What Moms Really Want For Christmas

Thursday, December 21st

If you're stumped at what to get your mom this Christmas, we tell you about the gifts that really make her feel appreciated. Listeners also share with us the cheapest Christmas gift they've ever received.


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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening to talk. It's just I'm. The most important okay. We're not really wants for Christmas. Coming on here that I. Bull Halsey. You're not a mom and attacked at. Well first of baseball retreat this is skip the fancy bath products to the spot council in and that's a basket of allusions to stop a bit she likes to buy it. I think she'd rather have. You know what I editor you're spending your pricing at night at the balance I reporters they are night it's some. Socialist allies there yet they had the bomb yet yet just us and they had to back massages and a fifty bucks worth that. Stuff. A weekend of solitude. As weekend alone to shop sleepers shower in case. Not talking anyone listen I don't know viable way to go whole week and that talking to anyone candidate that's a whole week at that. Nah I might you and I think editor Dan I know I could do an eastern Europe's did you reject that all week Immelt talking anybody you know we get off. You know it's seven on Friday and you're not talking to anybody until seven Sunday night. Mean I duly did it senators and more money more or less count. Okay text message. Actor is I'm properly done that before me two hours after this doesn't want to do is mess I had no I've never act your house knock on some. That was without a unit I don't at that had happened I had one night TV urging is like Indian learning on NAFTA and now my TV I know Eric Haney could be oh yeah I am hesitant to take maggots or to take next. Promise or take my kids lace them. But I laughed. She got a solitude from me but she's still advocates that that probably like to assist them. Acts. Like got a nice the other night if he's. Working now that abuse that today. And I was actually alone in the house indicates there out of camp. The first summer I don't know how long. That I I didn't know myself I don't know what to do now. The data be lazy. Give mom a card things he's gonna get given a day off to do nothing. Outcome. And day out to do nothing. To add super Smart people don't cash into parts. Yes and well. Bonds are useless yes parents are not parents my kids to review bounce. I have yet to have them rub my feet yes some article or why I do wrote that in years ago that work. Why don't you. Especially acute the big do you feel guilty I forget about it I feel guilty they give you guys because. I had to do so and I'll still have a is that from a drawer and forget our than men and then the moment again and really mean it like a year from now GAAP. Yeah I had like two weeks to do an add a data be lazy passes he. She had a date related time she wants. As they need something. A cleaning service one time only full clean and that's always had and that's about it both people probably look with a woman take it does. What I mean at present at your messy house that house cleaner internship or your dad are part of it on a love letter sweet Carter video from the kiddo it's. And you know like they used to be good when you hardly ever had videos. And there was no FaceBook or camera on your own I don't think it's exciting imam has a million videos on only Agnelli gets. A date night. Which you already do anyway right that's generally sanity and a one time shaft comes ever cook's big meal that's also Reverend Wright I don't know I would look at it is just for. Her on time with a friend this is stupid to help make time for her to meet her BF pepper lights. Just you might go to lunch go to African line drive to do about it. Through your anatomy of a person. Do you mean husband Lou the woman you know what I'm like gee do you know let you have a lunch with the yeah yeah and I'll clear my goal let in my schedule and have an hour. No more. On man framed jade art group. Family photos. Look unless you put him in a book. A book as a good thing like the year in review or something like Penn and that here's the wanna wholeheartedly disagree with breakfast in bed. Preparers and that is most overrated thing in the history of the world. Not only that you wait the person up to get wrecked yen mixes in his lower ratings I want to wake up on their own is it all today in a way to the way out of your anatomy branch now and then you just say you and maybe a coffee and a host. But trait they never works out very well there's crumbs in the day ahead justice Ian I'm thinking grease on the remote sitting up on lap fell to morning. Your route that links. Most wonderful time of the year with a family in town a chilly here enjoy everywhere bring a Stanley by holiday and I think we can make special memories on the ice plus Cheney is stopping by on Christmas scene for a special event before he takes to disguise. Did teach him the Windows 7 and the link dot com thinks it's really planning Harris teeter ancient any copy. Bad question today. Cheap this Christmas gift you ever got 7045701079. I'll start with Kathy 70457 on seven I cheapest yet I Kathy. Hi laws it my very first. Ted Lilly read I have to date it eating hacked into color coordinated well oppression. Oh. Least he thought amassed two color coordinate that bowl brushes can't be that. Did you ask were these things. Did you see Aaron he gradually that's pretty bad. Pretty well I didn't get toilet bowl proceeded ballots that wrapped around them but. Aren't. And eyes that's like the best come up ever want to delete. It. But I think for him it's a diamond encrusted toilet bowl and he did you are are adequate debt. Thank you. What do on well. Did yeah all of that Al white chicks on dvd. Bit the stepson he. That's better than furry little that it achieved and Jill says stock with a dish style reminders because that. She'd cold in about her ex husband. We got her dish towels. It's right that's right that's right that's that's that's their special holiday dished out that. That work for anybody. As a gift for your wife. Unless they're on her list of it and don't do it is is Pam pan am. More than cheap gift. My other mob backed out of my drab way and yet I'm mailbox. That a month later from our current state he wrapped up a male bought the 1497. Wal-Mart special. She's I think I'll see that's that's that's a pretty good when you knew you needed one. More important piece roof he knew you need one because he's going to destroy the other one right. Thirty BLO. Barlow. May now get enough mailbox I'll say yeah I RI and I can't thank you I silence. The event was that seed gift. We were really young problem as well all the workers in my mail and he's helped me. There's results or certainly in order Britain will call it store workers both very we opened up years. And they were very very. Quote. We'll call. And knows it and we're still at the break now they've been much of tomorrow we talked about it. Bit and it made an impression nose or you don't know data are about least you'd. Britain what we Obama. Yeah it's a threat to. But it's an eyelash. And go to Bob Bobble at the cheap gift. All met my ex brother in law that first Christmas I have with my wife actually bought a color T sure. From secondhand store. Alone I'd like a second hand I thought would receive greater or were more or. Ha. What did you have to strategy resist received Toshiba. I guess he's he just wasn't Bob fame as a. What they want the money they get all over the ball saying. The car now pay about thanks and I Kathy. Does that seep present. Well I'm a third when I was magna are my has very and you're having half a bat a bat out. And we got to let it grandmother. That really happy and excited open at an open it up and Atlantic. ST and that's. Just that's all the untouchables. And they were so so obviously they were wave back in the pantry for a very long time. My cheek hand them muted actually by the grocery store cans. Of our health of banks. I think seeing things how low you can't say on the radio you were listening to off there with that Ramona a tag your stress now the bribes to get married and politics and there's some things that you are doing this prescient right wind is the best person gets the play by play of the weather. All boy 30% chance of precipitation I'll follow their simmering coming. Alec could hit don't worry it's gonna hit like an hour after you. It will follow that up with but it's good to get rains on your wedding day people doing it a week now. And one of my best friends and outdoor wedding planned and in the back up plan was kind of psyche. And she knew it but you had to pay a lot of money to have a back up right rent the room right. Though people where yeah and everybody had seen the weather we know it was an outdoor wedding right but people kept giving her. Yes it gay reports on the weather and it ended by the time we get to like an hour before the wedding she was simple meltdown you have Max man. I have that knows whether. And it melt down Albrecht. Outside and see it was boring yes well it's that month sometimes or don't like a week out on next Saturday and every hour before the way she's good. All right now let's stop and she knows you know. Not counted after all worked not yet I hit. If here they know she obviously is a white down on normally. You know standing there next to her red line freaks are at a little bit and it should it should. Because area a lot I people's bill that all the time but yet to stay with her stick to light. Sharing your unsolicited wedding horror stories. Telling the bride about Decatur giving food poisoning to your people are. Unknown Wednesday in sans to my wedding or you know whatever anything like that well here's a thing. That's what people. That's as true. I have seen it multiple times. With weddings. I've seen it win pregnancy or their horror stories retired surgeries anything. And it is I think one of the coolest things human being is due to other human being yes I haven't answered by the hazard buried my cousins sisters friend. Nearly died yeah. Yeah why they haven't gone through the tech like collier pregnant. Area I was in labor for a 182 hour ride. They cut me from stem discern that would be my mom's. Test your mom yes I it is any thing. I eight arrive at the comes up that I Iran lament. Pursing a lot of people say has all but you know what that's about my I'm brother had knee replacement surgery when he was 22 hours on him. I know the dangers in the not the danger Yani debt. That it did have pointed out on sending your RSVP late yes are people should know that. The ride shouldn't have to call it's a did you get a it ending is coming yeah making hay as AP. Do it at midday I let mine sit on the kitchen table for awhile and I don't know why an app but then I've gotten better about mailing it. And get a cup and don't forget stamp on yes I now and I do that sometimes and thing in my. Even a FaceBook sometimes be like let me think about it I should just it. It asking for a plus one. Lester weddings as a and guest. Assume it's not and don't reach out as they can bring my kids and its attitude and yet. Whenever it's as an invitation that's what it is don't bother this president if you have a problem with it. Don't go to the way we don't complain the Dem or ask an exemption less sits behind the brides you can attack. Not checking the website is now writing and days they have saved the dye they'd things. And the invited and they have important details. Are maybe the have a FaceBook or whatever so. Don't be asking them for directions to the church or the thing on the day of doing stuff. Don't be asking them what you want for your wedding present I'm sure they're registered in Milan he hit us up on the not. Yes. You have those older relatives who aren't on a computer. Help them right right don't them call the bride and groom you up. President exit and on and death finally complained to the bride had her own wedding. Do that like the food was little colder than we did this probably when it's varied. Popular that DJ to play this music or that media. People notice. Yes you cannot do it you can not complain to the brighter Greta why why. Up Jessica has asked him not to guess about that how about that is all there with Matt in remote it's. The. Teachers tell us getting tips this time two years in their students. Trying to decide what to do so. And they're teachers have spoken and an article to a gang they say they won map someone said they want notes from kids. Words parents of the kids and it was one person that I save everyone. Plays by nine years older them. Now that would be my mom dancing in my mom didn't they with me she would have. All the mugs that same number one teacher and then Apple's. That say best teacher ever and the notes and the stuffed animals Stephen Glass did it all. Friends easily threw stuff out. Well she downsized when she moved here and then every move we've made we've downsized and now there a couple of mugs and a couple of notes. They do have a note on here and no mugs. As a definite definite thing for teachers know mugs elect Ozzie can teach it carried right on. And the notes I'm not believing that they keep them all. Now on this day and age. Yeah I mean it may be like to get like ten and one kid especially keep it is the other night knowing whatever. I'm cameras back and me both personally don't keep many more get a picture editors think yeah they want to keep it. I. And. As some did you guys know. And I know a lot of teachers I have been many many sorority sisters who are teachers and those notes keep them going on the days when. The test scores don't look like they. Wish they wooed and parents are being unappreciated students are being uncooperative. And a lot of teachers I know refer back to those notes for in rationed he'd go on the commodity projects aren't given a much some of those special on the other one's life and earlier a couple hours so all Johnny got as good as ever on your favorite teacher ever I'd argue that and you thought you could cost yeah. Us out when I need more like under some under until the under. A little sheet I handles a long way and not from the kiddies already pray to whatever it's on this. They want this moments as when a Christmas tree ornaments specially homemade I don't believe that. Teachers in general wanna put up homemade crappy second year in two technically at there's teachers couldn't retrieve their room OK in your room now okay when. My parents still put up I. Brother made a Superman. Learned out about pipe cleaners sold at the that was so good luck that that I haven't really old when it's fallen apart it awful. Liquids do. I'm not make a Superman like and we made them all the time but really capped a few any wouldn't. Actually the kids wouldn't put mine this year and we said that's not ranked. The long hey I had I was getting yeah it makes you work on you grab a there was a reindeer a cut out or something I don't know why we kept. You can donate to charity in their name. I'm only give him like fifteen box. The dual citizen. Most teachers yes are anywhere between five and twenty bucks anyway nine. A course and any cherry will appreciate any donation. Down yet cards obviously restaurants Amazon target movies this is things. But they also go for classroom items. Like your Lysol wipes in your tissues you lose Dixie says send him an email is what you need that's a terrific president. There was an article by themselves. I get those notes that on but yes blu sticks. And again. Scratch offs and never thought about scratch offs are alike yet always inspires anger right to buy about jobs maybe geoghan went 101000 dollar I make him sign a contract that would get past. That is not a gift and knock them what it is despite this is a tough match and keep the someone said. Champagne but others said homemade treats are to not be allowed to do that anymore. And that's stationery. And Juan missed it steers use stationary. Under it people still you stationery I love station but you are like a hundred. Well all I guess I have to return they harassed him against him while my my my kids right stuff I'm not right now and it's. I feel kind of bad for the speech area there ordered because you know it's. Love from the Harris. Act and Amy Avery Anderson I will say Jill my kids do right stuff I guess if I don't know based it's based. But for an entrepreneur anecdotally I would appreciate stationary you likely some other heirs is out there he did. Due to name the yeah that is yeah got a pretty good it mark and it's Mac and Ramona and no legs bringing another great artists who. Grammar April 7 that the. Grammar as he brings his good parts Port Charlotte. When you're digging now at 1079 to link dot com. JPG Dixie got 7045701079. Alpha FaceBook. This is disgusting Kelly says she got earrings with a less owner's ear across still on them this. That your crest and bearings and I can't possibly make you gag and blood she's really seriously got you. I don't get that's nasty. Laura that are recycled dish cloth and you agreed I guess you don't recycle this Christie received used candles lit the wax strip down the side they were sent from her grandmother. This is let's not do. Let's go what's on that a Tony. I don't mean. They go it was a cheap gift. Wolf family Christmas tick you know small he would call you ought to change someone's death. They eat eggs got beat if it was like five act of millions Atmel talks exit twenty literally for prayer at the culture bought that keep bear themselves. That's hilarious and ridiculous. Let's dirt up there over the top you know over the over the yes over the budget you're allowed to ask him just in general at here in the high stone wow. Suck that's great this is wrong best buddies on it is this is patty patty. Was achieved yet. We have agreed to exchange at that work last year and up to accept an off the table but excitement and I got a lot of oxide. The wind out and it was so late ought to know anything about like you felt you outline anyway. Not Sally app and you're bombing Ehrlich did it finally got back to her friends and I come here. I don't mind give our put it out there that I had to take the label off because by the current everybody got in I need to get. So and did you and Larry. And that is seat right there topic they beat her I know commentaries I am embarrassed for you have the guts to even say to somebody. I'm sure David I had to rip the labor laws like get the rebate and a look kind of winding gives a rebate akin to bend exiting you know all that great. Give you rebate on a Leslie. And what's the cheap gift. Ed K fine Yankee walker Gary and I are what every what are called the game and and obviously forgot to get it yet be as what they Brock was an important there. Not in Iraq are stuck in the clean. Did draft from the. No no I. Got stuck with back core I got stuck with back meanwhile I had bought it I. Telling candle in the cart cart. Path with a lot of people wouldn't expect people in their. But it wasn't used Kleenex. That would push you over the edge right Leslie radio radiate yeah yeah I elements of the point doesn't give the person in IOU. Right does he do just fake image grab an obvious horrible. I Sarah. Tell us about the G gift. My Brothers one year and they wrapped up. A picture of myself I hope that shirt and a framed really Artie as intended injury. They took your school picture. Put it for so they didn't they just took that was at semester there's I don't know what to say yeah. That is seat right there at the adult kids with a bitter. But. Since they make you heard about this it would Laura's yet Laura. Yet tells a cheap gift. I am. My mother opt. Did not I mean if you're mad at me and it went check out our our help or hurt yet. She gave me that here are seen at her bit her. Or pay any hose. Yet prepared her meaning have you ever and not rat yeah really good at it ain't my right ear hole. You know it really thought about her victim here with the daily exercise. At united at work this is. Better over the years. And yet somewhat but don't ask don't laugh about at senior writer of that and I just disturbs. Thank you. Thank you hi Jessica. Are tells about seek yet. I'm at why are accurate or very odd daughter ala or at Baghdad and a little lock them. Rare earth yeah jewelry. He then used make it would freak you out armada push you over the end in you you think he's maybe Seattle think categorized resolve stopping. Don't make it worse UN views of what used to make up remembers a nice gift. Now let's just get thank you used to make up our toothbrushes. Or deal you know is or RAZR was no Susan's up. I Susan. Are excellent tells the cheap gift. One year my brother and I gave my. Get gas. It has Becky and beware. That's and the next year. While opening presents. And it like as every gifted that protect and respect to. As a real gift. It. It's a OK today. And if it that's terrible nothing says love like techie re gifted aware oh yes and they weren't warn that's well thank you. You're welcome you to I'm Ali. Does not exceed guest. By actually I had been that heat when he went younger. Aaron as fat as debt. There are of deep battery on an uncle and they didn't they were battery and cell car adapter like like I guess. You're the pilot strike and out and it got an inventory and they were at. The system today battery. Yeah act that battery like Barry you big edit. Led the big Mosul dates were to get to just you as I. Are all desirable Molly then it's more glass in more fun it's fair would that. Bad manners are able to listen to see where you can tell they used at tournament. You can. People who don't say thanks fueled or it's too. Dance people or will lay begins right here in traffic when you don't really have to. If that in that same category people who walk slow X-Men beat this. People. Why are we holding some against OK where are you putting thank. Thank you don't say not saying thanks after you hold the door for him. And people who walks slowly. In which order. Not saying thank you is highly route it even walk slowly I just look longer and dismiss I'm gonna make this ad that's out on current economy to slow walker thing. Is when you're in a parking lot. And the person walking slow and doesn't get in an acknowledgment north little pickup for the. Some putts sometimes is people just walking slowly aimlessly but if you're walking slow and I can tell your your really Tryon. The juiciest tell her all her if you have a mission to get there. And you're just doing the best he can't simply gorgeous clueless yet it is slow walker and his body doc yeah. They everyone is not in a rush to get every should be region know as you are impending might. I knew exactly enjoyed life people how bumpy the rush everywhere yeah. Got to hurry and it is stop and smell the rose human mr. better rose up people in touch a pregnant woman's belly without asking okay. And learn that. And I used to do it right into in his very hard it is so I would put that. Both and I think that's Ruder and knots. Thank yeah because it's an invasion case in which you beauty I ask now putting them in a spot now I do ask if I would ask. And say no at that point. I by asking you're saying yeah appetites at any minute now is great and I was in a meeting a couple of weeks ago leading theory pregnant woman. And it took everything in me I had asked I was staring at it. Staring at rallies it's like it was colony. To me that you are pregnant and your around Ramona just offer it up in and out please don't ask for is aiming at with a man with a giant beer belly. Yes geologist of bald headed guys like to get rowdy not liked him on but he got rubbed off and it's it's hard to resist my shiny golden do any. You found people just yeah sometimes and sometimes it's uncomfortable. We put and I am attach your expanding the that the day that we had. Appropriate word I would not do it looked over her fingernails and public now that's above. Pregnant woman. Now all right to ask a woman asked a deeper. You Bradley did that isn't yeah. It's true to clip your nail down exactly what's oatmeal as fast and Harrison who I don't I don't elegant apartment. Probably. I don't look at me. Thanks for listening to our fair would that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 million dot com.