Wheezy's A Bad Patient

Thursday, December 28th

Wheezy had a health scare and she's doing okay now, but boy was she a pain in Ramona's butt while she was in the hospital!


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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening to all there would then remote. Known as a moderate views are unaware lives Lugar and color me a neat paint Braintree news. And you need some. In home help. Days. After my mom got out of the hospital. We needed to have some folks come in to kind of help morale he was in the hospital over it Thanksgiving break. And damn while she's very nice to the various caregivers. Who come to our home. She has an issue admitted being. For example. One home health aide shared with her that she had eye surgery alma mom doesn't want her to drive her. Anywhere in the car that the guys surgery years ago. Yet but my mom also ahead eye surgery late night and see her a bit but I had to add on now. She's JJ Kaiser jacket handy to Baghdad in the UK Nancy. But she's drop once the drive and she's had multiple eye surgery yes. Multi yes he had. Well now there's a physical therapist who comes house. And is he of course is working winner on balance and endurance and issues ago he wants to come in here. And lay me down on the bed head and be lifted up legs and stuff so yeah. Called BA in my it is actually the out there beat. You sound right. And yet hit the town in America it is EEK you know the full arc. Right right right so a. The worst. Is the cognitive therapist because she's been having thumb injury issues. And a cognitive therapies comes in she gives her some words to remember also asked some of the same questions. When were you more. What's your address EC recalling the basic stuff that. You need to be able to answer when you get medical care you go to the doctor was a person asking which are today bursts happen. Not to mention it's just it's all about remembering things like though is you and I tell people they she is born in 1974. I'm an usher in an attack ax so. I was on the computer she said that the key to Davis does figure out when somebody was born anyway. So well if you know the current year which she knew. And the year that they were born you subtracting you're they were born from occurring here that gives you there each and now. So she's dead now I was born June's. They know June 13. Gave many years says you know what they're try now she's due in the map and I've got got a number now. Because that don't know comes back here estimated same questions over and over again. And that's before you. Some sort of the surgical thing it did you see the next night. The cast. And dancers to the questions that passed the cognitive tests as you did not try to figure out how to cheat. Or being nationally by the fact that they keep asking you the game. Went out and the EU is all you. I tell people how old they are all the time but it but when you guys are not getting it right I said not. If you Brad is what they asked you as much as you. Talked about how annoying it was that they're asking tonight it seemed. Like you right. And down like regular dog an advance 77. Add data and now she's eight he's trying to find out what time Amy stomach today because I wrote down all the answers we have Mainichi and he's a teacher used to bring. Also the T shirt. Is not been good yeah. The guy dig out into play votes. Yeah he hit it in wonder competency issue in the the agony she will remember which the decision to attack Iraq. Your route that linked so. Bring her family for one of Charlie's favorite holiday traditions holly and ice is open all week and extended hours on New Year's the. Yeah sales at 1079 the link that's common thing is the Charlotte checkers and three way plumbing I always like got to Sudan. And a follow us on FaceBook. And we love a good share and really love you do if you rate and comment on the podcast as well. I am amazed at how much money. These YouTube stars are making. Yeah playing games opening things whenever whenever the the leaders of mine crap player. Billions abuse international war. Which I don't know what happens on the torque got branded deals seventy let's say edited it is seventy million followers. World tour that included. Four sold out nights. In Australia at the opera house eleven billion views on this you want so he's known as Dan TM. I'm gonna guess and I don't know this is like to make things up and maybe there's a giant screen. And he plays mine craft. Okay able watch it it's just like. Until they had to think just like I don't lie version you now which I don't think it's rigged. Mike did lots of missed seven year old Avery loves Watson is an act that people play. My crack viewed director reader care up some of remark like drop the F bomb it's up like daddy and you have your anxiety and be very careful. I like on Google the guy who made it a gal mated or whatever try to figure out after I've found out and out like. It is cracked. But he believes. It. So had a dynamite oh wait a minute that budget with a I had no idea that not a plane flying craft now night. Don't you wanna learn now now and maybe okay the fifth and how well she doesn't really want me to probably but I watcher. I I watch turner watch her white steeple I think you've got out that a video. Hey did we removed I'm Betty no you don't. Watching your daughter. While another guy. Maniac graft. I guess I guess that could be but most Disco ball or I say what's that and that's a creep where. I Aaron no but that was the road Atlanta. Tonight we did you have general well wouldn't surprise me that would become. And financing because. At the list that give on their. The latest on Forbes. Our gamers. And they watch him play the latest titles net pithy commentary. On the on the Micah as Limbaugh is published. Whatever is Avery does that when she is playing now is. To. You've learned. Like the lingo lingo vein gash you washing like before used to you know use him and envision kids in front of the screen just quiet. My game right now it's more like playing barbies. Can watch a video the other day of a bar be set next rats and and then pat small takes a while to warm up and open so you just sitting there. And meg armies I went to an open and hand comes in in human hands like you'll kind of it's just I couldn't even make believe what I was watching. The there's people a kid to do stunts. Still around raping two always my craft stopped as big one. 80%. Of top ten YouTube stars who last year. Made ridiculous amounts of one was a six year old. Ryan of Ryan toys review. Eight billion views in a year now they billion. At any six years old. I don't you apply. And all these guys are doing like all these top ten guys are doing tours. Sell merchandise. And numbered fifteen point five million for Evan Fong the runner up billions of use. Branded deals. Merchandise. Gamers can now more than ever on streaming sites. I mean Jay Paul. Your daughter around all do what you just figure analytic she denied. You have to you know I do after. So these guys these bad things man but in stunts and whatnot but. I do need to you know I've I've. I gotta figure something apps you've been seeing members and I no longer does and everybody I think every parent right now is going. I didn't I've videotape and our you know failed to respond to a videotape that just knows I put myself opening presents Marty meant I didn't I get on the big throw lots that. You're listening duck off there with the. Hey as amazed as we visited. You won't expect and it's an overnight bad and there's only room in the bed before you all the horror. Your child. They survey moms. As it okay bombs. How many WO Wu put your kid on the bad news feed on the floor and how many of you say okay. I am given the bad kids can crash on the I just I just can't believe it's not a 100%. When me and writers don't understand what numbers and if I was a mom I'm not a mom obviously. But if I was a mom. I would be to warn. Because if we're crash that grandma's house to visit relatives home or friends arm yeah. I'm taking the bed and the kids are gonna make in my propeller on the floor with blankets and sleeping bags and such but I. It weirdo hotel momma is going to bite the bullet ridiculous and I will suffer because I could not imagine. Putting my child on a hotel floor first. All they have a stronger immune system second of all kids need germs. Comes up there and a nice. Might might do we give to me as I thought about you know about it. Our roads potentially you don't mind running across these things I don't know what happened on roads and hurting you I don't know what happened here before we got barely had just left I mean I'm not have the comforter downs exactly but the comforter. Is the best friend has now. But I'm sure you there's not Emma page if you're really concerned now I'd be too guilty yet I couldn't do it. You can is that we need a way mean that I. Have my kid on the floor of the hotel my parents and showed me that toilet but it gave up a bad Kelly you know given that. It's sleek and about a little. The regulatory and I know right. Is why am I mean he's not so having any breaks little fielded it and profitable yeah I mean this that was vacation and America why is slowly. Did you most most women would agree with me that if it if you're at a relative or friends home yet to kids can crash on the floor I remember I look forward to. Sleeping on the floor with my cousins when we would go to my grandma's for the holidays. But if we were in a hotel room I'm pretty sure there's no way my mom would've let. Obviously going to floor they know about this alleged germs staying back and yes they did though you never heard. Doubt any did tell my parents I mean I would employ our comforter my whole life now now that was like some 20/20 thing back in there early ninety's something that. They started with a black light and there's two everywhere and yard everywhere and all the sort of saying and and yeah it's only one kid were saying to the examples so. I mean it's multiple kids. Then it's obvious I mean give me that there on the Florida multiple kids got to get to balance the net community pulled. Parents sleep on the floor all the kids that are easy and it's crazy I was eight look at said it did. And there's that would depend difference and tell me always a 100%. Kids almost a 100%. I'd have done hotel floors or no you have. Now we did is akin all the time I don't Chiluba would you go on vacation did you hair. We could and should do more. To double beds and hotel room good law. Why should my kids have slept on male or how unbelievable and they know Lehman bags yeah I can do it. I've slept in it when a bunch of guys like cheap and I want hotel rooms and crashes on the floor. It's still cracks and at that minimal sleep in the bed together economically was livid I mean they're maybe there's five people or six people some. It's a bit of that was somebody Eddie doc are shared evidence that. And I think the floor and they won't sleep with I heard you scratch to look both of them have said they knew they would work that you. I heard you scratch a lot Donna I would say if Leon we took. I showed trip. And we were doubling up on rooms wouldn't share bid with Matt would you. The derby time yeah yeah oh also was only then he doesn't honestly that he had no reason I would not. Actually your honor it's not in my own. Little town powder I won't might have you dumps and gold by Democrats. A little bit there's giving girls and weird and pulled my legs back over my and got to get that kind end their own growth that's out the. Eight compared to pursue it mom dad and mom's a gain out of this one. You are visiting with relatives over the holidays. And they put two and get through with your partner. But. Your partner. Is tossing turning scratch seeing snoring. What percentage of view reduced. Say you know what that's OK I don't wanna sleep with my partner a crash on the couch or crash of a floor. Get our be 100% but it's not going to be that's what it back because I've done it. I've bonds slip on accounts for. That my parents desperate that. Huge it and it doubles the I'd say. 60%. Would move would move only 46% in the armor to the big dealers. I guess you don't want take up extra space like this is what's a lot of do you say you tough it out I guess or not come to with the people I guess maybe even. Don't wander out that accounts often. Or to stay on the caps and casting a lot of necessity. I literally read later than Amy about Matt. And yap yap abroad and I was really prefer people not legal. Thank god and I'll be honest does review I have. My end the wind couch in my office is out pull out council adjourned to a bed yeah really I would prefer people not. Bong on my couch why what do you think's happening I just I am I want to read them and usually avoid what is what do you think what is it that doesn't you don't like about it just. Mac has a knack Gary. Can you go and they across the bed and let me neither unevenly nap on a couch killing. I don't play why did you Ileana. Do you decathlon is going to help me get a score many see someone not I'll be sure to be I got a LG falsely bomb like count low ticked off about a year ago. My cousins were stopping through on their way to Ohio from Florida. And it crashed at the house and I decided by places to sleep but it was one of those situations where. You know husband and wife now a different sleeping habits he's norte a lot she wanted to sleep because she was doing the next slate of driving. And lamb woke up. The cushions of my couch. Are tossed on the floor. My cousins husband who was sleeping on the cushions. Of my couch. On the floor today a handle. And why it. Lot happening this girl Ella and and then you. You can't. Feel the heat from here yeah how I I didn't like I don't even understand the cushions off. My so and then Gunner on a golf our Internet. I was pissed off if you read did notice on your floor and I really I. Don you are ridiculous I really don't earlier miners out. Being used that way though we're due we're counters are for sitting. Munson and I like mark my god it's more glass and more fun it's fair with a bad. Look the other way around. I'm solicited. A us. Sexual come on iron. Our pictures of the PP. Do you receive them. If I have. You have a commuter shown to us. Because you are the reason why people send them to me I wineries and I when when you don't things like bond. Check out her dad does dot doesn't really cool did you like remotest digitally. Now how I demand that you up next and it makes. I do. You say things. It's all reason why I'm an SM OK here we go and then. I see all I got a new follow on Twitter after Matt says something weird about me like vote went to any minute you shouldn't gay. We'll see how many Ramona has powered through the agenda. Bet you weren't hours onto there. And their guys seem to have my gives a the woman's hoping their breasts down. Have a little. Bit and our numbers game in this in this social media world are exodus wanted to keep into this once again. Yeah I would Guam model Angie got a lot of creepy people had not aaron's and then we need picks so she end up looking up. Their mothers. And getting a screen shot. The guy. Whatever rude things he was saying not to mention is naked body instead it's the mother. And that's fantastic. To great Lawler is sinister. That that is that they deserve. They deserve it unsolicited. I. Certain words but here's event if your mother received. A picture of your junk would chinoy would you. I mean. I'm assuming. You know outside your face in the picture imagine you know how some. Dimes I kid goes missing. And then they draw like Google and other well when you already know them. And yeah. There and yeah. Because yeah. If you don't. I added alienated levees got a black man. There aren't a good bet to stir and a. Look the other media on this note. Is that random seed at the let's set the mom picks and a male dogs at my god you know care he. Harry. Eight and I did all three of us voted out there. I'm gonna look at it. I'm yeah. Don't want that I don't and I apparently being that they. Aren't as and I figured the game. They didn't tell. NB ERY. Caucasian that if I got reservation and exit the and I. Shouldn't speculate about what coworker had its good that the in addition to an illegal is now on so anyway Alcan and gets a good idea I'll tell you that guide one guy she did this still photo or over the screen shot. He is wrecked. He's wrecked that you look around you he London bankers if I. I think is a good idea and new ones as. In the year Reynolds yeah oh yeah. The woman to get back at the jerk she sent the picture by sending it to his mother and everything much more humiliating. I mean and really be anything more humiliating loaned your mom. Seeing a picture of youth especially after you. Without. Bali are asking you sent a picture. As the that the models that take dollar see you there are listed as Glenn's mother and that you need to have a chat with the sun and how to approach women see attached XX. At sat move. That says you know I got that's let's go wow that's pretty devious and I like it I don't know might be illegal I'm not sure. I mean I've gotten. If you can't do it later if the guys under any average on underage fairway. Yeah I don't think you should be sharing those pictures anyway but it's not a legal for him to do that. I mean let's somebody that was legal guys have those pictures if you get any room on. No the you run down his mother about it but now people and other now I'll be on in my oddly grateful for a little fun. The most devious than ever. Every dog scooby do manually on the ground anything about it I mean is are you. There and I'm not I'm not I don't know Romeo and Italy and hold rates academy outlook on it. You're listening to all there with mess and Ramona it's up ransom on would you rather. OK okay Jim is pleasing your calls call agents. Let's see here right banner on the island alone with someone yes. I'm definitely don't. Let's go we'll start with the year where legitimate a year on definitely Obama south five years. Honest Obama's self seven. Okay now I'll just take it a person I want someone there all the time. Yeah and I think you get over differences. I want them to help rebuild not then you can't get over. While I'm guessing nobody hates me some turning on the nominates him they love me and to do all kinds of things from technical. Via close one sided hate yet they're gonna bring like brake pads are. Are you hate them yeah they they don't know me they want you liked him so bad guys willing to basis factors and dislikes and get overdo it again idea coconut and get a second hang around like it's my scenario I'm page again glom onto the thing. But I think I would. I mean. It is better to have two people when you're stranded Casone do you use your knowledge together to make something cool. Night. Which you rather. I design which rather rude light for the perpetual cold sore on your mouth or go through life with a bugger hanging from an old here. Now lol circle here little bugger all game polls or you can explain as some sort of disease and yeah he's actually is socially and stuff yeah yeah number it is the medical condition. So are you likely. To kiss someone with a cold floor or just someone with a blogger tolls or would you rather kiss someone. All taxable blog down deeper petrol motor never goes away the stare at all and all the a grave allege she molding and. No it was not an older and Johnston did look like the great fleshy molds can look around hit it in a gradual bugger it to the same place all the time yeah it's gonna be now designed snotty greens these are modern. It does. This number have you seen is. Yes I don't even yeah. It's a cold sore all you do is get another cold so heartening to get a lot of help try and get over that's OK I can't get to bugger but to the Booker thing. Makes me think like the purses very socially. Awkward and you don't wanna be a friend with a blogger guide majora chemicals or person. You can be friends of the colts are prefer for personal you know my deal law a part of my sex life for a minute but I still have friends look at guys not get a lot of ran. Whenever stick would you know I well you. Can you honestly believe what more socially acceptable. To walk around with a cold slow slower than it is blocking out the book absolutely now. Yeah absolutely like musical ones of medical condition and running as you are just. So oblivious to your own hygiene and don't even look at your urges a big deal yeah. I mean a real look nothing contagious aspect to all our about it I just a friend now I mean I'm not nine minutes dating life don't get a date through devoted years anyway. At least you can go to like a web site for political sort of. So what. Eric Snow and no not mocked me in school for a cold sore but if you had a voter I don't know yet a man you were Bogut Roy Blunt was over appear never calls a bush over yeah. And I think everybody remembers burgers in the UK are coming around us now but also ours weren't big in school. In time would you rather be forced to Wear wet socks the rest your life I'm glad to wash your hair once a year only once. I'm I hate it that way you know not even know much de wet sock number one dammit somebody out there who says it oyster attacked a pair of extra socks one moment yeah. Yeah I don't remember there was an area where he. You didn't like yeah I did I can't stand wet socks a so why I'd wash my hair once the air. An awfully boring down. So what did you make it worse is that they've got to go to it. But either. I got to stop watching I'm just gonna stopped here you can't cut it like you can cut off presented beats the always a rather. You can't do you think kind of joke ST you would look after a year and a or long. Swinging hair in a pony tail. I look pretty sexy. But I know that I wouldn't feel miserable every today. I know that I think I can answer style something. Now that is that is now being you your ball you're in you think you can get some days agrees he manned by Reid is gonna lightly she cared but she how easy care but I'd be so you must have a wife for a long I would I would Natalie climate wet socks I'd be so miserable. And such a jerk. I now. And that's different from everyday yeah. And your bolted up the duo come over in on wet socks a months rather come up. He had Kohler is awful to understand where it's not yeah I bet yeah. That that they are very very bad. The governor of the usher. Able to whisper everything you're only be a shout everything. Whispered shout out. I know too many people. Who suffer from a lack of an inside voice and an inability to whisper through I'll take the ability to whisper yeah. I have to whispered in to shout everything now as I've seen it. Yeah it's like you bugger situation I've seen how you can be ostracized for being loud person I remember when we went to Jamaica. Yeah they had all of the radio stations right on site broadcasting we were so low crime from everybody because somebody doesn't have a inside boy yes we wouldn't outage. Probably early spurt. I don't think you lose you know yelled and you would never get your word in edge wise I need my word and advice. Any penalize. I don't need to I need. Rather you come in a little closer to hear me I don't want it then to run away to now people are going to be your space. In as they act. And be right in your person and he's deregulating near you now. Talking last minute OK well and final one would you rather where someone else's dirty underwear. Or use someone else's toothbrush. Long. Ago and dirty underwear. Not toothbrush is not a big deal I mean no way we don't know who it is it's very and strangling her. Off a stranger Milan. Attack about illness and you don't even know who as we don't see a picture of the person we just know that at some. Didn't happen. To tap that the would you rather OK eighteenth. Over dirty underwear. They are out terms over. Because a lot I can institute Brian's. They can't on this item yet to straighten out the mouth at what you like crap about getting handed to you. You can wash your nordic serial war. Luhrmann has rim and it's been crusty gas late in fact the guy brushes his entity mean. Or the guy pulls off as thirty dollars asked about because seriously think if my kids. I beat us up to dirty underwear. He can probably dirty when I was on his bedroom. And make it easier. Due to dirty underwear at the serious thing that I make it easier you like did you feeling sorry but I. Didn't know it makes it where I am making easier it would do that. Anyway yeah. Any of your toothbrushes that even as they can twice on the Italian Petrino leave them alone in your house. It's like where hundreds or are they got back together on around you volunteer resident and I knew there are used and I went through my Hitler. Anyway and I morale just BC and explosives. Or do you wait it grosses me out the big argument around this fat. Or remember you don't want like somebody left unaware my house. They're not my underwear they went to wash your rights to use. When did that. It would want is unfit. But Clinton has a week. The call and say hey I believe my lucky Droid but your house and I'll say yes she did how many of these. Week they're going in the trash what you don't know original entry in the tournament to grow learn and recognize these I'm not Wear them. Anywhere I'm. Mean on the bottle on the bubble there. Thanks for listening to our fairway and that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.