Matt & Ramona Off Air

A powerhouse in the Carolina’s Queen City for 13 years, The Matt & Ramona
Show has been nominated for radio’s prestigious Marconi Award multiple
times, as well as being voted “Best Radio Show” by Charlotte Magazine in
2013 and 2015. Comfortable in front of the camera as well, Matt and Ramona
spent four years as co-hosts on Fox News Edge. Ramona also co-hosted
Charlotte Today on NBC for 2 years and currently, Matt co-hosts The Edge on
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To Nap Or Not To Nap

There's only two types of people in this world: those who nap, and untrustworthy fools who don't nap. If you're trying to up your nap game, Matt's got tips on...

Help Her With Her Earrings

Apparently a little-known secret to foreplay tip is that men can do things like helping a woman take off their earrings, but that sounds a little too creepy...

Is Matt A Smiley Guy?

Matt's trying to convince us that he's a guy who smiles at everyone, but given how awkward his smile is we're not buying it.

Ramona's Birthday Llama

Ramona's received some weird birthday gifts, but a hand-drawn picture of a llama from her mom Wheezy takes the cake!

It's Intern Squatch's Last Day

It's time for Intern Squatch to head back to college after having spent the entire summer with us...that means Matt's gonna send him off with an inappropriate...