Who Loves Pot Roast On Sundays?

Wednesday, April 11th

Matt wonders why pot roast on Sundays is a thing!


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You know what I I'd argue I don't know maybe get sent me straight on this low. Enough of these I don't even read others on a kick lying. Was it pot roast on Sunday. And believe in us platters that much deeper. As you on Sundays right in you and the meal for ourselves you know as. I said is because it took longer than that rose to cook. And it wasn't a weeknight games on good law yeah mom couldn't come home after school and make. For that night. Now after. We sent it in the consent it go to church come back and be ready via. Did you write back but also but it seemed to go across. Like whether it's working mom are not working. I mean almost everybody knew who's at the time it is commendable but all district at your mom didn't work outside the home didn't mean she. Was that writing can't hear me airing on nobody had anything back and OK at that you know and and did sport is. Sport about it and it chances to make pot is okay. Plot was kind of an expensive thing. Team wanted to years ninety. Gonna say it's easy to thank you for sending out you know probably more expensive and it went because it. Was it at my mom said when she was growing they really only eight heat on Sundays and it bacon and eggs or Brecht despite. And dinner meal with me would you as you weekend I was on a lot of money pot roast with normally earlier. Your typical supper. I use an idea that 6 o'clock at night and week that your pot restaurant. Is certainly he lunch and dinner and I'm to digest it get that email. You didn't go right to bed on progress here is that why did everybody it seems like most people that. Putting him there might be some fancy Nancy people who had pot rose during the week yeah maybe there where we do you don't know. Hundreds. Before it's her racquet sweetly and step. Onto. The supply of it seems about changed everything and me out of my mom. Love virus on that and it was OK was that it was. The Sunday rose originated from England as a meal to be eaten after church on Sunday. Though it. As popular in the UK Ireland. There and but that's where started Sunday rose about our top paddy nutrients and things. You approach the game. This means a lot rose.