What Keeps Your Kid From Saving Money

Monday, August 28th

Ramona covers the common money pitfalls teen fall into that lead into bad money management as an adult.


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Harmonies that we did was our Reggie batch of really Carolina's going to relate today to save real money what keeps your youngster from saving money. We're talking about people in there tees. Even there. Twenties there are some traps that they did the falling two and they don't get out they're going to be in financial trouble for a very long time that buys stuff. How out of touch it's easy enough unneeded close processing then made. By. The latest trends that don't tend to hold up very well that's been going on since the beginning in time bra and did not only do they by the latest trends but they spend top dollar instead of buying. An expensive sweater that'll last many seasons. They buy an expensive sweater that's cropped and only is school for one season of. I. Mean that's that. The old. I would tip if you had money back today it would buy everybody get right well you don't buy woods hit but you don't have to pay top dollar rank you can buy million dollars in the trendy sneakers but you don't have to have the easy. And now that's a good point. Eating out. Kids get into the habit of going out with their friends to get a pizza to get up fast food and then. And then when they get older they realized wow I'm spending a lot of money now knew when they can actually. Get a pizza burger she solar heated up and have as much fun hanging with their friends it'd be to that they heated up in the haven't got you guys share the tents. Hard sell. I was a college and get a pizza. Okay of course I didn't really care who is on colleges. Not spending your money so what are you care my money that they're providing money or a dog and about us multiple gigs. Also the coffee shops. Draining yeah it's the dad Baghdad to my nephew could be dead broke but he's gonna scrape up enough mafia a five dollar cup of coffee and cocktails for twenty somethings bad you can get your basic app. The year mourn your college kid dead this is where the credit card debt began heavier and it's got it right did he offers. All the laws yes that's a big thing high interest rates usually the guys just sit there. You know you get a cousy or something to be signed up we got three teaser exerted T shirt inside out yeah exactly right so be aware. And also. For the early twenty somethings who are just out of college they overvalued advanced degree. That matches in journalism is admitting to give back more money than a bachelor's in your in most cases that's fighting continued. At not to do it migrates you'll realize that that and at bats you bags. Heavily Carolina says AAA members saved real money.