Who Does The Housework?

Friday, April 6th

Matt thinks he does a lot around the house, but his wife Amy thinks otherwise!

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That is the Mac and a motor show won a 79 bill. What percentage of Powell's word is you're a husband do it's 5050 around their man so little 4570107. Now even is that workload can be an honest look in my household. I liked that I do I ain't fair share you might do more as the it's fair. It. I understand what you're trying to say she probably does more because she's staying at home mom yet but there are times and she probably does what Amaechi cooks every meal wow because I'm not home so. A O. Eight. I literally right now like on the floor and I don't think all of our RE. No no well I don't check it out to do anything more that you like your barely able to do it can't. I. I know we have class because that's that has dropped eight. I. Guess. I am I got out they showed today I. Off. Until you've had. So what else yet. Comedy that art. Do that at the idea. Much use. Do you. Get sponsored and our you know what I mean I am I really could get. Hot and let you use. The.