Would You Give Up Your Cell Phone Or Brushing Your Teeth?

Monday, July 16th

Well isn't this a dilemma...would you give up your phone or brushing your teeth for a week? We also talk about the traits that make men most attractive.

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Today to a that meant remotest showcase. FaceBook and Twitter and find out more help when most of the night doing god you're listening to all there with that remote. All right it's an obvious cellphone. Eighteen to 34 year olds I'm not sure it would change much. If you made it a little older. I think. Until you get a New Year's sixties Japanese you have a different view on. How much and how much of phones worked you know what I mean yeah I don't think it's really and they did eighteen to 34 girls. And I've had played a gap. I've voice mail my dad and let me when you're out a ha. And dad says you're dead identify himself yes. All the things within. It's your dad calling I've told you a thousand times that that. We have caller ID videos. I don't know if you listen your voicemail messages or not. OK dad if there's a possibility I don't know why don't why are you you're leaving one way to just texting or something they're having. Mom's ex may be good fuel tax. Anyway. So he's little different with his own news that a mediator whatever he has. So they asked you would you give up your phone for a week. 54% of people said they would give up movies. TV Netflix whatever for a month. Rather than give up their phone for a week. Lou that is that top one meal on I'd now. And a phone is just a month. I am assuming they're saying you can't watch Imus and you can't watch and use your phone as a TV like. Him. There and it was like fifty definitely and that's 54% and the amount that think. Choosing between two children. Matt Light when all of I would definitely. Of the properly and I assume anybody needed me were calling the Euro lower. Patton when it it's. Would you give away your pet for a week past. And 30% would rather give the pad away for a week and lose their phone for its. My mother he hears me say this she will meet meet but if I knew that my dog was gonna be well cared for during that week. I would let him go away for a week I Garrett and I know dodge camp actor doing my kids for a week. I mean ha I'm assuming they're going to be in a nice plus our beliefs not just give them away as deadly gang unit guy the 7-Eleven and take these up my environment. I Deb I do love my wife for a week wow we're over my phone. I don't even I know why you feel about me in the show I think I need to say that basically make an editor I again cannot go any further. You would probably not give up caffeine. Know you gotta get your phone for a whole week is usually get yeah withdrawals from no guarantee balls on the cubs. It looks like 2. In the morning cops yet but. I and it's probably the equivalent. Six in the if if I was I was. If I made coffee like a normal person did the same strength about ten a day. So he and sometimes I don't have coffee in the afternoon but when I do have coffee in the afternoon it's like a triple shot a sag I've. Act act I don't 1520. So I'm now on a good day it's probably about six of them but I never get what girls. I never gonna heading maybe whatever president edgy take but maybe I maybe sleepy like can barely hold my head up back to mankind I get a headache. EUU. Why not worth it for just a week of no phone like no way more days some kind of suffering. Now well all week but you're you're always on your follow have three days of of now now now Saturday. Embers that were given the capping. It's not champ going not a problem for you had all but. 41%. So put it this is sixty only 60%. Where it. Give up their phone rather than shampoo. Duke meet some people you'll agrees to. Yeah I do it yet there if some people it immediately. I think I'd look at your camp how often do you US share everyday yes. Yeah every day I mean I haven't try added that. It at brush my teeth every day yeah. A couple maybe three times right three or four times. Rush in the morning and then and after lions business and I need to nighttime where do you. IP but 70% would keep their phone per week rather and then and give up brushing your teeth early. I don't feel comfortable my teeth are brushed I I. Don't I ran out of the house like just threw on sweats to go ran an errand and I felt like people knew. Like people in the group like editing wanna smile because I felt like because they egg grow with this kid who didn't brush his teeth. And Jerry always had a film honesty not an assigned to thank you so I was I can't like I can't. Running my tongue over my tee thinking I can't even open my mouth and a despicable no. I do that sometimes immediately when I get home and drink coffee whatever immediately ago breast but he after someone scare my children. And an and then oppressed wary of the ads and in readiness so but so. Viv was 70% of people that aren't giving him that that. Rather not brush your teeth I'm guessing they're not a lot of people around maybe they're lonely loners or maybe there you know from all. And we're working Palmer you know some of the hipster is they don't mind being there either hippies and its billionaire guy. Beard it's grown over their mouth and I ask you what's happening in her I. Raining cash and 1079 delay. This summer. Thousand dollar fortune pours down. Time to stick didn't win every week day at the bottom of the hour from 7 AM to 7 PM when we announced the national he would. This summer fast or twelve times every day Monday through Friday. Went home and snows here in the cash this summer camp store exclusively for Charlotte this next 179. Bill link. Okay we're talking about. Mars and Venus kind of thing and it. Ours. Is this is how to be more successful on dating. All okay difference between what women are looking for what. Makes a man more desirable. On a dating ad and what. Men. Five more desirable on a dating app that will say this is only. According to plenty of fish. All right that's definitely not be true for. Tender or aren't exactly via her up play any of fish has revealed the traits of the most desirable Singleton. And based on the analysis of over one million profiles. If you're a man. It may shoot more desirable. Is if you have a degree. Attack UCL that would be even with the crappy degree it's it's still. Implies that you've put some effort into a profession you all of car. For me. That's not important what I do notice that there are a lot of guys on Matt's background who owes in diggreel with their car and I assume it's a nice car. It's always so it seems it is shiny it that the cars always shiny. It's a car proper as UB is always and you can tell. That thing probably stays like that it's his pride and joy was exempt. Seems to me that would be turn off in some ways that day either your bragging. Which I guess would be a turn on these given dice cards showing that you. Allegedly you heard implies that your wealth in we're. Tesla or something like that. OK so I could see that and ended and having to grab your car seems like kind of a bare minimum the shouldn't have to say. Is the guy gonna say you know our it's gonna Dana picked me up. Why not love that. But I had a car I desperate heard and that every single time to have her as a DD. So I don't to compete. Me up once again that was very sex not a desirable straight and that is happy to be one time where. And I was like Ariel let's go row let's do dinner. And they and it was oh by the way my cars and shop Liu dry now we have. Lol thanks again well so AZ got its I don't know how you valued property and they got a car. You're just weird thing once again I think you just goes with the cards whatever it's not pick Karl Case seriously car he asked to have. I degree degree could that mean it on the activities of the turn on and also very important that he lets the ladies know that he wants kids. I think there is a sweet spot for that. I think I don't know game they would dig it the woman be searching out of your 21. Or I mean they were some would be but I don't know masks. Is intertwined and rarely do I think guys in their forties and fifties I don't think yeah. And if I see that a guy a on his profile warts kids. That's an immediate. I think you got 25. To play for me that ship has sailed 25 IU got I gaga 25. To it they're the. Five to forty. Provide for even via an I before but you know I'll also add it can also. Come across like no yummy because you might be attracting some audio guys job. On match dot com is like. Sixty Indiana wants kids on it but do. You are dating activities is that once that kids think there's something like that Vietnam Paul I don't wanna it would you know that imply. So they want to really young woman. Yeah now leg is a six year old woman and generals not gonna be like I don't know Gaza gets yeah. So maybe your lying and anyway I'm most. OK I am. Before her that what a huge difference because may and then. Aren't necessarily looking for a woman with a degree they just a woman who went to high school. Thank you went to high school and school okay right leg I can see ID asked that that's weird but I guess is not attack. Ended its desirable if she drinks socially. Okay I can understand that that's a social thing. And on the top list of things and that makes it more desire rule is something that I actually and which is. Hello daughter had so many other gases that would have been insulting. And a dog which. Yeah I'd really gonna yes I thought that would go for the guy to. I play a guy with a list of things that make a guy desirable but but it's not profitable. Yet not as important. Like guys like a chick with a dog and I'm thinking of the dying cats on. I don't I think the guy it's not on there not on there are probably I could see that the guy wants. The woman to have a smaller dog not not not to be small small but medium to small not big. And a woman I once a guy to have like lakers'. You know what's funny probably what they want. In the article. That talks about this has a picture of the ideal. Desirable man online and the ideal desirable woman. The ideal man is pictured with a lab GAAP and the ideal woman is pictured with little he'd be gone now. Period ties but they they like it yet is the man has the big dog make up for his little room. And yeah. Act and the woman as the little dog is he wants a big men all assigned Ali I'm yeah. It's off there was memorable not all right Wednesday is we do would you rather win today now let's fire some way it should now. Rooted in which you rather be an amazing birds in this had any instrument. But only be played naked. Or give a speech any language. But only be at a dance lawyer doing. And I any language and dancing and dancing yeah yeah. Okay. There I don't like degraded the guitar something and but the guitar modeling evening can play away. Hey good note that the boy is. Feel like the only how often do you get to play an instrument are you a professional musician a virtuoso. Then like I'm one of the best in the world OK I know some people who are all some. Who are the best at what they do when it comes to blaze at a know the piccolo or the ukulele and I'm not exactly rich or famous. Well I should be read senator not play in the game. If you can pretty skinny language you're probably wouldn't it pretty well. All of a great job. He'd credibly well all I sure it is incredibly wealthy come on the shore so yeah. You're a symphony center okay San name one not violin Yani and payments and repeatedly. Do you. Go to Omaha. And that's abandoning his cabinet and here is the man in the sugar and orange Asian dude played real fat guys. I think let me Roy Clark. I think he's number meticulous about it. Think it'll play music. And I plus yet that dated an emergency money. The only naked awesome violinist or something I don't. Another one would you rather have chapped lips. That never healed where are really terrible dandruff problem that can't be treated. Chapel little terrible dandruff. It was terrible and different gas. I got a new champ clips on chaplain in a kind of a little easier now known not in near black person. And then rent I'm not a black person guilty and did. But contrast and I'm gonna say generally hair thick enough to hide the budget dandruff. Blood and I sat lives on black people did ski arena. Just scream because you get kind of why it is yeah yeah now now noon I'll take dandruff. Or ground ladies are gone now. The let's there are chapped lips. Other pretty bad I'm senator not bloody it is very dry. Yeah yeah Anderson and I'm bleeding that look now but so it's day at a flying off. If you it's gonna be under close it's him in the aisle wearing all white snow on other people that and it's. NASDAQ can't sound and I know now that way. Why do I get to cover my downloads don't think there's no covering up an idea the animal with Dan there's no covering. I just make eighties reviews cover up. AA would you rather know eyebrows are only one eyebrow. I was says that you can draw monitors of Whoopi Goldberg or day. I Jibril the right here salad that we Wear my hair right now you really can't tell. But I have to eyebrows. Can I draw one on I don't know I don't know drawing note on if I can ever draw on on that night I gotta go now hero browse yeah. And I was just going really long eyelashes. Or bangs yeah I gotta get zero as it is weird that that you think that if he's on. After. Another as they did just eyebrows. At air phone that resolution to pay. It's the I would is on would you rather bulldogs try to attack you when they see Euro birds are tacky and receive move burdens note dogs. Well look and birds are everywhere there's many more birds and dogs. Literally go out I pet owners everywhere. Do you watch the new boots at the birds everywhere we haven't aren't going oh yeah but about how I can't just. Would want a car outside my how is that there at the Greg Estandia. Had chances to win the crop that's aims to say I don't see the boxers on either side in an Otis I don't. And it has yet to see them to him go to our parking and I don't see a dog most days I don't see dogs are from my town. I get rid of it it's actually more dogs and birds. Museum. Museum applied. Emergency the you still. Just seems to learn how do you or does it really great people walking our dogs all the time no there there without you here on. A good tactic Jeremiah is still dawn problem yeah I don't words words attendant moderating the attacks island Americans dying from the bird attacks. Every other birds that had not told about the underrated the ability of an album far I'd rather be pecked to death in bitten to death all I know I don't know. Right for the jugular your dead birds pecked at you all over the place hummingbirds can take you down approximately a thousand problem. I think 2000 numbers to take a person and know well maybe if ad on the Dallas. Those things are out but that's all right Leggett claimed who knows. That you'll find out yeah. But what if you live like in Manhattan where there's a lot of pigeons. Okay would you go is still go with the dog. They received pigeons like dollar Manhattan MIA because. When good men and adults have a lot of dolphins and I see heck of a lot of as Steve pigeon next time you're under rating birds. We'd rather clean rest stop toilets. We're slaughterhouses for a living. Rest stop toilet. Yeah thank yeah abandoned slaughterhouse is not and that's fine now in the smell is. Add. It's why were some what you'll see you arrest under the bus terminal presents a slaughterhouse I am I think it met him. It was made me incredibly obnoxious I don't think I can handle the Eddie do bare hand and. The gloves. I I'm babbling on restaurant better yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah and a bus stops or anything like this slaughterhouses slaughterhouse snell always this hose it down once you smell it it never goes away. I did it second it's like a slaughterhouse a guest edited second place at painted it one time. I was gonna creepy and weird spelling. Via. We oozes alleviated if you've got to sevens and Z disease. I would you rather. Have to read out loud every word you read or seeing everything you say out loud. Yeah there when you read. You can't read silently. And when you. Talked give hauling everything and sing another read out loud yeah I would nearly two leading control that a little bit. You drone handles things you do I am surprising given that. On which you rather be constantly there to show new girl that was on fox evidently still on one of the things I'm not. We and our first saw that was the lead character would always break out in song just yes or whatever yet and yet. Leader not batches. And Marcy is it one more season that's good and. But would you rather be put in a maximum security federal prison. With the hardest of the hardened criminals for a year or relatively relaxed prison. In my collar crime ten years. Long I'm gonna when you're a hard time. I know low light collar prisons are pretty nice via the IR Knight is a lot of and a white collar ten. One of the toughest of the top one here in. I'm a little white collar ten years of white collar yeah I think I'm going to off the top for a year and a four year all the things are we done yet. That I am. We were promising a live on the other savage and it scars and stuffed it. I'm I'm sure no matter what even like with the blue. The white collar prison while I'm sure it's a lot nicer than a year in cell block the death match autographs and parity. It can't be awesome. I can talk my way out of the hands of. How girlfriend one year of maximum security and intensive counseling staff. I athlete and also doesn't it change your view younger like. I'm twenty MI do the ten. You know there it is estimated as lobbying Dubai and years and years and had pummel you were in Khalifa Al Lou won only the. It's reality radio what your schedule all off there with. Ramona going up here rich. By and I found. And visited a distant fifth you know is difficult out used to guests sometimes a wealthy someone is just by looking at. Damn where the weather standing with it looking there today but it Evan I've found your odds are pretty good. The guessing they're doing well for themselves in a paper love applauded all the things iPhone. Pretty consistent symbol of wealth. A mess I mean you're it's but it that they that is the most reliable indicator for determining if someone falls into the higher income bracket. Better then Arie and apple life so. Vision and iPhone it either researchers a 69% chance to correctly identified it on her as high and come. Which I don't even know what this means top court while court file a income for the person's house. Matters in a. Where else do you have an iPhone right legislative bandy iPhone. Yeah I do not and I have to admit I as soon. One of two things when you haven't I've. I assume that you are probably well off. Or eyes is that. You were kind of a label war. And you'd look that you may and June like. Labels like I am a bit of a label war when it comes to clothing and she is in such. But not when it comes to technology. Other people are and his light for the use abuse and other kids Adam it and the easy but android still. The list top five. Ms. iPhone iPad. So it's not like it's not on air. Only yeah it's close the guests but they just wanted to make the headline that so. But here's the funny thing or a spot it's weird. The number five Brandon. People say they see some when using or is the key commanders soy sauce. And and it and I saw X. That's perfect our parents are out there are a lot about it and you name any other brand. Oh that's tell you. Well there's LaTroy eight. But it definitely name ranking missed yeah this is the eagle men's side can afford a two dollar bottle of soy sauce that makes me enriched. But yeah. And an ego because guess what the store brand is just assaulting. Indio down at the the bottom Bill Lester went down about a town that. Number nine if they've used cascade complete dishwashers. An exact kind you like cascade complete dumb do honestly I've heard it isn't like yeah its. Not only way our traditions no no no it's a really long comes and liquid or you can get the pod now I get the liquid number ten brand that shows a year rich is TV's a black bags. My mother must be wealthy conceit that only does she used them he uses them for everything I will tell that something you'd be skipped by news. It can hurt. Then as apps and he's a blog yeah Brandon branch passed Brandt. And the products they can there's the product in over thing. I'm 2016. The top one number one is traveled in the continental US own a passport I guess doesn't matter to anywhere. Bluetooth in your vehicle heated or cooled seats in your vehicle. Eyewitnesses say they say that's what I like edged. I don't need to I kind of accidentally on the for the heat and on my bike tracks let them whereas us what's happened to my haven't as. He's by the way I just looked up soy sauce into eagle man. Is almost double the price only to a mountain guide who knew them all most. Double Anita iPhone some soy sauce and some cash that is also people can see iPad which is a terabyte drive your iPad and I Rangel not actually say. I it with me. The products WS aren't passport Bluetooth in the vehicle he nickel seats in the vehicle and used dishwasher detergent. There's a number five things your rich person they think you're wealthy. People in and help give these dishwasher detergent now let me get a little weird for him I can. I dug in his mother stuff like 1982. Owner dishwasher machine was one. Side of wealth used it actually dishwasher detergent even after you have the machine. Saying travel domestically. Number four. On a garage door opener. How does have a being in 1992 and number five is a fireplace. As far as the brands I grew up without a garage door opener I did you even like I did we can Gil Hodges didn't have garage door openers. I would never crossed my mind as at any ring ion Lionel you're so rich you're going to see about yourself played the loser girl are you going to tell you there my first one about a it was like. Now ten years ago are some. Brands in 92. And the biggest indicator of wealth with great coupon mustered a class. I don't totally not your standard Golden's ignored this and remembering watching the commercial and then bought Kodak film. Number number three Thomas English muffins. Is our hey and thank cascade lemon lemon dishwasher detergent. And those of us who grew up with Matt gist. Store brand back there was a time. In our grocery history where they made generic. And it was so would you Mary it was just a white box with the name of the thing on I would even notices somebody had. But and I know yeah it to let alone I don't know. I'll I'll be honest and sometimes I've by the store brand some things that don't mean a lot to me like. I will buy store brand soy sauce for example. Yeah I am having company. I will buy Siegelman you're kidding me because I kidding me I don't want people don't think I'm cheating them out of good. Thing I. I'm sure it doesn't go through I can't tell the difference myself. Like soy sauces chili sauce. But if I'm on my battalion that I'm not buying the store brand. Explained. And that's unlike an I lend a brand it is just me and mom I will sneak in this storm. Bringing our great acting sucralose is sucralose. You where you weary too much I don't know if the the number five brand in 1990 do they thought you're wealthy at this. An and wealthy people did the used Scotch they have they used Scott's magic tape the transparent tape. On a big time. I. How is happening Philadelphia cream cheese came in at seven and Hellman I don't know nine what's the. What's up my family over Philadelphia cream cheese because my. Mom wanted some fingers damages for church and my aunt said she would help to make him my mom purchased store brand. Cream cheese and I am refused to make this damages because she didn't want people thinking is that she was making inferior sandwich doesn't. Maybe people can taste the difference between Phillip well down and other green and I weren't good they're wealthy better and then we go to 2004. It's the Acadia for bought new vehicle I used dishwasher detergent again number two why. Instantly once again there's an owner dishwashers behind that score is travel domestically I don't hysteria when their vehicle. That's critical. And the big brands into one report if you are using this. If you were in the high income and people thought well look at them number one thing Land O'Lakes butter. And I. Land O'Lakes ahead and file Blakey human soy sauce here's a weird thing number three. If you didn't use a pick like either. That with a big tough act to allow. The number four. All convert totally stellar cooking oil and if you look at the bottom of the list of rich people you thought there it's there that Diet Coke. Ran into the he's Superman is gonna go back in 1992 I could be a real ball and yeah. I don't know ladies would be Allen. I'm not Land O'Lakes butter and solid sound that is based forehand was a Kleenex for decision made the car had to ask. Thanks for listening to our fair would that remote check out the articles. Videos and news you heard today it 1079 no link dot com.