When To Kiss Your Date

Thursday, April 19th

Ramona isn't a fan of kissing on the first date, but Matt? If you aren't swapping spit from day one, there's something wrong!


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Today to what that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening dump all their wits that Ramona. Yeah you should see smush room its I think yesterday. And brands and the day and it's just that Thursday that I think I don't know. As I would so huge you always try to kiss on the very happy yeah always always I would think that your noninterest that if you don't get me guess in the Thursday. Is Monty if I mean I have I have a lot of guys really try. Am. Date and from that modest and I go if I go and make it very I resemble him for a hug. Well cases maybe they didn't you blocking though when you go with a hug you like your use the older man way out. That's that's as friend. Yet on this and then to have an I would like for the fringe chipped to develop. The four year trying to give me germs around you you know I'm sure Lou commander of its turn firms three big sums going to be there. You're gonna get the turn one way or another I wanna get a Galloway gullible little immunity. There's so anyway the friendship first I can rest I would recommend you go in. Winter at least the option test not a friend. That's definitely different outlets like almost like get away from me again rejection is your body literally has just like push them leg yes. Go to the kind of hug that you'd give on Sunday morning at. Chair terrible. You give people that come in his lazy met for the first time a bigger better hug him and you don't know how I haven't seen her hug here and I see your description of your hug there. Which is to those people her or elbows are locked. In front of her at day both the thing. Horizontal. You don't know how did six pars palisades is analogous to farm girl on coming matchup may hardly any space for the man even get in. So you give the same hug to a main your dating as a man as bland as he sits on the fifth pew from the back. On Sunday morning Arnold. That's terrible that's terror down that has nothing now nothing related to Internet. She wiley gentleman yeah. You don't you rush you've got. Should web site you know whoever salient whatever sales person not a Brazil's first and whatever client that comes Indiana yeah that's a little rush again. Except for the guy you might be dramatic victory today. I told a great governor but the way you're describing it that that is not a great Ben and I I you know let redid big boy I yeah. Give more in tune like somebody you meet for the leukemia and on the data have you seen my awesome date how would you while you just pantomime dependence. Terrible but I'm gonna go so. And they did a great bird can't blame them if the and you cannot play and then. So basic test the waters first. You know like she's flirting with you feel like it's happening is he's touching your armor or whatever on a test the waters it will all that stuff. They're phrased as a question is that something like looks a beautiful and I keep thinking about just. Two I didn't mean I think it's all about you said that. Like wow. Are your lives and is. Soft. As they look. Yeah. And I said well I do use steps. It's terrible but. In January with your robot company. It will bring it. Well Mary you all know I'm very awkward yes but I'm very awkward about the good and bad I mean really what I do little how many police are definitely that they shut him down at tells Ollie jetted down. Instead of things to you about birds and bees in the grass and lips soft and I mean. While this it won't be as good. The team forward and keep it down that is no second a chemistry. But it isn't this the smooth and sexy she laughs at all pertain to the subject maybe shouldn't this out. That he be said today you're supposed to say really well maybe you should. I'm never stayed out of first aid and on your your Maceda man as long as I'm not ever gonna say I'm not it is ahead it's way too awkward for me. I'm going to be awkward kiss. I see you kiss. Strangers. They all weren't. A okay and your posture and forward hugged and you see now. You practice at least and like peace be with you time it surge he's he you've got the best in the passing it to be there whatever. Yes. So cute little pieces and some would love that guy today at least letting kiss on the cheek. The dollar got Alan that's scattered all around her robot unleash him let him in a little closer on a geysers he doesn't. They didn't take the Dow in stride. Day to flax. It's it's maybe the woman is just. You know. Barest percent. Just drop it. Don't do. Things go so well yeah like why was it is because we run that restaurant is because I'm a does that mean I guess maybe I just grabbed and I look like. A freak. They're just like come off mature and relax newbie you know cry your car. IPad app I'm a grown man and the act and another one is that worst case scenario that she says sunlight no way a bleak and just and you and if if he handled with grace and aplomb say I didn't mean to insult you sorry and move on. Past. Yet I know I believe it gives you had to we investigated and if you do you know many options other than like animals screw you when good tissue anyway that's. Snort listening to all there was. Ramona sometimes on Wednesdays we duo would you rather Wednesday. AA. Some of the ones we talked Mel C we've changed her mind what we think. Would you rather have whatever you're thinking appear above your head for everyone to see. Are absolutely everything you do light streamed for anyone to see. Now that includes. Okay we and think about this earlier this habit include obviously your sexual relations. Not a problem include your showering. And. I don't want any in my new didian well that's that's partly every single minute that mine you do BS to me I was. We have to have everybody everything you do out everything you do live streamed okay then I guess I gotta go with the thought bubble was not going to be pretty. Not about. I mean given that. Well. Thought bubble that can get to probably in more trouble. Than your basic having sex life. And I'm assuming my dad. That's not gonna watch Lou that all gets in trouble because I'm Lester who would get you in trouble and trouble may be a mistress. But maybe embarrassing. Would be the better word if thought bubble gets in trouble you think if I can't possibly be thinking about something I'm on TV and I'm thinking about something yeah. Well that would you rather have people see nudity I've he'd do it and we Newton all every day okay yeah I got to go back to live stream you know back in nudity whatever that I'm gonna lose interest and Carlisle definitely like it. And I are watching this is not a violent again. I have now no FaceBook group stared out at very boring and toilets at thing I mean via the toilets. There's guys there's all site like guy arguing on the bathroom on none of us up at. I like I said like there's also thing with the IBM people sitting ticks or whatever it is so that's another Lanier ventures is you're gonna. To a very supportive of the ordinary day. Smashing. Gnashing takes me as your lawyer bun you know those little what laws whereas I I just sent us soundly on our site or whatever it was a forget what that was. But anyway so you'd rather just you got to be native and all that stuff and and on YouTube and Guillen thought I I things yet I guy got agreement yet who exactly good. I have to talk to my face a lot. So just control base I talk to my face about controlling my expressions because sometimes it means I'm thinking. They're just wrong on its counties that want me to think senator Robert Scott. But thank god he can get a rest it thoughts. A UN would be local and sell a lot dean everybody tonight. And I especially and everybody to know Arnold talk about. Hearing not because my friends and family disappeared. Now. Ohio that's the only people. I don't think about how to kill them or should I deal that I think about what happens if they are killed or go missing. What do I do so that's not illegal to think you look at him today how you thought about. How you can give away was something and breaking into people's houses. Right back yeah. Yo video or. Yes I don't wanna do because it's illegal but. Agha SE my whole thought bubble would be I wanna answer I would like to try this out but I know it's illegal so I won't some I'll probably get me any trouble. Yeah yeah like I wanna swerved it is on coming traffic but I won't do it kind of a little at home and those those kind of things. I didn't rattle him but he should deeds you. Attack hazards as normal. Wide assortment odd kind of I'm not run of the mill fonts and a petition would be. Which one of us would have been most and healthiest thought bubble though that other dandy didn't have. He's extremely and they lose that one. Again I want to win. Probably we will I won't I won't buy it yet thought bubble okay yeah I just. A rather rot and make it all day whatever that other choice many children. Imagine the effect that killed a senior mercy when I think about now I have wondered dirty stuff I would have at I have to come with a rating. Like okay this is your role model is if you thirteen overs underrated or whatever yet. Including kind of like the movies you have PG thoughts are you at this contains some violence any PG mature audience oddly. At least PG thirteen. Yep probably I don't know some pretty childish at times. Okay which you widget in which I was shocked this. Rodeo clown to be that person to act goes table to table a restaurant singing that same salary. You bury average or below average at either job. Have we as its food and we need. I it. Absolutely. Love. The restaurant don't really weren't happy about Amy I think you'd like to do it in public or one on one like man. The restaurants that so happy birthday 72 tables over and joining and it's probably all your singing. At a restaurant and now there's a lot of those three go around the fans will have dinner that Saturday night that you heard that cigarette brands. The lingering territorial. Again obviously happy birthday as. It's not awkward if you're the performer. Generally only operative either perform me I'd be very off I would feel very awkward going up to a couple. And singing knowing me you know when you come to yeah. Torn up and that may head thinking about it. Lone no way I like going up their table and match my mom and you bury our exit wing and you know you go on vacation and then people come up to your table insane he's as mean she sees it another team mystical gaps and honey get money you know isn't money. Just pop on his post paid them those son he tipped them a merry aren't too bad yeah you have to openly and that they got an. Yeah. I don't I know that's the defense was again and so I just forcing yourself on them up and then what they've been getting regular away. You're you're basically a bigger. Yeah would you hard. But I'm offering my talent what we do read and I. Thought that that came in his own way you are rodeo clown there come into the rodeo to see you pat. And you get it gets an exercise and no one's annoyed by then go to the level rodeo plus the little danger. And this is this. And seeing things out loud you can't say on the radio. You're listening to off there with that Ramona. Before I ask you this question to stay instead of how are you. Beatty has an amass a word you hear him say it now tellem. A toddler who's also emotionally unstable with a false sense of power and sometimes just an all around a hole. Is a burglar turned Lerner. Like Alan. I've learned and now another who's a little longer popular with the. Dear my favorite people on the planet for a good year. False sense of independence and sheer determination. With burglars out of them but they're not all you know that the moments I mean were altered and or heard adults let's put it up a adults. If you can blame now and learn that the adults adults. On the right instead of just the jets have a goal IE add big running ally. You get the spying yank re busy and ever and people must know you're talking to a co worker here. Yeah we're good at anybody it's it's not necessarily but he gets you know does not selling it the co worker. I took the article you mean that but it does demand named big Willie you just a relatively fast. Read and value like hey incentives and they had their big Willie. Lol are we talking to. Be your body being could be really big really can be is in amending. And AMP of these are ramming the wall. Up. And he's good at bat I dug that once we in my. One actual big Willie I know. I did all I've only met him once and it's docs brother the end insured he's really big really that it exists and name that you gained. I can relate these big that third big Willie's long before finishing at. At at at and he's going to be may not differently willing it's. Oh you are able is that the day anything he does do well is the best part of your day I guess this would be the instead of at the end of the day hike near the end today saying hi. It was best party today now Madieu. Deli line and then grocery store. I'm not a couple of people here who I think would respond well to that I give my son's. It has permeated. They may be the hurry. The wrestled look at me like I was nuts and even use like people and stuff wouldn't want somebody to say that I am yeah I would like to question you work. The best because it forces me to. Even if five kind I had that. Today the the speaking gratitude. All the does part of. On I think is too much is wanted to get this over with ready why you thinking she's she's just a thought that. Also I am. Some forested overriding is say you know what I lived this was really good. I am one. And one. That I'm gone. And butter sandwich and you guys. That was on the Q did you hated it was that was not good part of the best part. It was fun money dot com. It is now that was the I didn't feel alone that was that was one. I think though that. The best part of I can't deal with it we can't. To do with the spam and spam dinner. Worded but yeah it was great about today. But that's not like. If you're eating dinner medium walking you're passing somebody you're bumping into somebody you don't dispute that you throw that out his bump and no men. You know they're raking leaves outside your welcome by an ounce and aid and aid even if that's party today I am regularly its global. It does seem like we don't neighbor you say that are low what's bad or work his most exciting news this week. And says he'll be doing network gives the team members energy. And independent and identify colleagues strengths and passion. Them bullet answer is doing my weekly bureau manager. It's exciting news this week and out of doing what should setting this week in ten anybody in this room. Sample all they look at you is Newsweek health is getting painted today you said approach. A not working the edge and so I'll be on what sect cult so on and another thing that the even those retired by the way to analyze he had advised him. What are you about the bad that's a that's that's what I'm looking for a most excited about that number of DB wants and I think it's episode four of that cold salads I don't know the name of mountain is spinning this assault country what does it. Wild country allowed country I think. Or you say don't instead and I you know was a night on whatever. What new ideas are giving you energy. It's a word when I guess but I don't really care about I mean why would we care. It doesn't involve me and I mean wasn't managers under and I don't like every new ideas let's involves me and show. The little. And when you if you're the same teen. At a time part of my team memoranda about. Area kids excited for other people yeah it's. It doesn't sound like give me a second grand what does that do in any. Of that didn't make that. Putt unless somebody with the purse. They like I'm excited am I am going to. Sitting in the front row that aren't gamers on parents. I attention substitute. You know it's bad you want to go again anyway something like that what you got a personal thing. I've been more interesting to me then you know like you care about their job. I remember you told. Our boss that didn't care about is yet but it definite awareness about my career and I hear me I don't care you go down annuity. That's a fair thing to say at least somebody is honest in this world if you know I give credit you know we're out of those are my keys in his direction not at him from. No not until you keys. You through the readings and that a product or something but I docket but anyway I do know these things are oak might be okay Solomon's some form if you actually seeded. You know some. Try to get like a thing at once than you might be able to do a but I am great which went went on as we that was cool our. Am adamantly. What app I'm not I don't know how to say a new ideas are giving energy lately be cool about it that's that's. No one would expect that from you man and a and thank you throw people off women met. Sounds interested in that I did like it you do some cooler grows like. My dad rose. I really think you supposed to do work. What is it like you know partners empty a pretty minor. We don't know yet again expecting Clinton Ad growth and agency that is did in the bathroom. Yeah I believe are job growth things avenue popped in a lab assistant temples there. Maybe you are surgeon or something airy and something that. Or whatever like embodies a dentist and how many people would rather feel to have a lot of growth stories to share and a negro blood in radio low. Their release should be dead in an interest in most things. And I'm tempered. Out of people and yeah. It's also there was met Ramona I'll rate and comment. On the podcasts are actually rating began to cool man who. Right Ramona renegades or weird do you wives stand when it comes to receiving gifts. I. Is she she's not huge giant I mean I don't think she expects it like we are not big holiday people. There are seeing you pretty much every holiday. Your anniversary Christmas and her birthday come up with something not right I anniversary definitely not. Gregory we we aids usually take the Harris family reunion or something in. Latin and it tears it wherever her house and her mom's happy anniversary dust or is that we just so it was a racist you'd say. Anniversary berth today now unless the big number maybe there's a party or something but I don't think I don't I got an Ariel yet. There today got her. Sleep mask it's that that was pretty cool. Apps you know the beauty of M yeah. Fat we don't have holidays sleeping yeah and that's a super thoughtful bit it was 'cause I monitors. Wednesday's. Other. I'm talking about you and out now especially usually they're kinda did because she said it wasn't working very very well wasn't. Stifling the sound and so we and I'd be more quiet about her arrest earlier Kirk that's present. But authorities are you could on holiday people may owe my life gets upset if I'm ironing thing. There that I dislike to outline why are you doing this I'd rather just fix on behalf of myself that I might and. They kind of where I am am I. Unless you know my taste very well or you're buying me something that I actually all about getting for myself. It's not called and had a leg and a marina at like to appreciate the give but if you give me something to where it is not my style I don't. Feel like I should feel stupid. Wearing something that's not me Schilling had 94 exe. Yeah yeah anything not worth the role the diocese and me or you can buy like because I got guests and was really in ascertain the years I don't and minorities and there's nothing I can imagine even surprising. And giving her gift she would most things. Yes I spend money and MTJ two. Is. Everyone assumes that. I'll woman especially. Who enjoys getting gifts. Is a gold digger or she spoiled. New. Not I don't want to belittle her if she'd like eating yes I am and she just knows what she needs to feel love I would have trouble. Being in that relationship there's nothing there nothing against that woman she's I mean I'm not taste well but I think that that's that's this doesn't match for and I couldn't take the pressure. Me out of so much anxiety doing things her guests. Yeah that's how are my age shopping on the big picture the good thing is Amazon now. Sometimes we hear we hear you're like mentioned something you'll remember then you're taken crap in order he so. There's that I am going to do so. Bodies from Amazon or so mile hot tip right there sit in on right now about a minute to do. We debt on the. Yeah man who likes receiving gives. Is the woman who likes giving gifts she's attentive to the needs. London not allow man he's thoughtful I see a lot of people who just want to gets a lot of women and men I guess mainly and according at least how it's said to me by the guy who don't Aaron Yates presented to be as mansion once. If solid timer again it gets all the time or whatever. I don't really hear you know I gets CV Greg and I never why would complain if you are getting and giving your not Italian. It's all they do not bothered by it and years. Getting guessing giving get to and say your buddy got I have to I guess got another gift giver but if she's always ask you are stuck in complain your Buddy Guy got Swenson. Maine and new car or something. Now I have heard. Several. Wives complain that there has been either doesn't give gifts and it. Even though they love him it's a little careful or. There has been put zero thought it gives the gap well I do and that's a little careful too because they are awful women. And now I have one for music you know what I got overeat I realize that was in him. He told me whatever I wanted for myself going by it it was for him tell people it was from him right she wanted to get over it. I know I do. Like I don't understand people who don't want again. Some mariners and. Related now I don't want. Is present and someone's getting do you think it's hard for me to understand when he gives another way you psyche as regular and I give another way it's I don't she doesn't really say that giving an NC it is here's my sump and if she needs it that's not expensive. But I I do both. I don't against and I thought he sum you'll give gifts and wow this shows that policy don't buy gets no notion thought let's put the there's got to give a thought let's get him and any that you don't get to the. To be though thought listen seat if you got to got a woman who enjoys gives is not about spending hundreds of dollars on superficial possession. Yeah yeah I hope. And our always be big gaps and just because flowers. And. Are happier I'm when you're watching TV right you bring home some warm Fuzzy socks. Never once known as Amy said which had your margins or even hinted that it you mean so you snuggling your way home and pick up some. Delicious gourmet hot cocoa for herded to heat up later when she's why shouldn't he be our brand is good enough that it. It's our brand and as opposite I'm the fastest hot Coca to his music enough. You mudslide that what do you think it's a ball to thing hotline I'd like to say when we use some like that unity you know. Big time brand name Coke some like atom at mar our I have to or America. You could. I heard it on the yeah I have a little easier to. I do better thing I don't know Wal-Mart yeah. One big cup of Coke I she buys something you know lately and it definitely adds about a or if it's a much more afterward wherever I've not grumpy Lessig says Montel remembered to put Philadelphia. The game yeah. Thanks for listening to our fair would that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today it 1079 the link dot com.