Weird Ways People Try To Get Pregnant

Monday, January 22nd

There's some weird habits or techniques every couple has tried in order to get pregnant...we also talk about why people love dogs way more than other people!


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That to what that meant remotest cast via FaceBook Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening to talk with the best remote breakers people traders. You should if you did you. If you wanna get predators as a result practice. Crazy sites out there enough people gave me books and I got all kinds of unsolicited advice and I was married and trying to get knocked out. Was an unsolicited. Yes it was unsolicited and there. Everything from a coworker telling me to dig deep for my yelled boom when tracking it. Goal line. And the enemy and no one better. I don't like it to an aluminum Google that it is the other day response then there are prizes superstition and yes again one is to use reverse psychology and say. I don't wanna baby. Before you have that shoe case. And then supposedly to reverse and I need to have a baby cast an early here in your doctors and actually gated scientific. I have he'd be free indeed told me that I should repeat to myself. Over and over again that. My child is ready to be a mom. That he felt that my inner child was your Ryder truck ready to let go of being a child. Rarely it's that simple can't key. Look at this guy we hear that maybe the problem is it a good. Well look you got an energy I'll sit down at all it's always on yeah. How about here's some of the strangest fertility tricks couples used to try to increase chances and I admit that I use the first one. 58% of women have tried it is you bicycle your legs in the year for at least three minutes after they have that. Here on the bag he got here in. Hello laser can basically have more on my god I don't think I mean that's not a naked thing I wanna see real. A certain positions like that's got to be in the top right of. Met argue that is not about you know what to say it. Let's actually. But I think link fill a hole and sees unique then there's out not many but I'm saying hi I'm leaving the room itemize these ethical. So they just put a pillow on your add a bigger bomb or would you argue but to lay upside down like in your head or something to. There aren't hold your beaten. Angle you've known candle here at the time that's that's what I don't know if. Eating dark chocolate every day never heard Alan. 37% of tried that never heard of that for a light is made data solidity chuck yes exactly what does dark chocolates this so don't know about them for Victoria yeah I had doctors are undeniable Jews. That was almost as popular as the chocolate I thought that was to make you taste better. That's the old Bennett guys are supposed to drink pineapple juice so. Martyred delicious. The then the guy Harris. If you've heard that before no I have you know everybody has heard that before being any heavier as I've heard. I don't where it's yeah. In the city of some of the urban myth it's all around furlong gap. I don't know it's math and I'm not only that but I'd just assume that it is how I thought I. I've never well supposedly some people think it'll help find what he's done at all and apple may be if if you know things are tasting better year you wanna do more but at least it looks. At. That distracts and Euro area and see it. As it takes its narrative. Let me know the. Maybe you just want to harm in what may be more action okay because that part was get out. Wearing socks during sex back regularly try to add some native and I just need to be nude that's true is it. Wear socks Eric peoples was how come up with a stomach. I'm wearing socks on your feet is like one of those things that. A lot of ailments you're supposed to do like. And I knew New Year's soccer whatever it is not it yeah but like stuff like that. Various things restless leg they. And a potato or something borrowed my ivory soap a part every open your mind that was under your sheets alone and let the potatoes and some of them in my socks. Left. You should also Wear green and use green sheets because green is the color connected to fertility I understand people get. Desperate and sad all that stuff but how are you possibly buying it. Is it about green sheets of green sheets are wearing socks are eating chocolate. These things aren't gonna cost a lot of money much Martha shot. Why not. Make her anybody to bicycle for a couple of minutes the green Eminem is an egg and you're agreed on Thursday we are now isn't school that your party member of those days. Like I. Did did you what is. I you know I hit a little bit in the limbs and never heard about amateur and I don't know I think they did it out of the game umpires. Are wearing green. Many aren't. And those regain NAND. Eating McDonald's Fries right now aspects that supposed to help the men and these are good like it. Good things for me that's not necessarily healthy backlash French Fries apple juice is in bed for matches go to an all you can be bused today. I eat. Nobody ever does rely on the beach or fair to say drink gravy. Gravy and there are heard and it. Pierced on the left so I wrote in an excellent left I don't. Fracture and at all make sense that may mean on all highly recommended by the positions and obstetricians to reverse psychology and I wanna baby. Yeah well noted that but I tell you if you tell a guy who doesn't want to have a baby. Right before you do I want to have a baby better Oki B from Evan baby wanna add yet group some guys. There is some some guys with them we're just won't McLaren and I do you think plowing. Up you know I mean the anyway more. What's the biggest kids biggest strengths and biggest spenders had to come. Maybe we. 079 the link let's keep you. Well there and boy did you scored the biggest hits from the biggest artists because. Omar. Siri. Hand mold when you win and the biggest hits on the linking. You could walk away with the biggest prize all of on the big screen. I'm spending spree. Code of 1079 the link dot com and the biggest hits big screens. State Capitol music group. And Charlotte's best mix won those seven. So eyes does. Oh this matter. All owners of and I'm like with the you know that obviously agendas for the podcast. Is ready to hear it has been all right so. Fish had an impact the B that bandy. As the life there was a flight attendant. And we talked about this the other day when you hear about how I read this thing about how nasty airplane. Bathroom. Look look you know I'm just tell me. We viewed as you avoiding going and I try to avoid him adding dialogue off and he Donna how often do you think that percentage times you fly to Hugo. You've garnered an airplane at 1%. 1% there it has to be extreme. Emergency because I. Like I needed told mom like. Listen the minute this plane land. We are heading straight for the bathroom for a for a couple. Of the bath a lot of people do dilly dally. Dearly dearly and again the the bathroom. Is nasty but based. You hear today that the plane will bump and move and do all that sort of thing so I can see why you'd Pia. Why you gotta let UP. Like maybe you're standing guys in here turbulence gay turbulence around you saying if if I'm hovering. Yeah our guys and anyway again okay yeah bites you've got to clean up. Whatever he left behind that's not that big a deal I even doing here or wherever and IP and. And you know of turbulence and a studio. I hitting turbulence in the bathroom at the radio station it's not turbulence but sometimes there's a stream splits off I don't know where you know. I'll go anywhere. Likelihood. And those on city. That it would bend of the madness cubs three project area that I'm gonna do rabbit Agassi announced. Still approach it looks like. A so that you put a snow cone in or something like I don't like a finally put on your team stats in tennis no cock yeah. And also winning intuitive and obvious idea do it to you. Use the standing those people who need this. Movement of him and the complete. All who have been unpredictable stream like I had a terrorists and that made a little bit less predictable stream dot com. It's a kind and amber baby boys like you know I feel it's free to paste my baby and it Beebe dated paper they make him like. For people to put over it may be PPI. Seriously. We had done a ball that OK anyway. The guy who can't control his dream as an adult fat so and and also irony aren't so bad about this but. They say the you should be skeptical of the coffee. Pass the and use in the waters that goods not very clean water. So. Going that airy pulled Briton barely potable. And but don't try to think of what non filtered water you there's just certain. This aside and just my memory just went off. There was a there's a certain kind of soda they once you do. Orders that if another kind of won that says is more than the other guy Coke it is lore. Well thank you Danny they don't want you to order the dagger well I mean that a ridiculous isn't it again just takes so long it takes longer because of the it is and I mattered if they let them go was it die coaches and the go diets. Anyway. The best time to use the airplane battle the best during to order and only place I drink it is on an airplane estimated. Only navigate to may did you anecdotally managers Lama elect me on an air about club motto these include non clams. Come on out. Now that Condo Lila Ramirez you don't have commodities. With motto it's like clam juice and made it is mixed together some. Some hurt him article motto Hughes is now who lined the main. I mean look at obviously it's a real thing. I have a religion and building then yes yes and edits are good they're supposed to like it was an old. Lives daily Franklin Lotta juice which is a raw I get it to get overhang. Also the real thing actively article monarchies others imagine based. Are the let me invest time to use a airplane bathroom. Is after the pilot turns off the seatbelt sign make sure it's before drink service begins. If you're messing things up in the cards come along man even gets spot somewhere you know you can ever be much go anywhere. I'll within the drink artist Stacy and much yet to be way ahead of it. When where and then you get behind it you know you gotta time Ali if they start it you have to wait for them to get past to trial the app. Then run to the bathroom or running back before they'll start making their way back trying to collect trashy that it's really hard hits or he's back. You can't squeeze so that's why it's best just hold it while you're out of urban grub and basically do white and all of the seatbelt sign you know there is a practically the only one you'll be fast ready ago. And this is he probably got a good twenty minutes before the start there first service. And also. Am you guys don't think it's as of lately it's. Twenty minutes is that. A fair amount of time. Long Beach and the best I'd be worried go up that. No and you've got ten minutes then there's her body not fall asleep when I hit it that the that there are not done in Britain but I don't think I've done in minutes. I've done I've to an easy texts out of I don't wanna I'm certain that won him elected into an article or some. A huddle and the greed in the governor of. What yeah. Sort of a a lot of my car back and I'll and I bombed and yeah. Yeah. Pretty material you have at your seat in going to the bad of an airplane you need to expect whatever he does exhibit. Quickly. And hurry back to your seat. That's why they have this time magazine is even the auto that your match your seat not the lanterns and they say be got to do number two India expert says you heard about the smell. You should be. Close quarters for ventilation lack efficient plumbing. Stands to fill the cabin quickly yes again and oh yes it can get gas and we got such now it's huge. Said. And things have been put. If you know for example. If you listen this by guest on length of time you know what to make dishonest as to many years now if you don't you have a flight tomorrow. You need to be monetary you know your lactose intolerant Randle where. Or tomatoes tomatoes trying to avoid foods. Say you're all right. Isn't fair to an error saying it and all the technology we have. Usually via the plan for people like Medicare and put an elegant code on your mind yeah. Filters servant Ohio not now. I noticed yet but coming out of it and I think that that's that's it. It's just and that's the end safety Sam and go to arrive at a patent pending potpourri. We leave that in the end yeah saint mark's my brother sales clerks and a bigger rate. We're hearing some a lot of good there's other there's no water near really. Me it would have been better nothing. I've got to get the Cooper and haven't gotten it yet and I don't like to weigh in on it. I don't mime types I think he is coming on a senate seats more glass and more fun it's also with that. All. Flirting with a life. This latest battle in the news when it yours absorb vitamin. So we should blow with a large solar and we talked about focusing on her we talked about not pretending that you're someone you're not. Not the suave cool guy. You're not. Captain of the ship them and a captain at. Just an accident happened a hacker attacks. Policy is clear whether by complementing our public. I weighed eight Buick the most important in the world per person in the world. But others it's been great about herself showcase how much you care. And I try to get better. Now Manning earned public. And I I. Yeah. I I've I've tried to get better I don't try to just. I ever heard you do that having have a manner. And I'm Estonia enough to show you have gotten better on the show yes like the other day you said. He's cool yeah she's cool yeah I heard another resume GM lovers are great she puts up but may also don't know that I had to get all sat. She's Smart and down but I will say that but I will say. Like issues Tyrod nurses whatever somebody has its Imad she's now a minute she's Smart she's really dedicate stuff like that. So yeah out there. I just got receptor and has blurred it out I don't know where I'm pass assault she's awesome for me you know somebody brings up something that you can be compliment her daughter's. Raster what do we have flow I Flow of the conversation. It to sag and how's the weather. It also readily say how is Amy. She's so Smart he's. Beautiful and Ireland two still have a kind of mired yeah she's pretty and smarts and he's got a great bod X I mean you don't have a right. Kind of bang right any judges blurt something out sounds weird the end of the brag. Secure your significant other can't say something like intelligent and you go you're so Smart honey yes. As I rolled exciting. I like if. I dated an engineer who had what I thought was. A pretty intellectual job. And sometimes he would just be describing his day in a bit while you are. Pretty brilliant he said front in front of people. Now that was just on one at a out of a one of the. I don't think you're kind of like swooning too much as now I'd say. I will say something like Amy's blogs out some nursing stuff meditation or injury or something like Asian or stuff. Whenever sound like that's an accurate today browsers and or it's amazing this area out area I don't that's a tongue like a it's not a compliment the deal that you don't know what she looked if you really study hard and that's I mean I or somewhere I'll work in that that it's critical. She learned a lot and that meant that schools and it's based. Let's put it to them. I thought I should know there's stuff but I think C owns better then you're so Smart here's some brilliant Hank. A lot of hours in study that's not unlike that. How can just the word like yours are smarter something like that is that at least the wording but say okay. He knows man only that. That's that's. They should. Nobody noticed Frederick did you just go blow your so Smart he's so it's going to be more like that hey Aznar's as a stops to study and stuff. Whatever arson at the last six months some like that. You know that's that's a compliment. It's not his age is close is beginning to you again that it is that is kind of stating let's happened right Obama a look at how do you comment when they say something and but besides you're so Smart for your complementing an apartment and they sincere or just compliment and I. You know Zack and at a very idea that he's innocent and my wife knows nursing staff. Nurse manliness Jersey nursing school. A lot. Maybe what else I didn't have a. Like Biggio as she was top over class when she runs well she won an award to nurse in general lord today literally and that's that's a compliment problem Adobe like Harry knew that. Did you notice. That. My scenario submissions that probably aren't you know she's Smart to whom we just gotta tell you probably don't but I'll say haven't Gregor says he's. Fifth. If you won. It's just as opposed to a compliment or in private as well a guy idea and we don't do that probably right. Primenews these things a lot about her teller teller earlier allowed. Random text messages we've heard that before this year loud you can't wait to see. Touch her of the smaller back coloring and pressure arm your finger. But no naughty parts. Should assist as. They were you're flirting NASA Disco you know grab a piece but it's. In the end but to just don't always resort that's. Just you like. Have you always been so beautiful. I'm thinking about that guy that did this to me okay I'm paid another time he did this to me is better than have you always been so beautiful best just a load of it have to hear your burger is beautiful there and it. Best school thing have you always been his beautiful. I was awkward high school. Kinda ugly and then I'll be like our remember a Celtic tiger yeah is that mullah dad in his head that. It's off there was memorable. Did you write best green now they say that's passive address. Just off the speak for bugs off. Agree with that. Grade am just kind of look at it as easy as buzz saw but it's the same Zanardi is its shoes. Cut and dry death. It's it's a little bots that play again at a batter the past I don't like I don't think you really need these things anymore I hope I don't use them. I will do attacks will throw thanks. As usually yeah I'm suck and operators under can bomb the I am I gonna put. You know Bankston and here you are doc and while you. Thanks for social. And is building the most Soriano but I steel has. I wanted to thank you when he emailed my flight from Detroit thanks to my wife wasn't that you handled things Meehan Neiman. See you got an email thank you I'll send you one and so does doc and delirium I say thank you every day game. And you. Everything there is certain overnight and a guy thanks thanks thanks magazine with an idea you know yeah they're good citizens and you mumble something inches look for Duhalde conference at a different my Michaels it's not mumbling Aaron whatever. I about an streak of mumble. I'm opposite. Mumbling streak and I news otters are what are you doing and she called it something else a light but ours I never heard that word for. So now incoherent babbling yeah yeah and apple now wasn't that I operative and that will be fund or world views that they yesterday it's more it's it's more boy and I asked her I forgot again. But it's it's it's harsher. And mumble expects literally her being. Didn't. Warmer guards who Freddie warm regards anymore. People still the legacy all you see it I see it and ANC viral lies that warm regard that's when you're emailing a coworker government very often where a friend you haven't seen in awhile or is now Lego. Now you had to do it over your friend if you haven't seen in awhile in regards best regards to cost. Pot smoke in regards social justice Anderson who sincerely. Yeah that's crap that's out dated and and sincerely we we get it you lead held your email is sincere they're only disability w.s that is their plan for a job. I can get the job anyway so why bother. Now we can attack I'd cheers. The office bag. Guys trying to be cool. Again I did say the exception news. Brothers years do you put that to be revealed tomorrow on the market sensitive that it and it's from the Arctic and he loses the author podcast and wanted to clear his name on your initials. This guys whoever wrote this as I love that Newt moved here extra you know it really tight with somebody. Feel like yeah I never tried that kind of alike because like gives the revolution here is I'm going to put each yeah. Mexico you know I was callous. I I have never even seen it never seen it never seen now do you see. Are usually end. Done like in nature and then in the signature below it it has the person's full name and contact information. So it's like inmates in the below it in the signature roles they match heiress that your phone number in Oregon where you work. Can these three are cyclical people seemed like these three. The heads of if you need your Millon is what I have on an imaginary spot on people do that somebody like. RRR or something. And seeing my cool people usually uses two initials are I think are a friend Lamar lowered as a triple. 'cause they Donnelly to. I wanna be like that he's physical dude and he's got Soledad it's of going to dribble initials can do it just randomly Willy Nilly or to. It does seem kind of fancy it does I don't advance out. You know I'm initials. As a player of the initial loses billions more intimate and you like hey you know or not this is and as of facial. Actually Matt exit myself to keep pokes yeah yeah. You're listening to Hossa yeah. And remote. Earlier moms where beer over. You're call home renews its duty came back as far as. They can't say she can't get any things. Without Salt Lake she will definitely we came to meeting friends or staying with a dogs statement dog it's funny you say that. Because that we have a thing on our website about how. There are a lot of people would rather hang with their dog and other humans yet and I just post it on my FaceBook page saying. Do you wanna get your feelings hurt. Ask my mommy she would rather go someplace with you. Or save the house for the job. Your feelings it'd be heard human and act as she's gonna pick the dog every single time. And it's not because he likes the TV show. It's begun Jesus us as we understand she saint's days in because of the dot get a dog and existed probably go out. We had a knockdown drag out fight this summer because she refused. To take. To leave the dog at home when she was running parents. Which is only a short period of time unleash your period time and she took him to the grocery store. And inside now there's only one story that she will take him to. She won't take him to Wal-Mart because she feels he's too handsome to sit in a car. Actual painting and it's not a so hooligans who go to Wal-Mart will try to steal it aren't sure they will but she believes that. There is a better quality of customer. Viola. All. A big step up he goes there Milo and sits and Carlson does it in the car but she's only going in for. This particular day it's like RD degree it does you are running in for ten minutes while she's checking out someone. Came in from the parking lot and said somebody left a dog in a car out there. And mommy hitting the roof. He. Offered at sit I would. Not and I said mom. We had this discussion. He's better off staying at home yes actually even if he's absolutely okay in the car. If it's over 75 degrees. Someone. Is going to make a comment they don't know if you've been in the store for one minute or one hour mountain and they heard all within. Lose and there over every active at this point what if something happens Hershey balls or get back and just leave the dog at home. Leave and a dog run free in the car or I didn't are our jobs when he's in the car he sits at his dog bed. Back in the front he does about. Windows is like just laziness dom and. So she heeded the dog can do better. Pretty much. Came male walk around freely if you aren't that good now under the current bid he's in a dog bed in his great of these. I don't like him to be she's afraid he's gonna get into something. Can hug on getting older now all right let's public playpen or something little bigger and nevermind I. I don't forget. It in the laundry room or her bathroom while nope nope nope didn't yet know which are way she deals with absolutely best for the dog tested. You're not gonna be happy. Until someone calls a police. That vivid and they're going to take the dog way. And you're going to be arrested. She ends at that as a. It's right or just be normal and go out without the dog once in awhile but I'm just yesterday they went to CBS together. Yes it's silly it's more than half American dog owners admit they play got a social events and their pets. 2000 daughters serving as demanded human commitments to get a bit of equality. Here receive treatment quality dog time is comment. At helps you some lessons stressed they say or whatever the average dog gets their owner nearly five stressful events every week. I've stressful ones now it would adding that it's me. Through its its really you you would you would die and otherwise you would be it and it's there that I'd say this from my mom. Did she threw you entered through. Now he has a good mediator between the two of mediators. Jesus because they're the ones that now. I use his voice to stage them very passive aggressive things in my mom against later. A year ago over feeding him and not walkie nerd but you are saying drinking water Henri because. Graham I had another UTI because she doesn't mean I don't it's at least. The dogs fire like your TI OR. And a woman around here. I'm sensing and solid year met you two guys. God I'm standing over the long run. At times god I am glad. To get they wouldn't let him get another. It wouldn't want to get you the highlights. One bit not against you was Gigot rob why. Our Michigan man and I did see even pay attention to your comments or use mega for your own self girls arrive on time. So when you muzzle saint George Strait then and ever and I can't say to straighten it's. I'm I'm just talking to my dog that's today about your making the dog voice and talking dinner well sometimes that's the key U days. You give me it would need aids grandma because I wanted to do. Why would she would I don't blame you and I go. I know there's a mom and grandma is and isn't just crazy do they zigzag and I love laugh out loud laugh yeah. You can't make things weren't there to help Castro might be crazy but it works yeah. I had an early feel and it did 20% of their dogs help them get through a break up. And Oprah says. Not now all done those efforts that. On. 82% notice or mental health is improved because there dog yeah definitely mechanic and believe that. But some people melt it too much and they wanted to go to great gainers Greyhound. Plain. As a training. 88% and I was better trained I would apply for him to be some type of go and I not be alive but my mom had 88% say they're dog makes them a better person and it is maybe in their I'll come mind that's just sad then. We took the dog away you would be less of a person. I wouldn't be as good of a person can expect a horrible utilizing practical thing a man. 78%. Based major life choices around their dog. Yeah at all is 73% other dog things they wouldn't tell anyone else. Come on you have to share your secrets with a dog you need to find some friends. Are therapists. Or reevaluate things we did to get hit a tree and that's an odd numbers and pat and making your first and then facing major life choices or stop bush staked. What do you think I know he's he's definitely that in mind wandered through not just under two like scratches on the floor. Wondered two putts street process that's the business market. They are magic eight ball knows it it's. Whatever. To my next. Thanks for listening to our fair would that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 million dot com.