Welcome To The Gun Show

Friday, April 13th

For some reason guys feel the need to show off their muscles, and women these days aren't impressed...


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This of games ADB when a call it that that they took a survey of women that they think guys played some of the examples where the well do you while welcoming us to the who we gun show. She's every guy I've ever met today put my hand on their arm has flexed. Not like they don't rip off you're certain like. It's a little tightening of the LOR. Or you know the guy with a touch of YouTube exam that you had that happen yes you're in your. I guess I'm the funny thing is I. Ticket elderly gentlemen is Armon. At my uncle's funeral because. He looked kind of unsteady on his feet so I was actually taking his arm to help him I got and the minute I took his arm I could feel. His arm flexed out like he just shot and their tennis we get this young all right that was cute he thought it was cute let's it's like you know. Yea guy your age that it happens all the time at it like me it is at I think for guys it's a natural reaction. To a woman touching your arm and arm calls may be just being touched. It tighten up. And that's what I do you just I don't just automatically showing a bias it's not me I could be a guy. Actually my arm of the radar tonight like lol when your body yes beauty and tastes like well look who's touching I thought that was just because I was trying to hug you and you but I found that on anybody each enemy he clear that. You don't allow light it is it is someone's idea revenue or Tommy or something you by sucking it in alma that happened on the another Thomas. A. And let alone Craig's list. I don't know might not be done and love that little room I mean I don't it is a matter of fact I am.