When To Choose Generic Over Name Brand

Monday, November 13th

Sometimes the generic and name brand items are the exact same thing, so why pay extra for the label? Ramona tells you which items you're better off buying generic!


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Armani building gives our brides you buy like Carolinas Georgia belated data saver real money you save it. So the brand name is and opting for the generic versions. That will save you money now understand brand loyalty when it comes to toilet paper and paper towels Miami brand loyal person. But you let go when it comes to these products the gate which ones first of all over the counter medication. The FDA requires a brand name and generic versions of the same drug to share the same active ingredient dosage and usage directions OK go generic I don't you got to connect. You generic. On Prodi's. Like lettuce. Head of lettuce with a brand logo on it is not inherently better band out lesser known lettuce at three feet away and fifty cents. I gotta be honest I didn't know there was actually name brand lettuce you can buy I. I did about organic Burris is not organic and docking about certain things that are brand name rattle purified water. The pricing and packaging might be different but purified water is just that it's purified water. And these two my mom and I argue one because she he is brand loyal. When it comes to sugar and sweetener and she's also brand loyal when it comes to table salt. You we are now we hear there is no. Friends between the name print table salt little girl on it would be umbrella is more Kansas and bring it up and do you lose that Judy even noticed I would have her in table salt is just that kids just table salt of the singles for sugar. That's trade name version store brand is the same thing when there's one ingredient and that ingredient is sugar. Or super lows. The only in the package if they ghosts from milk. My name aren't grinning milk sort brand milk. Well coming from now I'm full I've never heard of a salt or Atlantis. Loyalists and battered this despite the claims on the packages expensive batteries do not always outlast near cheaper generic IL counterpart.