We've Got Anger Issues

Friday, July 20th

Sometimes it's hard to let things go...how can you tell if you're dealing with an angerball? 

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Today to what that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening got on there where there remote and we. Some people have different ideas. Beginning yeah you know something ridiculous. It's like when. Anger like you really angry and normally line isn't rant deference to it like at a different than angered. Even though I agree I now write angry that no brainer I remember one time. We're just randomly talk about something and mundane and usage you know what. We're angry most of the time should affect a and in the absence of bank where. Every which when you said in the absence of anger and pretty much dead inside. And I thought well that motion was set. That's not as just who they are right I'm not dead inside anymore I. I am I am real Ivins died while now that I started. Only worry about the small things. I don't know that. I know your answer these united lie there are you sweating the small things I. Got to tell you I don't think it's healthy. I picked up. I would I be your friend if I didn't tell you that ride it out. Backing your days when you were doing a bunch of political rage being in. And debating with eager day and all that was it grade either but your new staying low. Sweating the small things I think that's healthy though because. Is that they are at or Pete once again before we get it as one word addict the small things you Lego parties. Your rant about a they're done just the whole week ya keep you up at night right. Just. From what it was misplaced anger at all. These gurus. Over the years to say don't let the small stuff on there just that night he didn't want to honestly don't know. Like the kind of people allegedly to search for happiness on Clinton. It kind. That's okay. These are important questions to ask you got to figure out if he's an anger ball then. Suffering from irritable male syndrome I call EM question number one true or false menstrual annoying if he were here. Two or falls again and the man. And then or falls at times I feel like we're. I'll believe in you and oblique that question and believe everybody. Doesn't. Sell it and yes we're both even though when I'm happy I really do you've got to see the need to do my. Happy where yeah where in Harding did daddies and big. Yet you should get your own dance double point for that. It was aware angered. Aggression number two at times I feel like smashing or throwing me out. At times sometimes when a night game. But like I going to do ET hit the trashing of the things you don't know placed a lot like figurines in glass just which you had a back. Yeah you know yet. I understand now I'm I'm not a smash their I don't I don't like these only Islamic sandwiched. I yeah. Yeah. Win I spiked my Turkey wrapped. Doc is my witness I spiked it into a trash can. I don't believe in throwing things are smashing things generally because I don't want to clean up I haven't smashed eggs at it through a race I mean if I reduced through Sheri Lynn. Actually kicked. Addicted and throw it if you say it's okay now but I mean I think that it. I think back to a radio and time the Phillies lost that. Or thoughts I thought about it and hallmark. The other day and on about smash and everything up but I didn't. I don't understand is. Is happy vandalism like when people smashed things because their team wins. Yeah they'll get a rewrite I don't I like that kernel cars that. Yeah like you. We hear your team just won a championship Ohio State. Why are now burning couch yeah smashing and wanting this is not allowed now now it's definitely not let herself all the anger I can't understand why. I've been so irritable and grouchy. I did every human isn't every human half times the airline analyst but it means. So far you guys are three under their priests for him and plus isn't just human nature at times you a year able. Eyes. Easily become impatient with people let top gotta pace with assault quiz. Actually the fifth corporal Lauren and death impatience and because people just drag and people are dumb they try some people are dialing. And yeah. It's that people are done and dominating considered excellent about a matters is like they're not even try this and not even trying. Jerks. Just a and often annoying when someone tries to get ahead of me in a line we have done no cuts as we are kindergarten article states nuclear threats five modify all the rule OK so so tell me there's somebody is like yeah. It's me it's fine no big deal or the little guy there are people who say obviously this person. Is in a now snow and as well you know obviously that person thinks there times back or not my teen people I am I I am als Burke spoke amber is he says he's he's made. The cashier said. Next person in line Linear okay register hot. And you are not an expert on July mail Mercer went on island mercy yeah cursing here -- there other people who just let it all and you're you're an anger that other people know letting the Pope when even letting go he's in line for to get there like there with the way prince doesn't really got some mine again to have. Yeah no doubt now on the part. And fair let's see are not true. I often have to apologize because I've been Aron irritable and grouchy. We have yeah it was this often. And bullets at times I've been content and a tie idiot times times it passed out irons I'm now more aware of my life I'm a little short with my life yes there is six for six you know men I think you are six or sixty tigers. People have told me then I can be a hot head. I'd never been described as a high out and. I am not that bad. Loud and it allowed the same thing. Of the hot head seems like a poor loser lose something like that absolutely brilliant a fist fight yes I don't think America. Although I after the fact when I'm far away from the scene. Kind of a gonna hide it like thing I wish it would have done this with them and yeah and about not really high in Adelaide and I haven't had an itchy trigger fingers orderly columns about to go off. Okay I'm not hot it. It's amazing you're not honey because you haven't shot any couldn't tell us because I I know I you know I I don't really. I just only explode I don't like unwanted sounds really harsh yet does sound harsh. It. You're just a little you're you're more grouchy than angry. That it and yet very I'm very agitated. Or it sounds very fan doesn't throw a bat he's yelling and it sounds. Yeah. Agitated. Now I'm here today and Mary agitate aware of the dance at some point when I was angry I broke something. Probably but I can't recall. It and I'm sure I'm somewhere along line and probably did yeah and I I can't. Remember specifically what it was but I know I have okay well you guys are seven for seven. And your products. Each question you give yourself one point nick and I refuse I will mono not and we went on behind it okay you're six for seven. Okay thank you in them thank you hire your total liar your anger level low. The more likely you are to be suffering. Right this moment from irritable male syndrome now at all man street I'm I'm telling you. Maybe just my world I final hard to believe there's anybody that gets. Lois. How many other questions whether. We did get sent six. 55 I'm not believing no one goes under five yet they're honest themselves. As mother because it. Did you did not other people are angry I can't do it again as he figures so angry if there. Are other and it's. Raining cats and 1079 delay. This story. Thousand dollar fortune pours down. Time you still get in the win every weekday at the bottom of the yellow from 7 AM to 7 PM when we announced the national he would. This summer fast or twelve times every day Monday through Friday. And snow here in the cash this summer camp store exclusively for Charlotte this next one. Bill link. All right I am always amazed it people who write the articles that to assign the guy's cheating there's a lot of them are perfectly oral behaviors. Like off and you'll see like they start taking showers or something like that well and they get a new hair tat to go to the jam. The area whatever the new clothes anything to better themselves on the line and they re a block. Death. You know it it's nothing forewoman to say let me change the color my hair or. Gonna give us shorter chopper and let it grow it's a big deal for most guys to say I'm changing my look. I mean think about. How much has gone into Matt. Trying to become a teacher guy yeah about diagonally most guys who aren't futures had jeans to a slimmer Jeanne it's a big deal. Yeah I know I've. I don't think you should really go with this. Didn't really go there but let's face it it isn't bigger deals war. Guys to make those kind of changes. For the guy who didn't hear what he smells like afterward to start showering the minute he walked in the door. That's a big change. And yeah Stallone man mammoon. And they say he's more intimate with his phone. Then he is with you but yeah I did tonight and I cheating on me with your client when that phone man and very into that zone. Cheating partners. Horrid. Tools of communication. Because they don't wanna be caught chatting with the wrong person so they're not sharing your email or social media account passwords. There computer screens Jim bones are always locked in fact. Most cheaters will keep their phones all on them at all times of personal everything has lock drag created this edited everything locks are you always locked thing is ridiculous there's. Everything always the bathroom he's taking as I always say my opponent after a two I would say not. 90% every time. He. Ads on Google look at things Reid's announcement the you know I you never know nevermind I I know you don't take your phone. Now. Absolutely not I take my phone you know you never know who's gonna call and edit access. Tropical opponent the toilet and you know. About you and you know I'd be sitting down like he's Lia. Real quick errors are something under attack somebody you know whatever I don't know I'd I'd do my business I get out of life and in my helmet when asked the guys that cheat because he takes has argued that urgently nor. About a v.s it being. Texts at odd hours. Obvious you are not in the morning. Pretends he tells you it's. I mean I'm regulate it got reported suspicious behavior where. He's kind of hiding his phone's screen from the U like see you can't see what's going on he's purposely doing. Our bits yeah yeah and it happened you know I'm sure it's laboring you know it is an I guy I. But on the other hand and I asked Amy Ike is talkative I. Visitors and that is why you are you have to play faster and the good didn't eat dog or I'm watching TV she's typing away talkative. This is that. Good Clinton didn't think it like it's annoying especially in your case. I say this has to work wife because by the time she tells you who it is you've already stopped listening miner your urine. So she's that's why I'll tell me I'm texting Ramona remote means and I don't know I don't know and I don't know I don't Donald text you just even talkative. By the time she's. Begins to answer you know you've already moved on mentally a thorough full Loeb. I'm leaving her alarm but it just interesting I mean it when a donor and it faithful. I respect each other's privacy. But they are not deaf since it. Or secretive. When it comes to discussing who they're communicating with whether it's spraying does. Whether it's colleagues he secretive paranoid or even family that they're using as a beard to disguise what they really do. I'm on my mom's house rail. Talk act out in my and they are both places like us and the lying about where they are okay and hundreds and predict the gun and their defense and every time I miss you ask every day and that you probably can't. I'm sure you don't wanna do you view web sit OK I would like to know. Your. FaceBook account password. Like oh. Why I've really again it's just me. I mean I I'd give it to have it be like YS. I would say on my computer home all the time and an. My FaceBook already logged in when she's very different things that made it particularly market. I mean it's an now here's an in my leg work email thing I'd. Ask dot. And NASA only seeded now it would help us out a lot map as a CEO but it's like I don't know necessarily like. Our bank past winners I mean at the if I figured matters but I'll pass that we just couldn't. It about your total ignorance of being that your home Nancy Gibbs gone and all kinds of money and it. How I look at that people want to know these things out and release share your leg don't don't bother me with the whole bank. Passcode because I don't wanna be asked to check the yeah. Here's the I don't I don't wanna be has no my fantasy football account number well handling number you don't need to know unity in numbers. Yeah I know his fantasy football login and if you hate us yeah doctor I don't know if that's about it. And I like doesn't. Mean I think something's really secret. It's also fair and right break conversations you wanna do it meant to do it. Corset. And apparently actually and on and avoid conversations. But everything's exposed to ask somebody when you. Are talking to on. What excites you write right now what excites. If you got many getting it done to alert alive person alive whatever. So one of them may overlap. You might use same thing they do it's exciting. Then I need you to be more specific what would you answer present when it's right here right now. I got needed asked me what TV shows exciting year right now of course you when it comes to us us about TV movies or sports. Hologram light. A good as ever for big ask you about your feelings or anything like that that's your feelings you some small talk again even big talk but I. What excites you right now how would you even answered. But I would say probably isn't good shows and watching right now. Or to sports season Eagles are playing all right I had to dig deep into something. This that I might miss them very deepest. How does that look at first I'm probably thrown off yeah ceramic first thing is that think like I need to have something to. So what I'm talking about things even dig in deep beyond the deepen known of the simple have to take time to beat yourself up for not having something deep and then it goes shallow which is now Deaton. I have I'm. I am so off putting and not follow that. Yost is based ask him like get a what are you looking forward to it. Who you are okay and again if I don't I mean I think I'm looking forward to feel like a loser like right now we'll which use an illegal in my house and I am looking for Gordon having dinner and towards you whenever David is just say it's Friday at the end of the weekend began there yelled yeah to Dublin. Mean yes and you're looking forward to allow documents. I am get together the different after the show Apollo eleven senior moments right now I gotta simulator thing is obviously you don't need a friend a look. At. Back acts on what's the best thing that's happened you this whole year. Who'll wow. Man. Hi I am not coming up and any thing like right they sit right here now I can't come up with. Honest hard calendar year and is art and art calendar year or within the test in sixty ascent to explain. And he die here. At a had great ratings this year we OK okay yeah you're not for me when item and the answers yeah. I'm a great person and help animal with mom. Are you have a lot of wow and on your new. Don't know but I just wouldn't be a quick. Do you like sold is Allison like every quarter OK maybe not tomorrow the testing right now I gotta find a new house. I have things but its allusions and. Actually he took it sideways like that yeah. Coming up and I like at the spur of the moment yeah. How about what's the most important thing that should know what value. That I hate small fish don't quit and I really don't you right now that dumb question. I I I I what does most important thing. I guess what I do but we're probably it's just misty three questions NC probably had that most important thing you should know about me what your hot chick. I'm married so back off. Heads into. At a I mean I think that's the most important thing for a pitcher of movies adding nearly. A player. Casinos and I bury you on also sale of this open and one. So which story. If I can't stand it says it sounds too smarmy but says it's posted trigger intriguing story yeah I journey to a foreign country being a famous person. Special talent app I would think of those as answered that what is your specialty now but why when they say what is your special that. That is what story did in the do you even have I mean do you have a special talents yeah. I can. Shoot down an. And squash streams you are girl moment and you are there is that I am epic you can rate I did dark side and small talk. Comment thread time and wonderful that path I happen. I can be no light and good at being awkward there and easily there after special. Acting on them deeply you. Tony there are many thank you very much one of them s.'s tap dancing bargain shopping as well absolutely and I'll darned good at first off anyway. That what is one of your defining moments. I mean god. This is a deeper lines builds momentum. I defining moments I mean. I went into view like I had some babies. And if. Handsome man he's gonna it is Marat has the Babe Ruth and I believe that Amman that he did. They define me. And then and on the events that have an amendment aimed at its first married. I got my area that doesn't and that of the day that's totally redid for both Hewitt told you redefine life I see. Here that that's too obvious. Nevermind re never I mean is it better than being married. President and a party tiller has meant dollar did not mean he took up even event usually C meeting on gotten advise and I. Bands aren't. It's more glass in more fun itself yeah with a network load up. Commanders and whom view so though it does is we know how easily yeah. He's so low and what do we do abound and. Well first of all realize it yeah he's down and he didn't even know Eddie gaskins what's wrong he can't Dahlia Nassau it's like not. In touch with his feelings but you've recognize that there's an issue. I'm gay and I think that's yes have an both have you where you life is like I know. It's not going on right. So yes. The first suggestion is understand that whatever you're going through right now he can't even handle. Like that spat with your sister or your mom work that issue you have your co worker he can't even if your piece. Like piling on. An immediate issue you're just sharing it with him and could even hear the game and here he is incapable. Of hearing which is trying to figure out what's wrong with us aren't suddenly turned out bad. Also don't even try to share something with him because he can't. Hey man how I mean your I mean you're right but. Let me everybody. Even if they had over those of the woman in the white is down in the dumps and I say all but anyway. The remarkable isn't lost enough value. It's probably the. That happens all the time you think you've had a day will listen to this mine and it. And this next thing you guys would never go for. They say you should stay home with him he's not gonna ask you to cancel your plans to stay right now. You you're planning on having a girls night out hanging with your friends that can wait. Rarely is having an emotional breakdown. Out of here if it wouldn't you wouldn't. ME let me right down into the path trying to dark and you are here in the dark place you want her to leave you by your yeah. As. Quickly as pie let me wallow bright Gergen. Or at the very least don't talk. First why he's you he can handle you teasing him about being. A big baby about whatever is going on. Route credits that deep I mean I mean you get it may be it agent yeah. He's probably gonna take things the wrong way if he's down. So. Don't make jokes at all. On the baby and he even want you to leave the room. He might do you need to read the group. Re either of them read their room and take it temperature like yeah OK and we've. Me. Yeah look at there's no way we can say would you leave. Yeah I'm very sound rude gap but I do say it time let's I act I can't talk let's turn on the TV. And shot it but yeah. That's kind of cut honey I just want you to shed it at that she says like I know like sometimes I know that measures like happy place and know that. You get sucked into it you can forget about things go. I was sad I shut it how bottle shock. Now uh oh gosh now that's worries that for another day don't you can't talk animal. There are they telling you not to pat direct. Have followed though doesn't send us a pep talk but. Critically a lot of guys especially if they've ever played sports no the under. And understand the importance of the pep talk out of his way teen we're down by ten. It's halftime we're not given up. More often than not a good the arch in town that sounds kind of similar self help my arm moves that's gonna go out there don't. On now. Why are you making this Oilers need to do during this pep talk is reminding him. What makes him so strong angry now now what every he's struggling with. Remind him why he is better than that. I orbital advance and I don't want may have I I don't wanna pep talk because it'll seem condescending. If you wanna say to me. And your good guy is gonna work yeah that's a no speech very thing or are in your argument I listen man you're good got a quick tribute to sentence. Singing bee her. Good gas got to be something I'll believe about it. I know you could it be a good guy and get a gives specific examples. Moon. Yeah you know. Want to die now now you can do it when originally sent down do you like and I'm doing better when I'm not in that place again. I you know that doesn't help when you're down. That's what the hell out to hear it. Only when he's feeling good and I'm feeling delegate pile on the goodness. I don't I don't know only the air pep talk to meet some guys that have talked seems condescending. From my wife and it's on I know it's my own issues I give her. Which he likes it that. A fine that's condescending. I'm not a big. Let me just say that it got stabbed. That's what it feels like yeah yeah. Believe. She believes. She got into believing you're a good guy. Just mad and a great plays she wouldn't be with you and I am not sure oh yeah so there's no reason the site. If I say for instance I've worked out I feel like I'm a big Slava and myself. As she gets and I feel great. Every terrible. Don't lie to me lately the cut out that it is too low for that I right now just seems like it made you say it yet. It's you're facing our company had yet only thing you guys are gonna go for almost list of fifteen things you can do. When your guy is down that he won't ask you to do. Watch Asia. I have just watched that show that he loves that you hate it makes him happy. Your company comforts him. Let him have it now now that's another I don't like either nick easy I need you to be into it and I know you're just sitting there hate it. Yeah you're sitting here they're gonna. You're sitting there in your. Kinda watch imager on your phones and FaceBook was probably like three episodes and it now editor explained viewers going on I don't know you're not liking it. Listen now I don't wanna this does go back to leave us alone and that's the only one on July CV British that we both light is buying. Am OK it's fine but I'm not don't try to pretend you set them. Right. Case the only time really did lead youth. Every. Yeah that is being used that he might benefit from a prize. But doesn't wanna cry and run it if you get the feeling that he believed to cry. No make up in the air and that he needed running given the space program. Because most guys don't like to try apparently aren't just setting guys you can run. Together they viewed TV. Thanks for listening to our fair with Matt remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 million dot com.