Women Love Tall Men

Friday, April 20th

What is it about tall guys that drive women wild? We also talk about how to make a new friend and how to avoid people you know in public!

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Today to what that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening got on there with men Ramona. All right women moments that it referred taller men. Almost always bad yeah I was I was not a woman is very many women alive today I wanted to ask this or cute guy he should. I doubt it. And men. Are an average about five inches taller women just in general is a guy when it five. The somewhere around there American women guys are around fighting act which I find. We're accessing short that. I date and I think in short to you began this story wrong been updated since then because I hate seems I think it's tightening and a half as they say. Because I ever served five meat is average for I think it's now 52 in. That call now that all American high for men is a 177. Centimeters approximately five foot ten inches. I really was average for women. This says 53. It that sounds short always thought when they were like 55. Look at tower over some people I've size is average for America there not been and a few inches rivers article was written it and because somehow thought I've always considered myself average. It is firefight a par five using a factory. That is the article says notes that it. You know they've put articles. They regard to date articles sometimes a website several hundred years ago but this article which has just got to go there's government business insider. As was rocked the puppy inches anyway other height difference holds true and almost everywhere around the world. Men. No matter where level off five inches taller than women as adults which is you know he been your pick me where you're at giant. And they did say take me into its they'd take me they clinical themselves pygmies. I'm talking about a little person they're glad I don't about a beg me. Different completely different things in the back and say that's still makes me feel unless you're a month ago but anthropologist and that's what we think. Aren't whatever apology from that images be an apologist for the they've been big. Just only I can pick up a tennis. And out of certain people's very surge statue and equatorial Africa barges these measures have on you. If it's real. A. Yeah. Real pleased. That makes us uncomfortable. Got a book culturally this it does Florence around the and so blogs and talk about leaving no knowledge that drew. I'm not sure and to me adult men are five inches taller than a big mean woman to I don't know our team really tiny. And less than half a pick me adult man less than a 150 centimeters. Reviewed pig mortgage did. Is everything else well I'll finally get its big void. And your slightly taller than a big near big point. Of islands and everything so yeah. I did you. Did I want my job I've won I've won the average right about magnate. I is there anybody else. So whim we'll say they prefer tall man on line and taller women are more important it's more imported them that they say a part of even taller. Which I think. Credit limits you have your six foot something more and it really I mean you're you reviewed. If you look at the average is 510 and a woman. Would have to be. You know at six foot cedar irony grammys exporters are guys out there but I don't limit your reference Davey. Yet. Will my data surprised she's a tall girl Alec now she's like 510. I mean that's what does one minute but not as apt to look at it did she's panic in a little ticked off now a lot of DOS and she sees a really short woman. Would you really talk guy should there. That says Trace I mean I guide you can do the same thing his leg. Or a hot chip. Now unease was says somebody less attractive than you are at all of its content of that ugly dude it's a comeback and this. The same idea. And may have heard people talk about that like DC couple that they figure of mismatched. Yep. And look what happened was well let me white white. Why can't peppers and a nibbled on line you know as some people like in the ethnicity thing and like why you. They've won numerous people on and third do it. We'll look into them. And got good. Well a big day big may no walking around with the agreeable Jabbar people and what else out. I did not have the big curry about. Our. Top. Of again nothing to do it is crazy Bailey. I'll leave it. Oh I don't know. The guy's name is titled and Google are based on about organized. And and a Mormon doesn't bode well. Yeah. His name brigade of the six then I tell there's almost Thomas Wilson Owen Bradley yes remember a lot of hassle they got the senate put Mormon and a big meat that bad everybody's bad. The Mormon go without a Mormon invited to embargo the mean opinion and outside his raised everybody's angry that the mixed wow yeah. That happens nominee I would think that's great. Who's who says that men trade to underage shorter women more attractive. Women viewers sixth read. Received 40% fewer messages and women who were 55. But 63 I mean. Many were 6364. Got sixty more messages than those who were below. Am. And then and most fortune 500 CEOs are. Round six foot. And a sealock could be that device Ers have a lot of confidence. When you are a six foot guy maybe is 57. Which can also lead you to better success. As six foot three woman may get all of you guys are considered tall with they met and you have high self esteem. It below or special breed and look at the youth. Not CEOs of fortune 500 company and as I gonna happen any time ever so. And like the 63 woman. Might have low self esteem because he you know stands out as being tall. And so their force gets less messages because she doesn't have the confidence or so which came first now height or there. Under a lot of guys who don't want a woman whose Pollack and Jerry is not an hour comedies like yeah now nobody can help. You know you are and and how do you show your confidence in him. In a photo on a profile you can take your jets looking at yours and you really can sense it makes it okay. Six it's a girl and now game Droughns ran out. Brees hit and a game of whatever and Amos. She's Rihanna guitars yes yes. Yeah and and no one be diploma when willing Christie yes he's it's either vacant. And she these six victory there you don't I would I would send an out. Especially if you're armor in to fill. It up. It's gonna hit the bird it's you. Las Vegas Strip Saturday may nineteenth party by the pool and music superstars. You regs up. Troop decision CD to see this show. Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas you'll also qualified a week to VIP tickets to the bill. Or music awards assembly decent seven. At 1079 delayed dot com. In this national. No contest so grab your shades. We see our list. 1079. Still links OK yes all wrong in this how many hours it takes to make a new friend according some study. You should have friends says. Happy healthy again you should it that's when the new yeah again as you said. Let us know there are aerials in life I mean you know does Tom done now and they're good yeah yeah Eddie. That there's a day. I don't abide by this report found it usually takes roughly fifty hours of time. Together the government acquaintance to casual friend is an example would be a friend of a friend is the party's. Maybe that's drinks at one time. Fifty hours. That's a lot just to be in that level because. That is if it's a friend a friend kind of thing where the most are doing maybe three hours a month yeah something like that. I'm without the noise of about a lot of lines among these are a friend's friend is friends and a friend. Journey to the casual acquaintance I techniques last snap from. Yeah I did it does to become a casual acquaintance you have to think like almost like I had saved five hours of baby. The guy three meetings as if it doesn't when it comes to sports. Yeah all it takes its core two guys. Who watched through the same game. And you have passed similar teamster he's sick commentary. About the game rightly or wrongly offense but our bonds in her life that's true. It is an it is so cold like. About a plane he thinks that you know Gerard Livingston start doing it. Receiver in Italy down and I go OK whatever. It really doesn't that's that's very good social experimental and because otherwise you know it's hardly get you know I know a lot of like nuclear physicist but I don't. Bring in Bob do you like the bottom that it takes to do a lot of. Fifty hours allotted time on an. And ninety hours. To get much uniforms brand. You know you you carve out time to specifically hang out one another I do that was some people but I don't know if I've done ninety hours. I can guarantee you haven't done ninety hours now I'm Anderson you have trouble committing to. Not a lot of battles with anybody. If IC NIC hours. You know be bang out. Three hours monetary four hours a month. That's what would you like 48 OK yeah and I consider it lasts I consider vastly less on to consider lesson that's a lot of hours. You don't consider less like I believe that I'm friends with some people who I know I haven't. Probably spent that much time with or I might have now but I considered them a friend before we got to. There. I kind of sleep with a guy on Thursday. I cannot sleep or just bring. Government benefit. I'd say it's a different category and is the similar thing no woods and I am not in the sense that three dates. Will love the people lot faster might be a friend of breed it is when he's done this league that I cannot sleep with a lot of my achievement like yeah. Note is Miguel Lou there's the possibility I think of and after three lead after three my leg that my visa Jim. I need a little looser Madeleine dot but the rear floor. I am. Either extending an invitation or having my wife extend an invitation which to me which at the next level. Yeah I'm sorry if your wife is extending the invitation you're not going anywhere to a another lump you are it is. If you. Another level is you actually do that that's I think that's the and don't have your wife make a play -- for you that's the next level I'm Larry at this devil. Level there's another level. The dollar an hour right. We're so that white is making a lady formula OK she makes a hundred things anyways and I I never the answer is yes like his make at this level yes. I don't really I rarely go wow so it you know but. And if it is it's gonna get any doesn't have enough time to make ladies orient pilots I don't watch it gamers on the no I've been on my kids are level where you go out as couples. Yes and then there's a level where you go out one on one with a guy all right okay different levels. And the cast album debuted two years. Tutsis over the past two years how many times have you taken it beyond. Played eight wife making plans another couple to you and that dude hanging out one on 11 on as to why years. I. I'm on. The line. Times have I get that rare moment where I go out to watch a game or something like three or four guys and it would buy because I like to see them all and I don't have. You know I'm not gonna I just rather an animal at one time generally it's it in the group. Yeah and generally 1 Lola has I am sad subject is yeah unbelievable. Yeah. We don't do much well lawn the day I I have but I have I I do know of a specific. I mean act act and they'll probably treat. Last maybe for the people that you Dem woman on a mom with a different. Or friend yet we're five and on the new friend and then it quickly after we knew it now not new news for gonna ask him what I wanted to do. You know. And say ten to twelve videotape that twirled around and it may be. I am a guy asks me for the both of them that's probably high. I'm I'm understand that like every other month and maybe every third months that's X. Anyway. That's a certain level because I'm. Honest and I'm like isn't about getting together watch a game I'll more than likely asking more than one person is yen in the coliseum all and it's a rare moment I asked us it's easier you don't have to. Carry the conversation there's a bunch of years. Yeah Buehrle console now wants a game via via and he an easier couples. Works it out anyway so what was I went over whether fifty hours equities casual friend ninety hours. It is the befriend you carve this and that's a really survivor talk about where you know the white guy or doubles than 200 hours to do the BF that was an emotional connection. I get emotionally connected. Much early. Since my mom and first day of the season he's Lincoln I imagine the I didn't. And it doesn't agree 200 hours of eSATA someone dies. Luke and I might bring in my pastoral companies that are sick or maybe they. How big mess he's he's been just an off its friends who reveres her. Hours man I think that is and that's a lot that is on time is a lot of time if you're meeting as adults. We have jobs and all that how do you get the two nights eight days and eight hours. Yeah that's a lot of time and I've even gone on a case was somebody in camp. The NASA worked out there Colombia as not banged up hours there's that included the time. Then they'll return is all. I thought I act. And they. They do what I do I don't agree with though they say he'd area that personal involvement by the puppet I'm into it that's why so it doesn't count is for work people because you. Have to beat each other whatever. And I think that only applies in this situation where you have a job not like this one where you see the person just a few times that day. I don't know where and when every. We are second this room mean laden and that it's not luck that's. We he's trying to kill us all those years back but we aren't as. As our think our relationship is different. Because of the amount of time we've been talking to each other. We got our lives and yeah when I'm just going to luncheon seeing each other at the water cooler yes yeah yeah I don't see any view with a lot of goat now Ive waited well I will go alone could. It's all there was and remote style is Joseph in light and. Follow the madam at a pace but they've been like that and rape the podcast uh oh okay we were out talking about. Which you do when you see in person who's kind of referee maybe as a co worker but not really a friend friend here. Somebody maybe you know through your kids. Apparent when your kids brands you don't really know on that in an hour than me not hung out together. And you see them and anywhere grocery store. Panthers game whatever do you acknowledge. Do you are you from the old just what's up had you know LA or or hard or do you. Run Boyd couldn't run the brandy pretzels print video and not knowing that dial. Problems or your boy and I especially if I care remember their name and other faced. Yeah I don't remember if I know the face of like. And there. Lies that I don't really know them. Around and play along well for example it had been. Over the weekend. I was at the grocery sewer and this guy said all. Week. Oh he's maybe allow and you you one up just a lot of what I TV gives you what it. Familiar once a person gives you all low you've got to remain a battle level you can't again can't go much about it. Like that. As leg on the you might just feel the awkwardness yes hi I'm only prayers for you in the upper started to creep and. And then now and IK IE dill and about a nice big add any value said I ain't like yourself that all the we don't really know each other again by this time we're standing in line together. So now you're all pretty easily to other guests now the opera days is beginning to creep up. And it gets super duper awkward week. The cat she here now thinks we do know each other and I'm assuming the 'cause it was a black and cashier now thinks we're together. Barack Obama by your by your excited hello I area that's that's issues of this guy's single. Yeah I have no idea are you an idea days are you guys gonna keep your order sept. Oh yeah out that tells you how big her whole Lola as. And a death that would she that was my. Definitely my side that I ahead. Over a little extra overload overload. But that's because I. But I didn't have acted but I a lot of people ask you which you can't just. Lot of chit chatting in stores I know that hasn't seen a meteor behind me in line he's fellow shoppers like my eyes on. People ever tried just to new round I try to turn it back let you get as well because Friday night I was out to dinner. And I saw a coworker in his life. Given that the Bigelow. You. Yes yes it. Radius you can't see but she Hester early wave hand is way above her head yeah yeah I like your waving down traffic in every cat. I think pretty much every one in the restaurant turned around. Outside now how can beavers are Zorn thought it was outside dude yeah I thought I was outside now pretty much everybody in a restaurant or ground except when people I want it to it is your night is an inside voice no no I wasn't a Jose is aroused and yeah. You can talk rivers he has done they were walking out. Do exiting the let them leave. Just expected weight. Not overload. I did we know parallel you can't win back them. My friend says. Do you know. Yeah. Know how big was it intentional ignored kind of like a bandied. Like distant look over there just like over there shall stop waving and I don't know that just just now. And some offers like do you you know that does not coworker. Who wandered out at first I was just gonna give a total pass because he has acknowledged in email. That he does a year Leary well like hey BC you know hallway and I don't say hello I'm not ignoring you I don't hear gonna. But I said hello to his wife with well a G did not have a hearing problem and I don't. And as I cannot believe there's is that inside moment when you first told the story I thought he fury like a cross. Shopping complex parking lot and it's something is and the band he said did. He would probably ignore me if he saw at the IA and very very embarrassed about the fact that Barrett an hour ago I saw the guy in Hollywood like me. You knew that I'm not I'm hardly an island down on a court. I didn't see you now. There are heard error he it. He's the kind of guy who acknowledged in spite of and it's just crazy I don't know life be you can't over hello does his lies run. Right there has not this awkwardness I I race awkward all corners who I am but all what is lying on the cardinals average but here's the problem. You are awkward that's fine. And you made the other person feel awkward. Now you're now you're you're causing them distress damages grow in my club that was a kind of back. Mac and now like mine I've mentioned before them my wife is an overweight or two would be used to. Who on the boaters is voter rent a boat or whatever. Any time about what canoneers like it's and his big giant wave is if she was waving them down that NORAD when and is trolley would go in front of our old Condo which and over and parcel with back and or every fifteen minutes round. Way to. She runs she sees somebody she knows which is like every minivan and I take. I think she comes to. It doesn't weigh as much now it is just be now now now he's way out of the way he does should tsetse does weight Napa where you are you see somebody use sort of know which have a lot of conversation about unity do. If you're a grocery store sad situation. You passed a multiple times. Now you're screwed yeah leg. Now it is good when you see begin to smile. It's like a home we will not. I'm gonna do. So I had the hell happened with a coworker of hours I didn't run this particular day and we were both they're staring at the microwave burritos together. I really sad that quickly. Ran out of things to talk about yeah and I was like so Michael embryo yeah. I'd be front and right yeah. I'm not running and another idol. They started asking. Yeah. And it just got so awkward an outing go that might. Not like them. Alexion some out of work twice. Probably you know we I don't I don't really you say hi the first time and what do you say alert us you know standalone. Right we just we don't know how to use small talk people as our content is multi and his passing run don't even extra small honey talk. It's like Corel is a hey you you might get once the second I loved him hey it's nice yet. I saw a few minutes yeah leaguers some weird thing like that crazy run in India are the guys are testing it'll only work thirty times forget about it. And then the other thing is when you see him at the far end of the hallway and walking towards you at what point do you look and acknowledge what point how close do you yet. Now Brady now it is you don't wanna be waving at the beginning at that track is that and it's all cords that I had only seconds your pass everybody's got to look at a phone look at something. Brilliant ground again. Users there's death is not easy being awkward. Yeah at least we're not a drag people Dallas drive acrimonious for a doesn't make you better element if you know me and see me in public feel free to run. If you're listening to all there was. Pulled up all right thanks for joining us again on the podcast. Some things that men do that women simply choose during orbit they see it. Yes we the women say we noticed when you smell our hair and give us a hug. This. It's. The show but really did you go to the people really can you hear them it's sniff. Sometimes yeah I don't think it ever sniff I kind. I'm Imus sniffer. You're a snap. And if his hair I sniff everybody land and you sniff triple help it target audience to a room and smelling DD that. Like you walk into roomy enough. And on earth there's a strong smell but I'm not speaking out. When the minute and I have to consciously when I'm going to a public restroom tell myself in activists mallet. Don't need Embree injury your nose don't do it I into this decision but when I hug someone. I automatically sniff them but I am out of I don't make it loud and passionate people and our body and I've also found that. It keeps people out sometimes. When you tell them that they smelled it. Mom. From woman to woman or woman manners. Both they're Latin music both. Here kind of weird me out when I hear someone say someone else smells good and. Yeah. It. Luckily uncle after but I have a really strong sense of smell. Promoted does sound tell guys all the time yeah. I love a guy smells good but I mean I've like I have Abdul. 1 this morning it was like she's also good what are you wearing. I would like to ask what does she what she was wearing because. I've found that many times people say so yeah. So subtle for but Honeywell and some I hit BDB oils like that are available blasts and a little oil right and one of your normal. I mean an unknown but in this particular case our our people sniffing all across the land. I am in and out. Is I'm in and out of a hug so fast there's no way am and you are all open your head about hugging jets like and smell bad too many other things that amount to Clinton's done. There's no leg of smell anything yet. What clinched everything I could barely talk and move on Jamaica and am I might keep a bit of a distance means so my face and think any year in the building who hugged me and I could. Yeah I did hear him. Smelling me do you think it's an intentional thing maybe it's like you just your your smell your some people like I'm sure does intentional but you have to go. Stan. How about just you can smell without wind solar renewable handle rare times when you're hugging somebody your nose is very close to their a year out that you hear so even the slightest strewn Branyan in you know of Yemen nose whistle or something they're gonna hear it or you get older Brett certain men hold your breath. Look they have but the women have eyes like a hawk they say and if you're looking the guy in the direction of a girl. And you're checking around and we know it eighty's today so and whatever I like how did it. I usually do I usually do. The guy knowing when you pretend like that's about the case something does yet if you're pretending like it's not the eighth. Win I see it. Then I feel like you think I'm stupid or something about by our. Areas based other times when you're taking somebody out it's not because they're attract. You can check out somebody because there are differences I'm white doesn't like big body builders types which you'll check a map. I might see somebody we gigantic pessimist. And I might check it out but there's no. Sexuality. Year's actual feeling about it just that look at that. Or. Is your own my dad Becky look at her boobs yet are six foot three woman or something in tech. These things Alan you're trying to figure out what they are not yet other cleaners there's a lot of times they had to keep stared into that's a good point. As the image Weiner you've got to keep going back and and you are subjecting them out according fingers but does not thing. You used not sure of their. You know six learning. And yours statistic. Or you know so it's not always advertised second out a woman is not. Always about him thinking she's hot or are I wish you looked like her or are blah blah blah. And might be just. Jack and Amanda just. Oh yeah I was looking at what have you got busted yes. I like maybe about. Suggest little has so I have to say. I gobble pointed out of something it's like whenever but you know unless I say every time he sees somebody say. I decide can't such is six and I. Just as severe asked and you would say it but all I will often say that that person there's really hot woman demand whenever and Emil Tommy the same. Something like that. You ought to every time we Texan but he doubts Asem. And sending. It into effect a. That's way too much over sharing yeah you. Demanded shouldn't say something or the woman shouldn't say something. To let her know that she seats. The Leno you can letters I don't know let's senator jealous I can't tell you I can't tell every time I checked out somebody. Addicts or check out a lot of people. But I that is not Venus like his are hot or one had sex with them or whatever some bridges a segment on that looks like. And that looks like. Moniker from Sprint's. Something that looks like it like a celebrity and you get a look at Tom Celek over there yes yeah then I don't know so at that point. It was checked in but if they mean strictly checking out because they're hot. I usually don't opt out. I'm game but how does owner and I'm on the bubble and check in America's there are you think the stakes earnings they I think they are telling us. You know I didn't Schobel for a stay at an above average me who lives there. Women say they know when the guys flirting. They could I I'll even know went on flirted. Let alone diagnose when I'm flirting I'm very unaware that some might call it learning I feel I'm. And though the president I don't Wear. After all these years and still not exactly sure flirting. Yeah allies flirt a lawyer wanna live flirting style is remote and are flirting styles awkward moment tonight learning singer flirt and. Denies it had not steamy yes we have yes we act covers yeah let me Florida I've seen it I've seen it. I know your talents you eat yeah I cannot tell CNET. Awkwardness gets cranked. Here all awkward dialogue going on here now we learn. Now. If your opportunity with everybody here saddened that you brought to at least two notches and there's learning. Or interest involved gap that you. Use Simi flirt wax figure some things but I I've read guy in a plane and ninth. Help you put something up in the and Luke are Lulu it LL be thankful now let you say okay and you lift this up well I rub your eyes that he thought. And you've made some. Time like you like to do it let it apply and then there is a very good likelihood that I was trying to slow yesterday and you do a lot. On women sitting notice when a guy's a bogey and try to discreetly pick his nose. You don't know that you think you do bad mood you're in all the time humanist I don't know time you saw. I am. How about when he's scratches down. As horrified Britain are just adjusting or. Or when the Daiei is walking and retaining like he just decided randomly to seek out his leg for no reason that. Dude you're that come line but I am saying you guys don't know you think you know and all the time you don't know all the. I'm going to play more you realize. Well regular pump and I wasn't as aggressive as it just it. If you have no idea it and let you had the twigs and marries for like a month then you start to notice. You think you see it every time. Every time you see the spot it and it's a great. One thing that men and overly domestic yeah when did you know what do. And you know I don't know. No it was at that we. Could that's the real fabulous and an amendment when mrs. Thanks for listening to our fair with a met remote. Check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today at 1079 the link dot com.