Her Money with Sheri Lynch & Kris Carroll

Her Money is a brand new podcast that's Smart Talk about Money for Women
hosted by award-winning broadcaster Sheri Lynch and Certified Financial
Planner Kris Carroll! But this isn't your typical boring financial show. Her
Money explores the money issues that women face (or don't face) on a daily
basis. How much do I need to save? Is it bad to have debt? Should I pay off
those student loans before buying a house? How can I effectively share the
responsibility of managing money in my household? What are the basics of
investing and how do I get started? We'll cover all of this and more in an
entertaining and fun format
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Its Better Than Cash (S4E3)

Give a gift that's better than flat cash. Donate to a college education or invest in your child, friend or family member. Kris and Sheri will give you the...

Make Investments Fit You (S4E3)

Sheri and Kris Puzzle over the meaning of the Acronym ESG and answer Lindsey's question about money. How can you make an investment that fits your needs?