What To Tell Her On The First Date

Friday, September 7th

We usually advise not listening to Matt's love advice, but it's a good idea to make sure you know what to say on that first date so you don't ruin it!

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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening off there was that remote. Women don't want to hear this on this first day sales and loved it here to help yes verse eight he promoted reasons it was like it is here this. It's and why he's saying that's. The system. Because it's like you're you're very interest in TV you feel like. You're on the right path attributes are kind of think like a therapist. So why do you say that lie you have. Those feelings why do you not like Captain Crunch or whatever talking about I don't know what he's saying and I do they concluded that the term than the actual phrase. Why do you say that. You you use you know you're golden baby when you delete your therapist or an interviewer. Why do you say that. Those aren't remember that or not. Shows you're paying attention yeah she saying you know women about eagle had to you know but if you sing it at the wrong time aegis selves in the you know like yelling get the fish wow lobbies say that. Work out why do you say yeah. In the you're right you can say it. Without that you are now paying it's like a therapist is dribbling in the notebook and I like does it thank you feel. As if you let's get one. I did when she orders the fish and how does that make you ill. Or you know and the restaurant why do you say that he's back because I have to. This meant the last few words on the Dolly. Other lovable lovable a Ferris wheel you know. Or sweet. That from as I know I don't know that no and I found that yeah so contrived it's like that. If you're doing Internet gained a lot of times they have contrived questions or socially awkward being able. So the question like do you wanna send a question. To this person of authority written to permanent and say you know I didn't say like coffee and conversation. So there's that. Prepared message that says hey I see you like coffee what's your favorite coffee order leg. Own man anyway why do you say that hip now that's probably why do you say that you guys are so can try. Stated another way it proudly in the concept is lazy are you have to click on someone's. Free written cries I never knew that existed it's is it's very lazy and terrible. Yeah you liked motorcycles. What do you like to rye. Let's not bad especially when he says you have the you meet so close up. Of course during a motorcycles when Iraq now they again are always the guy you like movies what was the last movie you saw real bad right movie which. And a good question. Yeah I just can't think of one right now. It is so funny when you get to quit his leg you just raised the question but let's. Maybe they didn't because these are some obvious cellular or relate Arnie does say you know you're placing your landlady but you lazy you might be just asking what are people I think rephrase the my eyes wide IC did you beat just like me and the what was the if you aren't doesn't automatically stay at thirtieth to get us on it did said it's still safe thing Charles a question. And and you click on it and it's like icu like. And it's always I know you like. But you know I love my connections. What we're did you go to school click. But by and lets you click on the questions they are just popping up. It'll say do you wanna gasoline now at the end of choice is about a minute choice. I'll come on man the does not against. And it's not just ocean sit sit and Charles a question to show that you're really interested. And you hit the button and it's like icu like riding bikes. Could you play off though and. I was is is am I doing that I'd be like the the automatic question things says you know what movies have you seen lately. Well they took the words right out of my mouth. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It's good that. And they don't need our help no no no no I think that had you know you know I'd uses. An obvious question I swear you in the other question machine I swear I promise anybody I run into this doesn't it out over explain what that is long like four paragraphs saying where I was gonna. As you anyway I swear movies you liked. But your reverse I guess this had seen you know these three movies. You can just say hey ice ceiling movies under assault. Avengers to really liked it what kind of movies do you like Bjorn reveals Sanford and they're not play well you gotta get a got a lie he had to lie in and out they got to pick out of quickly and Academy Award winner subjects guys are saying I was moved to tears by whenever. Dot dot. Think that that's what I did donuts are moved to tears by hourly and they end of Paris and an overlord there was. We'll also. Given the dominant beat Italy wasn't as good movies up all the gold drew yeah. He lied. Little you got a liar and Elizabeth underrated comedic candidate and others you know yeah I think I would that's. It's giving you cozy with your favorite artist this time you'll. Guess 730 with Bob -- 1230 with Kelly Myers and fort there he would never vote to win and Kyle prize back in one lucky winners going in early. Nile for a show September 19 at PNC music millions. Once and ninety linked. At the station that wants to give you one or some very good. 179. Vote link. Are things you should they don't want our first day. I CB like these I might go both ways are gonna tell. I got to wow you're good at dot dot dot. You see them do something and. And I'm alone now. I had to move that would could they possibly be so good at the nominees I mean when you're good evening maybe you're watching jeopardy to over dinner. And it on jeopardy yeah I am amazed why and on the first day lot to do at the Dakotas and I admit it. He's sitting around it is our first day Ed. Retirement at all apparently what it takes the holding hands didn't activity room at the nursing you know what it takes the rolls out start juggling them. And why you're really embarrassing me in public as women like to hear it SO what a woman problem and doesn't I would definitely any. I got a prime like a woman juggling roles and these contracts that are now I'm not I'm probably I don't think. So you got you about it the first day you taker to exact a super high end as what those. Middle of the road restaurants where people go for their first date. And she starts juggling how. Our roles yeah you knew you. Yeah I think that. Day. Specially C brings any in a cycle. And I'm very excited to US and on that Applebee's you better not drop one of those big fat he scrolls are solidly ahead in the president says. I I don't low in the polls busy just use a stern bread sticks are harder so which beat investigated joining with a friend's ex has gotten garlic hands I don't. What you find they're good at and right you're good at an app on oversight and here you're great ordering what do they do origami with their NAFTA and blame maybe say the woman. Do something. Let me see yeah. I realize again that it does not that is a tricky one right I mean I you expect to bring up on a Thursday. Mean I guess ago. Like one of the all wingers are pop our pottery making places and they're gonna do I know I don't I don't know just go to a restaurant on their first day people and get off. And eating yeah you're really Getty and and that's gonna help me to go into. That. This so we went TV to me women love to hear you say in the first date does that tell you the truth. They say starting his sentence this way makes women feel like they're guard is okay. Saint their guys are and is starting his sentence this way makes us feel like your guard is down a woman says. And you're letting us and on some secret aspect of yourself. The start patent. This is an invitation gone on about yourself your school across glory days your foot fetish and sort of long way to bride got no ways. Just too much spot. They like it when a guy says to those you truth I was. Boren and. Ireland now sign airliner a liar and he's not right and his son with a tell you the truth -- to be honest with you Wear leg all the rest of the time you're lying about everything with a woman be all turned on by to tell you the truth. I guess because is that they're the ones assuming that when you do that you're about to dig deep in the air. I don't like dig deep for something they normally don't tell people. To tell you the truth have a small penis for bread sticks over yeast hurled it. Richard do you juggle these girls. Did that day in the truth I I don't know a little premature and at bats and is something less accurate. Including an overwhelming. Evidence that right. I know lots branding yet but I'm just telling them being honest why I love to be honest at all it's just it's reality radio what your schedule off there with Ramona. You know and a the grandparents thing. There's one thing that you mentioned a bit ago and is deciding. But it grant Boller pass here whatever. You say that they I think we you believe that the grandparents should have a say in an. Then what they're caught on because grandfather I don't wanna be. I was really as a grandparent you get to pick your grandparent I don't I don't think. Yeah my uncle you've you've met my nephew hub cap yes I have to and it just became a dad to baby Zelda. And his father is so excited because he wants to be. GB year. Winning now now now now he is. Play football at Ohio State they called empire Holloway. In and so now. G Bayer stands for grand bears so he's G bear now man it's just like life you can't make up your nickname. Negative in his wife is going to be GG. You can't I don't think. I finally declare it's it's highly popular right now like. My friends alleys grants out. Did like a special kind of take on things right. Right time pogrom bottom exactly there's pop closet I mean laws meany is very popular right men does. Does the couldn't guy Eddie herr is nod yes to get to liquidate eggnog. Or that something like the kids said their music not. Picked not cheap pick Greg and eat a guy that I gauges against. I think it's little. Presumptuous or something resolved sourcing and aim down your baby's throat felt like a mommy daddy says CNN. But we aren't forcing and it. Think the right gonna call you know but I think that guy. Come into problem. What happens sometimes is that the kid can't pronounce. Yet something and then like for example the reason why I have the family being named Gigi. Is because. My little cousin couldn't say Ramallah attract a lot of names that are that colony GG PS and a lot but I I also know. Some grandmas who go by GG four gorgeous grandma or Glenn why there's serious blame me I've never does some modeling mommy mean. When I drop that was my mammogram program like Graham all parents. Passel. Any they're never miss a little bit of that confusion. Is and how we talk about I'll say Harris. Some of them did your house floor and yet it never does it cost net what do you sweet tea well. You're talking a grandma or me talking to me mom sometimes it deviated really more generic in my caddy Graham has come from Charleston. Are you camels come and went from I'll. But it had an attempt at my mom. Was gravel. As Luis wrecked. Yeah yeah initiate a claret. Yes if she didn't cleared it and frankly in initially she wanted him to call her a whale. We thought of Friendster Spanish and it Emma but yeah you know that's and Dora is Jeremy couldn't. Right manage it so we settled on grandma so like I liked. I believe it and I say. Don't remember these wells that this might be part fact. I believe. My youngest daughter Avery. Calls my mother in law Momo. I picked. And I think youth I am making this up for the real thing and I with one of those memories. I am pretty sure. And I figured that but it's because. I think there was a pronunciation thing here you know some like that that happened it was in a deck or you're not sure I'm pretty sure. British are I don't know because I'm not. I never trust moment she's okay and this time then you shouldn't I don't know because I don't know it's a full time Mo Mo or just like once in awhile I got I don't know based. Obama went to the wound. He's your full time or part time grandma and. I mean like the do we always go and we we say Graham has come and are always aim was commanders it. When the agency gets there that he changes you find that out Ametek just import I just I would say your grandma's government. Bad she medical and they Obama. I think she I think like yeah I think somebody does that. Look I think no I gotta say what will say yeah. Graham but don't you look at cool whereby they know having gone when everyone. Leg grand mad Georgie now. G match come on please G men now. It please. Though I detest you you do it to get to choose our enemy out there. Think you think it's what the kid can handle but yet I don't have my name picked out for my nephews kids IE. I am set on did you what is it. Gmail. You are now wanted to be called I don't buy your views or. And now they can go back to GGA Giannone. Yes. Just finished it yes Eric I wait. While I'd never. I just because it's never Bennett sing like on my grandparents for mammograms a mammogram cancels school again apparently as there was no trick that was before the glam mom and a lamb. I'm Paramount to honor I'm gonna guess if you wanna. Because I guess they can make the hassle and make the call it I would just be weird out some really weird. What do. That's you're listening all there. Holes but a couple needs to be happy let's see any and iron relationships. Ramona doc struggling. It's not kidding but he Ramona Holloway necessarily if it's night passed it up and which is routinely happy couples. I don't do this. At regular date nights. Most common things 25 to 44 year olds were happy. Regular date nights now and you. Now I I died tests and Friday's date night should should test the phrase yes does. It just go do something together an article on all of it on a date on it dating anymore I think sometimes with kids you might say it is different and I don't wanna have every Friday lock down buses. At every. Hello straight at my ex husband and I we were supposed to have date night every Friday. And YL. It was eight Good Friday. I have to admit they were times when. You know my friends wanted to do stuff on a Friday night and I got resented the fact that all of my Fridays were booked my hand so maybe like I mean I just say. We're gonna. Go out now we will bring it but also I didn't like in them that though it's a big spending time with him was not really fun that's nice caveat. I will mention Dave they have had. A partner who really like it might be different yeah you can hang out with him and the friends that would be different light because my friends and I like him and. That. Now I will say since we have says as that is it's all week savoring granite state sometimes just to. One of the things it was a babysit and to understand it we have. Like relays you know to me like wherever words were some still some. Fake romance going around let you know she understands that moms and dads need their time alone it's a day going out and be romantic allegedly. So I think he teaches her that you don't mean that there's allegedly here's his handicap thought that dramatic and it allegedly which he gets the idea of how relations. You disagree going out to prove dear daughter that you guys still have a relationship yeah now we I used the word dates to make it clear to her. He's not why we do it but it. I mean I just decide right now is why we don't function yeah but I think it's a good example the historic mistakes were still dating we're still in town lobby Dhabi. L salmon to make out your mom. Allegedly. Of him we don't right now. People who are the happy California by deported for a decade haven't comical hands more than other couples a guy. Benny and I are out again in an effort to do. Not new and it did make me. She and one of the either and now Lance sweaty palms. Tracks very real and worked out together. We used to do a little bit of that but we worked out together however. When it got to run we talked about the work out that count. Because you're still lack you don't you're still. FedEx thing in common you're still talking about accounts be like east we talk about sex. Yeah we're not doing it window you're in contact me and the I go on walks of my life accounts accounts have a wide circle of friends. Consider why and brand also outlined. And I yeah I mean it's. We had to come out and Alexandra group of people were social with. I would none of it well I. And my does our friends there. I don't know I lie why it seems why that seems really like is that to me that means you've got a bunch of people. See like you have. I'm gonna say like ten or twelve couples or individuals now that you regularly day OK and I don't have sound like four to five couples. At least rotate it. Yet but I don't see when every week Anders. Whenever. Have sex much more frequently than average on the what is averages Scalia it's literally thinks I don't upon losing so far. Are more. They live in an urban area. Streets of downtown Fort Mill are ugly at times when good people are happier urban area when to light maybe it's because you have Al married. They're a couples. Have that in common maybe it's because. You have a lot of activities you have what you also have fractured in a small area with a lot amount of people I so you have a lot more socialization perhaps. May be major happier basis exciting coffee place. Is in cars in restaurants in rural areas that now have but. But I mean you why do. They have like a lot of rural areas and walked on I think oh people who prefer. Urban areas. Also prefer their urban lifestyle yet. I got people I know who moved to the verbs did Ford the kids' schools and schools it's. You know leaves for her right the pets is forward it's not really for a social life. Whereas a lot of people I know who moved to the actual city do it because they wanna beat blocks away your from a bar they wanna walk to the market based. Art gallery years I have art gallery bought two words that never yeah so anyway there more than twice Biden or report that's one things on their list. The most common when most common traits that. Have two plus kids living in the house sold. I'd Edwards is. But obviously it's but I have an. I'm more likely an average of completed a higher level education and have much higher than average house. Yeah makes you will and brands. To sex. Working out much. Bob break it down event. Yeah you need to death while sex treat it if another that is rampant. Very. Thanks for listening to our fair with Matt remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today in 1079 no link dot com.