Who's Gonna Fix The Car?

Tuesday, July 17th

It turns out there's A LOT of people who don't even know how to do basic car maintenance, like changing a tire...

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Today to what that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening to all there with the remote we checked out the mass effect for bay and light and Obama was eight. Videos up recently we had the one with a guy on. The hood is far. Split like seventy. Yes yes having houses that aren't yet old Monty and size and dad and the guys on the hood aren't either on the hood. With one hand and the other hand he's talking about long. It yes like like a stunt man in Lou we would do yeah but he has some dude. Anyway I had a ticket out. So. Talking about fixing cars is talking about cars. Hit a road trip. You'd better have AAA or similar type of roadside service because most of us cannot handle the least little thing that goes wrong. Example. For example about 30% of people. Cannot add windshield washer fluid. What percent. It's 30% is close to a third. How how do you mean it's not believe I can do it I think those people could do problem. I hope I've never done it I have to say that because I get my car serviced regularly as veteran and a top off all my fluids I never have to worry about their. Britain in the south that are it is and then north to use a lot more windshield. Look because of the snow and nice and equal pollen yes it and your ballot but yet it's this constant up there. And that hours forget to take it with me I think at three jobs have been in my. Garage. You go yet to stop on the wrote in a lawyer traveling at wine annually to drive it next time read it went some ten year old wash of sort of an effect after. You don't ditch your fluids stopped off when you get like an oil change or something to do but I. I'm going more then like his feminine and that especially north and going more than 3000 miles on the more when it's electric would. And you have. When you traveled to Ohio you need that much legs are white and invited here by he had traveled there and back or whatever but so lets you know we gave you can't crank in an amendment. That I would let's you do and you kind of rainy it's only the president tired the wind chill out and get my I don't in my housing is that retreat Canadiens thousand units con I go like 5000. They'll do that winner up the island but no I they're doing yeah. These people over and over amendment is constantly like an that you have your fingers John Malone and let the whole time talent and how you can slide. How much. I just went through it but was it snowy snowy. Or my garage the other day or three things have been in there. And also not short in my guy tops off the wings you know the lead. Because I don't say I'm when windshield fluid changed. I never see it on the bill still haven't changed they don't match as a married to build up idea I only my god that's the only men don't like you need to go to a new place. On the net higher you are off they never asked me about it again percent of thing about it you're driving around with three gallons of indict the way they've pretty much we love it is as good. Things got a little supply. And ever and when you're stranded some of that all. That I did top it off if I needed to and they are sometimes when. You know I definitely need it. Now you have market but you have you done and it. I ate all you do is pop the road and there's a cap. It literally says windchill launching fluid it's easier than oil or anything else any other fluid so you've done it alien attack. Not to get it on it which ever flirted docs never. I guess he gets his talk I. And my guy and I have to admit it's you know I I go through because I experienced dirt blind. I never even heard in the third blindness and I think it's I admit it it's the same. And asked people about dirt blindness. Because let's name unit if you are like I live in a neighborhood where it is a lot of construction. There's dirt flying all the time I drive through constructing getting home. And I find when I'm traveling west in the evening and the sun is shining on my wind shuttle ultimate. I hit dirt blind because that that the windshield game behind does CNET. The sun just reflects off of the dirty can't cede evidence of Aurora every I haven't run out obviously well I'm really. Don't like you want to just go through the windshield wiper that this track I think it is going on the writers haven't done it. Is my sparingly. Yeah. I couldn't see continent snowstorm. In an open and it does blind as a lap and there is little icy barely see it but it's but she's not gonna use that last Toronto blue. All right I don't know it will be ridiculous. Jugs and you had your dinner blindness. You both drop and I'm. Call it. Is there Lee didn't and I know how. Yeah I'm does Barry Barry let me mention a guy. And I'm not meta data based on Washington but. On Tom bloom then yeah. I always like. Wonder what these people work and still using this school we GIUs and I'm happy hump. And I'm. No way to me it was taken to be a long see there's a line. And I you know everybody I haven't seen a line. It's everybody's trying to began near the border in South Carolina okay you may not have we here windshield I did get done heart attack is we cheat. Your head lights no no that's part and no one on the line every line no telling you never used the meeting hall and well at times. Yeah car wash like every weaker day. No agenda the these numbers Roma hooligans unwilling to do you think about it yeah. Raining cash and 1079 delay. This story. A thousand dollar fortune pours down. Times he's dead eight did in the wind every weekday at the bottom of the hour from 7 AM to 7 PM when we announced the national he would. This summer catch store twelve times every day Monday through Friday. At home and so given the chance this summer camp store exclusively for Charlotte's this next 179. Bill link remote. Read this list and hunkered down it was some. Arrow. Constructive thoughts out this. Statement this and I guess who's not a magician musician decided reason to play easiest resort you what's your spots are pretended were QA. Is that the clap or clay is. The crabs poll should benefit. The clay court a clavicle. They say is is it's like Kim Afro Cuban version of Calvin. I'll come and basically they're like two sticks. Come on we can't count that and I know. You just talk about going into drumstick together Qaeda and I gather and a look like it. Now add a whole royal in the near like you put in the according to get the lessons and second of all. Here it once again we're talking about the easiest OK got it right so. I think is. Together. Well guess what that's why is season but not a lot that I would have trouble any of these guys are you could be considered a world class percussionist now. But in the background. You. Couldn't you could be that guy you didn't see they're not hiring anybody who's specifically does that do this they can putting them right now look for the sake of Malta ski yes yes. OK next step number eight is these exit phone. That seems weird to be on the list that season we really aren't yeah. But maybe it's not as hard as we say come on line it's just the wind a live he's that he Ali Sher didn't do what's right above it. That have or cable which is why which is the like in. Indian version of bond lives like bongos and not carrying drums. I'm still sand sacks on got a heart the body into a bongos and not not to be great because it's crazy Candace doing just trying to beat cranky going to be yet and I mean where political song when you look at saxophone. It says it when the question is is easy to learn how to play the saxophone. And the answer is a saxophone is actually quite easy to learn to play. Because it was designed fairly recently in the scheme of musical instruments. And ask. Yeah and more than a BID which isn't enough. Yeah it's you can't tell me playing the saxophone and not those two sticks you've beaten together or even cards close on the same when you go 109 yeah. This. Under by a lot of removing optimum path seven is the tablet or announced her from seeing that right taiba let. Aid BLA. That's the Indy embryos the bongos apparently got that in what's next number six is a harmonica. You say your brother Matt did learn how to play the bomb. I I wouldn't say yeah about eight to basic stuff I gotta when I was a kid I order a harmonica. Then we'll try to play but I couldn't quite. Every one get one some yeah Cracker Barrel I think we everybody was battling now regular way like plastic harmonic and your like. Birthdays lag bag tag yet known it says its support I writes I'm guessing again. Not that is easy to be good and I mean I tag up off. I'm still some wondering why he little Stevie Wonder overnight but I'm still wondering why I'm still confused by the sex rule being down. Like commodities it way easier and sacks. Now. If cajole. Opponents. Or through a hole one could be. It's a box shaped percussion instrument from Peru. I've seen guys play that well you isn't like just like I don't they don't sell it on now you sit on you bang on it yet and I as oh that was it. What is like they have a kind of like Mario comer. Our big box like you're like on an amplifier wooden and and I and then your bang in on this side of it. The twelve guys bags and get the hollows out and play ball left in the front or rear faces with your hands fingers. Or sometimes you can do that brush or Mallory stick to make difference now. Nick is very very easy and on YouTube all kinds of lessons. Okay you can learn how to play that can home again where I can and Andy I don't know but go ahead. And then you have ukulele. OK I like it that isn't bad as the one of the best like Monica. Anything that's small it's best to be if you learn something you want something that you can. Have at your disposal quickly harmonic has got to be the most. Mobile's. Love the instrument but did they viewed that the ukulele is pretty get. And it's just take beauty where it's it's relatively tiny dampen it still only has four strains. Seem to be easy. So you tell me they say sex is harder easier and we went Morris Dees. So it's hard to phones only slightly harder than harmonica. Ukulele and some boxers. What we're doing and I'm not buying on the. I hear you feel that way about the saxophone is because you see it in ban SEC LU you're getting more respect and the that's saxophone players and these underhanded means to an end to the players are very few. Now I'm and probably your great percussionist. And play any of that stuff like any of it in and sound amazing had is that I don't. And after ukulele you have the recorder. That account yes it does. I mean granted I've never been to a reporter concert featuring anyone over the age of twelve action beyond now is not really an instrument to. I know it is but it shouldn't be on and it just assume that you're brilliant and annoying you're not gonna go to a concert with you know. Hamburg master of the recorder with a recorder never blast after that one greater too great to ride in Italy you and I and it's so annoying center. Isn't it all but if you listen to our Biden as and you. Continued to play recorder after the fourth defeat grade we'd like to hear from you there's what did you do with your recorder. Synthesis and has a little MP3 younger. Jamie examined on your recorder this. Your greatest hits DD yeah. Acton. Then you have the blackened spiel. Which is a great you know the only good thing about knowing how to play the clock in spiel as he gets at 2 o'clock and when he critical we it sounds like he did decent but it didn't but it does sound boring. But it says you miserly to dial play. Rise to what it's like a smaller version yeah I'll bet on one. And the united that's like something a toddler could play regulatory and nursery in that I first sight of him. Those I think that's useless to now. Whenever you wanted to Soros like Mary had a little lamb as you don't want my hobby as uses I think now because he feared some house they and their peculiar thing you need to be beaten you played a little different than they did the claim your block the easiest. Snare drum. Assists marriage Iran. Like the fife and drum like this yet that's all there is doing is all it is is like one group that yet. It's a user and you've played easy and again I'm not saying it's easy I bag pull I've played like faced Korea learned how to. Did do Mississippi stop. And and and we did down at the key to the beat but it wasn't easy. Like yeah what you think when I was bank cities together and sticking by him on the box. If I don't as someone who doesn't have great Randall the easy to. All of the incidents easiest them are not the only thing if I am Mumbai and amp M and amp peso which which. Brings us to know I never up to I'll tell you more and all of it about my ranking of cool it's. Critical levels. Rolling your mind to wander back at times sort of mass on Barack's corner. Padraig. It's auditors are long gone on its choice when you go laughing loudly yeah I know you know what might. There's you know I've longest flat line suggests that merited my. Momma always put it out loud clapping and right now I can tell you that my daughter's. Somewhere public out flat. Well donated in the air and I'm glad to have songs. Urgent it's not even on rhythm the good. I didn't like mini deal bands you know am I can't women being used that a new day and it's. He's learned one of the latest dance floss have you seen that I don't know and honestly I don't know what it is now all the kids. Don't know it. You know looking up your Google vacancy and that doesn't get it close and master maturing. Until it's more Peewee Herman cash. That's master took it. And bush as well you don't floss like your flaws and black cracked. Plus side I know my guy. You know if you take your town you clean out on Sunday. That's the problem is what we're trying to tell you is. Though flaws and look at W he don't know what we're talking about yes there is no up and down movement. It's 100% cited. I haven't learned when you are yeah. It didn't look like you're doing is looking at it well on market on the please for the sake of your children don't work and I am I anyway. I fax 200. Never you'd be amazed at mount. Some chats are your favorites as they sarcastically are actually allergic to humans. And you said. Kelly admires her Kessler dirt in ways made waves may days here at the station I read on FaceBook. That her cat is allergic to sixty. And now the and you notice the real thing in can't it's allergic to the gingivitis sort that you take penalties that it is guilty that I mean really weird of gingivitis dentures are you calling we can't speak for. She said dignity back to come out on my technically that's not a that would OT yeah. I think public eye hairless no terrorist attacks I tell you what are here and a hairless. His seeing cat. On the matrimony FaceBook page right now scroll around by sending me straight to Church of God now as I believe that being. EE could be a sign of the end. Newton. Okay well have all this. Backed green eggs and ham. Started as a bat. Dr. Seuss. A minute that was Ater they cannot create a book using and using fewer than fifty different words. And the editor but the money up and lost on the home. He good as Connolly meant to have a lame dad's a nerd sixty box maybe I guess dot. And does that so he just missed a couple of good limited any good. They're just I want we decided it was good Ireland and reduced side that this isn't my bag and if you look at what was it was very good. A lot you learn the hop on pop. Or does items pulled out an old Dr. Seuss the hair book that I hear has been a British. Really good. Yeah I know wasn't like 70s morning it was. If it was with a as a Dr. Seuss book it's rare but severe their book and now it's whether look at that just given away lesser known as I think it's seniority that junior. Was broken your car right now. Yeah. I was kind of a threat. I can enjoy immunity does sound pretty there's a very were not I think about that is that weird I should take a picture that says. The majority of your brain is back. 60% even brings me back. Oranges. Are not actually naturally occurring. Last them their hybrid tangerine simple man knows. They're also notice Chinese grapefruit. Ogle the tail Arial color a mellow. Mellowed yes yes so I didn't know that. But a bit of an event. At sea of Orange New York is briefly named new orange. I. Our offense looked wearing I don't know what the I don't know wanted to do Italian bonds on the Internet. What is wound up being used all over Jersey it's. And oh orange county and Orange County he had. Friends in East Orange tonight area brainstorming meeting that idea again act out pretty quick I know Lawrence. And I think it's a terrible idea. Man. And I hadn't been through a lot of runs through a lot of through expansion. Now. So loss slower a lot of things that you take a week to digest there food. Kind of like my wife on vacation. The I mean the wind and the crocodiles can groomed for more than thirty years. Some don't even reach their full sized to like 33. I the US thought I bet most animals I'll continue to grow. In their thirties right in the pictures come on look at not I don't know I don't him. Not like there's analysis up and I'm rolling I I don't know if I should. Google. It on the California. That's only me now at their mommy cats and humans. They won't. Me out to breeds other. They won't tell me out like some other daughters on I heard that there are all about the body language with a two out together they went through a little or like be robbed or some. You're a big learned that he now that lead that cats in there which is weird to me think that treats and it didn't outlets now. At two different dads. Otters have the world's thickest fur. Never what did you ask it now which you thought about it I would assume beaver and honors a cottage or off to be like Google but the really to pass time. They are. I meant one is it just took a I think I remember. This may or may not be I think is profit predictor I think your neck of the little bits time anyway. And that's other jerk offs. That's badly this week. I don't I. And you set up your morals are almost there art I'm serious look it up a group a rhinos is called a crash about that. You guys again while. The aka the real name of the Chilean sea bass that you buy that you know it is Nancy is about Toby and me in to face. There you have received toothless. Yeah I did so that's pretty used to that cannot be used little town and advertising Sony was producing and selling the walkman cassette player until 2010. It's not a cap normally but the good one. OK okay take the word poppycock. You know on its estimate of popping lie whenever Legos and old Dutch word that means soft who. They're. Definitely in front. All goes up blue yes yes. Seeing things how low you can't say on the radio. You're listening to off there with Matt Ramona case we've talked. About a bit ago about. The difficulty. The various instruments which the partisan that you used in whatever. Still shocked that saxophone over the top to the easiest but not a story for another time. And I told on the air before that. My wife eats saying that she's going to play or take violin less. Which I squash that dream and a regular basis and even my thirteen year old daughter has suited non. There's no worse sounding instrument when Summers learning how to play it in a violin. And I'm like. Brilliant agent out of the mouth of a laugh. OK okay. I got worse day I didn't even drums yeah drums are unclear though they are the drums and other weather and all around their own man when someone's playing the violin poorly in its regular screeching noise I would take a. Bad. Flute player ever bad violent rule and do so however I said doer if you do learn. Decided to violence and I want you to call a fatal Connecticut hospital is so much cooler than a mile and little. I agree because every party you're at someone says who's got a federal. Plays now bird hoosiers who has a violin and enroll once a violin solo but as somebody breaks I don't think I let a party they add in and wedding day waiting ahead. Someone playing the violin. I never ahead and. And this Leary is it being at. Dredge have a song where base that it's tough Clinton is somebody busts out of failure meant to have a good time you are parties about to start you're gonna be that culture because that's not it. Now the cultural the unit its cultural I mean that all anybody likes that the blue. Loser that. The bluegrass. Who's gonna enjoy a good job. Good it'll it'll ever get blown jug. Yeah. You didn't see it it. Don't know what I'm saying you know violent like if someone says the airport the violent you like all right here comes. Some loads aren't getting enough soccer Manning in as you said you used the word dude here earlier that is. You know. That is somebody who is at the top of their game. Even fiddle is like yes you're gonna Wear some cowboy boots short skirt we're gonna get it on its usual. Played at a desk in Atlanta I don't visual seriousness play in the apps so that title and the thing is what they've that the fiddle or harmonica. Which are harmonica is a very cool thing because it's if you're gonna learn something as you happy putting a pocket. So you put out a Cambrex funds saw its its its very portable but if you played at all. But I have to say any of these. They hit. Even though they'd cool it goes you can play the harmonica bit of fear that guy. People have to ask you for. Yeah Jack Qaeda units to be asked. I had been media have your little. Or about having an event in my house and having a party whatever. And then he's done as a biggie got to bring your panel you've got to me yeah I would sort of be that guy who shows up with your fatal. Or your harmonic Daschle and harmonic and foreseeing it. People to become your ideally eighth inning on arsenic. And oversight and here's the good thing about like say a harmonic are fiddle in my mind. They are probably not gonna play. Perhaps now. Got a guitar go play maybe turn out yet that day dissimilar are there money that guy's gonna play a couple of funny wacky may not directly but quick songs and out. Our guy is gonna spend a lot of time. And they're not as likely to be a solo instrument like somebody's already playing the guitar the guy with the harmonic has gone and jumping right now we're Iraq down the Oregon the fiddle is gonna jump in with a guy play in the guitar. And you also feel more comfortable I think walking way. From the guy with a harmonica little deal and got a guitar yeah. Little like the guy with a lot of do you think guys give it and and every damn dark guy you like I got to look at him. Stop talking a pitcher you know and it harmonica guy that it probably one plays two or respect yeah yeah and the distracting you don't want to give. They're really bring the party down our money just a couple of jam and yeah I mean yes and here's the players are easily songs in your jam and it's got to be the right. Mood rights incite the running saying it or alternate talked you break out you guitar now we got to watch you play. Yeah out as a team loves playing harmonica you ought to talk to. And well that is they're busy blowing loser of their match. Up. Right ecological really easy. And I best idea yet but I've never seen anyone pull out. Like a small. I always come Cassie as lack a better term regularly but a small little organ keyboard they can be a little keyboard again don't do that but that's the same that's even smaller than a guitar yeah we just don't see people flat out better. And you probably have a wider range of potential songs and guitar guy. Here's a wire to wire they why refresh. On the pod the guy brings out the a woman brings up a little digital Casio learning. Happens well you also need a place to plug it in yeah need Gaza and battery operated and on the size of the but he. My can be small wanted to talk again and and and much you have more of a single product. Am I. Policing the and in the view of it's been a long day. You really knowing you as a ukulele that's quickie you know now he's in our guide if you don't ever. Thanks for listening to our fairway metal remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 no link dot com.