What Your Clutter Says About You

Wednesday, December 27th

Does a messy space really mean you have a messy life? We decode your clutter, plus we also warn everyone about the things you should NEVER say to your wife!


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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening come on there would then Ramona. Yeah a lot cluttered house exhibit say some things about its. Do you figure your probably anti clutter Sallyann enough. He's gonna splatter I like she likes to sneak in and yes this speaks in London I try to keep it contained to one area. Like one little square area or you know you throw your junk it'll look like dat. And then like a junk drawer but it gets attic as it's hard with kids at that makes even harder. But are you are. Eighties when you think your cluttering loan your mom is. I ever Yi and. Any paper order. Paper. You need a weird this guy your brood she why Ayers book magazine. Brochure is neighbor that she likes to write notes on and I have tried to. My best to manage it I have them out purchase turned scrap books. So that she can cut out articles from her favorite magazine is not put it in his scrapbook at this ad. I have. Thrown away magazines behind their back at encourage donations to bookstores and libraries in a clearer that she. With the weird when you always talked about her having again. Let's that he memories and to be your reindeer vanity I could throw away one like like these nowhere. If there's a brochure. Becoming an erosion of clients that we had years ago annual. If you go to the dot you know the doctor I have like our rat pack up and play yeah. Every time we go to the doctor I just think at least now we already have. Her because I don't control your diabetes and how to control your Blaylock and there are adamantly earlier today and it does have solid may in fact I see we're never ordered fines and even if he's a good article by exceeded that data crisis. Isn't the same thing you know you're losing value flat. You're breaking someday and then near. On the one of the ways that the clutter says about he might be to set a metal. You have to decide what's important to keep and what's not turning your home and a time capsule. And that's only a big deal but it does get overwhelming to keep too much gum and remember you're not getting rid of the memories just the thing. Yeah you out and onto keeps a lot of souvenirs at night. See our senator house memory manner she's actually come up with a name for raid so that we won't just say order your order again. We know all these are memories this is memory manner. Well I've gotten I mean Agassi and I've first child whose twelve week. Found a container we they're generally big Tupperware big container. Got a lot of stuff. And Avery at the point where. You do exert throw things at a broad out. O'Reilly and you keep it and you and there's a basket keeping your room or whatever you got so what was it that you gotta keep it loose I don't receipt out on the floor anywhere in your closet back in the closet and in the corner into earlier. You're Honecker coloring in there like. Ha another thing could be your procrastinators. Because you have the pile stuff lying around and just to cinema get to and we get to and I'm yet to even get to it and then just grows and grows and grows. Never presentation. Meant four or if you like me I can sometimes be an EDD cleaner. Meaning I start cleaning. And then I think oh my gosh I should reorganize my linen closet. But then I stop my overall cleaning and I start organizing my linen closet. There was amid armor linen closet now way I see some being. That's part of a project I was gonna do this hour I needed changes bad attitude I need to swap out Evelyn and it I can I can get so caught up in one project after another that. I am so focused on the thing at hand that you can't even distract you with. Actions in party hats. With the pocono when I think about the impact of decisions I have made some really distract you could. When they distract. Him and I yet there's just not. Yeah the early in the toilet bowl could sit. Paula burba back like that happens I make some bad examples at times I admitted are analogies. Quoted dispute your life's too chaotic. It very busy neglected. Packet that could happen to. I know when I'm overwhelmed that means life to take a breath ticket deep breath we in my closet starts looking kinda junkie. And then I know that it's time to slowdown I and then I walk in closet I'm like oh god oh god that's when I know. It's crucial I got a thumbs up and take down lady. Maybe I've had to take a deep breath and not worry about. Twelve year old Addison's closet. As it's a disaster but what is the what do we care what vibe like like that thing it's your room which your closet you wanted to be. Screwed up and walk brow wrinkled clothes no one likes that your business. The older animals. On the you know you can be working too hard and whatever seagate clutter you have too much stuff. Simple I want you by the public. Tupperware would everyone calm plastic storage boxes and throw everything in there yeah I get rid everything. As of making big boxes land around your attic or Roger whatever. Also dipped too many multiples. Mobile scissors and box is a clean x.s and to blenders and everything like that. Back to you what are your pop you know and. I helped a friend move. And we had to talk her out of or coffee makers are alike he had a key to. Do. That's insane. I have a two big boys not letter he she agreed to only keep you know I have to. I'm confident on the kick up and ones like our economy I doubt that that he's that as again against a more people now a raft and then. Two matching points Libya you know and I do know that cut you vs two covers it well cubs load is. Up this isn't it unanswered now I have a giant. Things full of like cable monster cables. Speaker wire all this not what I don't want but I don't want throw out there that's that somebody would want it but I'm gonna ask everybody to know 12 miles speaker wire. I know RadioShack technology from the elites. Want to add to that in my country people are really expensive and the guys behind hi this is. Does that register. As the vice president that they didn't just think about bringing in an engineering at a yeah and it took. I have heard religious. Why people don't know why you're cracking wires. Why are live and how everybody is going up the twice here let us in about ten remotes that confidence. I know is that you're just a little bit early that iCloud isn't easy. What are giving some deep psychological thing like you don't wanna move on her year. Whenever I'm feeling guilty about his big reason my people throws a ballot the kids' stuff. Or they're sisters stop for the regularly inherit a bunch Hamels or something in an they're dating you know Koreans are glass. Spoons. I've already made peace with the fact that. My nephew will want nothing. Out of my house it's a very Mac except for maybe my Cam Newton Bobble head. And by now churn out as soon he wants nothing yeah. Maybe ninety Indian autograph sports so strange now I'm Alina man but that's it yeah so you're not gonna force that on. Why would I yeah I know all these elephant decorations you've seen at some point. It is he friend does or maybe you can still make some cash money now now. I have a very this I am very sentimental. Father but not about things he get teary eyed talking about yesterday. But that doesn't it isn't whatever it is but he doesn't he like he he does analog blocks to my books are ridiculous and that how bombs capital's old boxer ridiculous. The book is ridiculous that the highly unlikely to sit and some books or sentimental I'm with them on that I'm like him on fire and he's gone well suited up. The if you look at got like sides on maybe just lazy that could be one thing. Maybe cartoonist down ticket. I you're not gonna you know go back to glory days and icicles are need to keep your. Trophy six greater yes I'm Arnold cares to Christie Rouse who can't attack Apple Mac. And if your collector you might have too much stuff like you view. You know just too much stuff lately and it's looking like a mask and you can't. They may be you don't know the stuff in your collection you have to. You should know the things you have. And pared down like Disney guy named yet it's aired on your listening and the Jews. Sell some stuff they really it was painful yeah I just do and a awesome and I know I saw this I saw I saw it but I can't act combined goodbyes on as you get rid is that I'm client that's the ruler morning line over the Dubai as you know the realized. Well that's on that do not clicking and stuff. Mornings. Your route the links bring them. Family for one of Charlie's favorite holiday traditions holly and ice is open all week and extended hours on New Year's G. Give these scales at 1079 the link that's common thing is the Charlotte checkers and three way plumbing a coach. A we're telkom about Jackson re create a number are you weren't me. Whoa what is this a story. Well this relationship expert says. It's a myth. That. Women don't want it fixed just as much as men do. In fact death for women sex can be. Just as important as or even more important than love. And we were born and they love you this expert says we've all heard it will love real love to have sex men need to have sex to feel loved it. But the bottom line is. Women. Wants X just as much as men. Yeah it's something that women have. A difficulty. Admitting. Because there's kind of less. Well placed upon women who say yeah I had sex. Well when. Is it a matter of they're saying that they they want it. With a one nightstand or that it is that true or is it to visit they're saying he's as one sex and you know one night stands or they want. They didn't call them or they want love. London Berkman had a lot of sacks they went sat side but he just sex but the bottom line is. You know from a biological. Or make sense to you it makes is that a woman who wants sex as much as. A man dear Larry Greer that people from FaceBook Ramona message here. She don't don't you did the study don't. One woman herself down and hit a fact acts yeah I think that's that's good news for everybody how. Did you really knows exactly where they wanna more than love anybody. Illogical but it they thought you wanted to love more than that. Order or something. But I will say I would rather have. Hear a single person. Talking about having it then married people like no you don't want to marry people to talk about almonds and I want sect not renowned not really now. They're probably I would I probably know both the people involved so old and it might seem like it's over the top I mean it's like I began your blood your married. Whereas somebody else whose single I might not know the other person that well. I wanna live vicariously through them is uncanny kinky it looked like you hear about a friend senator. With random yes but are you with a girlfriend a man. Bit of rain and who ahead is a long term partner I don't either I don't hear a husband. Now. Amir al-Qaeda in general I wanted to I hate a hook up this leaking I want it back on every detail but if I was married in hooked up with my husband has leaked I would not winning here. We're not winning yes it moves with a stranger. I know now. It's like watching an adult video you that you don't win and know the two people do and should you just I don't. Yeah it is that but you know what makes perfect sense to make I don't need it you know both people involved. And then you look at him like outlet person likes to be upside down or something or whatever it is. You only like your friend upside down to what I target I got up it really makes no sense to go because someone like you can live vicariously through the single verse. Married people play I could say like I can do that too violent I mean are. I'm what's next to the big deal we all want it marry again. But the that the person you're getting right now well weird you got it all makes and up to on Yemen to get survey. Somewhere and dealt. My name a minute I don't like well me well. My dimensional they have something that we talked about gas and don't even ask you about it yes or did me any picture I questions via social media and right. I want okay did. I will last that FaceBook people. Where they want year married people talk about are we talking about how much they want or just talking about sex story. Alice sex which would you rather I'm Mary Peterson that they are sex story here's what I did. Blow by blow description of its orbit around and rattled by blow for any Russian yeah. Eight this and I just I get it I had it last night. Mean there's so weird that weird or funny. Them what we would like to really kinky no Allegra. Years ago a friend. Ed gotten back together with her high school sweetheart and big. Planned this wonderful weekend. And. He's big didn't she's and I did and they bumped heads they bumped heads in. He wound up with a bloody nose. Okay it's funny. Okay I didn't tell me about that not only putting something on our web mini and then I I sit here and a single person over its reality radio what your schedule all off there with the remote. These are things that might be obsolete within the student trickier as. Can you dream like 21 this just how things are going to be gone print magazines and newspapers yeah dogs within the next three years the actual print edition. Well here's my problem with the online edition of the online editions. I don't find them to be as inclusive. I don't know I always going to miss some of contents. Or is something that I had a part. When I think Oregon and get well. And he's still the same to strike on three and it digital cameras. Another phone camera to shoot pictures and video. I HD. No I do get paid by spring but I'm telling you my Samsung nobody takes pictures that are better than what I'm seeing photographers those clunky digital cameras. Will fade out of style again it's a year at age thing. I think yeah. But though with the cameras I also think it's a style thing. It's like the difference between. Having me. Watch it tells time and have me April and now now now people who are in the photography. Like stuff. Feel maybe a little old school camera awhile yeah I think professionals. Yes. That's that's probably different but your data de regulars and average vacation photos will be taken on the phone you're not gonna Disney with the camera. Or whatever. Heart her kids he a disposable camera on sales. Recently when one of I was on sale who bet they even may go well they do these novelty things every once I remember like a year maybe two years ago they had the Polaroid camera came back out you and then that you're going to roll wildly every waiting I went to had a disposable camera I need stable path. My daughter will not know outcast take it like a Polaroid picture. You think about that reference now. Hard drives to evidence of me in a cloud. You need a physical storage device understand McLeod you don't need to adaptive. Like he's understanding Internet you understand radio waves you have to just idea how Vietnamese just yeah Ernie understand there's so much and it's so easy everything just floats there. Our recently or computer got had trouble at somebody's build stuff. From a Tennessee names but it could be any of the girls at my house but. A you would use and like everything was like on the hard drivers only a few things. That need to be safe everything's already floating around. Thumb drives they're gonna never use whenever anyway paper little bit. And seat that's I wobbled with technology it seemed like the minute I come around a date. You know when I go from VHS to. Dvd now you all of the slowest people don't know. Day in on the person and idea of what we know so. When I was saying earlier that some people have to die off police and gonna die I guess it was you and a half Netflix it out tomorrow managed. Did you off because so far you've won these thing that happens to me button like. It by computer and then the name of progress okay. Are you Amish woman. Combination more technology that didn't match under Andy they probably did because you're gonna probably one paper map to I have always have a paper. Again it is incredibly helpful at all really every few of the two tiger you've had you've got in las with the GPS just post or better recently did you pull out your paper map. I would man now he remains with us and I went out in my car near the only wanna gets messed up the GPA as Williams there. I'll speak that the last two places I've gone. Have a big head special instructions. Telling me that they need to be aware because GPS in the area is very in effect. Well maybe there isn't a single. But regardless the standalone GPS devices. Goodbye he got the phone you got to build into the cars did it on NATO's core Harmon they think we had a good run again. Mean I still he's a garment watch today. For running and stuff so I think that'll hang in for a little bit. There's a clunky phone to carry around it's up paperwork. Got to Google boxer bigs don't add digital signatures all that stuff. Now it's at the point where when someone tells me to fax them thump and yeah I mean even though annoyed and annoyed my. Printer at home has fax capabilities. The minute I hear the word fax just makes you roll back apps that it will skiing yes whatever you need yeah and you contracted that Roy yet they do a fax machines which should disappear along time ago our. Good to go on I believe that. RC's. Dvds. Blu rays players all that stuff gone. You're streaming services like Aaron I've never heard of Ramona and Netflix. And there's other ones like dad Hulu. Amazon prime I mean I'm sorry I'm reading books. Yeah right you are talking about it. And I definitely needed. I don't know if that the I didn't bills. Superior it is yes. I think about that night I should just just connect it directly to tell elastomer playable rat in. Again he needs is brilliant people as long as there's stuff like red box out there still do people still development but I. It's to the point now where I have forgotten how to switch over. To rank the Blu-ray and then back to regular TV so I don't even bother so that's gonna pick. An example of how god all of this is meant to do it at Wrigley with your fingers back at the end what might nobody. So are getting bills and a man held in the next few years things paperless now. I calculators. I just about a calculated the Saturday may use your phone. Alarm clocks why it's on your phone. Analog watches. Smart watches may not period overtakes Martha and yet. They're gonna replace analog. It's never land line JA area. 70% 25 to 34 living and wireless only households outside a bit higher. Yeah me too what percentage 70% when invited the have a handle in line in like teen years I had when it like our quick moment like we thought. The kids need to land liners on then at Ronald I. Think in I am and I'm not there is there room. I'd ask. I want for my mom. Just concede that's an answer like I said older people did you get multimedia phone and that home health aides checking in from Matt. And they got a pay phones. AT&T left the paper market in 2007. And as we've said before or nothing good comes from a paper if you season motor pay phone cheating on their lawman of buying drugs. The calling a threat yeah. Ed it's it's not good I know right away. They don't have to have paper sounds a full tape on and mark nice to walk and to lose with you know like a boot they probably with they have like I know yeah yeah yeah. And I can only imagine a dirty. Oh yeah. Yeah IE a couple years ago my cell phone was dead might charge it was a words mean. I needed to make a call I pulled over in South Park area at a gas station are found pay found. It was raining and the puddle in front of the pay phone was like a foot deep of you aren't. The well I mean I finally got here I took one look at that thing is I can't put this anywhere in your right your face a yet again. Did you just couldn't do it wagon rather have been dead. The buttons on phones. You know eventually you're. You wanted to button reference books gas. My dad used to bring on teacher like the five year old the five year old Britannica is at the library was throwing out. You had this to and then are quickly have died checkbooks gas passwords disarm face ID remote controls because it'll be on year. Phone headphones. Who's got the Bluetooth yeah car keys. It's sector travel agencies. Textbooks that it. And papers are there was admirable. You can eat them to the bedroom about being yeah. Yeah. Because if you talk dirty. Let's say at dinner table border in the car better. He wanted to cure your dinner just to do you. And how can we likes and at the dinner table with the kids at my young kids are no you don't weird but I. And for your kids would be. All quarter awful to tell you white how hot she is I type teller I had teller levered up like that yet seller how I think I do and the girl I didn't yes. What would check now but I. I'll say you know letter on you and me. Touch on job yeah I hope. Describe this New England area we take an entire unanswered touchdowns. And no we don't deal in any Ahmadinejad. On navy younger than simply doesn't bounce as it has in the dinner table I guess yeah. Later today attention. This sickens me. They always that was our inside diarrhea it's a great. Is I guess they should use it OK so anyway he has I don't say in front of the did you mom dad again go accompaniment. No but yeah I don't I love art does decide yes or do all those things. If you tell her how badly you want I don't do that different. May be in the car but it to you to get there are good you put your hand on her knee and you tell Al ban that's because hired. You were at dinner you put your hand on a high. He's walking in and tell her about the the line do you get on jitters smack Peter Rabbit down I don't think that he is a coach that is. And I think if you're in a restaurant or bar item being should be rubbing it and how. I'm fat or smack and I don't think several men you know it's up to you again depends on where you are trying to kind of Barger at a guest. On yet there's lots of good advice yes I'm in favor how does barrel as he is when she's out of the bedroom is gonna give her the confidence to act out all of your fantasies later. The bad and the same work if she would tell me those things. Your your early in the year how hot you are I mean you know you and you wanted to tell you all the nasty Angeles yeah had a great. Though I I would settle our question to you doubt yeah because. You shared many times that when Amy gives you a compliment you don't accept. Yeah how I am probably be yes so if she would its values. That you were hot. What could she say. To get you to believe there is so that you would want to do sell a little later on what do you still say Edmund but the other part like I can't wait to get home or something like that do you do there's a back to what can she tell you about just don't go straight about your looks to make you feel more desirable I mean shouldn't say that stuff that I don't believe have been better than not hearing. Yeah a lot of Malone I don't know I. Yeah is she says laying it helps. One high guy gas. And it helped you turn me on which he better get she no I don't I don't know. It's definitely just saying here yeah your potter said the British it follows that up by eight earned the honors like that that. That cancel out. Did that bad that I can accept let me that's allow husbands and yet I don't freak out over the and they say that I mean sometimes when you just say here years. They just throw out don't I don't speak for it's when our lives are allowed overstating matters out on manual so hot grade as a bunch like. That and much red knights didn't get into. The media to get into it and and night. A random hey didn't your attitude that babies make. This out I couldn't feel a little. And they'll put the bucket we both get out of this hour. I may get everything out of things our cameraman turn our lives are standing out there and and they're an idea suspect in a and then we turn and look in the mirror and go. Hi and not really about going sadness. That I know I don't want to get. Bodies by your cop and he has yes that's exactly well yeah I mean I do. I do appreciate it's I don't wanna Sally I don't appreciate it it's just that. Trouble a little bit believing believing that I appreciate it. Nice effort nice ass I mean even if they're around in a cave she said grabbing dinner out she says. You know we will we get home if we're both not tired to. And we think maybe we could do it so that would be really turned via. And I would say after Singapore they were both not tired to staffed yet yet and I'll say forget it gives you an out. Also you know yoga you don't give me all the cut back on my mood a little bit. There's even a possibility some bread their magnesium. I'm like that's so I got a plan these things are a little bit then begin had them they're not much more I guess that's. He's 37. Boone sold worldwide Y 1079 the link in Blumenthal performing arts presented award winning artist who. And Ryan's January 31 night Peter inside. Tickets are available now it all Ticketmaster rally it's 1079 no link done. And that night theater box office plus listen for your chance to win tickets and VIP meet and greet passes on Charlotte's best mix 1079. The link. Currently the lives don't wanna hear these things. One of those things is you remind me of my mother who even if it's a complex ever. Thought it doesn't even matter if she gets along great weather mother. On or whatever comparisons to any family member can completely killed in the you know it's it's. Yeah it's more like my mind. When people say you some act like him at all I thought I said that he. That hotter than my mom yet you're hot and in my mom's still. That's why you mean like that's an example me it doesn't matter what you say how you can bear your woman dear mom. It's just not going to come out right even if you say you look better than my mom well you still like that it just spent just don't go there. Look at my mom doesn't like to cook so anything my wife would do would be better. Nominate coach now so pretty thorough. Even Mac I think that would be OK I think there sand like it it's that you think it's a compliment Writely to be say like. You just like my mom you just stay here all day it's it's it's. Are totally thought for today. I'm like how do you do you know overall debt write what we don't moron saying you're acting like your mother. Your mother or my mother and her relationship the guys sang acting just like your mother or acting just like mime on. Equally hellish sequel I guess depends out whacked out each mother is but generally glee Alice. Though sometimes I don't think that. People wanna be. It's more offensive sometimes to people to be like that their own parents sometimes because they're so yeah because they see them in such a different light gray and maybe they're like. Anyway would you rather Amy say you remind me of your dad and my dad. She has not set a reminder her dad she auto she will say yours like your dad just like your brother that sort of thing. All the time not Abbott a lot it's like what I'm arguing or something like batters. Whatever I mean I had been bothering I know it and I know I know it's a weakness sometimes and sometimes its strengths. Which has never compared meet her mother. Or my mother okay that's that's a good things and that's good you're not supposed to old woman get over it. Is this just get over. Does this disease expressing her concerns or needs a relationships. That's what they're talking about not like I think you'll have to say they have some rant about. Something right you say get over it then aired late dad you need somebody at work aren't using it over then. What ever happened honoring your partner's feelings I don't want to be told to get over it sometimes sometimes. I am only doing too long where wasn't his first took their partners not Greece. All are well I mean I am this particular. Incident yet is tied his well being much deeper. Bizarrely it him or her to get over rate means you are just dumping lawn near that you're here as I do I don't do that though. But I think there's a time at some point. I don't know why that it'll get over it. And I can help you with that yet tell me you know why. Don't do that to me I'm not the needs the relationship things but I think sometimes we told to us. How the move along this month. Along them on the lawn go. Saw all year due ledge you know there as long as you have somebody says something you took personally it wasn't personal just get over it it's fine. Definitive. That aided me. That that that how about you get a big kick and get over and asked. And of course relax in the middle of something tents no regular city can't say that. I enjoy a good aren't slow down or something like that granting me and that's bats bijur Reagan even request. In my in these situations like are you being a little bit too sensitive. Gal tank. How much I can do that very incensed but relax would be more rocket just relaxing a breath and understand what you're saying onto bats OK if you need if you DB is telling us and you get that. So you can understand me better you're just you're just going crazy all right our second that an idiot then. Come on sweetie are needed to just bring out his brief yes I have a back and do that okay I'll take that. But he still like to drop down not really how about when you come down after getting dressed and guy goes that which are wearing. Laden. Never a million years do that. But yet on the cause I got was the other night tag came out and she walked out like looking better eater whatever years ago the area. That compares shoes the shoes is that that I was up which are wearing that is you know we're about to enter fourteen different pairs of shoes before we decide. One and each flood it make me decide me calling in twelve year old Allison battered aside ever not. Guys who ever criticize what I was wearing when I was ready to go and or why you criticize anyone questioned and I knew at that moment it was not going to last. You quite bad do I do. Amy is taking out of it told the story of four must come down on something. That's ridiculous either really oddly OR slightly from an act like it's not thing and then guy you'll see guys like this yet on. That's yeah. Yeah isn't written app and I just love. Tuesday the wall finale I just stay away afraid I would never know if this is without I know anyway. Ever on don't tell the SE you have the other to stop nagging you. Mean. If you are reminding you know husband is something they promised several times of the past weeks months and whenever. It says concern. And maybe it seems that Maggie I only use those words. Are my guys I already do you feel nagged. No not me everybody feels that occasionally right. I mean everybody I don't imagine issues that well you monument on you about something. Oh yeah okay guys you feel and act on something that's different she's my mom. Fellow moms do my mom doesn't nagging me she because he's not but it got another day Armando the liberal idiot right. I'll hold my mom Lindy your house the other guy yeah I did I get nagged at times and time prime negative back patter I'm sure but that's just. I think guys as part of it but I iWeb web I never would say stop nagging. At and who needs you can resort nagging anymore or remove or light anymore. Well I did early on someone and saying man. But there's no doubt there was no like you know ticket he's on opening day like in the fifties and women knew their place adjusted to know on the Bernanke. I have sat at. Where a lot of. Right when I wasn't a lot can and now. He's got up at night they are and I have to do that I got it I urged. Urge to ask them like that can really don't say that we're too good. It appears they could do you get men until an hour on the my mom right exactly exactly and in bed and stay here. Thanks for listening to our fair would that Ramona. Check out the article. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 the link dot com.