4 Ways Social Media Is Ruining Happy Relationships

December 29, 2017

© Katarzyna Bialasiewicz | Dreamstime.com

Most people are on some form of social media. And there are others that are on any and all forms of social media. The creation of social media has impacted the way we interact with one another. And because interaction and communication have changed it's also had a pretty big impact on romantic relationships. 

Gone are the days when you'd have to individually call all your friends to tell them that you and your man are engaged. Now people just post it to Facebook or Instagram, and that's how everyone gets the news.

But all of this social media isn't good for romantic relationships. In fact, it's been said that social media makes break ups worse and a lot more dramatic. If you've broken up with someone in the age of social media, you know what a pain it can be. You have to untag them and hide posts. You have to change your relationship status, and all your friends see it.

Breaking up aside, there are other ways that social media is having an adverse impact on relationships.

1. We are too wrapped up in our social media lives that we aren't enjoying our real lives. This is true whether you are single or not. Just go out and observe people out at restaurants or other public places. A good number of people have their faces buried in their phones and are missing out on life around them.

2. We're addicted to attention. Post a selfie, and you get likes and comments. Some people become obsessed with getting all the attention on social media. I know I follow quite a few people on Instagram that are married yet post some pretty sketchy photos. I see other men (some even married) making inappropriate comments with kissy faces.

3. We Compare Our relationship: A lot of people are guilty of comparing their lives to others on social media. We do the same with relationships. Look at so and so out to dinner every night on romantic dates. But here's the thing, we need to remember that people only share what they want us to see on social media. They tend to share the highest of the highs.

4. We Stalk each other: You are apparently friends with your man on Facebook and follow him on Instagram and Twitter. Because of social media, you already know exactly what happened throughout his day and are left with nothing to talk about later.

As someone who was once in a very miserable relationship, I can tell you that I used social media to escape from reality. Now that I am in a much happier place, I am spending less and less time on social media because I want to be more present in the life in front of me.