What The Best Lovers Have In Common

Tuesday, December 26th

There are certain things that you need to have that ultimate love you're looking for, and we have the key! Speaking of key...what if you could unlock everything with a ring? Matt's on board with this cool tech!

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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening to all of their wits that remote. On Wednesday's Ramon does a holiday mode Joseph makes a murder that 4 o'clock. An extended version that was surprised as. Sides modes illustrated doctor here to. Yeah where hundreds of women surveyed. What they wanted to know it is what it. Dubbed best lovers those women had ever had and all heading comment. Might be a little. And everything narrowed down or the emotion of the ocean how good he wasn't his hands yeah where the lead and added. Who were sitting at certain that. And and we always every list test communication and hygiene on now and death communication and hygiene did not make this list. Other people thought it would be held on. A short race or whether he could it. Out on rod yes. And an aunt wasn't any there any suggested the pregame I'm glad to marathon thing in months of 2% to. I think the marathon is overrated. Yeah yet it went fans consider America. You've got an idea is a point we just like are we audit and talking five K half marathon and I'm not gonna ask the I don't know him. And it to six miles is too much yen down they've geared geared. And get a break I think. If a guy is trying to go. Hysteria to bikini all night alone. That's for him he's trying to prove to himself and that he is some type the monster between the sheets mostly because this can't. Just haven't. I mean yes you gotta throw the towel do you want a fun run later there five hailing. A decline that Mary and a half marathon let's go. Five Cain have merit got a break and then run again active. Okay. Okay yeah a little air time. Dare we might be the girl who goes to that but I think. Most women aren't going. Yes I agree because he hasn't gotten you there. You know an F five Kmart and I'm not gonna happen. And then now you're just wasting time exactly it was I think. He muzzle rest and then run again and Andres. Law married to man yeah. Yes exactly I was down in the big man yeah yeah really go real thing and I ask legitimate men that strategy heat yet nothing about it. Did you did you get like that candidate and an act now while euphemism. The one they all had in common was that big guys. Put the ladies first. Yes they did their best lovers made sure that they weren't taking care out there and make sense. That makes sense oh I don't know why didn't either wanna be set. Well because I would assume it does to reduce the Jews said things like. And it communication and I know I know I don't know why I mean I don't like any yeah I do that why what that was all suggestions I think they might Talbot yes. That is. Should be obvious and also be put them first takes a lot of pressure off you. That's. Pressure up thought that the pressure was on YouTube it. To put her first innocent or pressure to make sure she'd had her name that she had a touchdown before you. Less pressure. If you did get that out of the way. Then whatever happens he acts. As a matter locked I don't get it you don't now. Because it took up the pressure was for you to hang in there long enough. So that. They're gonna be should be in the end zone that. Yeah IAA epidemic and saying you know not just gonna go for it yeah the key exit thanks. The pitch full. No I mean you do other things to all kinds of stuff. That do you have any serious abuse and ninety joke and really yeah when to take ITV like that what and what she's. And that. And. And then when you go Korea. Venezuela Iraq is not that bad and what's gonna. I stopped looking better then I want it is that was a good impersonation as Annette I still don't know what that has to do you know. But the pressure is off pressured him to detonate and edit the. Yeah. Oh yeah I can win from the academy. We know the pregame as usual and there isn't the beat box of lone bright and a lot of good though in the pregame is a lot turner. Writes I'm Rihanna has so there you go. You'll have great but he get cheered during the pregame your state oppression is copied doing anything at all like earning their PGA you know I'd have to underneath it. I don't have to I don't there's no pleasure armies so the pressure notice damage that is. And then he got to get dividends. Yeah. So ten Deborah first don't say it should put her first. Ever first inning you felt more free to do whatever yeah wanted to demon thing to get yourself that's amazing thing you got a lot less pressure to worry about anything else for yourself after that. Aptly put her first business is done then the enemy up Raj if you wanna jump around and yeah. All right I'm just a result we wanted to and literally and every and he knew what does us no front. The act a certain way should she would get I think the. Let me just take care of business what do you know it. Yeah. He's 37 million albums sold worldwide why a 1079 the link. Available now it all Ticketmaster outlets 1079 filling done. And that night theater box office plus listen for your chance to win tickets and VIP meet and greet passes Cohen Charlotte's best makes 1079. Delaying. Just friends share a third of the file wise words of the four people on the show very wise. Matt my daddy dot on this thing I alarmed. It's a ring yeah. That could unlock your car buys stuff long in your laptop it's sad trip etc. It is fantastic. Car house computer. As a ticket for transit systems to pay for things it's it's now it's fantastic. I just one ring. A ring like a finger volume and engagement are married me you know legal holiday merry rang me right now he's an ice Mary. It charges through inducted charging you to be program would gesture controls inducted charging and some. On the part that's where it charges also here body heat. On pole. That's in Moscow the sweaty. And it's it is still a processor being really great. On right now to relying on partnerships with MasterCard Microsoft visa to make peace young locking him payments possible. Yeah and then you can even magic cards that are Carty app or whatever. And then it and use it go through the subway or bus it would every gonna ride. So they are still working on it the ring cost 249 for pre order. Should ship by December packages Barry could you can do different things deadbolt your Allison a car plunder whatever into the corner box but. That would be great Bluetooth compatible. To eight at Josh talk to break yes stock and hang I. I you by be worried about something I act as. I'd I'd imagine wearing head or the I think the rain. Chipped. I don't want to be physically chipped it and hand like my dog my dog is she is my aunt my dog I don't wanna be a human with a chip. I'm retired. The ring sounds fantastic. Because if someone needs to rob me. And they feel they can open up my banking account and and buy stuff they kept the ring you don't have to take my entire hand and Connecticut and off to get that shipment. Tip neither of these things work unless they had your fingerprint. Or passwords and all that set movie where they stole the guys I minority report yeah dad on cruise bunkers yes the hasn't always seen minority report and on our face off thought. These costs and it was great to be very underrated acting and this is better than the chip though because hopefully you'll be able to program likes eat programmers spouses. Fingerprint in to the ringing in so you can give the rain to your spouse it's it's like I need to take your car Ari here take the ring awesome yes. Access to the credit card yes in the house keys and I wanted to plan yeah. Does not is not easy Teixeira implanted chip in there and runners the prom for you Leunen is is. Accessories. And breaking news said that. I thought of the fitness tracker because I've seen a lot of people where fitness trackers with fancy clothes and I don't like to look. That this ring comes in. Rose gold and yellow go out and white gold and may be eight plan to numb color and then I mean. But it can switch up with whatever color where. I'm I don't know on the issue off every time like some random rubber re looking thing now and not because that's how a lot of the fitness trackers and look him I'm not. But it definitely worth the tradeoff staffed and now it's not where did an awesome Amerada to me the other night when I was talking about this with them is the one thing though they haven't yet figured out. Is the drivers. You'll still have to carrier drivers liked. Right I mean is there anywhere around that and I think it's surprising that topic at this point. We haven't got some type of fingerprinting system or out or something easier to carry its the government. Yeah I mean come that's true this is this race there Friday as investor dividend in Iraq government's. 2030 ya mind yet did you write me recently yeah that's a bar behind the doesn't make sense to carry a physical drivers like as an absolutely doesn't. Not in this day and Angel we can't fingerprints that unlock our phones yes there's no reason yeah just to be ought to come over naming him a fingerprint. And you're often out running right. Is that yes I'll call on somebody altered only moderate congressman. Yeah. Lot of that until somebody important and idolized him make more podcasts insists it's also fairly remote. OK I just bugs machinery guys and commented we need to be the reverend day it happened. But we've we've Gary and many docked there here you go out there was eminently dot com. And docs always put something up their goofy dad being viral videos are up there just check out our FaceBook pages that harassment Holloway admitted to a Bryant carried out bats are okay. What you Wear. Ladies. Won't determine if a guy is sexually attracted to you. Bull the and that's they didn't study. Everyone you don't women it says here have an outfit. The outfit for their night out when they're your targets Nokia whatever. New study from Kent school of psychology Tom PS in the outfit thing. The study said that's not what's your way Aaron makes no difference at a figured out. Persons pupils dilate when they're looking at some other sexually attracted to. So the researchers in the study used PTI tract and take that antique steal people's pupils responded to different images. And people's pupils dilated the same amount will look yet at image of someone they were sexually attracted to no matter how sexy they're out to us. They just showed a way valves they would carry out day about a block and then data pupils. Didn't change in it the guy was either they give you are hot or not. In matter what you're wearing. And there is a slight slight difference in terms of really annoying response when it comes to clothes vs naked. But at pupil dilation no different whatsoever. So there you go. You tell me that. Me woman who decided to Wear so all should Lombard an outfit to the club. That same woman if she goes to the same club wearing a dress that's painted on there is no different. Other I mean I think. A ball best mobile mobile. I now I figure you're talking extremes I had I've been I wouldn't think extremes but I think the slightly dressed up Soledad S special outfit not a special outfit. Doesn't change anything yes it's big difference between your you know hobo answer. Press contact I don't know letters about letters sailboats that he didn't think so we got to think people know what a whole bullies you got to stick with a sacked ideally you're locked into an epicenter. They're not as attractive as ignorant opinion and I closed but I'm thinking that what this means is that they did. The difference between. You know I'm a sexy dress and a moderate it's something I'm assuming that they're not talk in extremes and you covered in sewer and you. Not about being dirty. Covered our your your high okay for example. Twins sisters identical twin sisters go to bike week. Once sister has gone regular jeans and a T shirt and the other one is wearing booty shorts and a bikini top. I think now I don't think the of these sexual attraction is part will change we might get noticed but the sexually attracted part will be the same. Did you can even hear yourself to Kenny Kenny doesn't attract I like I've been sexually attracted to people who worked in those outfits. And turned off by people who were in those outfits so I might be more sexually turned on by the ground teams in this thing that I would the booty shorts. I'm the attraction. Would still be the same I think if you think summer's hot cute rot whatever you think product you know whatever they're. There Wear jeans and T shared her booty shorts might do more attention is the booty shorts even that's up for debate because I would probably go for the jeans and T shirts it would probably be Andean dot. Low over the booty short girl yeah I think backs it. Yeah so I think. I think that would be equally attracted to both. How does not as. We've all is that I was I was yeah yes in Iraq general that. So. Let that be less of clear Ramona you don't need to booty shorts again it's. A bit of England to. I believe all of these years double the peer support to all these years to retire turtle necks out if you don't fix. Thank you Dana pack back pack it's all fair. That Ramona iPod dead friends we'd love it we love we love that we appreciate so much that zero listening this is driving this and hopefully you tell friends. Bentley to do as well all right Vermont as big flirt her. So no I am I should assume maybe he'll start. That your real and you know me docs based Lerner. Now that's that's true. Yeah he's a slurs zero Europe's learner and a levels fine wine. I'm on a scale of one to ten with one beat being the lowest one. He has a zero but I want to talk about gag of people footer for six different reasons. Obviously sex. Find it's like a sport like day lit it and he had a cousin is sports that are exploring. Tennessee what it would like to be in a relationship. Yeah and we went. Recreational. Under increased to get through seniority and relationships your diet eating other than hurting with years ago and other yes. As being due to decrease your own self esteem if you flirt under some. I have a friend he did that. Make him feel better batters out but no no well. It's not only the anywhere and rolled all the fish into the boat no. She just likes the attention instrumental that's trying to get something for another person that doesn't actually at it sex it's like. Andy. Big ball anywhere makes copies Norman Hsu at. Could have done and I don't doubt it yeah and yeah office yeah. And then adds you know whatever you might needed work that you view what I'd do it Doggett bandy all the time. Remember you flirted for was it extra lettuce or extra cheese is some sub shop. Yes well yes expertise thank you very much on it worked. I don't have. A friend whose husband alerts for extra sauces and such at fast food restaurant work. End. This is how bad it is he'll tell her to pretend to be asleep. So it doesn't get awkward when she got in the car like the drive through yeah. The president obviously continue to usually over the top of the game a again odd that didn't know how about to begin my food a lot. A gal can get some extra barbecue sauce to dip my dad saying if we win week you know I mean that nugget that you. You don't think that you get and it just ask. He he's played his game them but they will charge you extra. As many teeth lyrics for barbecue sauce and sweet and sour I. I understand he saved it 25 cent a gutsy I am sorry. No offense guys. I am not pertaining Imus leaked. So it might and can alert when if you're the condiments what do you know the one who wants condiments. Haney paid 25 senses they had met. And I'm asleep I'm trying to get some extra hot sauce I would like this particular bode angles extra hot sauce is gonna cost an additional ten cents to now they'll pretend like you're out leaps like get free app I want to see her skills. And that was our thing you'll tell. I. Your wife to. We're not its ads like this he removed she has because Ali he's not going anywhere is the drive through guy were driving off at the drive through the eyes. But I would see the exit. I wanna see how she works at. I enthusiast you exit and maybe you could have gotten to. I want to see what kind of skills she had so you'll wish thing. She could have been with you. To see you get your extra cheese at the subs John that's I think what you're incident rallied again that man has to do about it yes yes I would've loved to have seen her now an accident. You don't want to hear me airmen and hold an office you know feels so she. The pregnant. Let's. Get. The I cabinet pay the quarter but still flirt. She has are I don't like to sum up right now and I'm just in the corner do you CV you do it. It is and you just then you this is slightly better about you actually paying for it. They're pimping yourself out for kind of this and I strike or extra cheese aisle worked. And love worth more then I slice of key how about if she fewer of affection is worth more than enough slice that Tina how but if she flirts. Add a bar perjury. And and and that I'm there and I'm saying it's okay you've yet to. That. You know what that is that's called being pinned testing and how that's good I would do the same burn. Yes I girls usually buy me drags but yet if there's sort Frederik. I mean don't. High end Genco does it felt good domestic Beers and it put together one whole pitch here I can't worry marketable yes you don't just Waltz was not. I stroll over a stroll away I strolled back. Figure out our other admitted today and he's gotten he feels ripped off in a bar fight. Kind of commonality if we knew he Persia Robbie dropped it in there but was still. You know flirting AM Larry in my husband's here but I thought he better can I get a free drink now just like giggle and stuff. Maybe a guy's funny she's in and did you convince this guy she's fun. Evidence also mobile study supports the idea that among federal men are people men tend to erode over perceived sexual interest from women. Women under perceived sexual interest so guys think yes he's coming on me she likes me. Men like data which is weird yeah because like that guys are clueless but apparently there they overestimate there. Magnetism I don't. At times you accused me of flirting again I just trying to be nice and our conversation I've I've you I saw you're not. Realize you were getting attention from a guy he says that falls into this woman under receiving sexual interest you hundred receiving all the time. Nor do there's there's interest all the guys you walking around interest everywhere other. Yes there's interest everywhere for deported out to me and and may and I think are more out of spot or more clueless but. And maybe it's just me that's the guys in this room are definitely clueless and that it. I've seen women practically crawl into are laughing you know I guess this past. I don't know of going to the navy and yeah I yeah currently forty years ago probably. More podcasts. It's off there with Matt from. We're helping to sip your sex drive for. Warm clothes it's just a quick comments to news that the dignity. It's all about having the right mind you need to get center. Added that because remaining women fully enjoying it requires letting go of any Sheen you might have yeah I think your bachelor's. That's not Jane could I sort ethnic. Want to talk about all the senator Allen is about. You know your body looks or something you did before him not to shame that all the other things on your mind. Out and had to do for your mind on my own have to live feed in tears sensuality. Clear the mines are yet. You're not thinking about the laundry get might still be sitting in the dryer and wrinkling on your gala net. Although that is very I would stop. In the middle of that and I thought my clothes. Not worth ironing. Success is at peace here no gas no look out I want him gone which are ironing. Others do it at the the. They say if you meditate on your desire your desire or ability. It will help you to unleash your earth actual how the matter that's an idea. For definitive. AJ this is also the time to give outside. Yeah you know you're bold sexual energy he buys stupid. Silence I guess the summertime don't they were gonna outside. But there are now things happening outside like exercise classes dance class that's for us and it just sex. Okay well yes exercise always recent sections that are winner wherever prejudiced way. Makes you feel sexier and demand Adam this is he. Is they say you should use the long days of the season to locate your own pleasure points not why not. Maybe at work because there's nothing for the next to a guy that woman who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to show him how to do it would you agree to answer answered yeah. It seems weird why going to show you how did you. Like meat diet wasn't everybody is that different and why not. That's always should be no I'm pretty amazing adamantly something I'm a little off on any land we're no little spot that's really great teams maybe you're look you look at exchanged a maybe improved and Gary and in certain parts of the body now on that equipment down and gotten older and try some tricky now. Of course you gotta talk about how does that feel weird to me. And they say you should think about your passing counters. And also tries a new fantasies to see would delight. So is not just about physical exploration it's about the mental exploration. What happened before that was really awesome that I haven't done a lot about it or. That's something I haven't tried I liked. You. When that happened to the on. The Yoni. Patent. That's getting standard because god he's happen. As young as Yani a girl park or what is Dion why oh and that I own Alec Yani degree composer Nell. Baby years they roll shock rye is the energy center that houses your sacred Yoni. It's more important that it Yani shaved his mustache and that is fair he really is an election I don't even recognize and recognize Emulex totally differ from the nineties. I think yeah you've got a friend in assessing the yeah honey quietly and I India to the random Yoni performer you live at the Acropolis was off the chain Ghana's. Price Somalis known professionally as Yani. Greek keyboardist pianist pianist to music producer Al tell you what. You should Google them and you should play in my your have a non relevant since birth you pretty sexy you blow it was the man back and today. Yeah the night. That saw him was not an infomercial in the middle of the night hey maybe it's true but that doesn't matter. They're back a little met with master the chancellor I. I thought he now he's played like he was a ticket composed and played Vegas synthesizer argue that he had a sexy and I ignored it. Who was master of the pan flute. I tell you that name for years sooner than here as if you're talking about Yani and Don Fehr out and. A woman. Is dead and they'll let any new age eleven. And Spaniards all of idiotic you know. Honey. Okay now this whole month of that. The reproductive organs when you talk about woman's money yeah yeah I think every second or dorm that they have I think I must actually shot but that's well for the I don't give thinking of everything Yani it has stopped about that if. Thanks for listening to our fair would that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.