What To Do On Valentine's Day?

Wednesday, February 7th

If you're clueless on what to get your partner for V-Day, it depends on how long you've been together! We also have a guide to interpret your nightmares.


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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening got on there would that remote area. Is. Hi losing your relationships. What did you Valentine's Day bella does. Should it started dating sorority he had done the due. Which do you wish you heated up even more. Movie could be relationship maybe just not only yeah I. And you use can go out to dinner reservation all answer today's cocktails and and suggest a nightcap at home. And that means when you go home. There's tests chilled champagne your favorite flowers and all that sort of thing yeah you need Valentine had yet it's nice move nice move even thinking about her are she SA. He thought I don't imagine your. They can choose to do as I did all the guy you're you're going to a rough patch. If you do that to get out take the time rate long kind of open letter. He tell you need to press qualities that major tracks that are in the first place reasons why are fully committed to improving your relationship your bond and it decades to come. And I dated may be a shared sabor restaurant. Wind or something like that. You don't need a better. Is he do that when you're not going rough patch. Well the other also helps rot that's because it does public because I tell you what I want I've heard people say. You know they broke up after Christmas because. You know once again they're spells bottom. An appliance instead of a beautiful gift to they. Broke up after Valentine's Day. Never heard others say well that's just stupid your relationship wasn't going to last anyway it's true. But these women usually women. Were holding out hope that just this one time. Do with it I would show her the appreciation she's been raving maybe just not okay out just hang in there until Valentine's Day is CNB doesn't do the same thing. And I will. Be honest with you I. The only thing I ever asked of my ex husband for Valentine's Day was a letter letting him net letting me know. How he felt and why he felt that yeah threaded it wouldn't have saved our marriage the Bradley got bit. We have given us a glimmer of hope and given meal glimmer of hope absolutely. Or or or motive in that caution to hang in on each and. Or worse yeah. And a motive might end don't wanna go counseling and I'm just don't know. How much that letter of appreciation. And love and respect you just don't understand how far that goes with someone. Who's looking for a reason to stay. Yeah. They don't like the fact you talk about them it's a rough patch. So you're. It's a rough past so you know you know it's been better and you want it to be better after he now we don't understand how far those kind words can go all. And don't just depend on the words written inside. Greeting cards yet. Because some of them are just awful yes doesn't exist because you think it kind of says something that your feeling don't depend on and sign your name and here's of NFL but the greeting cards. If it's that AT hideous thing on the outside. It's got great writing on the inside. But it could. But if it looks fantastic on the outside it's gonna say hey you you've got a cool on the inside battle that seems to me that I always find that whatever. Whenever I find a card that looks great the mess he's gonna just be something that I would never say. And it's hard but airs at nine but he's great with where our guys are great I'm not agree with. Many parents but Harris went. You. The perhaps you are not communicate as a ballot if you heard me. Against. Now and it just Tony you may not use that as an excuse now I didn't. Every Arab TV I don't every year I don't think some guys you know like you're talking it down and down field and need to have to do it more than once a year now I've got that guy. More than once a year but I do run out of it's like. It's like on FaceBook when someone dies at the mourns you know rest in peace or god bless you are thought and we were you get to like that. If you like the morning my thought point person on there you got it on dot. So it's like. We really like it he told you loved your last year will now come out of things I'd love but the flowering on the flowery part. Is is that hardware available to me why use that last year as well as like their style it's my thoughts and prayers are with. That gets us a risk in the rest in peace these yes I love you lose it utterly values. If you can't write well just make a list meant a list just dumb statements on things you think are cool about your wife or your girlfriend doesn't make a list. A great mom great. I have heard enough and I. Our I loose yeah are you I'm not gonna get her I'm not get it. Have you any. GP Shia and ride and I am not good with words so. It got me to come up with something feeling art Edwards with feelings. Little short he is feeling where but I do and I do more than I mean I don't do the long version. Like more than once a year about do little notes and I don't. I just make sure nobody thinks she's expecting to remakes don't want to say Eisenberg a clear that is as more than once that I write our year a little more than mount as their writer note. It's just that I don't do you know multiple line him out of there. And asked for the fact that. Got to deposit with a look at a sale spoiler coming out of its oil does he said some of that some last year and he is not gonna keep repeating I say a lot or heard and it's very. Jaw dropping the romantic. That that. And it's a right now jaws drop it. And ladies I know I heard. It's a seven. That's not okay. 179. Can save. Limbs greats and comment the rating given to those stars really helps as a matter of fact we would love that share argument and a great job. Let's see we have here. The nightmare thing you have people say they didn't there's always something about interpreting nightmares Libya. Was I don't. Believes but many people do but obviously does medieval. Who write articles about it and many people who go to therapist about it and all that sort of thing you believe their meeting. Yeah yeah. Andy no. And here's a thing when you read some of the books about your genes and your nightmare is mean. Yet there might be sound regarding who's new to he tore falling in that might be pretty much true across the board but. For example you can't. Tell me some blanket thing about a nightmare. I have about ten. Because most people feel the same way I do about cat like right or lake you widows. Heist like you have I dream about somebody touch in their eye and I don't that that's freaky for you but for me that would mean a big deal. Right right so while some of the blanket stuff about dreams and now but I do believe our dream I try to tell us stuff that they went to. I don't think I don't think telling a senate thanks Auburn ran nom but if you if you wanna know you guys can probably be. They're pissed the dreamer you running away from some honors somethings are being chased find it interesting that people are. People. Have similar dreams like people have. Those kind of like you know this idiot at that I find very it is nights of falling green like one of evil and I was gonna common Eliza common. But running away from someone or something being chased. What do you think that therapist thing that is. Running lawyers from your problems as. The face this you cannot navy. Morrow is running away from our problems. How about being unable run. Felix lower your stock market that one. Trapped in the sun thing he had yet no way out of a certain situation which decision a mate. Proms not going away about the end of the world apocalypse I'd never had that went honey you know I mean that's that's pretty serious I. Love to have that won the legal right arm fine and great. To have a nightmare in my ball in right yeah then. And the worlds and horsemen and everything counts. Great. This waving that what is that. And that's a little bit harder right a little world and hope are all you would be no urine instead apparently it's an internal we have an eternal struggle. You can't and I and all or no. I screw this I can't I am struggling. Public defiance lenders had that. I don't. One what is the feeling like like you just watching him burner you are you hoping he gets you get sucked up there Haller had been hurt these kind of witnessing Anders. Then that's crazy on the bombers and nuclear bombers it when it I want you to tell people it's they're having your teeth fall out losing teeth. So absolutely out of control sigh Ali and control yet they're powerless you're pre and embarrass yourself. Being late for something important as that a tree nuts in his Haley being laid. Out. That danger overwhelmed. And feeling I'm prepared. And falling whose. You're you're spiraling downward. It clear loser it's been enough. I have never had being naked in public. And. Now I am anemic I've had that one app I had. And headed back a couple of years ago where I was like back in eighth agree then and somehow I got undressed for GM. Couldn't find my clothes because I left my clothes in my locker in the hallway we had to go and make it go ahead do walk through the whole school. Naked trying to get it to my locker where Michael joiner. Shaky. Mobile lost game two game with references an entrance and yeah want insurance but it is that same app that. Here's an interesting side note about sex it's. Oh and I've surveyed men and women of years. But the survey was first created by our former general manager. When you have this extreme. I never it's like seed the actual. Bingo. Like the bottom lead up on a lot of staying there whatever. My dream isn't clear on the act you don't view it like a poor right right you don't see the lagged and don't I don't feel like a lot of sexual stuff is going on but the actual. Active. Now and frank media. So I don't see that like you're watching. It happen it's more like you're just feeling. You'll see like you're not looking down and with birds are out glasses Eagles the gay yeah may not even necessarily see the person. Does feel guess the good feelings that come along with a bright. Project you know it could be faceless person dinner at her which you don't see I usually don't see below the waist. Fell through and view promote Larry Nance can't they. I remember a single sex dream really. Railing because in mind. Romantic dreams. Tell you we start laughing Hafiz asked on that's a wager rather that the date it's. It's more romantic it's not about lovemaking will have and it would like to share there's extreme with Ramona. Ramona Holloway and trying to make sure. It did help though. A being swept up by a large wave. Narrative that one delegate drowning. That means there test. Reminder overwhelm. A good job good job have a. Out of control car I never had that an Atkins. Like senate control pad your helpless you're not ready to take on things. Loss on the invaluable never had a I have had that like guests that done where we're at radioed doing the job and it can't find. You know. Just right tonight on the grill you can remember the name of your job that's right I did and a great that was a weird one. America got up I walked all the way to the toilet and I could not remember what city average then. Went radio station I worked for and then right Mary data configure where radio station was on campaign. Can and do you think guys are looking up to an rights that is an airline has a market that's it's also air. When choosing a husband just there's things you should do is dangerously don't wait stupid moron. The stress on Sunday people. I if you use a guy who is totally opposite like plans dealers and you do it in hopes that they'll quote changes mind it. Like life goals king as a manager. Blah. You can't count on anybody can not owlen. Yes and you and you can't complain when he doesn't change his mind right if he's like I golf every Sunday for six hours. You can't three years in relation biology golf everyday for hours he gets did you sign up for. I mean they have a tidbit you've got to. Changer here. Lifestyle but. Once a person shows you how they really are don't make him show you again and he led a great lions lose. You marry a fixer upper and kind of concept I guess. Yeah pick somebody up and I wanna be fixed. He's crappy now we'll stay groupie. I was talking to lab the wife of the former boss. A beloved boss rejects is now. And his wife was talking about how when they first got married he will is broke each. Now it's my job he was also heavily selling knives door to door to make my money again. And so each and dream but he was also hustling as well. There's a difference between that kinda guy who's got a big dream. And who works hard and a guy who's got big dreams and all he does history. Well that's big day another one analyst is to marry someone broke with no career prospects and no plan for the future so he had a plan. It hit a plan rip it and it here's Vic I know some guys with planes. Like I could have told my cousins now ex girlfriend that. She shouldn't believe in his plans because only made those plants are never followed through have a drink Pina out there remain a step toward the plan Smart. I funny guy made a lot of plans had a lot of dreams. But even you'll never saw him do anything about play video games on the couch. And you might assign. Yeah he's not a fixer upper. Or or he's not a doesn't fall under the that it takes itself if if someone's broken nuclear prospects no plan for the future but I also live a wild dream. I don't morning which is due to hitch your pitcher wagon and them. Renowned event that's pricing and next thing I noticed you dumped Bill Gates but. Sometimes it just silly to. And needs to be squashed before you go any further discussion about it. I'm not buying into your whole dream is washing thing I'm telling you it does it's have had some I had and I met. Our own Kerry got browser who pretty much everybody in this building will agree is super talented. Amazingly talented and I met him when he was eighteen years old. And somehow found out because he wasn't gonna talk to me I accidentally found out. Someway that he wanted to be a radio I would have thought dude stop right there are no when asked him his of his plan who don't talk. That's a career radio is impossible for you gas app it's the communications industry right. Is that he I don't honestly you don't. Dreams watchers like mad here to give us and that's our draw the line now know much monetary the first. Your back the whole time the 48 year old guy who thinks he's gonna make it on Broadway he's doing local theater. I'm sorry I. Just accept you got to carry it depends on. Yes how are they getting crazy the dream is convinced if a guy who plays YMCA basketball like alimony into the NBA someday yes I know I'm 42. O'clock and and may yet. You're. A forty something guys I say he met a couple of years ago who had dreams of being. Next big rap producer I get it. I get a producer promoter I'm always back in a way how ahead after a made it. It's different when you're talking to some wine in dared to when he that's true that's true someone in their forty. That is true or if it's true that's true I just I just if he's got a weird dreamer she got a weird dream just be ready that you can amount to carry him at weird dream. Your dreams and way over now I and app that can attack act I don't know what I don't want and what they argue all the squash. You can. Not want literally getting you while you didn't regarding now that embalming. I'll know I'm a little slash so caught up. I Yeltsin might marry guy because the parents and friends and all these are greater she's a great this is awesome you need to be together. You need to get married on the refine anybody's drain is that. And. Now the united Amylin loaded bank says it can happen but don't let don't let that policy to carry days out it was time for me a quote little thing. Well that is on the list you married because that's what you do. There's no real some posters in life. So don't promotions. Make a terrible mistake. Dusan wanted to. Non dangerous mistake is you don't listen to your gut. But some magic got to I don't know my dad was on fire in my waiting in half in did you get. Here the whole story on our web site you know who they were doomed though they're waiting game that would be gap yeah. And here we are throughput on the mighty as the walking up yeah I'll. Sign that you got the senate. Suddenly it is cutting back act and act very wrong how you do have problems in your relation so he's out get married. And that's what I did the first time here and yes she was madam pop and somebody news. The time wrestler in sunlight fascinating hey she's not mean now so I'd better married here yeah in the she cheated on it yet. It may I just don't get weird not see it coming. You to choose this browse based on the paycheck. Yeah. And yeah I am on the bubble that would sometimes maybe you can. It's shook up. Don't you go if you like OK with a person you really like it is don't love him very good. Think when you think of an arranged marriage a lot of those are arranged around finances. Sometimes they work out and sometimes they work out. You know you're going into it for financial reasons and you're hoping to grow a family and grow our relationship. Is she now pins. It can happen. It can but you and would you recommend no. Straight up until around would you recommend of the yacht but people have to be an honest. And I'm or you can Jim money. I cannot marry you because I think you're beautiful I'm gonna be good mom. And I'm and you're an incredible and I want to provide for. Happening. Now there. And and then violence a stupid dangerous and it we make when choosing a husband he'll marry someone you other treat you well and everything's great and and something really insignificant. Yeah I got can't marry you because you smack down and expect runaway bride Bernard Bagram at all in every. Every guy rom com. They're right away and someone gets screwed his bandy said he does a good guy gets screwed analyst things area and some dirt comes and steals. It's reality radio what your schedule all off there with that. And doing anything but back about death bed sandy. Doesn't use it every day 300. Hunter's little North Carolina man and his teenage daughters were trapped in their car Saturday night when an aggressive coyote approached. And attacked their vehicle. Yes. You have didn't go to our FaceBook page to see. The coyote in action. You freaked out. You know I know I'm not freaked out you don't lie lie because for years. Literally for years I have been warning. People about this type of coyote activity and people have been half an off. Day they are great people and slightly. Right flight date they laughed and held it blew their coyotes stock in the stationed. Am. Doing it and it went up. TV say legally and went. But it was a coyote. A lot because he's I'll dinner is gonna talk. Yeah usually what happens when they talk to clap their hands at the hunter's bill coyote bandy. Oh John Schroeder says he was driving with his daughter tanner in summer when they spotted the coyote clawing and neighbors fans. Operative word claw game what else is a tired at all on the ball. And I went from just going to let the thing run off into the woods and just live his life is a coyote. News this thing is going to attack anything in its path what was that just admitting. Anything in its path. Was going to. See any saying. Its path viewed the people who say I don't eat don't mess with people. At the end. I've got a lot more dog attacks a coyote attack say what you will tell us happiness that I was trying to scared off from attacking the neighbors doll and let her return to nature but then it turned. Bayard it's bloody teeth what. And and attacked my car it it has its bloody eighth. But bloody feet from just hang out you know keep I biting into something that was once lying no good to have. Get lucky. He could have been and it's something hard and aptitude did you learn a squirrel Gergen and a coyote dentist yeah. And if maybe he just lost a dual card and that any negative. As a slap to. John. 911. He said the coyote actually attacked the car. Didn't even wait for the family. Car but I try to be quite bright or something else he started chewing on the front grill. You. Look under Clinton must be something wrong with it well all done did was put the car in reverse a little bit and the kind of he ran off. And I went and I got the real as I cannot to do this car. Gonna go find an unsuspecting family now and I'm going to eat then and now they come right. Yen. The trapped CM PDs animal care control department was dispatched they tranquilizing captured the coyote. And they're going to test it for rabies as well as what people there's an update. The coyote. Was rabid I figured it. I realized I call them like I was going in his most likely did you get those posit that lie. You have to be rabid to attack Al Carr and not be scared of a human guests here is just a lot of junk for someone with a very tiny seven. And a dog that looks like it's too much time I. I am not worried about my kids at all I mean that other than others other rabid animals out there possibly is quarrels in. Whatever else there is big dogs dogs are eating it we can't get it on the dogs like Thabo is on the leg rabies and they were trapping them in Nazi tea I believe you can payment doll got one yeah he's got a great. So if you can't tame a high note I hardly probably concede that. That's familiar you wanna carried him Mimi entrepreneur a birthday or some sort listening to all there. Right real value America's first faster futures for house. I didn't show there's at least disaster you're married bet is we just went back grant how would we spent days. They couples are talk about money okay this is different. You know some people say he says well you can tell because they say let's save it for adapting and Powell's work. That's a debate is ready to make I judgment about the person. Just now that's not true this like a five grand base which when he 500 you came into. And you are you mean why show it like puts us on. And Osama it's really says. I need to know our financial situation going into this I do primary and heavily in debt. Yeah a lot of credit card debt we need to play down. Out of it. And it's called the senate gets up. Led the apathy that's how you might learn a lot about it and my answered differently. And it just depending on them unknown where we are. I'm saying have you only dating maybe you engaged the odds of you going straight to but just save it. I just you're engaged. Injured am tired real if you're worth a spender or a Saber right you know right here ask you get early on that. Cry and say let's go app on I don't know which your sister cried and then early on near assuming we're getting married men Canada's Air Malta cents a acting. As though there easy. Are you afraid of being abandoned or being smothered. I'm iris all of us laugh and any. Did I mean that base. I'm gonna murder me. And we have a pillow are but this is passed out there and it's my heart is spending too much time women and in the desert or in the middle of the ocean now let's listen to what's going on an average of the McVeigh and into the desert and Italy ocean. Desert. Really yeah I'm more scared in the middle of the ocean there's a chance in the desert may be. Yeah well Mike a mile in the ocean move well if you're not a shipping lane in kind of an honors a pirates around at. You might yeah. At least you can see an oasis before you bet. Aren't actors are so yeah Vogue Magazine and I have a better chance of eating something. On that on the middle even during cactus one intelligent sometime I get it can't figure float in years women nobody lands there I saw when he got it's it's the crack it's and the continued ground could you heard this. I don't he brand new stay afloat. I'm about now you're gonna blow. And I would ask that question could affect the pedigree and oh today because the weird group said in a minute time but he could just. Pelicans back to the experts question on a day. I think your last question. Which you rather finish all the housework first and then relax nap honor the fund fur store. Do allows her to have fun whatever seed. This was never discussed but maybe it should event wasn't a breaker but. My wife is in kind of on that bill allows America have a little fondue that I'm in sprayed on finish in and then maybe take a break. Is how are your star being your Thursday 80 dying and there's no brains. Don't know because. They're truly is. It endless amount of housework. Again if you are if you are Perth perfectionist. Sometimes a whole house working can get overwhelmed like. My housework leads to more housework but why do a little. Well I think comeback you're adding we're talking about as clean a year in your you're don't organized routine yes. Not talking about organizing a closet little worm. Yeah and down eight and then you come back to here's a PD do it that way and by the time you get back to an out dirty there's no sense of accomplishment. And why would I want you you accomplished so little before you left and they have some fun that you connect public. I can't relax until one things the right let go we don't feel like I go home after here. After the show I can't relax until dinner is done and down the Munich has it it's there you know. I've to get politics. Had to get through like. Daly is one thing but do they did I don't stop the middle of dinner make trepidation. Why do you immediately then clean off the table and do the dishes and clean up the kitchen before yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah oh absolutely yeah C you don't. Ever do break late dinner. Just leave the dishes I'll watch TV and come back to it only time that could put kids to batter something but we're up to me. And I'd used as an opera I'm back Amy's like racecar around your house someone to get this. Darren and expert panel breaking Lestock called the most are going to break a prediction trash them to the recycling I'm. You might try it and then we can sit down get a longer break that way right and worry about any things went down you know down there. You really can't act and the seemingly no deliberate attempts no breaks to dig debt digital stunt. Aren't going to maybe doing. Thanks for listening to our fair would that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.