Wheezy's Goin' Bowling

Tuesday, May 15th

Is Ramona's mom really trying to get into a bowling league? We also talk about the etiquette mistakes you need to stop making by the time you turn 40.


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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening come on there was then promoted. Charitable things we have won the Al lot of us. Could result in the manner of means it faces a lot of it is going through. Armed bands of some sort. Really creeping along the top and it looks legs burn marshmallows when your when your roasting marshmallows I waited around and learning. And there's also like this pool toy that you combine it looks like a real shark. The you can put in your pool to come even comes up for it looks like riyals it's pretty in a plane guys get that it's pretty freaky. A lot of things you all play he'll hot Lotto when your kid yeah to stay in the furniture whatever in Hamlet to the late. I did have and I'm like how this team got that this thing has lived through generations playing out. On the furniture with my feet out. The thought we mostly did it in hotels because my mom always told me if I walked barefoot again Athlete's Foot. Are yet though we're doing and our bedroom instead jump from my you know and and like have a little. Maybe book set up or something that that's agenda I mean that's going on forever I bet our parents it's played don't get in the hot lava. He. Anyway. Your mom wants to take avenues already built a new sport and it is a bowling. And and you. It's it's the worst idea ever. I've heard her on the phone one Swiss. Whenever sisters and then with my nephew. Talking about how she's totally given up on water aerobics she's not doing that anymore sure but she's about to join a senior boldly. It really. Caregiver. Now Italy. I was calling in for the water aerobics because frankly it had bin. Recommended by her physical therapist right my mom has had three spine surgery and and after each one Mitt there was a big question mark as to whether or not she would be walking. Button lifting any thing more than ten pounds well the question spiked around. The emotion necessary. And doing it over and over. Again she was just real overt sit and like you they'd like little kids do they have a a ramp and uses but yes that's the ball on in the day it goes down there yet. Avery got a way around us that we're trying to Leonard the bowling. The woman who I have to wrestle. Into a wheelchair so that we can get through any airport and she's going to voluntarily. Agreed to bowl. I'm a little wave that yeah he's back friendly she's just. The bush and regular rest. I've worse that's worse for someone we wrestle your mother I was a bad back. I was so proud of her when she was doing water rolled except Y if you don't know it was perfect. That perfect before the diabetes and high blood pressure. This time thinner cool not gone back that because she initially quit wind summer camp started that the wide. Because she thought. All day long the only thing that was happening with the. I do have kids. Lou it's been all day when crabs and sports and then they'd. John McDowell dirty and urinate in the air and there was no way she was gonna come the next morning it's been around in whatever they left behind. Just so she didn't think about kids being. Until she saw them like him at least as they obviously have been there. All year long even when she was doing that water rove learned lessons and things. Is scheduled for water aerobics changes in the summertime because of summer camp and now so that. Gave her the idea. An idea that way and I managed more children in the pool balance channel has given the side that is some of the seniors that they might seem like it now. And the she'd be wearing swim diaper. It does so they were hitting honor and gave him all of you got a guy who she really felt. Like to order swim suit my attack attack and the shots and who shower cap yeah because for the longest time she didn't have a Welsh hills but the physical therapist at a stretch him out. That. Enjoy it hurt the streets and she didn't want him in her bedroom should I think I've got back on the band while he lifted it there's an illegal pulling together they had to go bowling together. And you know maybe there's there's some interest and maybe should dig a little deeper we are gonna support her dream you know or your manners slide. Porter dream. You'd try to wield her breath out of it and Porter yeah you pick your doctor's appointments for extra. Is that it how was it may be there you could. Find like some or any other dead duck. Pin bowling that's a little tiny ball to find that somewhere. Even lead you claim that she yeah. That does not all a motion grammys getting held up right by Enron and there are pins in her back in her right. When you said also she doesn't like pee in the poll which by the way you're your mother's daughter. Really mock her opinion of fool nobody is person and I think our likeness of him but where. Most people are urinating but I'm going into public pools and in places like that without any fear or thought of it. Reunion if there is a giant public poll NIC he. You know a dozen or so kids splash around in the air yeah I'm I put my feet in money if it's an odd thing I ordered a. And let's face it there you are your mom know mark your mother and certain things. And I. Why wouldn't you lot of Mubix. Even though there's that are leaders the you'd be there because I also. Calls. Believe in how old the pools. At my particular why are maintained. Low today as you want them do that. I know some people that that it. How the neighboring Davey if you had a neighbor you don't write I knew all to my old neighborhood pool baby twice but guiding and it wants to stamp I. I really don't like giving my hero and it takes too much time to get my here we're doing here wherever you still thought about Pete and you looked at the police poppy. A winner certain kids in their own I guess that's a vague. Looks like a. You see a little boy running along the side of the pool. And he is literally holding his little penis now through his guy as likable lead on the eyes and then mixing and now he jumps and double. Any doubt that all. There's much smarter why that's about the cleanest thing he would ever had a six year old. Here the condition. Is very and that this is obviously tonight and tell us. I'm serious man they were in New Year's regular desert are some oh I don't know about the cleanliness of which there staged a sit at tables here and now that does say it's I not that bad disease written. From a six year old could exit that man loves it you might go. Okay I'm done but it hasn't been edit and so creepy definitely but I'm not wanted to pull. Are they ripple. Cup few years ago acted group on the test on the heads of the people now held would be enough for you'd I'm done. If he. Over. The old her name garnered a dreadful. You know we are Betsy I know until you how listening to what. That's red that's where did what he's up at the pool just like that. When they approved today. If that if they drained the pool cleaned it out leaned Tillman back up and put more chemicals then sure I'm fine OK but few days after during not after its may. All they got it ain't just treat it really having to close it down for however long an excellent whom we dug in on little flurry baby Ruth like. Yeah. Yeah. Only if they. And I. Thanks extra cleaning its credits why you'll be fine money viewed into the Udonis enemy dungy is unproven and even known. Simon's best mix when I was 79 delayed his celebrating the release of the brand new Charlie. Voice notes my concern you. He just near Boston to seats. It's your chance to get up close and personal with the music there. Charlie who. Go to 1079 killing done. And Verizon who recently. Private show for you. Inside it's. X 1079. Day they'll link. My friends and etiquette mistakes. Uses up making by age forty. I think they're giving people too much of a break here to be honest with the before he should have a lot of etiquette figured out right I mean I think these articles say third. Maybe thirty to forty him people are out telling me give an example. And erupting OK I'm not good at it but I. Occasionally doing best to get a perspective you really that point. 48 eruptions and a conversation between male and female participants. 46%. At 46 were a man and raping a woman was more like it's going to be a man. People who listen to respond they don't listen this year. You're excited you know realize it's rude but it is. When a rocket we know everybody realizes that I would think earlier on but it's hard to stop. Yeah it's I don't completely. But it but I sometimes tell you with some people. And I know once again I'm guilty evident to run with credit. She should not matter what I don't think I'm better than me. You can't complete a flaw. And it really frustrates me when I can't complete the thought he can get an. I think I started telling you something. US Iran did not have conversation isn't is it a completely different place app and opportunity go back to the reason why I wanted to share this with you with a first. I now know I now it's even more rock grew and you forget what you wanted to share. There when he gets zero I didn't like I only know I'm gonna sad got nothing less than they did okay they'll all do this and occasionally we were there. Or go on. All of a ticket. Does that really that's a really not to give you point out here. I don't know if it's really more blatant about it and how about it I know I'm making it seemed as though what I have to say is more important now when you're there right now yes. Because idiots that bad that I. I get how much of a dad gives I've done this before though where it back upper second got to ask you this about that. They're like and walked straight into office and a lot of I hold a re on a question it's verified. It shows that you're listening and want to understand better. It's another thing when you in a row with your own thing and take it somewhere else like it they say. In Iowa went director aren't there never really held up I would Disney World nausea okay indeed. She's a tough offensive. What a vegetarian I guess that yeah. College players have it yeah yeah and Robin Wright and the lights on our rights are the second mistake which. I'll be honest I did not know. And I'm not try to always do at least I don't think it's important it's advancements you've bat. Remembering that the salt and pepper are married. When you pass one you have to past vote even if someone just asked this all you gotta get in the salt and pepper. And Cinderella. That is but MMI is an etiquette. Pet peeves I never he never thought about a barrel if I ask you about the pepper and you came in assault and generally what the heck we want to miss a dummy did you. I cholesterol. I think that is and we wanna put on as weird I mean it's good and I don't mean I can put on my mom if she adds for the salt in years past assault. She's gonna talk about to later okay nurses and he talks about the fact that being and he didn't wash his hands at one time when he edging him because she did it. I think it's going to put on this list I saved because of the EU says stop making but it you should know by your forty okay I didn't buy it. It's Latin Ali your hat on inside. This guy says the gentleman wearing a hat indoors is not acceptable. Or leave he believes we become casual and society so it's just the norm. He says move that remove that even a casual restaurant come. Based on only a baseball park. And mandate for ladies that you were there fashion hats indoors like at a wedding or church and it's. I'm old school because they see guys now who are intentionally doing. It's it's my hat for a sign new. Or for a cold or it's a hat that's purely for fashion. Yes and you need gentleman that was all about. You know going outdoors so when he came in doors. It was just customary take that hat off retain a ball cap or like get news boy a deal at all we're not now they are guys who are word Nadine. That ball cap to go with that spirit. There are guys who are wearing the straw hats the news boys and they are big things to go with a particular outfit and it's not just for outdoor. I think it's okay and it went to get to a certain level of bar restaurant you've got it. You've got to Baghdad in just gonna use common sense right if you're at a sports bar watching good you Wear your baseball had inside if you're at a nice restaurant. Know your hat off there guys restaurant if you're in a church yeah. Yet. All moment as they had profit surged as we know your mom's got a big. Packed contest coming up. Net as a more drama to it well latest on this note for those who don't know every year at promoted are actually known as mom's church. We easy. They have that packed contest on mother's right or most elite and whatever her mother's always look easy Sunday yet. And she won much yes first time ever went. Yes she was in. County news on the cover and after Herbie victory in how breaking news break in news now she has decided that she's not competing. Because she wants to give someone else in the church the opportunity to win she feels that if she does entered there's no way she can't. I was so you know she's being a Christian by. Not entering. But that doesn't mean she doesn't wanna where she can't go. Go to church a Mother's Day with a naked dead. But you get hurt somebody reserved the right she's going to she wants to Wear a non contender she didn't wanna look like she's trying to participate Alaska or he doesn't of course. She doesn't want to look like she. Is appearing to show anybody look like demand net. There's no effort yeah this old saying how. They Andy. I went out shopping for I had that would be a nice Mother's Day hat but not a winning. Passing on a bunch of pictures and opposed to them and people like that on that and that went well I have a woman who comes at a house to help. Around the house and help with mom and she was on the computer and she showed mom how I had tried on all these cats and I was gonna buy one of them for her for Mother's Day. Mom hates them all. Paid them off to Jason but she just went inside and do they can't say oh there too fancy they look like she might beach crying. I understand. I can see it because sometimes. You hey you know oil looks like you're trying too hard but we'll see whether they say yeah missed an easy run enter cells they'd know. He's gonna say no no matter what she's gonna say now. But she doesn't wanna say no in a hat that looks like she should be saying not a yes that a lot of drama right there is a lot of jobs and. He found them on the Internet so little they must be true match taught sex. Little long haired man had done. Here yeah. Anybody ever listen to me yeah. An area where there a year ago and now I'd like to. Bombing Romans. Just bombing was not a regular part of Grumman dining image around. Feature called vomit Tory M was an entrance way for a stadium not a room used for purging. There you always heard that Obama Torre replied never really wasn't a bomb and bomb there. Loan yeah yeah. They didn't really know that is ridiculous TOK yeah I don't know I just to lay but it wasn't even as senator lives get where they were vomiting I think there was Steve Martin. Do and what mystery viking Mars there's no evidence of vikings were horned helmets. The images from something or other opera. I Wagner and its stock a blogger just that it would mourns and at Zagat and I didn't put a torn out of well it looked like I wanted to take an odd facts and a guy and that's brought. A look at some pars add the fact that fact and I and and it is doing and aren't. The average person was 25 songs today. Elvis Presley hated John Lennon wanted to be a mop is anti war stance. I don't know did you agree if funny by. I'm has a lot of eldest lately was Elvis was blind and other guys know who must enough goal line you know that's. Salina I archery US. Let's see here okay good good good thing in union may be should translate to the human world female long bats. Initiates sex by biting males in the but of course think that that could. Think that I don't want that to translate to the human world please tell us a I have been a guy in about one time and he gave me an Al what I was underwater and at vick's numbers here. Okay. That an object to the equivalent this year where that story yeah. Don't quite good but. And yeah. I wrote that he didn't want to not a religious value initiate it and why. I don't know ten dollars go to what is done about it and target that are designated. I nicknames with these stories. If ever I don't know Ukraine as a I don't need names and things they normally nobody was naked adults can't walk without popping it said. Come on that's pretty don't want a monument to an American workers. That you have a coworker Bob yeah. And you know it is no. Argument and I notice walks. It has and that's how people walk you can get a couple guys who do you PP first. He was virtually my heart illness. You look at TV commentator convex is that it how does Elvis leads Elvis they of this that it meters as it. I cockroaches create their own neighborhoods actually. And they any delays everything and there's a better price about you know. That tiger is tiger on. Rough enough to lick the pain out of a building. At a pentagon to have Iran. Well. If you pay me yeah Sam the record. Appetite there. Is that papers if it was very makes like it's like at time incident spare civilians leave tiger and we do is heavier on tiger. The a word scum bag and Lou Lou actually meant to well means used condom. The women and girls of the world's oldest dog died at 29. I'm on. Who is coming on my knees I'm still on scum bag and significant tax. ET was voiced by a woman who smoked two packs a day. NYC and unique local thing. And Leon today eight. With C abouts. 68% of people experience phantom vibrations syndrome. Not what you think Ramona it's where you think your phones buzzing in your pocket. You know that well I used them that but it's faded since has stated it well. Yet. In the year because we've gotten use of the phones it doesn't surprise like ivory maybe. In the year 1816. You're opted out of a summer. Like I mean literally. Shorts. Look. The cut that's true thing. Chickenpox a former herpes. Nixon a mock or piece remember. Remember kids that other. That's your kids are being stubborn man you it and moon is in shape like its beer. It's actually seem like a lemon. Get out of here. Though Lewis and one more that'll make you happy a famous Canadian hunter and outdoorsman named Francis wardens shot a deer in the late 1960s. But didn't have any teeth to remain dentures at the. Imagine how their school loans. That is why we do you love your children. Yes and I remember yes I hope none of the idea don't you know about a scum bags. I don't I don't I don't necessary that I wonder what David tell doctors still some doubt on the wall Mac. The president on that and it's it's his guess that did to you about the walkman we called the burners so about what what the Israelis did underwater weren't actually. It's emergencies and won't run around us an idea why he was every UN yeah. And I do have a tendency to go a lot of equity illnesses they things about my personal lining us up that. And easier odd fact corner I can make my own personal attacks. Seeing things out low you can't say on the radio. You're listening to off there with Matt Ramona. Make sure you go to the iMac and a FaceBook page lights and follow and you can see all kinds of weird things bear in including the vampire. Was a call of the empire. Bill facial. Which you do it Ramona nail even though it might be good facial but he just wouldn't do it because title I don't like the title I don't like the fact that. Blood is involved it is the diner where anybody else's they take your blood and a and Henry recycler Bakken neatly like a pillar kinda thank you. But your blood. Nothing. Lily unit gets good and I don't know this because it's called vampire. It's all of you not only about years is not one thing that I find more disturbing about this than the other is the fact act I would take averaged. I would I mean if I mean telling them against you how well vampire and Tampa probably because as you land bill Moore president is a cool name. Now you can this prick your finger on and on your face. Yeah then you don't really we can't. Even when they villains who else. Mary yet which you be afraid of a guy with a lot of levers thing is I think that you know it's it's more. Or in the photo in that we've posted on our FaceBook page. He's disturbing other look of love and a guy tells me yet you know I give vampire face mostly the young what we can't and you manner you know like his night mask was blunt new contract would you rather have a solar system. Okay original and Chris Carlin that I. I'm Brian would be quite honest I start squarely in the bedroom rubbed the blood on your face acts they're equally disturbing. Well I am legally that is serving up. Screw up is going to be obviously. A lease is serving now and now they're both equally to this thing out. Those places you lose squirrel yes he gets and you gotta learn that is scary yeah. Call the cops immediately the company take care of mammal blood on his face. I'm assuming you're not gonna think at the top of the world. And they're like OK good luck with that. First of all they're not coming just gonna gatlin as yes they are who you invite him and first of all now. This articles empire rule well he's got. You have to invite Namibia also torrential did you know about that man viral best at it. Look at you as yummy and I don't know how much uncle the cops which they don't want to vampire movies and stuff site and Libby knew a little lead time what comes out there he beat easily added and if he would've sucked volume bloodless. We're a blood to oops and I think that. I'd rather have. Al cheneys with a guy wouldn't mind woman Butler faces a tough. Look let's. At little kids learn maybe you raise an eyebrow and finally there are some of the general upon federal. Now Vick did is how grown. And a low and it's. It's hard to even Dana for a little Ohio. And I hit and she comes the man there look blind completely covering her face again. And I'm not that. Her body still hot connect. Those naked minor things completely covered in a sense. I don't think I'm a little lives overseas business as. This is one might finish sixth and ended this. And it's every I think we found the outlined in now police I'm not judge analyze him. I am I do or she got them lined up. She's murdered. Slaughtered Juliette doesn't about. Miami Hollywood according game grounded Brazil goal not running we still have sex at the. I don't burial mask. You don't you don't last year's dinner over businesses they gave the conquest in the daylight way to get that by the way and then decide whether or not to continue their relations and. Mean it's not a mountain. Out where she just got herself a little bit and then rubbed at all ever to cook. Again and let's not love a little off about a person who would do that help finance a little bit and I told you about it and. In a lot of my friends and had picked up a guy at the ever at a place and actually happens in my house and they are upstairs and he came down today yet Leah. I don't some sort of pattern I. Knew it. He had. It we're gonna do little vamp. I. Hope and. Each time and this man in your own house now I don't have any. And yeah Nelson and when you do need present and so they did it and one of them that it. I can't answer them now but of big guys whose loud thumping go around of their today. I'm I don't own hole I had to go home it wasn't his Joyce interview the guys to its knees and went. Even bring it up it was his joins me in bringing out its big. It's. We're gonna shut it down the yeah you're the guy yeah. All the way down and my biggest probably bundling it. Because that particular area I'm fine immune to the vampire thing but the mother of other. As part of it was and then following a way that rated by this I thought I can't even. Maybe I. He's past the sharper Scotland that asks I Marxist frankly tired comes close the book there is an enemy is done in London last night. Plastic cutlery and again. There's many people in this out of my voice in the past task no else you guys. You have rights and human within the. Never even man. Thanks for listening to our fairway and remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.