What To Do To Your Boss To Be Happier At Work

Friday, March 16th

This technique is kinda creepy, but apparently it's effective way to be happier when you're on the job!


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News that is that you wanna be happier. All you have to do is get a voodoo doll of your boss and GM needles in. Yes yes it actually makes people feel less resentful about their jobs and it makes him like there is more. And after that after poking around Buddha O'Donnell the balls with needles air quality of work went out. You can't and it thing rendered as little threatening at the workplaces and asked does your boss have to know it then ballad it's on it. When it looked like on then yeah that was the point. Saint Liam horribly. Yeah. And you don't I'll let it looks exactly like your bumped up above the flag. AM main thought there was like recognize that Hugo Boss then you could you pick your and they can make likeness like they can do Bobble heads you brief. Lee talked about it yet today and get sidetracked but when you were talking about I assumed it would have the face of your boss yes. Otherwise it's just a doll I am now I have not immersed myself in the black arts. So I am not sure what happened. Or how you go about getting said voodoo doll. Or how you make it look like the purse and I know is there researchers say is weird is it sounds. This simple act of called retaliation. Can make you feel like you're getting Eden and restoring a sense of fairness in the workplace that if you like this life isn't fair there's one thing. Guys and I saw his face on it just kind of like an image off like I it's like a screen meaning. Case I also need a couple chickens. News one. Office. Help my black man are you couldn't use him to do with. Double portion and I don't know of licensing analysts and that's sacrificing database and I act once again I guess I don't know announced that it.