splitting look at I just beat and hours of his spreading want now. Does not allowed. You can read no one's focus are no one cares about forcing a lot of spreading love to someone else seeding at the low backer you needed that good feeling about like loving is a minority. Mean yeah if he shared it tells you exactly. It's not to do good as they wanna feel better about themselves also. Isn't does not exist. Now a digital friends episode on in UPS I and I think there's been studies. Yet people do it because it makes them feel good. You know my unit are you. Buying it because it would be a total downer if I did took. But it's not about getting shot differently that's not a bad thing is there's still giving it doesn't matter the reason. I mean people try to be quiet neighborhoods that Sara McLaughlin and I just sat dogs to make people bad deal bad deal tees and again. When did you know it is it that back commercial just be egg you know the region doctor dog effort to help the. No we need to emotionally manipulate you into giving. And there's nothing wrong without making it it's a bad thing on it says the reality of it's good. Because it could means people have feeling in. And shame and pride and all that stuff it's good to share love as you feel loved other people feel love we August some out of it yeah okay so if he gives this example. There's a person you love the most. There's just been shot through money or mom just there's. And leading in their streaming channels like this exhibit post today and he's been shot a idol yeah. I'm not a and shot and a million and an end and you guys are there I'm bleeding and screaming I think technical about it or whatever if a guy rushes up. You're just like we meet and I just. I don't know I triggered whenever you guys are seeing is the little things the big things in my humble. At a at a tough that way. I AM February toughness if you don't react in a neighbor got approved stopped as of yet shot just like act. Anyway. Online industry. Guy bonds through December sides of this died in Allentown I'm an L Mathers people's out of pocket knife. And you say your doctor guys there's no exhibit you know to do right army medical Ares has. And it is just a nice guy trying to help. We don't give a crap about him his mother is fulfilling obviously hobbies are a bit of a person is in need something that's actually gonna help. Yeah I imagine like not a good example many people whose gonna help you even if he's a nice guy you you. You don't get an example but it's not and I thank. Nelson. And without a doctor no you know I don't know it's one of the Bruins. He has no you're no use for him. No matter how he really got to basically yeah it. Killing gunshot wound. Life. Campbell and his music more so by gunshot will hurt so much like a good guy and have great quote. While he's maybe the biggest giver in a row and begun the if you're not a performed surgery or useless outside gone to get away that night that I. I don't believe net and at that point we need that it would show up and praying. And you'd still kick him out it is. How can play any doctors. I'm not thinking god she out of this situation there's a dock behind guys seized and got a friend I like I get it you've got Pakistan I know it's making. How much blood in my. The flash blue. Clean out what it. I'm with the tonight. On big a deal. Thanks for listening to our fair with Matt remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today in 1079 no link dot com.