Who Eats In The Bathroom?

Thursday, January 25th

Seriously, who on earth eats in there? Of course Matt does...we also talk about why your dog may or may not be eating their own poop.

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That to what that meant remotest cast via FaceBook Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. Stewart Cink all there was then remote. Right Ramona says she saw something in the company and Andrew vet sister turner. A talking about it since then we've. I want to the restroom and ice I have eaten sandwich. And then they trashed it that way engrossed in what can I. Kind attitude top myself down like Lowe bring is their food in the pro felt. I hope that's three I hope they weren't like eating their sale wage in the bathroom and I had to tell myself. Either they just dropped in the bathroom. To throw the Stanley duet and I made him wait this is the closest bat trash can which is not dude beard many attic and tires OK it is one against in. He dolphin though all good point that it is impose a lot of the ones yeah good point that I don't throw any thing. Food items and our our our big stupid pit office thing where everybody or in the studio because in my county is never going to be dumped so I go outside trashed again. I'm bathroom. But your food trash but I told myself someone either that was the closest trash can throw where there's damaged. Aura they had to go to the bathroom they walked in they realize they at a San would you nanny say forget about it. I can't wait I'm just throwing his damage away because I can't. Even sue would any year I can't even have the sandwich in here must've been a growth sandwiched. That's yet to be the worst hit whatever is it they got anger consummate got angry and so ideally you do sandwich. If you're the time a person who eats assailants on the toilet and assailants isn't good enough for it it's a bad thing. I bags is there a certain level you just will indeed anything. They did a new while workplace survey they found that half of your co workers don't always wash their hands after they go to the bathroom all I totally believe that because he adds I'm Abby. Walking into the restaurant you're worked. As someone just walked out and I see this ink is dry. You didn't wise you are and I think we should publicly shamed them. I don't know and today it even ordered an answer quick questions first do you think. The percentage of people to wash their hands. After all this is higher or lower than people who don't wash her hands and arrest. I believe that people who don't wise theory in hands I think it's higher. We're talking customers at a restaurant we get a customer as much higher restaurants I believe I believe more people wash your hands at restaurants all your going the other way it and others don't on the motor readers longer around the restaurants now I I. You if you can just yeah does add thinks so many people know that. I'm here to eat so I'm going to wash my AM I don't know if you are ago like I straight up pub bar type thing. That's got to Ohio yeah no analog bits pub bar yeah or club or whatever and I'm telling you whereas some guys have never seen people skip. Which you have the guy in there that gives the towels and spray Hewitt. In whatever you need to be spray with a gives young man or whatever you know either paid like a ten that are the ones and dips. I've seen guys not wash your hands to Zack I'm assuming suspect I was like they don't wanna give that guy. And I'm particularly nasty. I I'm I'm men and bathrooms a lot of times I'm the only one that wash their hands in the barrier would have liked Iverson's mom doesn't believe you bid the aisle because the anti pain and she saw you come back from the bad and I refuse their sanitizing. Hand with several people. And he offered you a hand right. And you refuse. And then she saw you eat some chicken wings and sound forgot she clearly doesn't know about my campaign to get hands sanitized or insult here in the work. Place your athletics it tell her about it and you should Dem campaign shouldn't discriminate. In cleanup why we just can't shake hands. Go back to the bathroom come out and eat wings to just sit and just what bull mom offered him a pure wanna cut and turn it down I don't wanna waste you don't remember a lot her memories of the pretty regularly and even my reputation and questionable hit I didn't I act. So this survey found okay having your current coworkers are always watching and yeah I. And in fact addict if I I believe that probably. Only a third of our coworkers here wash your hands. After they use the restroom every single time. And what percent use soap. That it lasts. I believe those alert as the daughter on the effort if you make any ever to our team I believe you using so I would say I think it's only 20% of the people who work here. I would bet about 80% don't wash their hands as long as is recommended night. Yeah people yeah and then. Lot of ten people take their lack of hygiene even further. By eating while they're sitting on the toilet at Barton. What are the and I'm does not matter who played a power bar or something yeah. It's got to wrap I don't know spaghetti Smith is terrible and yeah ribs are on that and that knows nothing not sure who is still got to Anders did can you drink no no imagery and little water there. I've watered or. Like a water bottle like data that you still do you like your water bottles break with the easy on it disaster that is already on there and he's taken in there species announce everywhere. Well I don't sand like. Right next in the motor something tonight you'll fill it up in the Kudlow and flush the toilet before you leave. Occasionally not to guide and balding you're spraying their feces back over you wanna buy it why can't I keep my butt on and block out. I guess I'll try to. Its seal of deceit. He's black it out at UCP is doing it for everybody and a premier ignited it. And so you've never. Like to get taken a drink in a. A restaurant and if I did it was I threw it away. They could just mean I'm sure to say let them all and I sought to get some Starbucks. You are not I'm not done with that drink by the time I go to the restaurant or that dancer crazy I'm giving it to ever hang in west. In about manually anybody if that. Whenever I put my mouth on big go to the bathroom and it goes in the trash can in the bathroom that's crazy. Guys Dick de Beers and all the time and the pretty normal and we see them on top of the journal oh my job now. I'll mind. You were unaware of that. Your so another being here it's not had to do you think absent about. You and G. You're in Ohio and. Yeah yeah yeah yeah no ads. In its content being dominated it sometimes they give you religion that Andy yeah. Yeah sometimes they give you alleged even some parts. Let alone a little jittery hand hygiene. You gotta practice I'm telling you get a practice balancing on a little knob or some bars actually make it a little legend there and they eagle is into the night and it's full of beer bottles they're everywhere. Can't believe that day had I don't care of that I could not imagine it being a ladies beat fit. Budget since I've been women sit on the sink when they go to the bathroom I know that app and you're here predicted earnings in the ninth and. Morning and annoying aren't I guess we are ready for war. Orange days for the best music for sound. Get your tickets for Darryl. Old John notes and strain. You make teams. And 5 PM PD. Featuring train. The best show us. Plus seven on the legs. Could be headed for a sexualized marriage got to watch average of science. Lake is starting a few more like roommates and intimate partners. Am I mean it can happen as you age though yet you know act that takes you grow closer together but. If it's too much like they're not turn an honor. Her life. You know sometimes. A mandate a lure a woman might not have the same desire that they. The relationship becomes more of a partnership. And it's priceless that's what they're saying it's and it points. It's excellent I like to think of my grandparents this next hole I mom do. I heard enough aunts or uncles or am I really amounts to hundreds. A re monitored and honest as some stories your mom told you store your mom. Stop used to talk about letter to parents bad not now on Leno do now now now if I did until I got a friend that. If you're not comfortable talking about sex together. You ever had a open conversation. You could be headed for trouble. Learjet that some sort of conversation. I never had a really deep conversation. But really tell us that right at school in return to the government's. Back and I think it's a lot of grumbling and bumbling but it's. I have a conversation acts on. You're giving all your time energy of the kids. So you worn out yet sexually kids asleep in bed if you've been really much too long man stories and cleaning up after dinner. You know might be what to what to do it and there and as they say and caring world always pick the shortest book. Benefited. Listening yet so don't be fooled sometimes you get full because the book is skinny. But the new open it in as a lot of words yeah. Oh yeah Bob no way I thought his grades. Insane insane why you think Dr. Seuss wrote that back in the day lazy as parents and watery like three word that a page it was for early reader but ever. That you avoid watching romantic erotic scenes on TV and movies together. It should be kind of around losing something but you're feeling sitting there might be a problem. Look at things came on my mother and dad and iris in order teenagers. Like Afghans went up crutch it's. We will then you know yeah. I have but never like you weigh nearly ten I know doesn't mean I'd. Don't get around those sometimes I know you don't need to hide it wouldn't act out of all the makes things easier for one member I have never. Been in the presence of my mom and being aroused. That path and have you done a little weird. Little teenage boy I mean just the good stiff wind there. You know. He Bonnie volatile not you browse in the presence of your prayers they have now. Your teenage boy a and you watching you know. He honey. When we were missing and stop. Kissing and stuff and shows. It helped us. I mean that you're guaranteeing all of stuffed and take months. And I think Adam one Monty Python episode Google. And then we're no nipple on Monday the million the grown up there are even BS it was yeah it was classic the BBC BS yeah. I'm mental errors now and narrow canyon whenever. When I was really anger at a snippet. Whenever there is cleavage on TV or go walk over to deviancy like concede down and it's just EU. And our. So did ID a burger draining in fact that if I'm not a perfect for any so anyway yen in the my dad likes to make jokes there's something in him that's inappropriate and I (%expletive) on my talking about like doing it but they're. Whenever coddling or something and it. I like. One of the you know you've you like one and. It is showed therapist on speed dial for these moments where he's going back in the. Is it all hang out there. He did call and I didn't want to feel qualified to listen and respond. After that I did feel like avid BT's and demos turned on to the the old V is still. You have so on to have it comes and one of the can you in your dead or Dr. Phil. They hope will be a highly rated episode he will probably than it. Also you that you might have a a problem might be headed in the sec with trek XX was direction if if part of makes fun of your sex drive or lack thereof and march US citizens. A good sign it says. Yeah that's probably true. That is probably a good site. And I committee on united it got to be some exorbitant not a good sign reading and going. Am all this and I must all be quickness and the. Good thing I thought after it's off there was a mess Ramona. Right we'd like you newest intern. And parades. This podcasts and share it breast. What we learned. Couple days ago a few days ago or whenever that wanted to tell a tubby died. You wait in Q Inky Daimon Shelton and it calls it an act we like on an actor. To actor believable is do you link via. Assignment Alice then. Ellen tubby. I think got very wealthy enough talent but weren't they planning Kolb didn't have a I say me. Yeah he'd be replaced it and that's on anymore my kids never got an. Which I'm very pleased if I were kept quiet insulin do with the theme song how is that it. Prime its cash uncertainty Weinke. Bit the dust. And now we find out that the purple dinosaur. AK Barney. Has found a new. Deal actually it's are in 2004 but somebody. Has finally discovered that the guy who played and is now what does he call himself. Tank and the size specialists and spiritual healer. Are bad looking guy status pictured it's on our map and FaceBook page. Not that I know what he does though he looks creepy to me and I don't think if I thought his picture. I would say no that's a EB guy but knowing that he used to be Bonnie. Now he is giving sexual homicides. We're downwind into big goes for money the we're now that I notice I look at his face that I see creepy dude. So what does he do exactly what's that's the story and then the guy played by gimme some of that breakdown. Well Tom in his female clients. Who by the way he calls goddesses. He charges them 350. Dollars. And four year 350. Dollars. You get. In ritual that he'd be huge ritual. This designer basic patent. Yeah he's not describe in your back isn't every at bat the ritual usually in every shower usually do and a certain order. So it's a ritual I think it's nasty if you don't go to certain order it's nasty. You really like it rituals more like a solemn ceremony I'm Larry hunter. You know burning candle. Let tainting I. Also the shock or balancing. Tree that's much crap and he doesn't aside say can lead to quote mind blowing Orton. I did this eight. It's. He markets himself if he got a obviously you're equally large Manny played Barney. I don't know you got a giant head this is not part of the story in. Perhaps not relevant that he is a black man gas. Poof he's 54. He's been practicing. Entry six healing since 2000. Or Manhattan. And and he said he used his entrance training actually. When he went on playing Barney because a Coston weighed seventy pounds so they were very long days of huge gain and there's. Next topic the entire time he had he Bryant I'm sure he never took off. Does that says quote. The in NG I brought up while in the costume come our based on the foundation of centro you can love you can't take a series grows and evolves from love all these few. It would do that stuff we don't sorry lose yet and so art he I'd love to see his clients I would Sarah I just idiot there's a little show. 56 years ago called real sex and HBO. And that. If they were not models let's put it that you say they were in that. Upper and would be like a 510. And yes it is jet that anything. People who are in detained treat. That's hide stuff like you're seeing. But you're going to get to light gas. You're going on tender and going to Devard need to get here easier to your sank still lying. That's what I never heard shortly Boleyn girl parts yet I never heard that the Florida the Yani. You did. Yeah he's very great musician. Didn't didn't aren't known as a Greek I know these are desperate girls aren't there shouldn't have been that. Thirty clients. Or not get rich off this right thirty client prepared to help and supplement to see. Can I do think 350 dollars session. Three to four hours so if you see in that once a month. Let's say you've seen them twice a month then. Balance they're shocked frozen. Avid viewers why am sexual healing he boasts 32 iron in post and these debts and Barney residuals coming in. He. He. It's graduated in the ITT technical institute which tells hopes. But has nothing to do attention aren't they taught that there I don't know that does seem. Weird. He's really upset about the the wave this story has developed because. He wrote I'm sure most of you see the articles that have come out today regarding tantrum when I was approached to do the interview I was holding article would capture. The spiritual side intent on my spiritual healing practices. To shed more positive writer benefit of its. Of its access to practice and teaching for those who don't know much about it but of course didn't come out that way a truly wish more people would try to see it's all. Size of ten truck and not think it's all about sex. I think it came out that came around their very well I think that O'Leary's it's the story is getting used to be Barney is my digit declines in the past I gas bottle he didn't do the voice let's make that clear. Yes so he was just you know Coston. And damages and a large black mean in a large purple costs and he's obviously not ashamed. Because it wouldn't be in this story obviously tells people. And tell me the story didn't come out the way you wanted it right right. It's beautiful media I've seen them have kids I know it's not saying his clients. And our cars we know our adult women brightness are consenting adults playing. There right. You know guys that yes it did did did little creepy good and then it's not illegal. I don't I don't buy this acting like he needed energy to play Barney. A tumble match. It what it is I mean for long hours of shooting wearing us. Think about weighing seventy pounds more than yet that they could be tiring on Garnett Jabber because of it it can be very physical. Seeing that. Come on man even if it is you can't say you can't say a man whose gruff well. And you're put no roof line out there and a hundred degree weather but you know and I don't. Dress like act. Dinosaur. Does anybody want there's got to be there are sexually it was tiny little T Rex arms. And yeah there's that that is ridiculous. There's an under a little bit a controversy condoms are condoms but as divers are after where it. Wait a minute truth up that big controversy. Even among his own cancer types the gap it and number one that he is doing the big finish. Not necessarily with his payments. And he uses his own were reminds us. GAAP and he does not Wear condoms. That's messed up that he says that blocks that you energy. Now. It is such a con man. Time able on sorry you're you're spiritually I want to answer it kind of fun because you can't believe that he can you women with his sex. Right if it that a lot yeah that's exactly. And I had a wind resistance I back that up well today. You're listening to all there was. To start all Mike. You wake up in the morning NASA Heidi you're one of them and I know my name is his daddy this. How did dressers who did. Well I say is that him docket and ice it is again. Please. All the suddenly you dad of course I'd be cool guy now I have not become you I think we all knew that as being sarcastic and it. I really like I would say that she would be like yeah that's cool. Like a man now now you mean instead be out. Guy I mean I'm most guys don't wanna be amended the of the girl who. Loves it when they say call me daddy. That's. Would you like to have. Mary loved it when you call. Hello Larry and he's also creeped down especially this article on. Well I don't know I'm on the things that's like one is it something that you ask that eminent domain. Chairman and demanded a all right Mo Jo makeovers you doom on Wednesday he's. Viewers this week. Really yeah. The N Korea. These are ways that you can melt your woman. By being more romantic man they don't to be romantic but I'm telling you we you'll. Just the little tiff reason. Sometimes if fact it has ten. It's just transform your real relationship Blake. It doesn't have to be a full on coddle everybody's not in a couple of us you just sit there watching TV news and you regional when you start. Playing with or hear a little. Let's start possibly talking a little kid we're not talking about a salad here attack did not know like I did not counseling her hair like you would. A little kid or a buddy you. And you're cottages fingering. Her straying he's just dad and my yeah touching. I don't think for a lot of women that puts her in Suh almost admitted. Hated stay at a I don't believe that that I think that decree. My smelling or sniffing it. I don't you being so I read things like. But I know like I have a friend who. I remember how she talked about it like one night she and her. Wafer and we just kind of sit around and he decided that he would help her wash your hair. And you wash your hair for her and she. Like getting your hair washed is amazing like that scalp massage to get him about it and we're dispel most eyes are harsh sounds like you're throwing in the hair washed it's really all about this now but then I have another friend. Same scenario. He decides he's rated in some Cosmo. Article that you should wash your woman's hair he's a bona let me wash your hair he does it she has been here we've. It gets old tangled up he can't get on tangled she's Christoph yet. He's upset because now he ruined her hair. Yeah I'll buy it on the air permit now all bets are on an alien who like damn the hair brushed. It really that that puts Disney finally feels good now hold the truth. What is it before now I'd never admitted that I know I know women who like they did want it but yeah reviews giving too much pressure air. I that rating or mostly about a scalp massage not necessarily a lot this feels good and that lighter as the massage is and is somebody else is doing. Has elevated scalp and besides I would know when I'm getting my hair lying media brochure here. Not rush it not all know not being done much to brush I don't it. I mean when when you get a good brushing gig goes. Like with one of those rushes and as a relief. I don't know how massage more than a brushing it had but that's what isn't it turned out there now don't get down here yet you got to dig deep man okay. Including. I like it's a stretch of the revered yeah that's what I would like there was. Sank and. Editor and he made it but I might dig. I like this is a massage or this. Right. The difference in an effort to bush Dresser oh yeah it's all right so what's the difference in weird facial. It's kind of on an opportunity to show you know. No eyebrows I do not like debt. If you are still in the dating stage and you spend the night in her place. While she's in the shower when he heads off to the kitchen make the bed. I don't think he would turn rotten humanity grateful it's just like just to sweet gesture but it he said melt and she's not gonna say oh my god of Zacks have made out you may not bad. She's gonna be like that's very grateful and area and now it is. I have an issue with Gil I alone I'd like if I love no thirteen Dallas I'm a better team. And I am my ex boyfriend decided to do that. I was in the shower I got out of the shower and I saw that he had attempted to make the bed yet and he. A I don't know what he was trying to bill. But it looked like he was trying to build a pyramid so he just he just that the pillows up one on top of that other good and build this weird. You're made of pillows late. The idea while. I appreciate your effort but this is the silliest thing I have average silliest thing isn't it just looks you did you ever did my bit who would you rather not trying. I'd like you said I thought it was a cute gesture and unloading the dishwasher Rudman try rather him not try again. How oblivious makes the Pentagon and the power appreciated in the moment and I thought it was really cute did each ride. And high and I thought it was hilarious this ridiculous peers it returns that was sealed. This is ridiculous idea thirteen Dallas low whom he married Asmara let it be that now. How many people are you having into the food a lot to see your own needs their team pillows to share that don't you get cancer sex. Starting with this just doesn't Barney and redeem villainous as. Yeah she explains day you don't play in any thing and error. How odd thing is you take a look at the things to do in Charlotte nor in victory your Iraq killed his neck and thicker and use email. Her. Like three or four things Intel had to pick one email to her ass today and tomorrow no later than Friday morning and asked her to pick one. Good idea I that is good except I would problem but first team on an email at my first XB wanna go out Friday night and then take it. I'm not just gonna say Friday night was doing the sport based consumer not gonna go out. It's all weekend. You get it while Friday and then Saturday was so good but like or are we doing anything is I have to Naspers yeah clear relentlessly in all weekend yet. Yeah on and I like the idea when she gives the green light at all take care of it yeah and ask her what's so weird to do list this weekend. And she rattles off I got to go to Hershey story got to the right answers you just take one thing off but you know Ali. I'm going to dry cleaners or religious daily Haaretz daily. Every day I'm Amy what she was honored to do list in everyday use you take something away. I mean daily conversation about what needs done and I got to get while greens are sound and I'm like I'll I got a four or wherever something like that test. Arts and if she says somebody's as awful as you are man that's true. I'll for a lot Lucy Olson says I don't trust you to do that saying yeah yeah that is an offer that I'll yeah like grocery shopping I sometimes annoying to some senate hero these pictures and questions. She's I had I don't know done by the wrong singing here yeah yeah yeah yeah. Yes it's somebody out its daily me asking her overseeing a list of things and I didn't. It's just kind of conversation is I think in normal in general couple act as about what needs done or whatever on the you know. What is a little different if you're a married couple or a sorry. That is. Seeing things out loud you can't say on the radio. You're listening to off there with Matt Ramona. Your dog you got a dog vanity god rest his old and you had a you have a dog. Not a lottery yeah I won't say god rest his soul thank you. Not killing off a little bit and there's family as a dog ill do you have any of us had a dog mini coop. Who now now an image relatively common yeah depending on which survey you're looking at. But then another survey said 62%. Salter. Doggie either daily or weekly mean so what happens. The question is so they had to discover life what what's the deal the wire dogs eaten by a lot of animals do it's it's not just limited to the dog world. But you know they audited try to figure out why what's the deal. Turns out eaters aren't much different than not leaders approved. But it did try to age sex neuter status. Age separation of her mom he's in house training problem behaviors. I did all that stuff and didn't find any real reason. That you eat debris on a group will. You can. Business random chaos reign of chaos and go at people try to sell apparently haven't seen this but there is. People selling. Various dietary thing is in whatever on the the Internet to do dog to stop the guessing work and. It's this thing that you can because they say battle cry dogs. Either own group because they gobble their food. So it's not really digested so there's this thing that you can buy your dom we're like the food comes out slowly. So they have to you slowly and it means then they're less likely either prove because of who doesn't taste like for the. Well everything that these people tried in their owner's report and effectiveness. Zero to 2%. Think I'm an analyst science on this but they are known as greedy eaters group leaders it is greed leaders but you know. They didn't matter if as the users they wolf downs I got news storm nowlin on race until there. And yet while at the weather here's the thing though dog as a varied adult about the two leaders are very picked it. If it's more of its more than two days old they are out. They have standards so they don't somebody had a locker Matta who beer lots insignia they would take the old planet of the new. The job that's a job I could do anywhere you want the scientific where it's Coke proof bagged six. Orlando home so it's again okay. And I don't know that just means dollars and Hebrew for anybody who and I don't know if you hit it right Celeste is move on and they asked people you know how you know your dog eat poop. And they say because their breath smelled like. Think I sit I know on public dude who was at Eton blue. That we. I don't understand boob grab all the I don't think Bob not to win here in the morning that money used to work idolize when it clears DeVon and denial stunned by how it goes out of recited. So. Yet but I am I yet. I'm sniffing my dog's breath very avid I don't. Let's get right there ain't it the dogs in the car like he's going to that back and other smells the whole place up is wrapped. So yes if your dogs bred is bad as outstanding. In beer read. Combined space with another human the bad rep remember that one comedian. We will with any really bad breath and all the sudden they are around him started but he. It adds when he signs that the base if you're in a small air I am one guy on your Lackey has smoldered up. While I wanted to be stopped. That they've dreaded the owners tried that supplements and they also tried training you know your computer once the bureau is people's Atlanta league who carriers. Yeah iron yeah. And I think your eulogy and I'd be happy don't suit and a big rolling end hoop and eating well then why he went. All his life to the best life you're not. No nonsense like you don't want to boot you're not driving your dog at Dillard high. You know joy out of my life as well what do you think that you go to that they did that you might get problems. If they announced as the basic could be. Let us and generally it's not let them he gave her groove with the thanks for listening to our fair would that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.