Where's Dale?!?

Wednesday, April 11th

We've got another story that proves Matt needs to get his hearing checked!


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Mad man was. The Mets last week. I finally put together why it was because Amy was out of town beginning of the week it was. Anticipation of his wife going out of town for a couple of days and then she actually left town at. And left met in charge of their youngest child spring break at it. He and but people don't understand is mad man is in creature of habit is Diego's a certain way when you change that today. He is a tornado. That is the quote a torrid Nate. Advocate morning so he was trying really hard to do something nice for us and he brought in coffee for every buy it and then proceeded to spill coffee for everybody all over everything. So now the tornado. As. Upgraded to like. All fledged you know fame for yourself. He spilled coffee and then he went looking for someone help clean it up but he went up to. Our receptionist is that I need help I've made a mess what can I do. And she said gold tells dale. Did Matt come back to the studio and say they told me to find dale I don't even know who did a list. Not dailies and actually was engineers who told me third front desk tell dale dale has. But do you know why you don't know who daily life because there is no one India. Is the same person who's been working year or years and her name is. Hell. Yeah. And yeah. And I. Didn't stay don't. Because I tell him don't I. Am now it out where to start to. Figure how to deal was a I. Because. And you know what did you live in yeah. Avail because. All of the yeah. Every day. He. He's good ship is you don't mind I was gone by and it seems like a morning shift is I haven't seen that much I assume you sat here like new owners up. And it well the year read. Into it that way I don't ever did not have no idea guy named dale. The dust. Up.