When Snakes Attack!

Friday, June 29th

One of the weirdest stories we found is about a guy who was attacked by a snake head...yeah you heard that right!! In non-snake news, we talk about the things women want in a partner and skills everyone should master by the time they turn 50.

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Today to what that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening dump on there would that remote. Stories hanging around we'll. Are you and now it's. Fans. Yes it's flat rattlesnakes it's sort because it was just ahead of the rattlesnake bit him he would kill the rattlesnake. And chopped up Ed and then went to pick up their head. And Barry and I guess or throw it somewhere whatever. But. It bit them. They potentially fatal dose of venom that was big it was a four point rattlesnake. And he was in Texas as you might humor yes. Verse 24 hours touching ago. Emergency helicopter ride 26 doses of anti venom. And handed and added that the receives an autonomy. And they say that rattle snake heads. Can live up to their not exactly sure because. People out of static it has its mean it rattles them. Twelve hours they think it's possible that heads the list. Twelve. Hours that third there's a random and it did you think. Problem. Yeah. They can movie is that it can move in the venom in its plans as just sit there waiting to mess somebody up. I heard one point so expensive to get that bends that cost us 141000 dollars of up a time I shot treatise on site. This data my 26 feet long. And rattlesnake bites can be deadly. 171000. 7000 people are bitten a year in the US between five and twelve Dicey rods pretty gutless. But both Fannie and I have had. Experiences. With family members. And rattlesnakes are poisonous snakes. In our lifetime. Really pointing and making a face what poisonous snakes yes dole barely tell it happened when. You were divers I used to spend Summers in Kentucky and diagram on our farm and we were headed out to play a nice game of croquet together. Act when she told me to furries. And so I'm just a little kid and I'm not I froze. She went to the sand and got a whole swing and it over her head and tapping that thing up. And then she went. Only amateur try to eat yeah I don't matter remember and I always thought it was a sign another snakes don't come around again with a dew they had GB area remember I don't remember that part I just remember her hang in the body on the close. And because I remember. I remember it my. Uncle. Who is. I forget what we're looking for a hermit he lives in the mountains we know electricity. And all this stuff. One up to visit him one time and he was walking my brother and I price. Tween or teen or something and he got a gun went on. And he is taken into basic critters somebody came out locker aussies this standstill is behind us and shot. Which steered the big Jesus out of me I hadn't even been around ends ever. And that this rattle statements like happening there and you know Bernie chop the head out and sanity every honorably at a top the head off and buried in Bagram. I'm gonna go get style it's Mendez is thought that party profit. These I learned about her warm warming fairly story it is heartwarming story that that is the closest. I was ever to my uncle and maybe the last I'm results is. So anti attend but I idea I did I so I knew. Now you know. You know it's your uncle gets their own but he knows what to do her I don't know that you noted Barea ahead of a rattlesnake catch him you would never shop went up that which you now now. And I I'd probably be dead because I am running Mattel particulate. Hospitals pay 2300 dollars per vital. Of anti venom and how much that they have to disperse it hasn't been hurt a man's in the markup that's a much some hospitals when you get what you said the one U three under per vital not much the person. I doesn't say how much a person a's and just saying that I'm on top hospitals paying you know how much and has our guys yeah so I'm mad as America that's true on this guy who had 26 vials on my guy he's a 100000 dollars or more and then log into don't get bit differently embedded. Stands. Charlotte's best mix and 1079 the link invite you to get school. It. Get schooled well. It was special guest fashion. 1079 no link dot com slash events there are assumed. Beings according to mission changed brands you should always do our rabbinate that we are all. And and that it is number one got a hint. That's sex long before it happened if some hints. People talk about spontaneity and that sort of thing but upgrade some sexual tension well before the actual encounter. The hours of anticipation. She makes me that no add a united. I don't think ever been lingering kiss and I did I forget about it Hewitt care about a few minutes later I don't think Hewitt. I don't think we create any tension. Or later that night at all hours later released yet only in the U he's like Vietnam you don't think that's. Yet I can't be real life why well I can't be get kids. Because argued come home and and and jump on the dining room table own erratic. People have too much going on in their life. For one lingering kiss him beyond their mind alternate and it's truth from the think about it generally relate because you think its sole. The ordinary in out of the question. I imagine if tomorrow morning before you laughter before your wife left the house you'd just brought rain for out age sloppy. What is she be like why now that come from. Probably think about it all. Of Sheila well first of all should say keep doing it very sloppy Elena. Yeah sloppy one and that she would target. I don't forget yak and I am pleasantly heat things up and I am happy to come through a retired later. I don't and I don't wanna promise anything at 8 in the morning it might happen and 99 loans this suspect. Give your partner flirtatious text during the day. Okay I'll give you that's better what's good. About this is not so great. For you. Give a suggestive wink when they walk in the door severe as first when nominate walking out wink wink. ROW. Do addicted to with the two fingers against guns. Did it click. Think that sexy. Yeah. I ever suggest everything I say it could work like a wing core the lingering key is I say OK yeah I agree with this I think he could work you guys say. It might work our way not gonna work what are they gonna Wear estimates saying that you think could you can do. Material quite fond of that she's looking for it later that way. Well the text works the you know before you leave you like say something like what are the chances. My dad you didn't take there's chances reacts but he got three that. He'd be there week is is gonna be silly. The dad particular given light then you can do all those things like. A few hours before and I know we're not in the morning before you leave for the day in in this sock and be till like. Ten hours later reviewed yelling a four hour window for hours and a place executives hourly and 7 o'clock you can give it like now has. And by 11 o'clock weird you know and again memory and a more. Our window of about four out what's going on four hour wind out yet and I mean to say what the you in the mornings and what they got and you can you gives an 8%. So that's pretty. It's very sexy. User environment is set the mood at a favorite playlist dimmer lighting candles sense. Act I'd. That's a lesson for a lot of work and I've never been a music. Guys as can be distracting I'd rather have TV on the back. Fifth. Party eight hours mystery Anderson simmer Russia vaccine now we thought you don't like music on my whole life I've. Relational. I've never been a music we're done but wouldn't it. Maybe it's not just about you yet she never brought it up I think we brought it up yeah or she will play the music that we are in bed. It's rarely had music going on and you really wouldn't turn audio lead governed Tehran amusing urinate in everything. Up a. I had to get out and about to exert myself effect if I don't wanna have a get up but not. Oh yeah it is we have in May be. I'm in the music might wake up accused him. About the music. Masks the sounds of what's happening in the room so that little ears can't hear it. I think you be more like led wake them up tonight and Hannity why are you playing Metallica. Or whatever like yeah. I don't think is some sexy didn't are definitely. But speaking of hearing music your mother and stepfather when you're letting them but I got a. And here's song turn on in the due to Bob. I do is detonate on time. It wasn't a bit on I would say parents if you do about wanna start your children musically. Don't have a song they mix it up yet don't legs you know if it seldom. Yell Marvin gays. On or Bruno Mars song. Whatever it is don't have a song like your love and not as a general don't don't don't. So the minute they hit big big media to your kids like yeah I got my and how did you know what I do more signs and just van. Bumping and ruining it if it can't call. This is an analog and your house and play easy and tagged my in my bedroom was right across the hall from my mom and dad dad's room. I year. The door closed here might this. Oh my gosh displaying like a horrible movie I hear him you know. Rushed down the hallway caught and then I would hear the encore he thought the wind Bob and her. Linking all the glass. God and and then did I hear him. Rat backed down the hallway. The door close and then it cute cameos she strange but I like a home made. I haven't had very short commode dollars something. That's a rotten you like that your world heading down. It's more laughs and more fun. It's very quickly that Ramona. Yeah I'm gonna matter not a FaceBook page do it like can follow any choice but not bizarre videos. And but I'm not. The Merom Monad. This brings me to master by the time you the age of fifty tank and the first one on the list is something that you told me that I am so. Horrible lack. That I just shouldn't even try it then it's not that you are bad added I think you pick or subject. You've told me that I was bad at. And your mouth of Iran. Your bad advocates that we we. Even try not had threat yes it's it's mentor you might dead earlier knotted the in edits they donated trying you know is that your your batted choosing him you get yourself wrapped up and down and then you've features step up over it and it's always a failure. Or at least a modern not an optimist success. Wow so that one beyond where men touring just don't get you know emotionally involved. In a few pieces of words of advice and there's only so much you can do. Wow now planning a legion hat players at least something and three quarters of play here pat where I have successfully mental word. I'm one somewhere somewhere I mean you mentored used to no improvement over a few months and this time of all the shoot. Yeah did you can sign a contract when you coming at Torrey on people he can't help. Right right maze driving yourself in and help them sell bang you're up against well you should have mastered mentor and by now who you mentor in many areas. I I've I've come to a point in my career when I don't have to. Yeah mark the. You're comfortably in your career where you should you've got to amount of information. You can guide someone around the pitfalls of your profession. No one's asked for it. So yes the real key yeah that is true that's where you force your lettering on people to implement a so I don't I. Or it's my maturing on people. Not you know people ask me now. I've been asked to be a mentor yet by somebody else up by the person was getting meant. Who's by the other person who tried first and they fail and you hairs on my hand again and you try here's your problem you actually me. Woman that I may endured for probably. Ten years. Was being made toward by someone else. Another coworker who came to be instead they would do indoor or instead yep that's called I don't say. Slop and are off. The it was a sloppy seconds into the the autopsy. The you know what I'm not against Bolero I know is nobody really fascinated see anybody flailing. I think cat and Andy and I mean she's at the Pentagon and apply it. Here's another when you haven't mastered that let's is good mentor in in that haven't mastered box and I've tried listening without talking. I've mastered that all I. But I listened without talking. I mean it does it listening yet to really care. Just gonna have to hear this there is difference between hearing and listen Jack. Now I listened in my I yeah I I I am not mastered a better. I'm not masters. I've been that is probably thing I know two. And I always when I just add my knowledge in the conversation. So it's hard to be. All that because you've knowledge that you're doing so much not meant to ring baby I got a lot left to cancel onion hours yes. And they say at this point your career you should be able to work with someone you don't like. I have now idea now he's getting it isn't essential skill that not everybody has. Because there are some personality types you click with some you're more likely to clash with. You should be able to work with both. It would be hard to do the kind of job we have I think. As soon as it shows do it nova prolonged period of time as iTunes they basically we are not friends. We don't drop. That wouldn't it be tough but I can see how you might not like. A loss or something like that like you know teachers sometimes we don't yet you give to get along with. Work apparently don't like all the time as a grown something NASA and that is true so don't. But it bothered. This is something like your job. As doubting about that loudly she co worker just quit it could be destitute so hot it's cause there was that Ramona. Some things I women one and a partner police that's what I say it's not really true and it. Nice cars one of the things. Women don't necessarily. Care to Europe passion for kids. Some men don't. Want kids who would so. You might think it's really a well abandonment. Is so to examine Damian or whatever but that is not necessarily. He didn't immediately not the only Uga hates it. It's and that's a tough I don't know I. Strong Jamie mean I wanna touch or hang out. Dark and light and went by touch I mean appropriately like old baby I never wanted to hold a baby. Before had a baby. Randy wasn't yeah I like yeah like I know that guy who's. Lol oh well limited to yes that thing is take it to like any needle like yourself. Or whoever was the one not yet like you know I know that women and all the ads duties have been a baby I couldn't even take it to be like. Chewed and everybody think that was awesome or whatever you know it was with her in laws and at one point and earn it would have definitely been brownie points. Wrote it and it did she would thought it was cute back and even pretend. That I wanted or like to hold it. I could even sucked it up for a couple minutes ago like oh good good good. Or whatever you think that. I can you fake it right most guys could take it suits is at a tick date them and families all happy with them I don't. I'd like to believe that most guys aren't sneaking out not most probably aren't of people guys do I'm sure. If you wanna be that guy like Andy and I are like at that data UH. Again drawn from more guy cannot he cannot I was talking to my nephew about this. Kids love him. Link when he's around kids flocked to them when we go to family reunions there are like. Always like to five year old who literally hanging onto by wrestles with them he doesn't really liked kids. And he's like why are they a dog goes people don't like David why are they always flocking to me you know what he probably just starts a let. A bit it's like when you pet the dog if you hate dogs but you just reached out anyway and like a scooter. The dog still gonna be wanting more like the kids come over and he gives it a little like. That maybe throws and upn airs on then they don't know it's over. They're playing fetch the rest of the day the navy and losses my face dog. Thinks I'm a solo. That's not how terrible her analogy consolidated the old normal wearable analogy analogy all of the pledging kid like would you play with a kid they're not gone away. It's like that you know we've if if you don't like a dog. Don't. Like pat because it's it's just gonna keep coming like attack if you pay attention you hate acts and attacking near you and you reach senate patted the cats. Even if I don't edit the casket hanging out but mentally as a kid they're jerks like this message your the one of the younger like he's probably one of the younger guys around me in that range. At the time single I would ever so they come over and out ME gives a little like wrestling move or whatever. Weathered the early going to be coming back from where I can't shake. Can't take it at that point. I debt and then the parents of the kids are you know like say the you know leave him alone and and the guy says that's OK you know immediate. Oh. Yeah. Lone parent and Bob. I did. OK. About it. F five and then air missiles and warrant and the guy goes Baghdad Garland is that you are really not exactly that would give him well again. A silly on the laurel and it's no moral and just reality. It is real and I went into the dollar but it it right well that whoever happens. Done some dogs you throw that ball welcome bring him back consulates. And though we just can't shake and golden. Throw the ball path is the more you know like a dog to throw the ball so far away and it can't underway next. Same with the kids. Across the street SE. Don't exist if you didn't have the and then on the gun didn't do it so I had. I yeah well he was found a method that my. Predicted but unfortunately there's someone out there right now who knows when I mean the divot did little encouragement they're not later. So the moral and hands. The ball so far I've. Why did a processor. Is somebody else yard right and never found their way back. Nadia but the laurel is still encouraged children are going to be doing okay I don't encourage yeah. And I don't know if you don't want to be don't know it's an authority on they just finds that a couple hours and never hurt us or if you're the parent. Going to step up when you say you know. Leave Milan and ended the guys is odds are right you say now it's not a right yeah. The book. Thought out with a parent has to force the issue. Community didn't. I don't play than getting it. Iran and no big old no operational hung out nobody has gone through. We don't have the bad about my desk. Yet it's ahead. Game. Thanks for listening to our fair would that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today in 1079 the link dot com.