Matt & Ramona Off Air

A powerhouse in the Carolina’s Queen City for 13 years, The Matt & Ramona
Show has been nominated for radio’s prestigious Marconi Award multiple
times, as well as being voted “Best Radio Show” by Charlotte Magazine in
2013 and 2015. Comfortable in front of the camera as well, Matt and Ramona
spent four years as co-hosts on Fox News Edge. Ramona also co-hosted
Charlotte Today on NBC for 2 years and currently, Matt co-hosts The Edge on
WCCB. 580084

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Touchy Feely Probs

Matt doesn't like being touched...hugs? Nope. Cuddles? Don't even think about it. Can you relate?

No Reason For Divorce?

More and more young adults feel that you don't need a reason to divorce your you think that defeats the purpose of saying "til death do us part?"

Be Kind To Customer Service

Tis the season for you to not be a jerk to customer service folks! We talk about the things you shouldn't say in order to make sure things don't get out of...

No One Carries Cash

It's 2018...are you still carrying cash instead of mostly using a debit or credit card? We also talk about how to break up with someone without being a jerk,...

Rules For Hugging

Ramona is the only person on the show who likes hugging...the rest of us have rules about how and when it can happen!