What's In Matt's Attic?

Wednesday, October 18th

There's a creepy sound in Matt's attic, and it may or may not be Ramona's worst nightmare...we also talk about the hottest professions and how men choose their cheating partner.


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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening got on there would then remote. I am having a guy come around and checked out what is in my attic. They've heard noises traders scurrying. And some stomping for ads on how long it. Plus I think obvious steps out there I I don't. Amy said in a couple months ago. Side. Didn't know late they get eating habit. It because I thought they've seen this stuff I got matches imagining things and I didn't wanna and it often imagine. You push it. Very hard and I knew was gonna cost you money. So I wasn't real concerned I did pull down. Added latter. And got up in handling. Supposed to happen when you did that people like you'll be able pop up like. You elegantly. He'll be able to customers squarely solid pop kids or even a year and a half Stuart Little I don't think. What I mean you've got to assuming it be scared and I yell and clap right made a good movers something that's and I didn't see any group. Anywhere that you want to round and he looked on not everywhere. Okay only the places that had. Plywood brick and want not all of it has plywood. They be playing in the insulation area you like to welcome that it might fall through some. I'm sure the guy it's coming up has some sort of device. The will bring them out. In the O decides clapping that's like yes or exerting gladly do rap and name calling bad credit. Jake yeah critic but I heard it twice. In the last week like really loud oh my job itself really loud like. Shift our moved. Not perfect daughter had trouble. Yes one limited him troubles girls world's. Out. Keep trying to tell people how evil squirrels aren't. The world and lead them it's probably them. Among the topics did we do what you want a haunted. I'd rather it wanted. You rather have a haunted house the F. My mind I said I don't believe it and I'm really what are. I don't believe you but at least not a critter. And and enact an Arab what it does not like they're killing me the I'll take a crater I've heard that can be exterminate its over our. My evil un dead again and weigh eight. Sounds like can't explain it has not even close and it. Sounds like can't explain they're gonna do a lot of damage critters can do a lot of damage yeah he was leaning. Eyesight he's fine I'm not you are all afraid of critter and creatures should go and I never around he's. Yeah plans for these things there was surveyed REALTOR.com did 42% of people say they would not live in the house they thought was haunted. And I 42%. That it's a bit yup that's they say that once they move in they're not move. People aren't in general selling out center few months. You because it was oversaw its noises if they think it's on did not movement most people are not not not most arts like sixty. And especially my get a deal but I I think it's cables we'll find out hey let's say yeah it was. House for sale. And you were told by numerous people at the council on it wouldn't phase me. You wouldn't even ask for a discount now finance or discount what I mean that's just like I always ask for discount. I'd pretend I was there have legitimate and idolized Pete myself and arouse. I do luddite I wouldn't be the least bit afraid to 40s40%. Of people think you should get some kind of discount. Want to discount 5% would be needed to be a great neighborhood. Again I'm gonna byline house in a bad neighborhood. I had come. That is it Eddie do you think as we wanted to be in the plays that they're living. In order to live on 29% say they need more bedrooms. Delivered on a these are all people who already believe that there's ghosts and things like that they'd 28% of people think he. Currently are living in the house that they think is haunted. Yeah or they lived in one before when at four cents. I'd I'd I'd I'd I would take that any day or whatever is lurking out there might attic. You'll find out tomorrow be at all I'll take the graders or Friday or forget it yes very excited ergonomic try to get a video I want I want. Whenever we all of you end. You're critter control got it yes yes I'm excited I don't know the act much about the I got news. Seems like. As is the name of that reality show a guy who was an exterminator. Was it Billy. Yeah and it was abilities are there now. Well that's I'm I'm kind of excited. That they thought it. Yeah get more going on. Aren't you got excited to fight ends up. You scratching your head yeah because that would creep me out I couldn't stay there we're Mac. It would matter to you what animal it is yeah like Iraq and a level I similar radler had Arum. And it warranted. You know raccoon. And it's disturbing. Piaf squirrels off some. In any of it I'm ignore the rules on how I like he didn't give you a hierarchy of horror. Yeah because they're all equally hard I don't there's rules on killing or is it rules can't kill squirrels exiting told that. Intel bats now you have to do it in you can get in to leave but you can't kill them or is Dana. Who's in or CNET accidents and killed by youth. Do. Shot you know Matt I've kill bats not in the attic in in your whole McHale with a broom. Yeah I yeah just an. My wife is that nice slugger bat well and I take him outside Berlin trap happy and Xena that just let out cutting and Kuerten or something they're only. The ones I've seen as well as your banks are until protected species irony that I had an issue was dead set my other house win. My neighbor had someone come in and basically chased the bats at her attic mixing you know every the looking cranial my porch had. With a thirty ask Terry told how many animals and they have an awesome lots and now for a. Is this a student. Listen to lure the hellish and ran singers piece he's in a monster. Someone else in the spooky this. It's time to bring out the Palestinians and show the world your scare REG four legged friend. Here. Still recovering from refrain now you didn't win a 100. The dollar gift card for you don't wait missions and on TV news when he scored at midnight in the media that went 79 million back. In fact we love it you love us and you can Ener1 a seven battling dot com are out. Costume packed contest because scoops those who keypad that you be whatever and it cost him whenever you have Hague score Earl. No dog cat. We didn't have a hamster dressed up last year and I get to pay interest of me getting it just right it was getting paid out at him a Guinea pig this year you the dog anyway. On cheating cheered Jeter pants on the need. What women should know about how mean choose their affair partners. This is regarding each Lehman know what you need to know the good. Times. Nina I've been guilty of those. I'm thinking that big guy is looking for somebody. Prettier or hot younger dinner asking it and and that's not the case because many times. Yet but I'm not that I look debt. That person that some moments heating with instead. Right he cheated with her doesn't add up we didn't use cam you didn't look at their partner doesn't add up pages like. And down there yeah on a shelf yeah but most times it doesn't have anything to do with whether they younger prettier have a better Bonnie. Because they might not in my just have low self esteem. So they're willing to do it and the bottom line is. That a lot of adulterers. Are assembly who did not was somewhat because. It's convenient. At absolutely that are a thousand dollar now's the thousand mark chances are the other woman is some mystery temptress. Who do you easier man's life is now using that model William. Let's yanks doubted. Clubs are subtitle Johnny gets tired. He is having an affair with a coworker and now he's had in the co runner who is afraid of he is or use me when and his male friends now Dan Ortiz having an affair with one of your friend. Right because guys don't really go anywhere I'm I'm I'm assume is like and regular guy and Alex Geiger as the clubs as licensed. Is there yeah obviously can be beat right right you do. You know I'd. I had a private investigator John realizes it's when they start a new job. Ads one of them being good times that might happen Y me. I got new people 160 cues from you the new guy at all. An all new a bowl full of fish and. Good girls do I mean women do women cheat when they you know if you know a lot of ties and not a lot of times but when Ned new job happens you're meeting new people. They don't know like your walls and stuff yet brand crappy and as though it does. And one hook up. And they say most affairs aren't really as premeditated. As. Historically we thought they were. You have met pastor just like dad you're you're there are six spots in time I am feelings developed slowly he sometimes a noticeable he sees feelings among the next thing you know you cross the line and act on an ample house there's feelings involved this is it just wham bam thank you ma'am appear talk about it affair yeah okay also continued to write. Sneaks up on. And main motivation wonderland on talked a lot of people around the office on February iMac are fair proofing your marriage and magnetism and Romo. I wouldn't be too much and handle it now death. Yes I'd been I was noticeably attractive shut myself off. What's the number one moderator. To have someone. Tell you how great you are worried that assigned next. Relay number one. I would bodies just to be feel wanted. Do you feel like. It's a once in a sexist kind of on Internet sex is only. Few seconds feeling wanted in the long and the fact that they have a going to be errors voters. Decide I would have thought it was just to have. That's for just the guys that right yeah for the women in my Timor for the winner it's probably the that they've feeling wanted. Yeah I'd been a bigger guys I would think that wanna feel like they Prague this sometimes they don't. It told how wonderful they are hot they are without me. Summers whose interest are amazed. They want to have more sex were more exciting is that weird stuff yeah dad not weird but. Every night came rodeo every time in my eyes yeah that is not feeling desire to gain getting enough attention from your partner at lap one. This article and I guess you guys do read. Now without having any information do we need help bring back to ground. So there can be bad that very age. Snacks. And games or whatever because. In the real. World of watching big screen TV your house. You can get up whenever you want to deposit. The movie area you know you can do whatever. Too much destruction. There was destruction disruption in the during an animation yeah. Whether you know they would they would have to do you do it out of Broadway Show or play. As different why is it different because. With live performers there's a certain respect to offerings and demanded absolutely which you don't find in. Any given movie theater. But what they would have to write it as such that it would be in the end of an act they would do acts like. They do. Right here and there would be a natural place to go to commercial I give that gap is also getting people settled back down turning their phones op. In other deer will lead to much described size that's not the price they're missing the whole point of what is wrong with going to the movie three's Randi it's not about we need intermission to go to the bathroom what part eagle on of the matter what its people talking and you using their phones or texting for that is it for things. Nice time watching the movie that the real issue this guy says this way they win look at their founders they knew they can look at an animation. You know yeah. Well I know. Looking at their phone before the intermission starred you know come back in pocket and on their phone didn't forget to turn your phone on not that yeah. I know people who can't watch TV without constantly checking their phone yes. Let's sit in a movie they're gonna be on their phone rule and in my experience nothing you can do that many angry yeah there's nothing you condemn theater artist confirmed. They'd like to have the option of intermission but the studio. Says you can't opposes on the mat room on the page and I shared it over to my page and dory said no. No now. If they ever start this up I will never. They'll out to the movies again I will watch everything from red block box or Netflix there will be long lines for the ladies around. They'll be too much noise when people read into that theater because no one knows how to re enter quietly and if people happy indeed their bladders or go outside in the lobby intact let them do it on their own time. The other thing you know maybe we're all watching a movie theater you paused long enough to do exactly what you gotta dude did you get back to it the run on other people that need to be factored in. Amy and preach on these. Horry that you're you know they they do it Bollywood films. The better the years and perhaps films and people in India I've theater to movies. Are far more respectful to glow in the united soccer guy never go to the movies are here you don't have I'm never and a promise someone handling go to the bath and their new movie that's never an issue. I try never go to that senator I dragged into a Yad trying to put the good thing is in my house I don't want a closet I had my TV room I conceded TV with the door open. Oh so likened I don't know family loves that. Why don't during the Q and doesn't pan am but. I would like there'll be watered or whatever and I'm a little nervous this time. And let me at a when he really gig. Well yeah not close the door but you don't wanna pause and kids. Because that's as long we got to sit there and watch you wanna keep that may be movement worry sometimes that it will be like a quiet summer don't get whatever. Possible. His movie and there's an additional considered closed door for the two year closed the closed the door right but also upon the capital say are on say you don't get to geo whatever. All depository and friends. On. YouTube that's another seven seconds of medicine and you'll sacrifice. And there's not a reason to it and I'll answer that he. Open don't and you caddie JO BO I don't. Have time to positive. You know menorah had nine or whatever IE I'd like Davis let it roll. And it is. You know he does it to rain and she does it suit every time we talk about something I find a reason as they've or Amy she has done it usually doesn't do like elderly regarded a closet you miss part of the. The only number you see it from there. I just got done saying. Saying you can see it from the toilet from sitting on the tour you can see the TV. They're not missing I think we've now solve the problem I have to do is split. He put. Think Indian leader were very sees where you lifted up. Yeah and there's a 211 and tried to again to count your recliner his pledge toilet I'm against it or millions aggression big ego the only reason I'm against it is because other of people win. They're going to. Bibi I don't want to applause some I mean I would just hope that you'd just be I mean. That is. In his eighties and Renault and you're now toilet recliner yeah you got nothing movie theater. Did pin. No I take an element to concession stands for. Are people who'd been in daylight and bathrooms in the movie theater talking about in my house it's in my private. Maintain the seeds would also be toilets that need being. Off a seventy years and I don't want to. No I'm not a and those singles well I don't watch TV with you now. Haven't heard a couple art why do you yet. The bonds of like it even your main gave his he would happen I can you know I sit down on IP. Which is advantageous because it's easier to watch the TV sitting down standing it's kinda like yeah gets him back to the T yeah. The deeper into got a what do you think eating your p.'s dream. As a candidate sideways Mandy you not want to find out toilet facing the TV screen. No PP sideways Eagles look to decide and he do you Australia I mean like you know I guess okay team and gives to the team. I ID. Doesn't stand in front of the to what he stands on the side of the to well I used to have part of the toilet. Beatty the TV your way how has not answered. And I ask any of the TV series might. Straight right you know all horizontal than me so I don't understand backwards but I do have to sit because like as currently has actually because of guy. Try to watch TV and he's standing up it's going everywhere yeah if so I have a feeling you know. The content Greg did a can't end and be within never heard a lot of hand to watch a movie on Clinton time restrict the like their life depended on this does or don't ruin that vibe burning in the years under the hammer pause and be honest I didn't. I don't know partner I could you write and add your it was better. There's the sounds coming from me like a nice light romantic scene and whether smiles softly talking to each other in the news stream of your. I'm at at what she doesn't lie so it's reality radio what your schedule all off there who. Listen here's the question is can you tell whether or not accurately. Gonna work out. And sorry actually obviously. Jim Moore. An ex applicable anxiety or presentation and you do ex applicable feelings of joy patent actually and then. I am mourns an expert anxiety and hesitation with a person's supposed to bring you. Joy in infatuation and all that it is a prime more anxiety the night you went out of your issues and I have Julie. So I shouldn't answer that one now we have problem for me I'm I'm Mort. It just a joy it is and it's intense as it is this little thing. I battling to live my friend I know it is upside down but you have more anxiety and enjoy. Now I think I'm proud I have more joy way. It's just the intensity of the anxiety. Is. They have more joy way but because of the intensity of the anxiety. You focus more on the anxiety may be the anxiety like really gets to me at all like he's hitting your input. At my Jose where friend my joy is always be getting anxiety about whether the Joel continue. They did exactly yeah. Like prince is we're number one ratings what I tell us what happens right after that. I am joyful for like twelve seconds that I say now that's not true that turnaround. You are not joyful for twelve seconds how to make a joyful for like two sets us up. Great. All. Going to be down the success that. Literally eat the turnaround is less intense that it okay with a point being that has nothing to do my relationship because we have survived my age so yes. Thank you Amy don't ever leave us. Are you more proud to show years. Think others to your family than you are has its. That's pretty good side and a yeah. Unless it's your embarrassed by her family to assist the voters that there is that I don't remember when Amy met your family for the first time. Yeah yeah that it is still together yeah. In the Penn State game I was divorce but I don't. And talked with them about that. Date they had and how they found out. It's selling girl around I'm just saying it would be friends that was they were whether it was on to beat Utah but. They cornered me in like. What happened between. Man why it forresters. In his eighties and on. Without that's a bit like nebulous and if people and I want to tell your parents your divorce. I don't think most people need them lessons. Out the is an audience that Derek had to write me is referred the latter. Big long letter that'd explain to me that he can't be a jerk and not talk to anybody about your divorce just kind of let us know that they're not show up for Christmas or whatever it. You're in line let. Yeah. He did eyes to refer you have that they the family the latter don't let let. Hollywood using kids Dolores mine. You didn't. What about keeping in contact with. The family had been just because you don't. My leg was crumbling there was no. It even to myself. But it really wasn't crumbling I didn't wanna be married Dylan talked about is an answer phones are tellem what was going on American lives. Learned you know urges like. You know and nearest where's I'm expired. It's not the house right eye and an article to. At the time to read the letter. Added big did it say you won a million dollars on the outside from Ed McMahon and opened it. What is your house you know men it is. There they are Brothers Sonny Anderson could be in the Jarrett. And it sent that letter. You should have by the head toward up in sadness because. That problem avoid the phone it and it again did you with a letter yeah yeah. Letter I hate letters but I knew Muslim soldier and really look. Some scenarios set that I got a letter. It is yet to discuss who would say and do the letter. Now I know is always took it upon him by himself and you know about it. Bad. And I am on my brother wrote me and they won't urged an end. The latter a pyramid the people with me at all. A person I've got my feelings are let. Us. Rather I don't talk to my parents and tell him they might feel about life and yeah and me love me mentally in my family let me. I am and I was down I was down. And I had another great bit of ignores that the doctors Eisner's. Eight years he reassured video game. Set off a design yourself to think that. It's all fairways next Ramona aren't a lot of comment and bring the really important you rate them I'd really appreciate bats. Means a lot okay. We are talking about. I think he job. There sexy party contender. Yeah. You know there are some jobs. That are just inherently sexier than others at least according to. Users of the dating at tender and any and it W don't know what tender is on tenured they show you a picture is available people. And you need to know a little bit about him and you swipe right if you like come. And his wife left if you don't so they'd be like the hot shots that these are the hot jobs the most swiped right occupations out there. What a guy if your guy nobody's job is the ladies love it gives and aids just by being a pilot. Okay well number one they that they're did the assumption is they're they make money yeah and the assumption is they're not going to be around all the time law and the assumption day mortgage uniform. Okay. You're intelligent guy yeah if your pilot. Yes do you do that kind of hot in the uniform Newton and number three I'm assuming that your take you meet places. Euro bottom line were free like bandied as it is like and didn't life. Now. And the prices. Right right that's true too but there's less and less pilots these days so you better work on a quickly number two the guys is the founder of something warm on to renew or what it got them. The pilot would have pilot is just his. Hobby. He flies in little thus crop now is that is that our had a helicopter and occupation OK okay you're marketed as a difference between. Pilings it. Who is unprofessional. Ride and now. Granted it is a hobby that would turn my head because if you're pilot I'm assuming you've got some money. Right Xavier on players and it says it really true here is you might be just leasing one what do your pilot of something like a cargo plane. Not as sexy as being a. I passenger plane but if I'm just looking at it or not right I. I don't get specific. Right at helicopters traffic helicopter traffic reporter the pilot guy. And I. Maybe any you know any of flying flying is exciting but. You said it right. You know there is a difference in kind of pilot. Yeah because earlier that the cargo plane pilot. Get everybody clap when he gives a good land all you detect clap for the good landing. I'm not as good landing clapper but I feel very snooty when I don't clap and direct mail is clapping. So as someone told us clearance to make you view. Have a very shaky. Like weather situation and are the planes rock can't and you land worthy of applause. They had and. Otherwise. Act like you Bennett for. I was talking to a pilot freeing about that Mary here it. He has heard it. But it kinda gives him a viral because that's his job top gas and take off. And when I land and now I already had some silly stuff. You know landed beyond the Hudson on top plotting a delegate lead he's a cannot standing on the wing in the water. What does draw the. Elegant and football and make a tackle people applause I walked out of your gonna show everyday is by people like. If and when I mean. When cam celebrates after us now is it a pilot celebrating murders saying that people are laughing but that's the way people are looking I guess I. In Al is Peggy do you expect someone probably won't it. Applaud every time you said 1079 going on out I say something funny. I got some that I can gutsy people out there not easily won a lot of. That would be good and I walked down the hall and some it's like that was it's. You would jump the gun like that I'll lie now because of our ears so insecurity you would think they are mocking that's true I would think they're mocking. I would think it. Yeah that's true. That's my job. You know yeah raking leaves and someone applaud cook okay yeah I gotta get one's a pilot's number one. Founder Robert unto reviewers number two is a great one although that could mean absolutely nothing. You can be you can. You can be the the founder of dilated and I see these aren't in all the time someone's age. It'll be like Rick Joan news. And it CEO Fred Jones company you're yet to grow at all skeptical I've never heard of Fred Jones company. The community they. This huge company could eat but I look offered Jones company after seeing you on Linkedin. And there's really no I don't like web site and Canada and that's anybody can stand on to renewal this but it sounds good. As I put that adds so big it does get this quite yet. Firefighter number three o.s are legal again that's a stereotype you know but I am I aimal Bodden. Doctors number four of course course but it is the ideal level NM. Now surgeon. No love doctor I interest doctors doctor doctor I don't give you every doctorate. Tenured teacher and you and now. That's what they mean might not mean position I know they mean division but it doesn't favor this it just says doctor if you do doctor. And the doctor. Doctor. Could be doctor Leino. And number five I've never seen this before. TV or radio personality isn't the proper height the key part. Does not surprise me. A radio. A lot we saw all. Some a result wanna specifically. When you would any. A are now on grounds and we are not Jamaican couple that old and along. All that was weird and so there's a lot I think there's a lot of them like I I know a lot of where you guys who have. You know. Bent over and I married up more than you know even more than me as a radio. I think so I think so I don't it's hard to believe but. There are guys who normally maybe not have been able to meet anybody at odds even meet. There's people's. But also hideous but look at. But the lady love with a voice again I yeah Nelson the next day this year and they don't know plumber some but I don't know they kind of think they're famous bird. Mandel when he told me about the new pink far right. He's got talking right yes it started singing. And instead waited to traffic as it's turned me right right. They count as famous sometimes in the bartenders kind of famous tip. Over the most popular are the hottest ticket to bar same. As everybody wants to metered doctor doesn't matter would. Famous doesn't necessarily resonate with other radio guy is like the hot ticket the bar no no no he's more faced these. Famous in his own way. He's got more people interested in if he was just a schmuck. That okay the corner OK. Not meat and Jeremy anymore but all about docket singles I am radio personality on his. Tinder profile is gonna tell you won't help me because when you look at. Most rights like jobs for women on there radio and TV did you make the top fifteen. How that's guys are intimidated because all the hot personal trainer and a real agent the physical therapist full of course. Why because they get here and designer of course I don't know why interior designers on. Under the gun when even I don't have a stereotype of you think they can bury your house minds and probably gotten money. Teachers on there because everybody's quote legal hot strategic well college student shouldn't get a socket X that's great. Because they're just they get the twenty year old that ordinarily resume. Sexy damn I want and also Extenders or death certain demographic. Teacher yeah it is easy put on there because. Thirds mostly women teachers and all the usual. Hot eighty jobs are on the air. Key here. Motto whole I don't like Janet nerds. Flight attendant and over the female hot jobs it's just like your stereotype yeah. I don't I did this idea your half of game you know I didn't think about and and dynamite list. What was what no I don't realize man and I was settled. And I don't I don't think this is your I'm a little later are you right there I think if you knew it's cool little payback sorry about. There are tracked. Thanks for listening to our fair would that remote check out the articles videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.