When Bible Bats Attack

Tuesday, August 7th

Ramona must've done something wrong to have a bat swoop down at her during church!

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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening got on there was that promote yeah. Month ago or is it time for the latest details. About it charge. After he visited nearly story and it is an option of that was in the sanctuary during a Sunday service the right at my head. I apologize to every one who was at church that Sunday because I did yell out a not church friendly word. As I ducked under the asked after the word. G Eric OK don't. Worse yeah. Drew insert city. You haven't been deterring too much and I'd like you are at a Sunday school drop out but you. Better not do they jumble lord's name in Maine. It's not all that have been up a couple of jobs. Able about JSC. No worse than GDP. Public judge. I could've gotten away which. A kind of got away with contact that would have been off but not on the price part. The position of the words of the reasons crisis. Save me a kid you're. As fit into. So night did you stay Jeffrey when I left you elect Obama over who don't yet on I would I was too embarrassed. And also knew I would be too distracted to. Get anything out of the sermon ballas I would also have been distracting to other people there. Because I was gonna be pointing and ducking the entire time that's. I think it's of some 171934. And it says the batters all animal. Honestly yeah. A thirteen 1930. Annan earlier the buy it and that yeah reverse nineteen. Sentenced Weller that's. Thirty anyway. Also insisted nets. It's one that. I imagine I'll colony of bats in your home now Uday and your home in years our home is happening right now. Homes in wax saw. And also in Matthew and like Adam Lynn. The ball home I don't know where they are restricted to you know it surely does and it's placed. That's only need an opening about the size of your fingertips to go with anyone ago. I don't director there in the home okay. Here's what makes it even worse as of its not bad enough that you add a colony of bats in your home. Experts say because. Bats are protected. They cannot be removed. Until migration season. And what is that migration season is at least two weeks away. Two weeks away underneath here on. Lettering about I'm Matt yeah oddly it just takes his this one. There. It is eerie and ends. I marriage if you we will remember please don't contact me another good for the environment. I know yes most of them are bloodsuckers and most of them don't carry rabies yep yep yep yep they're still hardly scary in but if you had to. Pick a creature. To confess your attic pats have got to be in the top two history. I'm I'm I'm not going to liars little knock her breakthrough and the floor of that of the of steel and they're. There's not really of a downside. What are my choices. Anything finally something better bat bat rat. Nate my ignited an impostor rodent anybody else raccoon insulted about this even. And mice didn't hear how it's bleacher frugally through wires bleacher total. Pencils stay one place and they're probably the at a hoop is generally pretty self contained not little pellets you have to how to plus. Suddenly your mouse over rat or has gone hey don't. I could. Edit what you're. Gonna win the theory 30 I don't want to protect that's because they are hum it. Because. That's consumed the billions. Of mosquitoes like without bats I mean it could not live we would be a infested with all kinds of malaria. And we you know like whatever else is out there mosquito borne illnesses. When like Ted let on Dwyane rode the rails and that's. Because so we did what we were kids we always had just maybe gated bats out there sees thrown object up in the air wait for the pat swoop dagger Ed. A ball or frisbee or something at night he'd seen swoop stats that you dived at the ground. That was the game. And he is the thing you did he didn't have till you have probably not beyond forget you ever do. We'll or is it to him as a regular we reduce debt graph area. I'll throw things I see you wouldn't like that right now I'm grateful they've grown up ahead a bike and you're definitely acts. Act and we are you staying back or no we weren't rich but damn we were picked a bad off of like it's in the house on the Iraq Kuerten or something just picked up. Outside who. Can. Well maybe I just you know I love that's the even of my great grandmother have been that bad at every B shot or stomach. I can drizzle maybe imagine that it. Raining cats and 1079 delay. This story. A thousand dollar fortune pours down. Times he still didn't win every week day at the bottom of the hour from 7 AM to 7 PM when we announced the national he would. This summer catch store twelve times every day Monday through Friday. The umbrella at home and snowed here in the gas this summer camp storms from Charlie. X 107 now. It's odd to us we we all think this is odd that the vast. The vast and the best you Wear is a modern symbol of high capitalism. For Silicon Valley. So no more are cain's security chair of the day where Kerry. And a lot of goals in the San Francisco airport. There is a unique window vending machine that dispenses fast. Is the vending machine bring down an average of 101000. Dollars a month on the air. Alan. And I won a tan and one of the bank Billings and then I'll have one out of the airport out. Yeah I tell you get on that I. I don't know like I don't as. Personal Heidi forget is this about this is a mainstay. How do you forget I guess be like forgetting a suit or something bad. You can go without the vast probably right give it to juve you. All you guys well today. Matt and many wearing T shirts you put a vest over that Tina Harold you just said you look up a notch I can't take up dye in wearing it but not Dresser. He puts it best on that. Sit up and I'll tell you the best is so under rated why not now on the cement to. I'm trying I'm looking at the pictures now and I'm totally out now these are not here. Your dress seemed best these at night the puff the umpire. Like the public really intern I Q4 yeah warming your canoe or leave right because I fancy I guess I I still stand by my statement that at a. I stand by my statement that does best take John Mara game. This is very misleading Dan airy I was thinking like. Dre and that's what you address. Is because you that you came from somewhere warm probably yen and its ever Cisco it's a little cool Unita best. That's still stupid okay it's still stupid is still in its even dumber now about just now he just opera Wal-Mart or target on their way to wherever. I thought maybe they're rushing into sales meeting her son Cole and and they need it. I got all of flew a plane and it's a little chilly I sure do need it I guess I'm telling yet. I don't think I can Wear. At best over this teaser. Now this is I had a purple T shirt on Wednesday saying a little for massive V neck and the main act. I know I don't even think that's the kind we were thinking about. And you're thinking about. Who's wearing a vest with a teacher is it's just so stupid. Eric fine line you know what it's. One Issa look that you are most likely to see. On a country or rock artist. Hey yeah I agree I think another Christian artist do it is well the teacher but the best look. A cave and I'm just saying. That. Bandy and doc and I cannot pull every teacher we can putter ever address shared may be but even that I am not full on and on I'll look at it now. I find it. Doing that this part of pull an all out and yeah yeah and it. Yeah and another little note for you. Parents. Are paying as much as 35 bucks an hour for sport Knight coaches for their kids. Or night battle right now let's say. Video game for those who don't know the Nintendo on who it is. Now as anybody it's it's for loss Xbox PlayStation on tech the end whatever anybody can. Date doctor united to and I don't think you know beyond one's seen him play but I'm I'm not into it. They are hoping that these tutors at 35 bucks an hour. Will lead to college scholarships. Competitive prize pools as you can now try to win money obviously. The Perry a pit twitters all a Twitter who wit people say is ridiculous. Hiring eight. Person home video games are bad for you or whatever other parents see what differences that make it its chest or fort night order. Okay whatever we used to HS that's a better comparison yeah volleyball better comparison men. P&O. Or sports or anything like that because says it's also a game. It right game that requires. Skill. And intelligence. So if for night out is also a gamer hiring skill and intelligence and there are some ways to improve. Your chances of winning. Then I understand yeah I mean I also write and I I did an and then it's just something aren't as it would be different kind painting out but you're going to have. The mommy jurors. Like Taylor swift's mom and Justin Bieber is Monica. You know dads like beyoncé data Jessica Simpson instead of who. Basically turned something that their children love to do in 28 career for them right but just think for every one of those people you mentioned Anders. 500000. That didn't do and it's going to be the same before my second I piano black pepper ball and football like this volleyball I just. Punched in. Its first ever. Yeah I don't think people realize how bingo style is I don't I don't realize it but I now understand it's on ESP and. Stocks of various. NFL guy. Do wine. Differences yet so it is. I was trying to find that the amount of money at somebody. People who make the fort night tournament has a hundred million dollar price. Now. Hundred million dollar start to grow and you sure you liar and then their means I. The on I looked it up on time and I was amazed that again I was unfamiliar with abated but the amount of people to go watch people play video games and number of people. These the people in the audience. Is staggering yeah for someone to play to watch other people play video games but. That's because we're not into it but imagine going to. An arena. To watch people play video games it's pretty pretty bizarre and and that's the camera finally yours prep on separate quickly. You know on TBS they've started. Showing. Gaming. Tournaments on TV CU don't want don't know like watching golf video furious over 46 million this is march 16 when he seventy. Or 46 million watched a lied. Ten million Mars then. Well actually here. But the trump an operation or whatever there's a point is that desist if it should be as it's just it's it's not act are solid video of people in this big stadium. Watch. To get and they lose it just. Crazy issue to be bad on it now and gamble on it which cap for a gossip some got my attention. Tactic and ranked a guns that we alliger. Four year old son in the basement anymore are you Steve Yzerman day he's saying he's a 179 the lengths par. Gasket and he found them on the Internet so little they must be true Mets thought that. Renny home ready it's time to have your mind hello team where at least appreciate that we figured. Well certainly you can see people and probably don't think you can get jobs to fill but goodies in autumn. The Starbucks at CIA headquarters this Starbucks CIA had been pathetic that they don't write people's names on the coffee cups predict right Kennedy. Does the that at around the Maida isn't big if you look at the body you know. But I'm Mon does sometimes I'm Ramallah does sometimes I just say. I like any pain and and in that view you why roll the dice by roll the dice. If you're spy. You're giving people your real name at Starbucks. Nobody in my kitchen respond name might give you with a they can tie together. And that guy said he was it zippy underwear and look at his face. That no one knows anybody's name in the CIA and they're not allowed on the record recently known as didn't he can't be seen so yeah. Mom and your I don't hundred Anderson. National security like idea. That penalty for cannibalism in Idaho is up to fourteen years imprisoned unless you ate some wind. Under life threatening conditions to survive and it. Don't go to prison go to jail it and but I don't know like how long how long is the time there's a big gray area there I'm gonna known as you can say technically I needed to survive a lamb in the noon today. Thought I'd say there's a store right next to that's how I would doubters that. Latency. Donkey Kong junior is the only game where Mario appears as a belt and Hamas and all and I've nothing. The there's a note this with her on a 1973. There was a shortage no not a gasoline. Potential toilet paper short. Maybe yes where it started Johnny Carson made a joke. About potential throw paper shortage people rush to the store. But all political supplies and Johnny Carson had to go on next day and say I'm sorry. I'm sorry it was just getting around there were shortages around the country for weeks. Ramon is so afraid of toilet paper. If you heard him say that Joseph Hewitt and owls are you would have do you ardea chocolates. I'd be sitting home lag and good luck people yet if that fifth. And I'm ready to our budget mess CI needs. I don't I do not have. A backlog. If you have a lot of external neverland around I mean I just I'm probably am. Ike and a little bag your mavericks at twelve holes you mourn twelve. If I was at twelve rolls I would be so nervous right now if this could even do the ship finally had twelve rolls out. Wouldn't be here right now from you tell us your honor I heard you say hey here I got a family emergency I just realized. We're down to twelve stinky little rolls if anybody needs the Amazon automatic delivery service is Ramona how it Pretoria for what I'd like eating special deals. Owned. And reload the mob scene of that with much toilet paper in the back of my Jeep. That I can't even see out of the bag here and now that he read Boller your market. It is possible. This possible for a woman to get pregnant while she's already pregnant. How about that. Welcome to our own net earned a 105 million a year. During the prohibition from selling alcohol. I doubt it yeah. Al Capone at a 105 million dollars a year going to prohibition era selling alcohol equivalent today would be one point four billion miles out there. To do. Is buying something that people really like that's illegally I don't get a government that big and it's net selling it yeah well it's Bain and and then once it's no longer bad. I would about marijuana. Can be million and number prostitution then a username it. There's only one letter that's not any US state name. You know that letter is. I see now. It's a game at Arizona hours. One more guest key noon and eight. Fifty different names and not one of the McVeigh is a letter to you or an every other letter of the alphabet of shares of at least once. There a couple of other rare letters student and only show up twice. Only two states have a beat. And easily too with an app. Anders only two without acts so blow to the B can a guy mine too much to be Alabama beat Alabama. Dimes at Nebraska Obama the man who might have but that's Idaho. I mean who knew the only she was asked. Florida yes. And California now Lauren and any taxes. Texas yes. But it all I know I knew Texas because all of exes live in banks in New Mexico. And hung it. Does it make seagate and it's more glass in more fun it's fair with a network mode I. I'm a friend again and hit up the magma FaceBook page do it like involvement goofy videos they're two and if you are listen right now take the time to turn over end. Greatness and lead to Greg comment that sort of thing will be happy OK you're telling us about. I had to see well your fantasies. Tell people a lot about your personality. Now that it about your sexual fantasies here. A pack your superhero fans. I do a lot of I'm more of those that I have sectoral 97%. Of us in dole is in the odd is sexual fantasy. I did well what constitutes I'd all of those fantasies. They're fantasy because it's not something Mitch. You. You to do all the time I know born probably have ever done but you're definitely is is an odd might be different in my definition of all I know that to be true to what they say hide. That is really mean anything because it's out of the ordinary for the fantasize. OK okay okay you're the fax. If you. Are in normal human being. You are in the 97%. Of us who do have sexual fantasy. Okay now is not a dream this is different it did that fantasy fantasy he think about it lawyerly. And there are a couple of different. Category. Of fantasy. You have your group loving and. Math major the as a major theme of Kenya. I guess three Sam Padilla control. Or aria okay added it was more than three. And controller like you're fifty shades kind of bond China. Well they call mile believe that would be like your plus cheese and costly can I thought it would be like that whoopee cushion or something and you have your danger. Outside. On Adam rocker something out of window. Now you know you have less common themes that are. If you taboo or illegal for a senate. But when you are let's say an introvert. You are more likely to have a fantasy M balls intimacy and passion but if you're an extrovert. You're more likely to fantasize about group blood then I added that as. Not monogamy laden and tag and you are more likely in your fantasy to be praised for your performance. I don't understand why a not everybody has praised their requirement. By an introvert doesn't need your pretty damn I didn't weld an amateur the opposite they want to. By the insecurities assuming that it's okay it's like Tennessee on my fantasy the the extrovert BT yeah you're afraid defeated they're a day. You know MM realize wow the candidate fantasies are okay and I guess when I would think you'd be the opposite because I would think you'd fantasized about the thing. That you don't normally do like the endeavor might want a group. Because so far off now they're an introvert. Yeah that's a hole I nobody I to judge fantasize about a porn things. So I. I mean right. And it doesn't want like some sort of I. Asides about things I find sexy leg. It if I've tried and legs girls didn't catch that you're not gonna be hanging out harm while I'm doing anything. But your David something that's fine creeping your disgusting it's not my fantasy. Well I thought that was the whole point of a fantasy. Movies something that it is something creep you just. Oh is weird. Let's I wanna do it right fancy doesn't mean you're gonna do want to do it just means you have it. I like you might fans as about seeing originally wanted Hewitt or will do it. So why not have something just really out there. How can finish it if you Iraq has really like just randomly Google words Matt's doing an IC dot com yeah we're now lives back many much dot com that is not one of them. If you are deed to a conscious. Of your more likely to plant more elaborate fantasy. And make sense to you got a hat steps you gotta have like a list right yeah it a whole lot going on. List and he like biggest roll out. If you're a woman you're more likely did. They dream about like the fifty shades kind of stuff I did you hear that knowing that the. Writing it all I guess that's why the book's got so popular damaged women. I'll men are more likely to focus on a specific person. Of caddy aren't that I'd I'd you know I find that like I don't. Size about a specific person. And I'd be generalized. Do you. Yeah I know they have no face. It is not hard and take him hunting is that shadow and it's not very specific. Yeah I don't I don't think very I'm very specific ethnic. But you don't I don't even get but you do know it's disgusting this. Act but you do now not I mean because I. You know I'm really kind of. Let it dry spell it and saddle. My fantasizing is gonna way to be right I'm a fan of. He rut I don't know that I'd read about that how to get out of bed of fantasy rat because it's always about be a beating up criminals are you know being able to. Flying uzbeks assistants and aides and now there's no there's no sex involved with the a superhero. And they're mad man because I'm older people are more likely to fantasize and accents they're fantasies. We're talking me mob mob lawyer if fantasies are more likely to involve three sums and group loving our younger people. Have payments that are focused more on tax. And romance quite yet maybe we get that. Grandma you've already been through. I don't know but I married forever on my time that little song and the next Eric capital saucy. I didn't expect it as a as a youngster next. Illegally can. If a hero I could explain yet creepy it is maybe in the hole. Thanks for listening to our fair would that remote check out the article. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.