Matt & Ramona Off Air

Funny, relatable and relevant, The Matt & Ramona Show has been nominated
for numerous national and local awards.  From radio’s prestigious
Marconi Award to being voted “Best Radio Show” by ‘Charlotte
Magazine’ more than a dozen times. Matt Harris and Ramona Holloway,
along with producers Brent “Bandy Boo” O’Brien and Kary “Doc”
Bowser, deliver laughs daily tackling topics ranging from relationships and
parenting to caregiving, food and housekeeping.  Comfortable in front of the
camera as well, Matt and Ramona have co-hosted various Charlotte television
shows including WCCB News Edge and Charlotte Today on WCNC.
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Your Epic Freakout

Sometimes the world pushes you over the edge and you need to let it out...listeners share their stories of when they had enough!

Hotel Horror Stories

Listeners call in to freak out Ramona by sharing their stories about the worst hotel they've ever stayed in. Also, Matt's ready to roast Ramona for her love of...

Matt's Craziest Flight

Drew joined the show as fill-in producer and shares a wild story about having met Matt on a trip to Japan way back in the day.

Matt Shaved His Beard

Matt has been rocking the beard for a while, but in a surprise move he shaved it off and now we don't know how to feel about it.