Your Magical Life Moment

Friday, May 11th

What was the biggest, most magical moment you've ever experienced? We also talk about which states are actually considered to be "The South."

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Today to a that meant remotest showcased via FaceBook and Twitter and find out more out 1079 the link dot com. You're listening on there would that remote. I got an amendment FaceBook page don't. Like and follow. It is. Extreme. And I think it's quite meant. I'm making these people are way up in the mountains somewhere like the Himalayas in there and hammock stretch between two mountain tops. It's insane you guys you know here I am not well as a Gamal are more more or not thrilled with heights. It got this weird thing a more spread is about my whole life about ice free of dropping them. Wesley falling to the perimeter drops opposite affect is that weird or does everybody have that now we're at a misplaced I don't. Item that. Team highs make me fear falling and Donnie. Not load I'm dumb and my hat or something you like she propping them from. High heat up. Yeah he's dropping it won't get them I don't know why I I am pretty dropped some right now a look at it as a medic. I I do know that you're really disturbs me is as people who. Like go to. Skyscrapers on the construction to sneak in there and I stand on guard oil or something without being tied to the two article Italy you know dog and about. If you look climb around outside a ledges and stuff but they're not. Connected by rote learning thing. Don't know I don't know are loyal to gargoyles she should. I got a government filed. I don't get high I had gargoyles and Quasimodo. Diana gargoyles. The gruel that you know really it's it's very you'll see frightening pictures of guys on guard. There and yet I'm starting yet. I am and it's not it's going to be a new web page that I'm starting Diana gargoyles with my other sites out there's Spider-Man. Closet load though. Once I got out today and so they don't well guys on gargoyles is a thing. Look in the well I'm gonna that making it saying and it's going to be next to my urine nation web sites. 40 watch this guy climb. Or off line. On and you hit there's no safe a year and and he's him and gaga did it and it's normal as average okay magical moments that would be magical. Love the idea that yes I asked. Men and women about the most magical moment in their life. Right off the bat the most magical moment for you love your lie safe. I know that you already give us a heads up that marriage and kids but if if you didn't even be sent off the top I would know what to say man. I really went out on his marriage and before layered I don't but I am anything but honestly I don't think marriage grieving jump out of my brain. Magical you think of like the emails are reluctant to evolve and take some time the most important legal mine is Super Bowl is. Asked. Right but I stumble for awhile. It's a magical are words that I use very often because we're men and women the number one it was hearing your child's. First word I have no memory of my kids for sports you don't want now. And I have no memory I bet Amy has neither. We'll try to throw learn the lessons did you know that this is if I I really don't think she does I betcha doesn't the guys have trouble remembering birthdays the death I my dad. 'cause it was was it like him I was like I'd like it was a baby and item remembered that never makes an amoeba is I don't know I kinda like senator eight. And dad I came running incident ever consider that first heard it was handled and known to this day believes it he said Handel was. I'm very upset about it. I like my uncle every dime that is no where Taylor first reviewed and I'm it was mental I still maintains and I remember it clearly ruin a magical. He's like it was dad or mom or Letterman I was handle that I mean yeah in the fifth. Certainly handle up. I would have a nephew is a weird out. On number two for most people getting married. Married at can a man and number three having a baby and and before. Buying your first home. I remember that I wouldn't comment on you magical now now now like you guys say it may be just the word magical. At this because also you don't light. Mayan. I wasn't like it was and I guess we're obtaining yes yes. Everybody that all of that thing yet to sign then figure out right mortgages gas and a generic aids and it wasn't scary how much gonna pay for the right. Doesn't go I had like some people have a goal. Having their own home I was more like my dad's that you gotta get out yeah Euronet. And I did it was I was a goal because I was living with my mom and my stepped. You could rent to Adler. So I mean you know me I got it wasn't my step dad told me rented was not announced that's what I'm saying my eye that was really an ad buying real stated I'm not a corrosive moguls whose. All went south but. The the idea of like and how's the way tickets and all that you know some people have a victory and a that's that's not mind. And frankly I did want to move Al but then. My parents had great cable and food and stuff I understand they're comfortable man it can happen passing drivers as. I would say that was a more magical thing once I moved to the Carolinas. And passing the tests seemed like how god if there when you're old you're not sixty and yeah. This last time will get it right here I moved to North Carolina. And then South Carolina Abu back to North Carolina February date change to test a Bonnie Manny got harder bail right. Twice just in to include driving. Just entering into just I'm telling you know it's not as easy isn't it PRI I hear stories all the time about people daily if you think this that I. I relate to get my license and I don't remember being magic on him but I guess at the time may be wise it was stressful. It does. Taking it I'm Janice and that's a little slower it was a relief yet there was nothing man I guess relief would be to get now some people like I can't wait to direct its breaks out again as they did but that wasn't. Not falling in love for the first time. You guys Silverman and they'll let you know remember it was maybe. Other times were just but I hope. Lot of cleanly today. I can't pinpoint the moment that's our secretary dagger at the moment it is does Noah happened a commemorated. You know hooking up time about your first kiss can't remember it because that's next. I don't know which one I can't read a day earlier enter your first is that they need right now I'm like yeah I mean the first real one I think was the real ability now. Where you really get a more emulation now really. What I remember which I knew was like OK this is going displays it on somewhere as opposed to mentally smack in a little bit the board as. But I number one it was like at this is that OK this is the official beginning to realize it's on that was an via. Needed an alleyway the alleyway where you twister began to build yet old Alley with. At that. And momentum was there are stories about them alleyway area it and you're gonna your first is Andy yeah so my wife. I only remember because there was some AM someone had dropped something in the parking lot and there are a lot of aunts and let me start crawling on my pant legs is now would you shoulder was Nancy and I expect a and so it kind of grinding honor I don't know it just doesn't exist and it was our kind of shaken my leg out to Oregon Belichick it was a Justin Justin and Justin and everybody hello locally you've. Clarity did you telling the time even when you scratch and don't just write any kind of kicks yeah. Barely passed. Those candidates that you teller galli told afterward or not the same at that moment by the way again. I was getting very excited teasing you but I was taking my legs editorial is up for you like Phyllis millionaires because there were AM the teller at the on that night out on and I words in. That's good a debts into. Is their birthday is number nine Ers went first paycheck. Okay yeah probably true that go in and baby's. First cry and cry. Aaron I don't know. Man is an element allowing these yeah. Actually. It. Well I mean in my basement where you're like you're happy their you know live another Mexican flag and you can't count Asia. You're listening also there with mess and Ramona beginners. Guided being blunt. Being straightforward. And it's difficult. Could you don't want to have rocked the boat you got to try to decide when it's worth being blind when it's not worth being blind so it's not that easy. But they say hey if you're trying to protect and others. Feelings but the truth in what you actually concerned about protecting your own feelings really not their field. You're free to be a bad guy appear to be looking like a jerk you could really about you sometimes more and it's about the other person Alia you know they don't want their. They want to be corrected on their behavior whatever it is or wouldn't mind in fact. It's both visits that you be blunt and kinda the same time study found that people often overestimate. How aggressive and assertive they come across. And you know these these this. People who hang during the days I think you're not overestimating. I am are asked to do it you are not over Iowa and I think you are probably underestimating. Or correctly. Estimate. And when I'm brash. But a lot of times I avoid content conflicted. Though yet to really get me to the point impressionist. I don't know and I guess it seems like. I was spent a great deal about our career. Talking you down from yes yes starting out conflict just starting but I buy I I talked myself off that. When I'm pushed to the end I will be brash. And it's it's. It just takes a little pocket at. No and taken cues OK maybe a little bit. You don't give I'd like to be brash to Alter the course of today he's gotten better and bigger and better America. How would you would you like to tell like it is do every day hello Andy a lot. Then what are you get 51% 10% body and today I'll tell you how you are yes yes. So you know a lot of times you feel bad. Guess to be like any thing you have that discussion at a party at workplace at least people in this room. And then we go away we're like I'd be saying that would you have that four people Bob jerk principally play easier being brash unless your really aggressive. Then those people like really really aggressive those people underestimated there. Escaped when I do get to that point probably. If you feel anxious or afraid to be blunt remember most people most people free speak with him directly. To wreck this equals honesty. Being polite and respectful honesty. So a lot of people will they say more you assert yourself. Respect you are you know they don't agree that we have to say. No man I'm building their heels in and more respect what you have to say is not what they wanna hear. So I don't know that's a 100% true right there I guess depends on that. I better not. People. Respect you have your. Tell them and being bland. They d.s debut may Lan and not at the moment is people do not expect to more out yet but it doesn't. It doesn't. A lot of ties QB like. I tell me how to do my job or like where you tell me about this ma. I'm as happy as men alienated along eaten along down the road exit there are certain there I think now life and the like you know what thanks guys they yell at me and you know medalist Angelo yeah as you. Does he get out was it is good my job is outside the man right there it says it seemed like a jerk at the time right then back again if that happens yes and haven't had that happen none out for me okay. Unser someone I yelled that pout about it. Maybe I think that arrived at. We've taken some advice John roach at first initially thought why not bet. On and how to be direct when it's difficult dispersal except it's gonna be awkward if you wanna you know the old thing on his way on his way out is what I've done that before. It's never gonna stop the opera as Ellis put up a conversation two miles general. That's Clarkson. Like wait for the right moment when it's my wife for somebody Wear whatever. I wouldn't know another good mood down arrogant loser and you gave me a bit his era. And if you want to practice like babies that kind of thing. When someone says they were you wanna go week you say am I wanna go there. When Ned says this server comes up to view and takes you a table and preferred that when by the window. Just basic. Baby steps that you're you're really not gonna offend people which are starting learning how to assert yourself a place where it really won't Bashir career relationship or whatever like that. There's not that bad at Olympia and I know when they're but they'll be bluntly it's Hossa there with maximum. I couldn't handle which he's getting outraged are getting outraged. This does the south bass is going region the United States we've already talked about as a bit on the every week. Have some issues. There are many people herb. Whoever's dollars and the government in whatever that decides. What states go where the definition of southern states. Is it hides. Wind how the US government. And some experts classify the reach. US Census Bureau there's four reasons. In the south begins Maryland and Delaware and branches out to West Virginia and Kentucky. Florida and west to Texas and Oklahoma. Home. Ridiculous you. Numbers now lamb college summit says they're from Oklahoma I'm not saying your sour taxes are would've I would call someone from Oklahoma southern. All you where did it oh I definitely I certainly in the southern states you are not mean nothing anyway but if you if you asked me. Just like he did is Oklahoma part of this outlet. Obama has now come on getting a midwest now Letterman well you think about Texas there where in Big Ten gallon hats yeah cowboys. And wired and cowboys live you put that in the last. OK I I'd say Oklahoma is western. More than at southern but it's still southern. Half Durham and not doing it in a ticket either because I consider. Like. Oklahoma. Cannes is. Taxes those to be like that cowboy kind of state where do you put Kansas that. We don't win that's right yeah midwest and west and midwest. Yeah that's midwest so Missouri mid west. Nebraska Iowa Illinois Indiana Ohio. But West Virginia gets Clinton it was very is that the same. Spaces Kentucky is there right next to each other commodities is south Missouri's the midwest Grayson. Carter. If it's so the ridiculous the US government has it. Maryland Delaware is where it begins and goes West Virginia and Kentucky and a Florida. Texas Oklahoma. So the cell starts at Virginia you're not gone Maryland and Delaware don't absolutely not is basically. A big suburb of Philadelphia anyway that is true well at least that he had a northern part and hard hit a nine southern. They had the so we're not going and actually did we agree with that then yes yeah Delaware now. And is resilient those southern state is Virginia. And keep getting wet forget. Here is highs July oh you're saying west Virginia's what it is southern. Well according to the US Census Bureau as they said Maryland Delaware West Virginia Kentucky Florida that's that Harman and and then there's the deep south which scholars say is Georgia Alabama Arkansas South Carolina Mississippi Louisiana. Sometimes Texas I'm definitely not doing taxes that eat out at. I can protects in the deep south apparently put him in a south Lebanon. He'd sound sound but I don't consider them deep south because isn't it you know it's funny there's a cold sure that comes along with saying. You're from the deep south. Here's gears there's something cultural that go along with. Some people say that health. The south some people say is the eleven states the confederacy. Louisiana Mississippi Alabama Georgia south and I read a minor technical Virginia Tennessee. About Tennessee on south the Tennessee. Yeah yeah he's ultimately amnesty because there below Kentucky's right. That's one dollar line. Above Tennessee or below are about to Tennessee and Virginia. Everything below that the south we're gonna talk bumped I was last midwest. I see is midwest you know Tennessee south okay Kentucky's anywhere Huskies midwest have a West Virginia now. I see it you're saying no I'm with Virginia. And tubby is southern Kentucky southern map and thinking about it's a Virginia out disease bureau West Virginia in the air even Ohio like gas. In Indiana and Illinois are more southern. I got here raping and beating Ohio in the midwest because of the of its access to use the Great Lakes but. Let's them. That's better than whatever those sent to bureau game not. Like Missouri is further south then West Virginia Virginia and everything Missouri is not a south. Right now. And and and so some say was one. Person says wherever there's a kudzu but I just read where it's always that's being asked acrobat. Or you can do. A map of the most Baptist patties in the US. It is it takes if I'd be northern Florida noted in southern Florida out. And DC would be out of the city. About idol that's that's what this DC is nowhere near southern. Well really I mean it's yeah. I think Maryland is. Northern. DC is the cut off and thank you see is north everything south of these me. South then you get in Virginia. And man I'd I'd better looked as I could we have more controversy when I look up the southern with the consider what I consider a two hour we messing. We got through me discuss these. It was just a south. East not really it babble west where where is where I start got to beat Colorado. Yeah Colorado yeah. As you got North Dakota South Dakota Nebraska Kansas Oklahoma and Texas all lined up front line got ties to bond I don't know that and I controversy that's where the midwest starts. And I think it goes all the way over kids because it you know I'll high AO is further eastern Kentucky are hum my job that is considered midwest. Three this is Missouri dips. Are there south thing Kentucky tonight Ted Wells. Right that's right this is the first time I've looked at a map of the united in essence like sixth grade and I happen. Yeah this puts this panel capital spending but when you type. The map of western states you know it's in there. Texas. Cup I don't donate his math. A cook and isn't saying is that so I don't know Internet going on this map of this mountain west and plains yes it is insane. I glad I had dated. There's no Lampard and Clinton is whereas I mean it's like western to detect trouble is. There's cowboys and their good looks like cowboys go. Anderson. And then we get I'm now why he's got to be at someplace and we can't call that a western analysts in state yeah. I don't know my own thing a little. A little pain of that earned. Calling. Who YE. And or Alaska western state web Harry is like calling it the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico's southern. I'm sorry it's computer and do it it's a Mountain State. And Alaskan wire and and am now and and the out. Mountain States. There in the western United States. West of the Mississippi this says anything who grew up this matter of Narnia continent are ridiculous. Uh huh huh. Because somebody. And long and Alaska are listed on the western states and other thing all day. Man I'm. I'm semi outraged I'm not even a mile rages through penetrating. I've got outrage that we started to god just now kind of mandated I never come from where a it's more glass and more fun. It's yeah it's that remote. On Wednesday's media would you rather Wednesday to 5 o'clock hour let's do some money off their podcast how about this. Which you. Rather the bugger. I had a viewer knows the rest your life for ear wax I think in later years. But you can't grow here. And nowhere earmarks no no it must got you got visible here wax. Were visible Booker ear lax I'm willing ear wax I think I am do I am too. They'd strike that says the I have some had a problem. And I produce way too much ear wax but if you have a visible bugger all the dives into the thick your nasty human being how battle throat just plain nasty. Oh yeah I'm afraid I may add human they're looking into. On the Ghana an opponent is a direct and I'll out roles aren't close to. And the and let me and it let me just add this to a long permanent long nose hair Iraq's. Who in the news or goes from your nostrils tear let. Tonight snow no mustache and a style. You have to sit at the right on the nose there than others as well. Other options such an ear wax or have long as Billy was taking your wax. How about that for a woman a long hair sticking out your chin where your nose. Yeah records and took. Island Amy has has won the pops out every once mileage and wanna really see about them. I got a profile revelations driving or something I can see it and I return to pull it out rates are safe bet as they would you rather live in space or under the seat. Any space yeah that as well and under the seat yeah wind which is theory. On the air because you know what there's a lot more stuff to look at a mom I'm on the scene now. And easier to get home. When you living there so that is home. Visit friends with a lot tougher from space and. Not necessarily the scenario you're living under the sea living in space are a lot of technology going on here ride but I think to be more to see under the sea. I can space. Just like hell this does is limit until. Again he's a former years living there traveling the. You got one slider living in and concluded it is a little spot in our smog is seriously things you know only be ideal goes buyers some enough and a hundred. Would you be. Rather be evident it's an area which regular talked her way out of any situation punch your way out of any situation. On should jump go to jail. Into and parents. On a good guy angry I would I would not I would go around like solving a crime. They're fighting crime yet but you could talk yourself out about them how to cram a gas and rendered it probably don't run that anybody out but I. Talk about it then they're less likely the Clinton tried again. Cunanan and I punched my way out ahead would you rather speak all the languages in the world are really speak to all animals. All animals remote says he wants to do languages and I I just don't stand point definitely languages. We are far more. Sought after human. Adds a whole stunned the people has begun tunnel languages yes. Lynn wood in the world. Yeah I had to add to the rich it does not all of the world's. Now because a lot of languages but you know moments ago there. Yeah I wanna go with meat that now now an animal. Every country and wanted to come there running there with my kangaroos and I hate. But I may yet it hasn't it showed that animal you squirrels or phrase girl's. And you talk to you is saying hey don't let me ask you know we're friends particular mine. No why are you allied to argue was girls and their own language no thanks I don't like you are talking analysts agree so banked. Would you rather have two fart loudly once every once every time it a serious conversation. Herb Burke after every tips. There are about them married and after it systems or something. Of a and orchids is Deloitte a lot of serious conversations. Yeah re serious you could say yes it's a lesson and I'd like at a Sears countless jokes here and conversations last sciences have ballots. You'll thank me later tough. Yeah. Yeah I can awkward and I just know I'm taking this seriously am I burned into your Berliner and but I yet I have just very often if not billiards hissing like in a situation and to boot volume being tough. Stay out of. A bit delicate conversation and I'm addict gives them an alleged incident to the other stuff into and now the animal had to do a lot of Berber being pretty. So I took a bit this is deep which you rather wake up each morning to find a random animal appendage there is place here non dominant arm. Or permanently replace the bottom half an animal bottom of your choice the outlawed random. Random ought to be awesome every day to new. Idea. Gorilla arm Monday tiny little squirrel I don't lean one today. Does your bottom half. At a record rattling may be. I kind of let us government and it gets picked to bottom out at us and our own live you can pick like gas. Later kangaroo or legacy. I think it's he would prove pretty good. Pretty Bundesliga. That's the disturbing. Tango or ostrich is only on a real fan eggs in a good run go fast I'm really torn now a long alliance. Calls. You can run relapses I mean I certainly could still run fast and how weird this is. At. No I really don't understand these are important issues he has sweeping our country you know where people say and do what the random appendage or you want as a young about a Matthew Ina. Again Bynum he could have like me is a random you could end up with a a squirrel one. Now you don't now are possible arm. Guerrero our mountain or what's the what's one of freaky is a freaky hands I guess I'll just get one little tiny clinical Arjun I'm gonna go bare bottom. Hatch as it ever got to the bear by an animal of me why are they can walk up right. You don't run I do want one that kid that does a good job walking upright. In a bear flags a bailout mean Agassi to have an ostrich legs you could you know Wear long pants on time and she's known whatever not. Gonna run. A and Meyer's skinny. And said he wanted to Barack. MPG but you're a big transition. Yeah when I had my mentally I don't know if Hamas and advice. It. Really. It would be nothing good about me I'll let you like yeah remarkably high configuration mode yeah attention to. It really doesn't like that all eyes meeting ahead as I can run like sixty mile mountain one street. Bobby don't you bet and I you're you're doing that you wouldn't ever Wear pants. It's a lot of money at it. Not all the time his knowledge there's only an hour not a it is there would constitute a day 43 miles an hour birdie and I know you can't go to the grocery stores now. I I have ever Wear pants again. Because you've never seen an strange PP OBJ yeah but it is getting in and we are born some miles an hour he didn't like the panel now and you probably in a sentence I don't. You can go anywhere in Belmont but I couldn't get agreement that limits yeah I would have to survive and might affect his life. That life for me. Is that. And I don't know yellow. I. Don't discriminating against them up right. I know I mean yeah. It's been you know that bond street it is I think they had some evidence actually that might not run. I think about life but my husband's life yeah. All my. We did they think I'm quite gotten. It's completely normal the people win the UW and it's advisors of Ramona for. Thanks for listening to our fair with met remote check out the articles. 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